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  • 1. Dwarf Minke Whale

2. Coral Trout is a protogynoushermaphrodites. It starts as afemale and while it gets old it turnsto a male. It lives until about 16. Itis a voracious eating predators. Themost common type of fish eaten isDamselfish and Spiny ChromisDamselfish. It eats only duringdaylight hours and most often atdawn. It changes its color wheneating. 3. This is a chart of how bigthe Coral Trout are at whatage. 4. Six of the seven species of the sea turtles in the world are found on the Great Barrier Reef. There are Green, Leatherback, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Flatback and Olive Ridley. It lays its eggs in the sand. It can lay eggs to 100 at a time and it returns back to the place they hatched to lay their own. If the sand is cool it produces male turtles and if the sand is warmer it produces female turtles. The largest turtles are Leatherback, the heaviest one weighted 916 kg.Loggerhead turtleGreen turtles 5. Large Red Bass is not usually eaten because of the causingciguatera poisoning. It lives over 50 years. It grow s slowly up to70 to 80 cm. 6. Giant Clams Giant clams grows more than 1m. It is simultaneous hermaphrodites, the same animal is the female and the male at the same time. The largest pearl is also found in the Giant clam and it was sold for $10 million to New York. 7. NudibranchNudibranch is a type of a snail. It only has its shellwhen they are a tiny larvae. Adult Nudibranch has a multi-colored mantle not shell. It has a bight colors to warn thepredators to stay away 8. Anemone Fish (clown fish)Anemone fish able tochange sex during thelifetime. It is the mostpopular fish in the GreatBarrier Reef. It grows up to9cm and weights up to27.50g usually. Theinteresting part is that themale takes care of thenest and the eggs until ithatches. 9. Blue tang isvery active and itloves to swim. Itis peaceful andcalm. The Bluetang is alsoknown as thePaletteSurgeonfish,Pacific Blue Tang,Hepatus andBlue TangRegal Tang. 10. Olive Sea Snakes Olive sea snakes has a paddle liketail and the venom is quite toxic. Itsaverage length is 1.2 meters, but itcan grow up to 2 meters. Its fangsare 7mm long. Young ones are indark color. 11. Parrot FishParrot Fish has many colors mostly brightones. There is seven different Parrotfish. Itis very active during the day and it rest atnight. It has teeth too. It grows 7 to 24inches in length. 12. Maori Wrasse full name isHump Headed Maori Wrasse.It grows over 6 feet andweights 180kgs for male andit grows to 3 feet forfemales. The females live upto about 30 years of age, butthe males lives up to about25 years of age. Now in theGreat Barrier Reef this fishis protected. 13. Gray Reef SharksThe Gray reef sharks cangrow up to 2.55 metersmaximum, most are 1.5meters. The maximum ageit can live is up to 25. Itgives birth every 2 years.The birth size is 45 to 60cm. It swims fast. It isactive during day, but it ismore active at night. Thisshark is very curious aboutthe scuba divers, especiallywhen they dive. 14. StingrayStingray lives 15 years to 25 years if they live in the wilds. It grows up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) and it weights up to 350kg. It swims close to the divers and snorkelers without fear.This is how big it is when you compare with a person. 15. Thank YouFor Reading Mine