BAMEX Operations Center Functions

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BAMEX Operations Center Functions. Daily Planning Meeting Facility Status Forecasting Nowcasting Field Catalog Research Flight Planning Operations Coordination AircraftATC GBOS Logistics Data/Products Display System LAN. BAMEX Daily Timeline for Operations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of BAMEX Operations Center Functions

  • BAMEX Operations Center FunctionsDaily Planning MeetingFacility StatusForecastingNowcastingField CatalogResearch Flight PlanningOperations CoordinationAircraftATCGBOSLogisticsData/Products Display SystemLAN

  • BAMEX Daily Timeline for Operations Time 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 T0-1 T0 T0+t T0+9 (CDT)Forecast Team PreparationUpdate for present-day IOP (if needed)Daily Planning MeetingPOD Finalized (tomorrow)Final aircraft Go/No go decision (fuel aircraft)1st Aircraft take-off2nd, 3rd Aircraft takeoffAircraft return to STLGBOS setup (17 19) GBOS deployment GBOS update Daily Operations Summary Posted to CatalogNowcast Support(as required)Evening Update

  • Status CoordinatorBAMEX PIsWeather Forecast TeamDaily Planning Meeting

    Previous mission summaryInstrument and platform statusTodays updateTomorrows forecast and outlook

    Mission PlanScientific objectives & alternativesType of flight plan & alternativesAlert sequenceTakeoff timeOperations Support TeamScience Director; Operations DirectorCoordinators: status, aircraft, GBOSProposals and discussionTomorrows mission decisionSpecial ObservationsAdministrative announcements

    Airborne mission scientist(s)GBOS movementsSounding launch scheduleMission ProposalsBAMEX Daily Planning Process

  • BAMEX Operations Center StaffOperations Director Dirks, Moore, StossmeisterA/C Coordinator Meitin, WilliamsGBOS Coordinator Dowell, TrappGBOS Logistics Coordinator ??Dropsonde Coordinator Knievel, Bartels, Ahijevych Status Coordinator ??Site Coordinator Dirks, MooreSystem Administrator Daniels, BurghartAdministrative Assistant Tignor, Sandoval, Beard, RayCatalog/Data Coordinator Roberts, Loehrer, GoldsteinNowcast/Forecast Coordinator Weisman, Przybylinski, BosartForecast Team 8-12 people, 2 weeks eachNowcast Team 18-22 people, 2 weeks eachStudent Assistants UCLA, UI, SUNYA, UMO, SLU, NCAR

  • BAMEX Operations Center LayoutOperations/Nowcasting/Communications Center (telephones, terminals, fax)Operations Director/Aircraft Coordinator cubiclesMeeting area (including projection system)In-field data management center (catalog ingest, operational datasets, sounding data, etc.)Air crew staging areaSystems administration support area

  • Mid America Airport (MAA) Operations Center Layout Operations and ForecastingAircraft FacilitiesRamp and RunwayMain EntranceCar Parking Lot201025

  • Airport Security-Badges(Only For Ramp Access All Regular Flight Crew)Fingerprint Local Law Enforcement AgencyEmployment History FormID Application Formweb forms - URLSubmit ASAP At least 3 weeks before arrivalTo: Mid America Airport, Office of Public Safety9768 Airport Blvd.Mascoutah, IL 62258-5500Other restricted area access by escort onlyForeign National Badges

  • BAMEX Operations Center DisplaysFSL FX-Net workstations (operational weather products)BAMEX Field Catalog (research data products, operational data products, documentation)Aircraft position/data display system (satellite overlay, radar composite overlay (RDCC)Aircraft position from 3 aircraftWSR 88D Level III NIDS productsMM sounding displayAssorted participant web access/email workstationsWorkstations for other specialized products (e.g.SUDS)

  • Reports Daily Operations Summary IOP mission reports Facility Status Reports Forecasts,Nowcasts

