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Marketing Of Services

Marketing Of ServicesBanking Industry

Presenting to :- Prof. Pallavi Maam

Presenting by Amir Koreshi Ankita SaraswatRadhika VedulaYaseer Khan

IntroductionAlthough all bank branches sell the same services, the standard of service is not uniform from branch to branch.

Service marketing relies heavily on the individual selling the service.

It is this individual who is judged as the bank rather than the underlying service being sold.

Various Banks In India


"The relevance of aggressive marketing in banks has come to the fore as never before" - M N Goiporia.

CHARACTERISTICS OF SERVICES Intangibility Inseparability Heterogeneity Perishability

Overview of Banking IndustryFirst bank started in 1786Growth :More qualitative than quantitativeIndia Vision 2020Total asset of all commercial banks is estimated at 40,90,000croresGrowth expected at an annual composite rate of 13.4%

Nationalization resulted 91% of government holdings in banking sector.Liberalization paved the path for private players toparticipate in the industry.Public Sector banks (PSBs) accounts formore than 78%of the total banking industry assets.

Different Players

MARKET SHAREName of Bank Credit Portfolio Market Share(%) Rs. billionSBI7567 18PNB2421 6BOB 2287 5ICICI2164 5HDFC1600 4AXIS14243

SegmentsBanks deal with individuals, group of persons and corporate.Market segments, targeting one or more segments, developing products and marketing programs tailor made for these segments.


Total Market SizePresently India has 88 scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) - 28 public sector banks, 29 private banks and 31 foreign banksAccording to a report of the Rating Agency ICRA Limited the public sector banks hold over 75% of total assets of the banking industry, with the private and foreign banks holding 18.2% and 6.5% respectively.


SERVICE PROCESS BLUEPRINT AT SBI Customer Actions: The steps that customers take as part of the service delivery process.

Front stage (Visible Contact Employee) Actions: This element is separated from the customer actions by a line of interaction. These actions are face-to-face actions between employees and customers.

Backstage (Invisible Contact Employee) Actions: The line of visibility separates the onstage from the Backstage actions. Everything that appears above the line of visibility can be seen by the customers, while everything under the line of visibility is invisible for the customers.

Present ScenarioIn 2012-2013, the industry faced major concerns in regards to deteriorating asset quality with NPAs showing sharp increase in sectors like aviation, infrastructure & power.Only one Indian Bank in the top 100 Banks in the world.India's best and brightest, the SBI, is roughly one-tenth the size of the world's biggest bank -Citigroup