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Ancient, British and World Coins and Medals. The Sale is held in conjunction with the London Coin Fair, Holiday Inn. To view the catalogue on the Baldwin's website, please follow this link >>

Transcript of Baldwin's Argentum Auction Feb 2015


    Ian Goldbart Managing Director

    Edward Baldwin ChairmanEuropean, Russian, Colonial and Oriental CoinsMilitary Medals and Decorations, Numismatic Books

    Seth Freeman DirectorTokens and Banknotes

    Steve Hill DirectorEnglish hammered and milled Coins

    Andre de Clermont Islamic Coins Byfield Indian and Islamic Coins, Commemorative Medals Hill Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins Holmes Numismatic Books Kirk Military Medals and English Coins Lecoindre Numismatic Specialist Weedall Auction Manager Johnson Head of Auction Administration Buckingham Auction Co-Ordinator

    Alistair Jenkinson PR and Marketing

    EXTERNAL CONSULTANTSDaniel Fearon Commemorative Medals Goron Indian Coins Donald Byzantine Coins

    WORLDWIDE REPRESENTATIVESMr Randy Weir P O Box 64577, Unionville, Ontario, L3R 0M9


    Mr Ma Tak Wo Unit 2A, 9th Floor, China Insurance Building, 48 Cameron RoadTsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Mr Peter Brooks Anzac Square Building, 218 Adelaide StreetBrisbane QLD 4001, Australia

  • Saturday, 7 February 2015

    Ancient CoinsBritish & World Coins

    Commemorative Medals Banknotes


    Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury Coram Street London WC1

    at 2.00 pm precisely

    Buyers Premium 20% (plus VAT)

    view this auction via the internet:

    A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd, 399 Strand, London WC2R 0LXTelephone: +44 (0)20 7930 9808, Fax: +44 (0)20 7930 9450, email: twitter @BaldwinsCoins facebook /BaldwinsCoins

  • Date of Sale Saturday, 7 February 2015 at 2.00pm

    Public View Saturday, 7 February 2015 Nobel Room THE LONDON COIN FAIR Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury Coram Street London WC1

    10.00 am 1.30 pm

    Viewing at all other times is strictly by appointment at 399 Strand during the preceding one week 9.30 am - 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

    Order of Sale Ancient Coins Lots 1 - 91 British Coins Lots 92 - 126 World Coins Lots 127 - 206 British Commemorative Medals Lots 207 - 234 World Commemorative Medals Lots 235 - 319 Commemorative Medals by Subject Lots 320 - 360 Banknotes and Papermoney Lots 361 - 383 Coin Cabinet Lot 384

    For more pictures of the lots in this auction view the catalogue online at : WWW.SIXBID.COM and WWW.NUMISBIDS.COM

    PLEASE NOTE Buyers Premium is 20% (plus VAT) All bulk lots are sold as is and are not subject to return The auction takes place away from the Baldwin office so please ensure that your emailed and faxed bids reach

    us before 8am on the day of the auction. We cannot enter bids in the auction that reach us after this time.

    Catalogue Editor Edward Baldwin Photography Sam Weedall Design and Layout Seth Freeman Courtney Buckingham

    Price 3



    1 Celtic Gaul, Tolosates (2nd 1st Century BC), Silver Drachms (2), Celticized head left, rev quadripartite design. Both very fine. (2) 100-150

    2 Celtic Gaul (2nd 1st Century BC), Silver Issues (3), Celticized head / horse types, including Lingones inscribed issues (2). Good very fine. (3) 100-150

    3 Celtic Gaul, Senones (c.100-50 BC), Cast Potin, head right, rev horse left; Senones (c.100-50 BC), Cast Potin, head left, rev horse left. Good very fine. (2) 50-70

    4 Celtic Gaul, Carnutes (c. 1st Century AD), , male head facing right, rev eagle standing facing, head right, 2.42g, 6h (De la Tour 6117). Dark green patina, very fine. 40-60

    5 Gaul, Massalia (c.200-121 BC), Silver Obols (2), bare head of Apollo facing left, rev wheel of four spokes, two quarters containing M A (SNG Copenhagen 727). Good very fine. (2) 80-120

    6 Lucania, Sybaris (c.550-510 BC), Silver Incuse Stater, bull standing left, its head turned back to face to right, YM above, rev the same type, incuse, without legend, 5.83g, 12h (SNG ANS 825; BMC 5; HN Italy 1729). Lightly porous surfaces, toned, very fine and rare. 1200-1500

    7 Bruttium, Kaulonia (c.475-425 BC), Silver Nomos, Apollo advancing right, holding a branch, with a small daimon running left on extended left arm, stag standing on right, its head reverted, rev stag standing right, 8.06g, 3h (HN Italy 2046). Good fine. 150-180

    8 Kingdom of Thrace, Lysimachos (323-281 BC), Silver Tetradrachm, mint of Amphipolis, struck 288-281 BC, head of Alexander the Great facing right, wearing a diadem and the horn of Ammon, rev BAIE / YIMAXOY, Athena, helmeted, enthroned left, holding Nike in her outstretched right hand and resting her left elbow on a shield at her side, behind her rests a spear, a monogram in inner left field, a monogram in outer right field, 17.20g, 10h (Thompson 199). Attractive style, lightly toned, good very fine. 650-750

