Basics of Spectrophotometry

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Transcript of Basics of Spectrophotometry

  • Basic of SpectrophotometrySMK Negeri 13 Bandung

  • Dispersion of f Polichromatic RadiationRadiation sourceVisible Ray Spectrum

  • Color Complementer PropertyarnaAdsorbed coor is complement of reflected colorPurple-dark blueYellowRedHijauOrangeBlue

  • Absorption of visible ray and color

    AdsorbedRadiationReflected Color (Eye cacthed)ColorWavelength (nm)Purple-dark blue400-435YellowBlue450-480OrangeGreen500-560RedYellow585-590Purple-dark blueOrange590-605BlueRed607-770Green

  • REM wave

  • REM Spectrum

  • REM SpectrumExcitationSpectroscopic Method:

    Electronic Molecule NucleusEnergy Vibration ResonanceUV-Vis IR NMR

  • Interaction of REM - MatterRadiation inDiffusion

  • Absorption dan EmissionElectromagnetic Emission, Radition Spectroscopic AbsorptionElectromagnetic Emission, Radition Spectroscopic EmissionGround stateExcited state

  • Absorption dan EmissionE= Energi (J)E= Energi Difference (J)h= Planck Constant (6,626 . 10-34 Js)c= Ligth Velocity 3 . 108 m/s= Frequence (Hz)

  • Absorption

  • The Lambert- Beers LawConcentration in mole/ literCuvette thickness in cmAbsorbance (No dimension) Molar Absorptivity In liter / mole cm

  • UV/VIS Spectroscopy Basic theory (Color Spectrum , Light Absorption and Lambert-Beers Law)InstrumentationApplication

  • Visible Spectrum High Freq.Low Freq. Wave length (nm)

  • Molecular OrbitalBonding MO Anti bonding MO Non bonding MO Energi equivalent to REM at 200 800 nm

  • Electronic TransitionAnti Bonding MO Bonding MO

  • Band Spectrum

  • Example of UV Spectrum

  • Prequisite for UV/Vis Absorption by substance Chromophor existence : Double bonding system(1) aromatic (delocalized double bond)(2) conjugated double bond with functional group with (+)- and (-)-M-Effect(3) triple bond

  • Chromophor

  • Chromophor

  • Carbonyl substance

  • Aucsochrom

  • II. Instrumentation:Block Diagram of UV/Vis spectrofotometerRadiation sourceSlotSlotDetectorPolichromatic RadiationMonochromatic RadiationCuveteSlotABA : sampleB : Reference

  • Double BeamUV/Vis Spectrofotometer

  • Monochromator:PrismLattice

  • DADPMTDetector

  • Types of cuvette

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