Ballarat Study Camp

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A session on setting yourself up for a productive year of learning in VCE Business Management presented to students of the 2014 Ballarat Study Camp.

Transcript of Ballarat Study Camp

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2. I am in this class because: I am interested in this subject I wish to continue my VCE Units in this subject I want to be in business when I leave school I've heard it is fun there was nothing else available at this time my (insert relative) made me my friend chose this class this Business Management ? sorry Im in the wrong session... 3. What did you do right last year? What did you do wrong last year? What is your goal for this year? What is your plan for this year?Study space Study equipment Study planner Study buddy Eliminate distractions and distractors! 4. Business Management Marking Unit 3 Outcomes = 25% Unit 4 Outcomes = 25% End of year Examination = 50%50% of students achieve a study score of more than 30 this subject is not difficult but you will have to work at home and at school. 5. Unit 3 Corporate Management How you can tell its an LSO What they do for the Australian economy The outside environment they work in (war/economic crisis/drought = pressures) Who cares what they do and whyOperations Management SystemsQuality Management 6. U3BMAOS1 7. U3BMAOS1 8. Business Environments Target Internal environmentInternal =Operating environmentManagers & WorkersMacro-environmentEquipment & Facilities Money/InvestmentMacro =Corporate CultureLegal/PoliticalPolicies & ProceduresTechnologyOperating = CustomersCompetitors Suppliers Special Interest GroupsSocial Attitudes EconomicEducation & Training Global Issues Environmental Factors 9. U3BMAOS2 10. U3BMAOS2 11. Structures - Standard ShareholdersVERTICAL SPECIALISATIONBoard of DirectorsCEOSenior ManagerMiddle ManagerFrontline Manager /SupervisorWorkerWorkerHORIZONTAL SPECIALISATIONWorker 12. U3BMAOS3 13. U3AOS3 14. Operations Elements INPUTS resources, skills, equipment THROUGHOUTS/PROCESSES ways of transforming resources into product/service OUTPUTS products, services, goals met 15. Outcome options - as per your teacher but something like: 1 = Structured Questions various articles (30) 2 = Case Study Test (30) 3 = Problem Solving or Research Report (40)You also have to do your homework and keep: * detailed original summary notes of each chapter and* your own separate, accurate glossary of terminology and definitions. 16. Unit 4 Human Resource Management * How to best recruit, manage and motivate workers The Management of Change * How LSO's prepare for and deal with change efficiently and effectively 17. U4BM AOS1 18. Maslow Self Actualisation fulfilment, developing true potential ((interesting jobs, creativity and self-development involved)Esteem recognition of self and competence (responsible tasks, professional recognition, promotion)Social belongingness (supportive management, opportunities for teamwork)Safety security physical and emotional (job security, safe working conditions, freedom to unioniseBasic Physical/physiological food, water, air, shelter (sufficient pay for survival, satisfactory working conditions) 19. U4BM AOS2 20. Outcome options - as per your teacher but something like: 1 = Essay or Case Study Test (60) 2 = Test (40)You also have to do your homework and keep: * detailed original summary notes of each chapter and* your own separate, accurate glossary of terminology and definitions. 21. Enter Scores 03-09 6050Score403020100 1234Year567 22. Forces for Change DRIVING FORCESTHE NEED FOR INNOVATION FLATTER STRUCTURES RAPID GROWTH COMPETITIVE MARKETS TREND TO OUTSOURCINGTECHNOLGY SOCIETYS ATTITUDES ONGOING IR LEGISLATION CHANGERESTRAINING FORCESORGANISATION INERTIA ORGANISATIONAL INSECURITY MANAGEMENT PROCRASTINATION FINANCIAL COSTS OF RESOURCING CHANGE PEOPLES RESISTANCE TO CHANGE 23. Employment cycle RecruitmentResignation/QuitSelectionRetrenchmentStaffing Needs AnalysisRedundancy Retiring Terminating/FiringEstablishment /SelectionTerminationJob Analysis Job Evaluation Job DescriptionExit InterviewsSelection CriteriaFinancial Planning for SuperannuationInterviewCounsellingReferee CheckRetraining for new jobTesting biofeedback, IQ, EQ, psychologicalOutplacementMaintenance InductionTrainingRelationship BuildingCareers Pathway Counselling Team BuildingMotivating MentoringEmployee RelationsNegotiation with Unions Handling Conflict Succession PlanningContracts 24. Mgt Style - Participative 25. Stress managementX 26. Exam Specifications65 Marks! 27. Exam Pracs Past exams, specifications and advice: VCAA INSIGHT NEAP CSE A+ 28. HOW CAN YOU DO YOUR BEST?WORKBOOKS GLOSSARY STUDY ROUTINES CURRENT AFFAIRS ATTEND REVISION LECTURES ATTEND END OF YEAR CLASSESFind out HOW others do well copy them! 29.