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Transcript of Banner Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 2020. 5. 5.¢  The Publication of Prince of Peace...

  • The Publication of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Banner May 2020 19030 8th Ave S, SeaTac 98148 1 Volume 29 Issue 5


    We are all learning, or 'getting used to,' huge changes

    as to how the world and our lives work day after day.

    Some of these changes are very unwanted, some

    downright frightening. How we act as to being safe,

    having money, interacting with people for whom we

    care dearly, is uncertain and discouraging. And yet

    we see new examples every day of the courage and

    caring hearts of so many people. To watch how

    medical people, first responders, and 'essential

    personnel' and many just 'neighbors' risk their own

    safety to care for someone else is truly amazing to me.

    Stories of servanthood are all over. Where did all

    these 'acts of kindness,' sacrificial deeds, attitudes of

    love, come from? We are also seeing much

    selfishness, deceit, crime, stupidity, but we expect that

    from our broken nature. (My own judgmental

    impatience wants to call such persons "semi-human"

    and depraved and evil. Yet God's gospel apparently is

    intended for them as well as to the rest of us. Uffdah!)

    Covid-19 has changed our world. Yet we will


    Prince of Peace will go on. There may be some

    things that will never be the same again. Yes, really!

    Will worship change? How long till we can do Holy

    Communion quite the same? Hugging? Will the

    same ministry events still be the best ones? Will we

    discover that the word 'neighbors' has a slightly

    different meaning? Will 'salvation' be a bigger

    reality, with some different stories than before? Will

    some religious groups become even kookier than they

    have been? Will God's call to us be more emphatic

    and exciting? Or more scary at first?

    Yet we will survive!

    You may recall some very exciting conversation from

    our last congregational meeting in February. We

    noted three areas important to work on right now

    (Quoting from the February 2020 Banner):

    1) Developing a ministry direction and plans. Some

    things are obviously going to continue much as

    they are at Prince of Peace, as we are a traditional

    congregation with wonderful people involved in

    worship, regular ministries, pastoral care, etc.

    We're not going to let that go. We are also a

    congregation in a community of diverse cultures

    and new possibilities which we will either partner

    with (exciting ministry) or try to avoid (dying

    ministry). We have wonderful neighbors with

    whom we have shared ministry for years. Being a

    good neighbor is in Jesus' Great Commission to

    us, and it is printed on the cover of every bulletin

    and Banner we put together. We have Pastor

    Sam, who has experience and training in many of

    the possibilities awaiting us, with youth,

    worshiping groups, and pastoral care. Developing

    a ministry direction and plans is HUGE for

    Prince of Peace.

    2) Stewardship. All of us supporting the ministries

    of Prince of Peace with our financial gifts and

    other time and talents is essential. Every person

    needs to give generously. People who give are the

    people who will smile, who love life, who sleep

    Banner May 2020 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

  • The Publication of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Banner May 2020 19030 8th Ave S, SeaTac 98148 2 Volume 29 Issue 5

    well at night. And the ministry that happens

    when people give is ministry that will grow and

    be successful in all the right ways. People need to

    give, for their own sake. People need to give for

    the world's sake, in Christ. Stewardship is HUGE

    for Prince of Peace.

    3) Using our resources. Our congregation has

    avoided some common pitfalls, such as debt,

    rundown facilities, blah reputation as a good

    neighbor, and lack of spiritual energy. We're

    really fortunate. An additional plus we have is a

    fair amount of land with which we may be able to

    do good things for the good news and for God's

    people. Much caring energy has gone into

    possible ways to use some of this land recently,

    the most talked about possibility being to let it be

    used to put up affordable supportive housing.

    This option is awaiting further information

    regarding longer times involved and trends in

    government and agency methods. Whatever we

    end up doing with this super resource, we would

    be lacking to just let it go to waste. It can be part

    of our ministry of being a good neighbor. And it

    can also play a major role helping fund the

    ministries we are developing (see leg # 1).

    We noted that these were a bit like a three-legged

    stool with which we could build a stable and effective

    ministry. We had several adult ed classes on these

    ideas, and the council has appointed a task force to

    study and suggest some particulars to bring to the

    congregation. So watch for some of these ideas soon.

    Yes, we will survive! The pandemic will require from

    us some courageous actions. But God has not made

    us wimps. Pray for

    wisdom. Pray.

    Pastor Tollefson


    The Youth Group started Zoom

    meetings on Easter

    Sunday and it went

    really well. We’ll keep

    doing this on Sundays

    at noon. It was fun!

    All in-person youth events are canceled for

    now, sadly.

    The mission trip to Montana has been

    canceled by Youthworks. Pastor Sam and

    Christy are working to put together a

    meaningful local outreach activity for the

    Youth later this summer. Our non-refundable

    deposit to Youthworks will be available for

    next year’s mission trip—no worries about

    any lost funds. They understand that we will

    continue to work with them and will have

    in-person activities for us in the future.

    We are still working with Youthworks to

    make sure that our Lenten Offering to the

    Blackfeet Nation gets to the right place and

    helps out as many people as possible,

    especially children and youth. Watch for

    updates on that.

    Make sure to check emails in the weeks to

    come to stay aware on PoP Youth activities.

    Thanks, Christy Tollefson-Hyler

  • The Publication of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Banner May 2020 19030 8th Ave S, SeaTac 98148 3 Volume 29 Issue 5




    With Governor Jay Inslee’s press conference on April 21

    and on May 1, we are hearing

    that it may not be possible to have in-person activities

    for a while. We know the community meal is an

    important ministry and, especially now, people are

    facing hunger and isolation.

    Donations to our Human Needs fund right now make

    it possible to feed these hungry people in our

    community who are missing this important monthly

    meal. Consider donating food at the church Monday

    through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or by

    going to to making a

    one-time monetary donation.

    In the place of our regular Parish Nurse article, we’re printing CDC stress and coping with COVID-19

    information which can be found online at the link


    First, give yourself a break. This is hard. We’ve

    never lived through anything like this and while some

    of us are used to being home a lot due to retirement,

    for instance, we aren’t used to not being able to go

    out whenever we want to shop, eat, travel, or

    anything else.

    Outbreaks are stressful! Fear and anxiety about a

    disease can be overwhelming and cause strong

    emotions. Coping with stress will make you, the

    people you care about, and your community stronger.

    Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations.

    How you respond to the outbreak can depend on your

    background, the things that make you different from

    other people, and the community you live in.

    Take care of yourself and your community. Taking

    care of yourself, your friends, and your family can

    help you cope with stress. Helping others cope with

    their stress can also make your community stronger.

    Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to

    news stories, including social media. Hearing about

    the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting. Take care

    of your body—eat right, take deep breaths, stretch,

    meditate, exercise, avoid alcohol and drugs, and get

    plenty of sleep. Make time to unwind with activities

    you enjoy. Connect with others. Talk with people

    you trust about your concerns and how you are


    There is a lot more advice and information at this

    website; I recommend it to all who are at times

    having stress related to isolation and worry.

    Know that we are here for you and will support you in

    any way that we