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  1. 1. Co-designing using Inclusive Design Practices MichelleDSouza JessMitchell Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University, Toronto
  2. 2. Rethinking Disability
  3. 3. Notion of Disability in Design Disability=amismatch betweentheneedsofthe learnerandthe educationalenvironment andexperienceoffered Notapersonaltrait Arelativecondition
  4. 4. Accessibility = Abilityofthelearning environmenttoadjustto theneedsofalllearners Flexibilityofeducation environment,curriculum anddelivery Optimizingthelearning environmentforeach individuallearner
  5. 5. The magic at the margins theedgecaseandthe edgescenario innovation benefitsthemajority supportsthespectrum resiliency
  6. 6. What is Co-design?
  7. 7. Co-design is Whatco-designisnot: UsversusThemobservingpeople Expectingotherstodotheworkofdesign Fixed,pre-determineddesignprocess ! Whatco-designis: Collaborative Responsive Iterative DiverseandBroad
  8. 8. Digital Mismatch 5 minutes Find and discuss an example of a digital mismatch between a learner and an interface or content
  9. 9. One-size-fits-one Justina Kochansky/
  10. 10. One-size-fits-one Flexible Accessible Meet users where they are
  11. 11. Why Personalized Interfaces? http:/
  12. 12. DEMO http:/ Learner Options
  13. 13. DEMO http:/ Video Player + Learner Options multi-modal
  14. 14. GPII: Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure PreferencesintheCloud Whereveryougoyoursettingsare applied
  15. 15. Metadata Whyitssoimportant Matchingyourneedsandprefsto content Someauto-generated Userscanaugmenttoimprove resourceforotherscrowdsourcing
  16. 16. DEMO http:/ Authoring Tool
  17. 17. Group Exercise Describeanedgecasestory DescribeaUseCase CreateaMindmap(structure,flow) Solveformismatch(designsolution)
  18. 18. Group Exercise AgnesGibson age38 usedtobeamechanicalengineer;extremelyorganized workspart-^measagardenerforthecity likescats,goingtovetschoolatNorthernCollegeinTimmins inthecompanionanimalphysicalrehabilita^onprogram divorced,2kids(ages10&7)wholivewithherformer spouse hasnancialconcernssinceshesgoingbacktoschool lowvision,maculardegenera^on;hasaguidedogElbow interestedindiversityoflayout;gets^redusingone modalityallthe^me shelikesVivaldiand1993grunge(EddieVedder)
  19. 19. Group Exercise sheneedstoread&analyzearticles,forherpart ofagroupproject; shereceivesdatainchartsandgraphsfrom otherstudentsinclasswhichsheneedsto interpretoruse sometimestheseareaccompaniedwiththedata setstheyhavebeengeneratedfrom shehasasampledatasetforcatbloodpressure statisticsthatsheneedstoincludeinthe groupproject. schoolhasaccesstoJAWSandshehas magniBicationsoftware
  20. 20. Group Exercise HowcouldyoumeetAgnesneeds Tiptoeintosketching/solvingfor Agneswithadesignorinterface
  21. 21. Basics about Agnes InVetschool Needstoworkwithgraphsand charts Prefersdifferentmodalities(text, audio,video,etc.)
  22. 22. Whats Next Simulations Dashboard Mobile Sonification!addedtochartsandgraphs bleedingedgewedloveyourhelpand feedback Pie Line VennDiagram
  23. 23. Simulations Sum of Forces Number Values Show: Keyboard instructions Forces and Motion: BasicsForces and Motion: Basics 1:1 scale with current Forces and Motion simulation. Go! Reset New Game Action Non-visual feedback Outcome On load. Scene is described to non-visual user. Description of keyboard controls can be given too: Tab key moves focus around areas in the game. Arrow keys moves selection. Enter key to choose or perform an action. Forces and Motion Basics. There is a heavily loaded cart on wheels sitting on a track. Attached to the left side of the cart is a thick 8 foot rope with 4 large knots spaced at equal intervals. Standing near this knotted rope is a group of 4 people. On the opposite side of the cart, a similar rope with 4 large knots is attached to the right side of the cart. There is another group of 4 people - they are standing near this other rope. The centre position of the cart has been marked on the ground.
  24. 24. DEMO http:/ Sonification
  25. 25. SonificationCREATE A PIE CHART Give your chart a name: Value Type in your values: add value Value Value Value Description Description Description Description Name Select a color scheme: No Color Select a texture: No Texture Adjust the outline thickness: 0 51 % info. value value Select a label to present info on the chart: No Label % value Select a sound category: Vocal Sounds No Sounds Sounds from Nature FlutePiano Drums GuitarHarp Instrumental Sounds Silence No Clap SnapBell Select a Chart Unit Reference: Slow No Unit Reference FastAverage Custom Theme
  26. 26. @jesshmitchell