Baroque Period

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GCSE resource to introduce the Baroque Era

Transcript of Baroque Period

  • Baroque Period1600-1750

  • Architecture

  • Painting

  • SacredSecular Court musicians

  • TonalityMajorMinorModal

  • OrchestraViol familyViolin familyFlutes/RecordersOboesBassoonsHornsTrumpetsKettle Drums/ TimpaniHARPSICHORD!

  • OperaCamerata: words shouldnt be obscuredSimple melody lines, bass line, chords on topStagedMonteverdi, Orfeo

  • OratorioSacredUnstaged, no costumesRecitatives, arias and chorusesHandel, Messiah

  • SuiteCollection of dance movements

    Allemande: 4/4, moderate tempo

    Courante: 3/2 or 6/4 moderately fast

    Sarabande:1 2 3, slow

    Gigue/Jig: usually in compoud time

    Minuet. Bouree, Gavotte, Passepied

  • ConcertoNew development3 movementsSoloist and OrchestraVivaldi and Telemann

  • Concerto GrossoGroup of soloists and orchestraHarpsichord continuoBach Brandenburg ConcertiVivaldi

  • FugueProfile of instrumental music raisedContrapuntal, based on imitation

    Main subject begins, imitated at timed intervals by other partsMain subject recurs throughout piece in different instruments, and in different keys

  • ContinuoBass line played throughout a piece of musicBassoon or cello

  • Ground BassRepeated tune in bass linePlayed many timesPurcell, Dido and Aeneas

  • Features of the StyleTerraced dynamicsMelodies built from short, one-bar motifs instead of longer phrasesDriving sense of rhythmHighly ornamented