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  • 1. Will save twenty billion lbs. CO2Will create 1000s of jobs and create bio-industries.Will save the planet, and improve the lives of millions.greenFOR THE FUTURE2

2. The companyThe 21st Century has ushered in a new area of global change awareness, and a change in direction of the manufacturing model. Organic materials are being utilized, global commerce has reached unprecedented levels, and attention to the worlds poor and under developed societies has now come into focus. Mandalei Corporation is a U.S. company founded on the basic principle of cross-collateralization of global businesses to create an international bio-based materials industry, bamboo and related renewables. Mandalei Biogenics, a subsidiary of Mandalei Corporation is dedicated to commercializing new agriculture and production methods to support localized supply chains. This new commerce model will create jobs, bring quality of life products to the worlds poor, and lead the war against Climate Change.greenFOR THE FUTURE3 3. evolutionThe ShiftgreenFOR THE FUTURE4 4. The company= greenFOR THE FUTURE5 5. The general economic development benefits of the biobased model are broad and substantialgreenFOR THE FUTURE6 6. In accordance with our strategy, the inevitable legalization of Hemp has mandated further development. The Mandalei pilot phase in Turkey consists of 50 acres of a variety of seeds and strains to identify respective growth characteristics. The successful result of this pilot phase will be to accomplish the following: establish a commercial market for international grown hemp fiber products, refine commercial scale processing of bamboo and industrial hemp fiber, and Establish industrial hemp as a viable cash crop as the U.S. moves towards legalization. At the end of the pilot phase, the Companys technology is expected to be ready for commercial scale production, and market demand for hemp bio fiber products will have been demonstrated. The commercial model will use the same zero-waste process operating as defined by our Autonomous Manufacturing Centers and have a production capacity of 70,000 tons of raw fiber annually. Current projections anticipate construction of one commercial processing facility every three years over a fifteen year period. Mandalei will identify trends and begin dialogues with the appropriate agencies as the industry matures.greenFOR THE FUTURE7Industrial HempThe Mandalei objective is to anticipate future legalization of industrial hemp and position our company as first movers in the market. Hemp and bamboo are similar in growth characteristics, uses, efficiency, environmental impact and shares use of manufacturing assets. Management sees the development of hemp as a prudent strategy in the engineering of an international biomaterials industry. Changes in sentiment in the US will set international precedence and support international legalization where the US will enjoy a lower cost of materials when importing from other countries. 7. BamboogreenFOR THE FUTURE8 8. Bamboo facts 9. greenFOR THE FUTURE10 10. Creates jobs Educates workforces Provides housing Shared technology Income for rural familiesgreenFOR THE FUTUREprofitEasily duplicated supply chain Each component its own company Multiple opportunities for NGO partnerships and Government grants. Low IP protection risk Real estate asset based Low material acquisition costpeople11Fulfilling needsGlobal Self sustainable Carbon negative Shared resources Promotes agricultureplanetWhat does a bio materials solution look like ? 11. greenFOR THE FUTUREEliminating containerCO212 12. the AMCgreenFOR THE FUTURE13 13. BiogenicsMandalei Biogenics has implemented several technologies for the production of bamboo. All applicable intellectual protections are currently being filed. Current innovations include: Clean processing methods Production processes Bio plastic resin processes Structural insulated panels Bamboo fiber glass injection mold processes Closed loop textile manufacturing Continuous strand manufacturing for bamboo composites and carbon fibers Wind turbine bladesA localized approach to the supply chain model facilitates sustainable positive economic impact to a global population while providing positive climate change mechanisms to a cleaner future. Powered by the need for change, a redistribution of wealth is eminent as divestment in petroleum