Batman v Superman

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  1. 1. Batman v Superman
  2. 2. Does it contain standard poster features? This poster does contain some standard features but its a teaser poster so there isn't much information on. There is a picture, a tagline, the release year, but this is the wrong year, and the production companies. Since this is a teaser poster it does not say who the stars are, the release date and it has no specific information about what the film is about but that is normal for a teaser poster. It does show the basics of the storyline, but only the main characters who are in the film. You would have to be a fan of the films to know what it is because it doesnt give the name of the film, just the logos of the characters.
  3. 3. What are the main colours used? What do they connote? This film poster uses only dark colours which could show the genre of the film. The dark background helps to bring the logo to the foreground, the logo has brighter colours to help the audience see it more. The colours are represent fire which also help to show the genre of the film, the colours of fire show war and destruction which is involved in nearly all superhero films. The title and date of the film is in white so it helps the writing to stand out, it could also be used to denote fairness and lighter times within the darkness of the film. The writing is also bold which helps to make the stand out more so the audience can see straight away when the film is to be released.
  4. 4. What symbols are used? Does the audience need foreknowledge to decode them? The symbols that are used are the batman and superman logos and the audience will need foreknowledge to decode them. The poster doesnt give the name of the film and the audience will need to know the characters to know what film it is. A big DC fan will know straight away what this film is but just someone who likes superhero films might not know what the film is. I think the poster should have the film title just so every audience will understand what the film is.
  5. 5. What are the main figures/ objects/ background? Are they represented photographically, graphically, or illustratively? The main features are the batman and superman logos which are mixed together to show an alliance. They are represented graphically, you can tell this by how the logos are put together. There might have been an initial drawing of what the overall logo would look like but the poster was produced on a computer. the film is called Batman v Superman the t logo combined shows that the characters will be together as one. The plot for the film hasnt been released yet but most people would see the title and think that the characters are against each other. The title of the film and the posters design dont flow together, they show different things.
  6. 6. Are the messages primarily visual, verbal, or both? I think the messages are mainly visual, the only verbal part is the tagline at the top and the release date at the bottom. The poster doesnt say who features in the film or the title, it just has the logos of the characters. Around the logos are the colours of fire which tells the audience that the film will be dangerous and it shows the genre of the film. The poster does show some details about the film but that is typical of a teaser poster.
  7. 7. Who is the intended audience? The intended audience will be people who like DC films or just overall like superhero films. I know that some people prefer Marvel over DC but I think even the Marvel will find something in this film that they will like. This poster is pushed towards an older age range because of the use of dark colours and the destructive layout of the poster. Most people who watch these types of superhero films are older and enjoy the action and fighting rather than just the characters having a good time. The poster is dark to attract to older audience but it shows that the age certificate will be a 12 or 15 due to the action involved, which is shown by the use of colour.
  8. 8. What genre conventions are there? The genre shown in the poster are action and horror and I know this because of the colours used. I know its action/fantasy because of the superhero logos used but the fire surrounding the logos could suggest horror and danger. There are no specific objects or faces to help determine the genre so you have look closely at the colours to find out what sort of film it will be.
  9. 9. Is a star used as a USP? No, there are no stars of this poster, there are just the logos of the superheroes. The character logos are a USP, if a fan sees the logos then they will want to find out what film it is and who is in it, so they will research the film. Even though no actors are shown people will still be interested and the logos are used instead of the actors. The actors faces and names might be one the main poster and that will give the audience more detail about the film.
  10. 10. Are expert witness quoted? No, there arent any expert witness quoted as it is a teaser poster and is giving a taste of what the film is about.
  11. 11. How is attention gained? Attention is gained by having familiar symbols that are well known to everyone. By having the Batman and Superman symbols clashed together, it gets fans excited about what is coming. The red colour of the symbols and the fire surrounding, contrasts against the black screen which grabs the attention of whoever is looking at it.
  12. 12. How does the tagline work? Batman and Superman are both in the justice league so by the tagline saying let justice be done, they are suggesting that the war between the two characters can break the justice.
  13. 13. Is it a good poster? I would say that this is a good poster because it shows the genre, tagline and release date to tease you. It shows the danger of the film and the destruction of the characters maybe.
  14. 14. Does it communicate effectively with the audience? I would say that I doesnt communicate effectively with the audience because we dont know if Batman are working together to create a greater force or it they are going against each other.
  15. 15. What pleasures (gratifications) are promised? The Pleasures/ gratifications that are promised are that it is going to be action packed. The fire and red colours connote that there is danger to be expected in this film. The key characters symbols are shown on the poster so we can expect to see those characters.
  16. 16. Are there any alternative readings which might harm the marketing message? I would say that there is an alternative reading that might harm the marketing message which is that people might not know what Batman and Superman are doing. Are they working together fighting against each other?
  17. 17. Is it offensive? I would say that this teaser is not offensive because it doesnt contain anything offensive that could harm anybody.