BAMBINOS - Hilton ... BAMBINOS rosemary maple & duck fat popcorn 4 crispy pickle spears pickled...

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Transcript of BAMBINOS - Hilton ... BAMBINOS rosemary maple & duck fat popcorn 4 crispy pickle spears pickled...


    rosemary maple & duck fat popcorn 4

    crispy pickle spears pickled green tomato remoulade 5

    beer cheese soup turtle anarchy portly stout, three cheese blend, pretzel croutons, house-made crème fraîche 7

    double butter biscuits chef's grilled pineapple jam, house-made crème fraîche 7

    fried green tomato salad balsamic vinaigrette, spring greens, pimento cheese, peppadew peppers 8

    kale & golden beet salad sweet & sassy almonds, cranberries, feta cheese, citrus-red wine vinaigrette 9

    spring greens salad chopped d’anjou pear, preserved lemon-poppy seed vinaigrette, sweet & sassy almonds 9

    alsatian flatbread applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, lingonberry crème fraîche 11

    sriracha deviled eggs board pimento cheese pretzel bread toasties, house pickled okra, pimento cheese stuffed peppadew peppers 10

    duck & chicken liver pâté board aged smoked tillamook cheddar, house pickled okra, fuji apple, toasted baguette 12

    maple lacquered pork belly slow-braised southern family farms pork belly, in bibb lettuce cups, pickled red onion 11


    oddfellows’ burger half pound hand pressed beef, cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, hand-cut parmesan-fennel fries, bacon ketchup 13

    drake & boar ground duck & pork patty, brioche bun, lingonberry aioli, spring greens, hand-cut parmesan fries, bacon ketchup 13

    add a sunny side egg to a burger 1


    traditional louisiana gumbo andouille, gulf shrimp, chicken, black roux 12

    knife & fork caesar salad grilled chicken breast, pretzel croutons, parmesan crisps 14

    captain’s cobb salad cap’n crunch chicken bites, bacon, hard boiled egg, avocado, bleu cheese crumbles, roma tomato, chives, bleu cheese dressing 15

    cauliflower ragout campanelle pasta 16

    blackened steak salad pepper-crusted 6 oz. flat iron, pickled red onions, golden beets, hard boiled egg, bibb lettuce, green goddess dressing 16

    steak frites 12 oz. flat iron, bacon-bourbon compound butter 22

    crispy skin red snapper lemon-caper brown butter, sautéed spinach, creamy adluh grits 21

    grilled atlantic salmon sauteed asparagus, grilled roma tomato, chef’s grilled pineapple jam 20

    cola barbecued shrimp & grits andouille, creamy adluh grits, sautéed spinach 21

    cap’n crunch chicken cereal milk gravy, double butter biscuit, collard greens, nashville jam company’s spicy tomato jam 18

    7 oz. black angus beef tenderloin horseradish aligot potatoes, roasted turnips & brussels sprouts 32


    hand-cut parmesan-fennel fries | beer battered asparagus | collard greens | roasted turnips & brussels sprouts | horseradish aligot potatoes | creamy adluh grits | sautéed spinach

    blackstrap molasses pecan pie curried crust, coconut milk whipped cream, toasted coconut 9

    white & dark chocolate bread pudding jameson’s whiskey hard sauce 8

    seasonal duo of high road ice cream 8

    banana pudding parfait cookie crumble, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut milk whipped cream 8


  • another way to rye (6.2%), tn 6

    kentucky bourbon barrel ale (8.2%), ky 5.5

    turtle anarchyportly stout (6.2%), tn 5.5

    ON TAP

    yazoo hefeweizen (5%), tn 5.5

    the rose (5.8%), tn 6

    brother maynard (6.1%), tn 6


    green man esb, nc 4.75

    anchor steam, ca 4.75

    duck-rabbit brown ale, nc 4.75

    boddingtons, manchester, uk 5.75

    fat tire, co 4.75

    magic hat #9, vt 4.75


    french broad gateway kolsh, nc 6.75

    blue moon, co 4.75

    bombshell blonde, tx 6.5

    hoegaarden, belgium 5.75

    weinstephaner hefeweizen, germany 5.75


    rouge dead guy (6.5%), or 6.5

    good people apa, al 4.75

    sweetwater 420, ga 4.75

    oskar blues deviant dale’s ipa (8%), co 6.75

    ranger ipa (6.5%), co 5.75

    sweetwater ipa, ga 4.75

    blackstone adam bomb ipa, tn 5.75

    stone ipa (6.9%), ca 5


    omission pale ale, or 4.75

    omission lager, or 4.75


    delirium nocturnum (8.5%), bel 11

    delerium tremens (8.5%), bel 11

    chimay red (7%), bel 11 white (8%), bel 11 blue (9%), bel 11


    highland black mocha stout, nc 4.75

    finch’s secret ‘stache stout, il 6.75

    butternut’s moo thunder stout, ny 4.75

    blackstone st. charles porter, tn 5.75


    hebrew bittersweet lenny’s r.i.p.a., ny 10.5

    victor’s golden monkey, pa 9.5

    unibroue trois pistoles, france 10.5

    victory storm king stout, pa 9.5


    rodenbach, bel 7.75

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