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SALE FLYERwww.barn-speed.comPage 223/8" x .080" 080" Pushrods

MAR.APR. 2013

Barn Motorsports

(800) 524-2941

Page 4Roller Bearing Lower Control Arm Bushings

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$8.99Page 21

Your Choice

$42.99Page 29

Flat Black Open Faced Helmets

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P Purchase h Five Fi Quarts Q Get Sixth Quart FREE

FREE OIL!Page 21

$190.99While ile Suppli Supplies ies La LastPage 2910 Super Lock Steel Retainers GearWrench 7 7-Piece Piece Combo Ratchet Set




$56.99Page 36


While Supplies Last

Page 3 PLS Timing Cover Conversion Kit

3-D H-Beam Connecting Rods

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New Brands Added To Our Product LinesWe are constantly adding new brands to our inventory selection. Listed below are the latest additions.

X F / 1SPEVDUTBrake conversion kits and brake accessories

Barn Motorsports

Performance silicone hoses

Circle track transmissions

Drag race tires

High performance and racing shock absorbers

Drag race tires

Performance cylinder heads

Drag and circle track racing shocks

Performance cylinder heads

Please Note: Some items not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles Not responsible for typographical errors

MANUFACTURER INDEXManufacturerAdvanced Engine Design AEM Aeromotive Aeroquip AFCO Allstar Performance Alpinestars BAER Billet Specialties Bilstein Brembo Butler Built C&R Racing Products Calico Coatings Canton Coleman Racing Products Comp Cams Crane Cams Crower CTEK Defender Racing Bodies Demon Carburetion Design Engineering Diversied Machine Driven Racing Oil Eagle Specialty Products Eastwood

Boxes Highlighted In Red Denote New Manufacturers This Issue

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ManufacturerEnergy Release FAST Fivestar Fivestar Flex-a-lite Flowmaster Fluidyne Fuel Safe Grifn Thermal Products High Velocity Heads Holley Howe Racing Impact Joes Products Jones Racing Products JRI Shocks Longacre Marshall Mickey Thompson Milodon Mobil 1 Moroso MSD Optima Batteries Out-Pace Penske Shocks Percys

Page9 32 7 35 14 19 39 11 37 23 33 39 7 27 11 13 16,35 39 23 25 21,29 26 15 38 38 24 11

ManufacturerPeterson Fluid Systems Powerbond Powermaster Pressure Inc Pro Shocks Pro-Filler Products Pro/Cam Professional Products Proform Quick Fuel Racequip Ratech Rebco Reid Racing Rollmaster Samco Sport Schoenfeld Schroeder Torsion Bars SPAL Superchips Tanner TCI Torch Wear Trend Performance Triple X

Page15 28 33 36 27 23 14 22 17,18 22 21 9 36 13 35 28 12 9 16 19 38 6 38 22 29


Phone No: (800) 524-2941

Barn Motorsports

X F / 1SPEVDUTSlip YokesYokes are available in standard length for most street applications with minimal suspension travel to extra-long for racing suspensions that have a radical amount of travel. 27 spline yokes accept 1310 style u-joints and are for use in many popular transmissions including TH350, TH700R4, Muncie, Saginaw, Bert and Brinn non-ball spline.Part No.ALL69040 ALL69042 ALL69044 ALL69046 ALL69048 ALL69043 ALL69045 ALL69047

LS Timing Cover Conversion KitALL90090 $679.99 EachEnjoy the performance and durability of the GM LS series engine with the simplicity and tune-ability of a distributor and carburetor. LS Timing Cover Conversion Kit adapts a standard small block Ford distributor into CT525 crate and LS series engines, allowing timing adjustment, ability to change mechanical advance curve and also provides an alternative to installing complete computer and fuel injection systems when placing a late model LS engine into an older street performance vehicle. Short prole allows the LS engine to t in popular dirt chassis without relocating the radiator mounts. Kit includes all internal components and new timing cover for converting LS series engines to utilize a standard distributor ignition system and a carburetor with a belt driven or electric fuel pump.

Description6" 6-3/4" 7-1/2" 8" 8" (Extra Clearance) 6-3-4" Hardened 7-1/2" Hardened 8" Hardened

$74.99 $79.99 $79.99 $79.99 $89.99 $89.99 $89.99 $89.99


Pedal Extensions Bell Housing Dowel PinsSteel dowel pins are approximately 1/2" longer than stock pins and are required when running an engine mid-plate, rear motor mounts or an aftermarket bellhousing. These extended length pins also help with alignment when installing an engine. Pins t most GM blocks and are sold in pairs.Part No.ALL38150 ALL38152

DescriptionSolid Pins Hollow Pins

$9.99 $10.79


Kits move oor mounted pedals closer to the driver, eliminating the need for extra long seat brackets used to move the driver forward. Just leave seat in the desired location and move the pedals closer to the driver.Part No.ALL41050 ALL41051

Description2" Complete Kit 4" Complete Kit

High Vibration Motor Mount Spacer Kit (Big Bar Soft Spring Cars)ALL18626 $14.99 EachEver wonder what happens to many race car components when the chassis is continually bottomed out? Spacers are made from a unique material that will not let the engine vibrate under normal conditions yet they give a little during bottoming out, easing life a bit on engine and driveline components. 1/4" thick spacers are 1-1/2" O.D. and have a 1/2" hole. Package of 2.

