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Battered Woman. By: Kyana Villalobos October 7, 2013. Battered women. Battered women. Men batter four million women a year The abuser is a time bomb lashing out frustrations to regain power Untold number of women that suffer permanent disfigurement and disabilities Tracey Thurman Story. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Battered women

By: Kyana VillalobosOctober 7, 2013Battered Woman

1battered womanBattered women

2battered womanMen batter four million women a year The abuser is a time bomb lashing out frustrations to regain powerUntold number of women that suffer permanent disfigurement and disabilities Tracey Thurman Story

Battered women

3battered womanBattering is about maintaining power and dominance in a relationshipThe person abused is trapped in their own home by a batterer who thinks they have the right to do whatever it takes to regain controlVictim of a viscous cycle of abuse: three stages: tension-building, acute phase, and honeymoon stageNational Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence- woman 5x > than men to be victimsSyndrome used as a defense for battered women who kill1,500 women die from battering while about 1,000 women kill their abusers

Importance4battered womanCycle of violence

5battered womanIn past practically nothing done to help a battered woman. Would treat it as a private family matterRule of Thumb amendment in a section of British Common Law legalizing the beating of wives by their husbands, provided that the switch or rod used by no thicker than his thumb.1970s battered woman syndrome became a pioneered concept by womens movement and researcher/author Lenore Walker began to change social attitudes


6battered woman

7battered womanO.J. Simpson case brought national attention to domestic violenceEarlier he was arrested by authorities for beating his wife so severely she needed hospital treatmentPleaded no contest to misdemeanor spousal batter charges, served no jail time, paid a small fine, and was allowed to receive counseling over the phone by psychiatrist of his choiceAfter Nicole Brown Simpsons, wife, murder event received new attention and he was charged with murder 1994, passage of Federal Violence against women act paved way for changes in laws, provisions for victim restitution, grant money for special programs, and other forms of assistance to local organizations combating violence against womenFamous Trial

8battered womanBefore courts held defendants legally responsible for their acts of violence against another person the Supreme Court of North Carolina ruled in 1874 when a husband chastises his wife, if no permanent injury has been inflictedit is better to draw the curtain, shut out the public gaze, and leave the parties to forgive and forget.Cases involving battered woman who kill abusive husbands or boyfriends, defense attorneys present BWS (battered woman syndrome) clearly and convincingly enough in some criminal trials that jurors accepted BWS as supporting evidence in the defense of temporary insanity and in some cases lawful self-defenseLegal system has misunderstanding to nature of BWS in a case Woman kill or injure spouse or partner as result of continual physical or psychological abuseThe legal system & courts9battered womanNot a defense but important piece of evidenceMust present proffer of evidence, which is a pretrial offer of proof to determine the legal sufficiency of the defenseSeveral methods of offer proofSafest defense is attorney presenting summary of defendants expected testimonyMost difficult defense is to place woman on witness stand and the greatest objection to proffer is requirement that the defendant tells her background twice in detail, during proffer and at the trial1990, Ohio Governor Richard Celeste ordered the release from prison of 25 battered women who had killed or attempted to kill their husbands on the grounds that they had been denied fair trials b/c expert testimony about battering and domestic violence was not allowed into evidenceThe legal system & courts10battered womanMen batter 4million women a year according to National Clearinghouse on Domestic ViolenceWomen 15-44 yrs old are injured through Domestic Violence in the United StatesAbuser is a human time bomb ready to lash frustrations on his wife to regain powerUntold number of women suffer permanent disfigurement and disabilities from abuse from their spouseOffice on Domestic Violence was finally founded in 1980 by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in response to concerns of millions of battered womenHotlines now around the country as well as shelters for battered womenBattered women are more recognized throughout society but courtroom still has much to figure outStatistics to Leave you with11battered womantopicagesWomen injured through Domestic violenceAges 15-44yrs.Tracey Thurman Story-

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