Batavia Zoo and Botanical Gardens

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Batavia Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Located in beautiful Batavia, Ohio. Mission Statement. To provide a safe and convenient place for explorers of all ages to learn about animals currently in captivity. . Green Anaconda ( Eunect’s Myrinus ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Batavia Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Batavia Zoo and Botanical GardensLocated in beautiful Batavia, OhioMission StatementTo provide a safe and convenient place for explorers of all ages to learn about animals currently in captivity. Green Anaconda (Eunects Myrinus)

Green anacondas live in tropical South America. They can grow to weigh as much as 500 pounds! Green anacondas are social creatures. They are carnivores, feeding on rats and other rodents.Polar Bear (Ursus Martimus)

Polar bears are typically solid white. An adult Polar Bear can weigh in at much as 770-1,500 pounds! Polar bears can be found in the icy, cold Arctic Ocean. Polar bears are lonesome creatures. Polar bears are carnivores, feeding mostly on fish and seals.Peacock (Disambiguation)

Peacocks are a type of land-fowl. When they are not in captivity they are found in South Asia. Peacocks typically grow to be 30-50 inches tall and weigh between 8.5 and 13 pounds. Their bodies are gray or brown or blue and the colors of the feathers are bright. Peacocks are lonesome creaturesLynx (Canadensis)

Lynx are often confused with cats such as cheetahs and tigers. They can be found in the dense forests in North America. Lynx are carnivores and feed on any small animal it can catch. Lynx have small tails and weigh around 40-65 pounds. They typically grow to be 35-50 inches tall. Lynx are social creatures and typically travel with others.Silverback Gorilla (beringei)

Silverback gorilla feed on fruits and nuts. They live in forests in central Africa. This animal has a silverback. Male Silverback can weigh up to 484 pounds, a female can weigh up to 215 pounds. They live in groups.Gecko (Geckos)

Geckoes eat mostly bugs. There are a lot of types of geckoes. Geckoes dont have eyelids and cant blink. Geckoes can loose their tail as a defense if they are in danger and the tail will slowly grow back. They chirp to talk to other geckoes. They live in wet, tropical areas. Geckoes dont always have to mate to have babies, sometimes a female can do it by herself. Geckoes can be very small or grow to be 24 inches long!Spider Monkey (Ateles , New World Monkey)

Spider monkeys are endangered. They live in tropical forests in central and South America. They are the biggest of the New World monkeys, because of their long tails. Spider monkeys usually eat fruits but sometimes they will eat leaves and insects too. They are social animals and live in bands up to 35.Penguin (Spheniscidae)

Penguins are aquatic birds that cannot fly. They live in Antarctica. They feed on squid, krill and fish. They spend half their time in the water and on land. They weigh up to 75 pounds. 3 inches and 7 inches. Penguins are social creatures.Hyenas (Croata)

Hyenas eat meat. They are social creatures. They are social creatures. These animals are found mostly found in Asia. These animals also laugh. Hyenas have taller front legs and smaller back legs. Brown bear(Ursus artos)

These animals live in forests. They eat any meat that is caught. These animals are really big. These animals weigh up to 220-1,4000 pounds. These animals can be 100-600 inches.