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Baseball By: Cade Van Zee
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This is a document that tells you about baseball.

Transcript of Baseball

  • Baseball By: Cade Van Zee
  • History Baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday. He first played it in Cooperstown, NewYork. The Chicago White Stockings, St. Louis Brown Stockings, Hartford Dark Blues, Boston Red Caps, Louisville Greys, NewYork Mutual, Philadelphia Athletics and the Cincinnati Reds.These were the first eight teams.
  • how to play There are 9 fielders on the field at a time. There is 1 to 4 batters / runners on the field at once. The pitcher pitches the ball from in the middle of the infield. He pitches the ball to the catcher, behind the batter.
  • how to play cont. The catcher is in a lot of padding because the pitcher can throw up to 105 mph in the mlb. The average in little league world series is 58 mph. The batter stand in front of the catcher with a bat. He swings at the ball with the bat.
  • How to play cont. If the batter swings and misses it os a strike. If they dont swing and it is in the strike zone it is a strike also. The strike zone ranges from the top of your knees to the middle of your rib cage.
  • How to play cont. If the ball is out side of the strike zone and you dont swing it is a ball. You get three strikes before you are out. You also get four balls before you get free walk to first base.
  • How to play cont. If you hit the ball, you run to 1st base then second then third then home. If you get home without getting out it is a run. If the ball is caught you are out, if you are tagged with the ball you are out.
  • How to play cont. Many different types of games are based off of baseball.There is softball, kickball, tee-ball. Baseball ranges from tee-ball to MLB.
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