    Operational Products Satellite, Soundings Surface, Radar Model/Forecast Products ETA/GFS products SPC discussion Research Model ProductsResearch Products Aircraft plots Airborne radar GBOS plots DropsondesMissions IOP Table Cross-reference to other products Tools/Misc Authoring forms Product submission User guide Other links


  • Internet

    BAMEX Operations Center Mid-America Airport, IL (BOC)

    Ops. Coordination Science TeamFacility Status In-field AnalysisForecast/Nowcast Data IngestBAMEX Field Catalog Data CollectionGBOS Coordination LAN/Wireless LogisticsATC/Military Coord.BAMEX Communications OverviewNWS WFO St. Louis, MOOperational Weather DataSpecialized Model DataNAWIPSSevere Weather AlertsNCAR, NOAA,Rest of the World

    Aircraft Coordination CenterMid-America Airport, IL

    NRL P-3 Post Flight DebriefingsNOAA P-3 Mission PlanningDropsonde Jet A/c Status Updates Data Processing A/c LogisticsScientist Remote AccessProject AircraftT-1InternetCell PhoneSat PhoneVHF, HFImage relaySat. Phone Image, Position Data Relay Dial-up ModemInternet ProviderMobile Field SystemsSMART-R, MIPS, MGLASS, MMesonetsVHF radio

  • Operations Center Products to be Received from Research FacilitiesGBOS (including MM?, Sondes, MIPS)Armada positionMobile Mesonet data (time series, maps)Mobile CLASS soundings (data)Time/height profiles plots, ceilometer products, temperature, water vapor, cloud water (MIPS)

    AircraftPositionLow-resolution radar imagesDropsonde profiles

    Model ProductsMM5, WRF, RAMS

  • BAMEX CommunicationsAirborne and Ground-Based Considerations

    Current/planned communications capabilities

    Cell phones (voice/data) [limited coverage area]VHF/UHF/HF radio (voice) [air-air direct, air-ground direct]Packet radio (data, 900 MHz digital) [GBOS]Land phone lines (voice/data) [limited access]Satellite phone (voice)Satellite data downlinks [data duplex]Semaphores

  • BAMEX Research Facilities Comms Capabilities

    CellLandVHF 160170 MHzUHF 223399Sat. Comm. (Voice)HF 3360 GHzSat. Comm. DataDropsonde JetNRL-P3NOAA P3Mobile Mes.Mobile SondesOps CenterMIPS

  • Critical BAMEX Facilities Comms Links


  • BAMEX Communication IssuesWho needs what communications capabilities?Who, from the ground, needs to communicate with which aircraft?What aircraft data are needed on the ground (flight tracks, radar images, soundings)?What ground data are needed on the aircraft (radar composites, nowcasts, terminal weather)?Field mobile systems data available in near real time for: Nowcasting (soundings, mobile Mesonet, text [this includes proposed CSU satellite Mesonet plots]Mesoscale model ingestPosition updating in the BOCIntercomparison coordination issuesTiming of update information from BOC (nowcasts, GBOS deployment, etc.)

  • BAMEX Communication IssuesCritical links with Doppler P-3s and BOC/GBOS (duplex email, images required, voice desirable)Critical links with Dropsonde A/C and BOC (duplex data link required, voice desirable)Critical links among aircraft (voice mandatory [pilot-pilot, scientist-scientist], relay from ground desirable)What aircraft data are needed on the ground (flight tracks, radar images, soundings, drop points)?What ground data are needed on the aircraft (radar composites [plots from BOC and WSI], nowcasts, terminal weather updates, launch points/times, GBOS plots)? Timing of update information from BOC (nowcasts, GBOS deployment, daily operations summary, etc.)Field mobile systems data available in near real time for: Nowcasting (soundings, profiles, mobile probe vehicle, text )Mesoscale model ingest?Position updating in the BOCAre there intercomparison coordination considerations?