sources occurs and the general public realizes the impact of investing in community projects, and purchasing carbon neutral products at a lower price.Support for a biomaterials industry incorporates two primary sources that have provided an array of uses and material alternatives for thousands of years. Bamboo and industrial hemp introduce a cost effective option to petroleum based products. Mandaleis focus is to create lower cost superior products that appeal to a consumers wallet and promotes environmental stewardship to support purchase decisions. After all saving the planet shouldnt be a question of affordability when the answer is bamboo.greenFOR THE FUTURE14 14. greenFOR THE FUTURE15 15. Bamboo: ME&AgreenFOR THE FUTURE16 16. Pre-processing CentersCollection Centers GrowersLocal farmers Managed plantationsgreenFOR THE FUTURESorting Cutting Farmer paid per pole.Drying Slats FibersBio plastics Lumber Carbon fiber18Supply ChainAMC Bamboo Factory 17. greenFOR THE FUTURE19 Bamboo: The Environment 18. Job CreationgreenFOR THE FUTURE20 19. greenFOR THE FUTURE21 20. Total Area of the collection Center =20 acres Total Built Up Area =338 m2greenFOR THE FUTURE22 21. Total Area of the collection Center =20 acres Total Built Up Area =338 m2greenFOR THE FUTURE23 22. greenFOR THE FUTURE24 23. AMCgreenFOR THE FUTURE25 24. greenFOR THE FUTURE27 Featured Products: Housing 25. Featured Products: TurbinesBamboo Polymer Blades Recently, a large number of scientists and manufactures shown their interests on natural fiber reinforced composites. Not only because of the relative lower cost, but also with better renewability. In wind turbine blade application, bamboo shown its low weight and fastest growth rate, as a result, bamboo laminate could work as a candidate of the core materials of the blade.Longer lasting than conventional carbon polymers No International Shipping Costs =Low Cost Wind Turbine technology for MENAThe operation load of bamboo laminate is lower than UD-glass fiber composite, but better than Balsa wood which is the other common used nature composite.Source: School of Materials The University of ManchesterBamboo Utility Poles Longer lasting than Steel No International Shipping Costs =Low CostgreenFOR THE FUTURE28 26. Products Bamboo supports products in virtually every market segment.greenFOR THE FUTURE29 27. ProjectInitial InvestmentGovernment Cooperation$5,000,000 USD200 Acres 700 Agricultural$1,000,000 USD each20 acresCollection Stations$100,000 USD each5 Acres eachNursery Operations$500,000 USD1000 AcresAMC 1: Bamboo Factory AMC 2: Bamboo Pre-processing FactoryGovernment Proposed Cooperation Project Location (s): 300-1000 Acres (300 Acres in Special Economic Zones) 500 700 Acres agricultural Subsidy : 2 Years 700 Kwh per year. Soft Loan: Capital equipment acquisition. Sponsorship: Country may sponsor Mandalei in request for IFC, and NGO funding. Support in Bamboo technology: in forms of subsidies, technology transfer, and other incentives not yet identified. Support in Hemp technology: in forms of subsidies, technology transfer, and other incentives not yet identified.greenFOR THE FUTURE30 28. Mandaleibrings MENA many opportunities indirect and indirect employment, technology transfer, and the creation of industries. EmploymentLow Cost TransportationAgricultureLow Cost HousingEducationExportTechnologyEnvironmental CleanupgreenFOR THE FUTURE31 29. Arguably, the needed change from a linear economy to a circular economy will be gradual and based on one single fact; profitable commerce. Until the renewable business model is proven via public acceptance, consumer spending, and profitable equity, we will continue on this collision course with an extinction event. The unique convergence of powerful strategic, environmental and economic imperatives is now aligned with political vision to accelerate R&D and business development in sustainable and renewable resources. The worlds leading agricultural, biotechnology, chemical and petroleum industries are currently reconfiguring into new partnerships and structures to capitalize on the manufacture of bio based products. This new emerging industry is driven by resource issues, as well as the ability to develop unique, high performing products from plants. The results are new supply chains, strategic relationships and new opportunities.For more about the solution please visit: abambooproject.comgreenFOR THE FUTURE32