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Back in the 50's and 60's apart from a few Hawaiian imports we all embarkedon our love of catching waves on the traditional Cornish belly board.Still made locally - a big stand for nostalgia!

Hang your Barefoot bellyboard on the wall with the innovative Stikupboard display kit.

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Inspired by ancient Hawaiian body surfers, the Barefoot body surfing hand planecan help you reach the exact speed of the peeling wave, great for long rides andepic barrels. Handcrafted in Cornwall by Richie, hardcore Porthleven surfer andall-round good guy. Our Barefoot hand plane has a swallowtail design, useable inmost UK surfing conditions.

If you're into bodysurfing this hand plane moves you into another dimension.

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Handmade in Cornwall, based on the traditional Cornish fishermans sweater from dark navy worsted five ply wool. This fine texture knit has weatherproof qualities as well as being a timeless wardrobe essential.

There are many traditional local pattern combinations, our Barefoot Ganseyuses Lizard Rope and Lizard Lattice.

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The sun may be shining but the Atlantic's still cold and a hot cuppa is the answer after a surf down our favourite cove. With our Gilli kettle all you needis a few sticks, it's a dream to light and even whistles to tell you the water'sready. Comes in a bag to sling over your shoulder. Takes up to 4 litres of water,boils even in windy and wet conditions.

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We think we've found the perfect folding serrated picnic knife. Large enough to chop bread, sharp enough for prepping the seafood - and ithas an integral corkscrew. Wooden handle, 5.5" heavy steel blade.

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Turn up the heat with our chilli collection, Barefoot Chilli Sauce, Chilli Oil and Chilli Jam.

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