$94.99 $106.99


Clamp-On Steering Column BracketALL52128 $75.99 EachAluminum bracket clamps to 1-3/4" tubing and is 7-1/2" center to center. Mounting bolts face the seat, so the driver can easily adjust the column up and down while sitting in the seat. An oversize rod end (sold separately, ALL 52132) mounts horizontally through a 3/4" hole, allowing some left to right adjustment without moving the bracket or notching the interior panel.

Adjustable Idler ArmsForged, screw design idler arm aids in correcting bump steer problems. No plastic parts or springs to wear out like OEM types. Not legal in all sanction bodies.Part No.ALL56340 ALL56341

5" Coil-Over AdapterALL64185 $21.49 EachPrice

DescriptionGM Chevelle 1968-72 GM Metric 1978-88

$47.99 $47.99

Aluminum adapter converts Allstar coil over kit from a 2.5" spring to a 5" spring. Sold each, two are typically required.

Phone No: (800) 524-2941


X F / 1SPEVDUTRoller Bearing Lower Control Arm BushingsFree up stock front suspensions and help prevent binding commonly found with stock rubber and steel insert bushings. Steel bodied bushings are complete with needle roller bearings and hardened inserts that are ready to install and do not require special mounting hardware. Bushings for Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Camaro, Firebird and GM Intermediates all have 1/2" I.D. mounting holes.Part No.ALL56221 ALL56222 ALL56223 ALL56224

Barn Motorsports

Modied Rear Spoiler KitsBlack powder coated aluminum spoilers are 66" wide with adjustable, pre-bent rear blades. Includes side panels and mounting hinges.Part No.ALL22985 ALL22986 ALL22988 ALL22990 ALL22991 ALL22993

Description5" Tall UMP / IMCA 1-Piece 5" Tall USMTS Open Engine 1-Piece 8" Tall USMTS Spec Engine 1-Piece 5" Tall UMP / IMCA 2-Piece 5" Tall USMTS Open Engine 2-Piece 8" Tall USMTS Spec Engine 2-Piece

O.D.1.345" 1.645" 1.900" 1.440"

$42.99 $42.99 $42.99 $42.99


$139.99 $144.99 $152.99 $167.99 $173.99 $179.99


Spoiler Support BracketALL23252 $5.99 EachSlotted aluminum bracket can be mounted on the deck to make adding a rear spoiler support fast and simple.

Reducer SpacersReducer spacers t into 5/8" rod ends, reducing the hole size to 1/2" while also spacing the rod end away from chassis brackets. Package of 2.Part No.ALL18610 ALL18611 ALL18612 ALL18613 ALL18615 ALL18617

Description1/4" Long x 1" O.D., Steel 1/4" Long x 1" O.D., Aluminum 1/2" Long x 1" O.D., Steel 1/2" Long x 1" O.D., Aluminum 1/2" Long x 3/4" O.D., Aluminum 1" Long x 3/4" O.D., Aluminum

$3.99 $3.99 $3.99 $3.99 $4.29 $4.69


Flexible Body Brace

ALL23075 $21.49 EachFlexible brace made from plastic, is adjustable and can be used to support lower quarter panel or nose sides.

Steel Rear End Spacer KitsKits with multiple steel spacers allows the top link or 90/10 shock to be positioned where ever needed between brackets. Kits include bolt, nut and spacers.Part No.ALL60148 ALL60149

Strut Bars

ALL22642 $73.99 PairStrut bars increase the rigidity and strength of a chassis eliminating exing and increasing reaction times. Bars can be installed as an upgrade to existing ten point cage kits or when building a new chassis. Pre-bent to t a variety of applications, bars are 65" long overall with a 14" leg. Formed from 1-5/8" x .134" wall mild steel tubing.

Description.750" Bolt And Spacers .500" Bolt And Spacers

$31.99 $31.99


All-In-One Heated Tire GrooverALL10770 $359.99 Each

Modied Bumper Extended LengthALL22332 $129.99 EachExtended length front bumper is constructed from 1-1/2" x .095" wall mild steel tubing. Universal t bumper extends out 21" from frame mount to leading edge of bumper and measures 40" wide at frame mounting points. Weighs less than 20 lbs.

Self-contained groover has built-in temperature controls eliminating the additional cord and separate control box common with other groovers. Trigger style groover features a Hi/Low toggle switch and a temperature control dial in the handle for setting desired heat level. All-In-One groover requires AllIn-One blades; do not use standard groover blades with this groover.