    9 Macedon, Olynthos, Chalcidian League (c.358-355 BC), Silver Tetradrachm, laureate head of Apollo facing right, rev X-A--KI-[E]N, kithara, 14.56g, 4h (SNG ANS 498-9). Slightly eroded surfaces, lightly toned, good style, very fine. 1500-1800

    10 Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II (359-336 BC), Silver Tetradrachm, mint of Amphipolis, struck c.323-315 BC, head of Zeus facing right, laureate, rev II-OY, naked rider on horseback right, holding palm, a dolphin below horse, and dot beneath horses raised left foreleg, 14.31g, 2h (Le Rider pl. 46, 19; SNG ANS 751 (this obverse die)). Lightly toned, extremely fine. 750-850

    purchased from Edward J Waddell Ltd, 10 July 2003

  • 11 Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II (359-336 BC), Silver Tetradrachm, Amphipolis, laureate head of Zeus facing right, rev naked horseman advancing right, holding a palm, bunch of grapes below, 14.21g, 12h (Le Rider pl. 33, 246ff). Good fine, toned. 100-150

    12 Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II (359-336 BC), Silver Tetradrachm, posthumous issue, laureate head of Zeus right, rev horseman right holding palm, 14.11g (Le Rider pl. 46, 5). Some traces of corrosion on the reverse, about very fine. 250-300

    13 Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II (359-336 BC), Small Bronze, diademed head of Apollo right, rev jockey on horse right. About very fine. 50-70

    14 Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander III (336-323 BC), Small Bronze (SNG Alpha Bank 835). Very fine. 60-80

    15 Thessaly, Thessalian League (2nd to 1st Century BC), Silver Double Victoriatus, magistrates Ippolochos and Atrestides, head of Zeus facing right, wearing a laurel-wreath, rev EA / ON, Athena Itonia advancing right, brandishing spear and holding shield, IO-OXO above, ATPE[TIH] in exergue, 5.97g, 12h (McClean 4927, pl. 179, 7). Some light porosity on reverse, bright surfaces, about extremely fine and scarce. 120-150

    16 Illyria, Apollonia (c.80-48 BC), Silver Drachms (2), cow standing left, suckling calf, rev double stellate pattern; Dyrrachium (2nd 1st Century BC), Silver Drachms (2), similar types. All about very fine. (4) 100-150

    17 Euboia, Histiaia (3rd to 2nd Century BC), Silver Tetrobol, head of nymph Histiaia facing right, wreathed with vine, rev ITI-[A]IE-N, nymph Histiaia seated right on a galley decorated with a winged thunderbolt, a monogram on right, 2.11g, 12h (BMC 113; BCD 416). Attractively toned, nearly extremely fine. 60-80

    18 Attica, Athens (late 5th to early 4th Century BC), Silver Tetradrachm, Eastern imitation(?), head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet, rev AE, owl standing right, head facing, olive-sprig and crescent behind; all within incuse square, 17.13g. Test-cut on reverse, good very fine. 200-250

    19 Aigina (c.520-480 BC), Silver Stater, sea-turtle, rev incuse square, irregularly divided into five triangular segments, 12.22g (SNG Delepierre 1706). Fine. 70-90

    20 Argolis, Argos (c.330-270 BC), Silver Triobol, forepart of wolf at bay left, rev large A, crescent below; all within incuse square, 2.40g (BCD Peloponnesos 1094). A little off-centre, very fine. 40-60

  • 21 Ionia, Herakleia and Latmon (c.150-142 BC), Silver Tetradrachm, head of Athena facing right, wearing a crested Attic helmet decorated with a volute, Pegasos, and the foreparts of five horses, rev HPAKETN, club to right, Nike advancing to left below, holding a wreath, between two monograms, all within an oak-wreath, 16.57g, 12h (SNG Lockett 2823; Pozzi 2452; BMC 1 var). Reverse a little off-centre, extremely fine. 1200-1500

    purchased from Spink & Son Ltd

    22 Kingdom of Syria, Demetrios II (second reign, 129-125 BC), Silver Tetradrachm, mint of Tyre, struck 129/8 BC, head of Demetrios II facing right, diademed, rev BAIE HMHTPIOY, eagle standing left on a prow, a palm-branch behind, a monogram above a club on left, a monogram and date P (year 184) on right, a monogram between legs, 14.08g, 12h (Houghton & Lorber, SC 2195.2c; Newell, Tyre, 162). Extremely fine. 450-550

    23 Kingdom of Parthia, Mithradates II (121-91 BC), Silver Drachm, minted at Rhagai, diademed and long bearded bust facing left, rev archer enthroned right, holding bow and arrow with one hand, 3.97g, 12h (S 26). Good very fine, toned. 70-90

    24 Kingdom of Parthia, Phraates III (70-57 BC), Unit, Rhagai, bearded bust facing left, wearing a tiara, rev horse galloping right, 3.70g, 12h (Sellwood 39.20). Good fine, rare. 80-120

    25 Kingdom of Parthia, Orodes II (c.57-38 BC), Silver Drachms (2), bearded bust facing left, wearing diadem, spira