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  • 23Career and Technical Education

    Baking & Pastry Arts2 Year Program Harkness, Kenton

    PROgRAM SUMMARy BakingandPastryArtsoffersstudentsanopportunitytounderstandwhatgoes

    into creating beautiful finished pastries, breads and cakes. Studentswillnotonlyproducebakedgoodsinbothlargeandsmallquantities,

    but understand the science behind them. Createbeautifulshowpieces,plateddesserts,chocolatesandindividualpastries

    in extensive hands-on classes. Ifyoudreamofopeningyourownbakeryorstylishcaf,creatingandstyling

    spectacular cakes or preparing desserts for elegant events, a career in pastry artsisforyou!


    COLLEgE CREDIT CONNECTIONS ErieCommunityCollege(ACFAccredited) NiagaraCountyCommunityCollege(ACFAccredited)

    SPECIAL NOTES GraduatesofthisprogramcanearnaJuniorCulinariancertificatethroughthe

    American Culinary Federation (ACF).


    Professional CareersBake Shop Manager

    Event PlannerFood Writer

    Hospitality ManagementExecutive Pastry Chef

    Technical CareersSpecialty Cake Designer

    Pastry ChefArtisan Bread BakerCommercial Baker

    Retail Bakery OwnerFood StylistChocolatier

    Entry Level CareersBakery Assistant

    Pastry CookCake Decorator

    Retail BakerBread Baker

    PROgRAM ELIgIBILITyTechnical Endorsement

    CDOS Credential or Pathway (After 2 Years)

    3.75 Credits per Year

  • Career and Technical Education

    INSTRUCTORSPastry Chef Tina FagoInstructor, Harkness Career Center

    Chef Fago, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, received a degree in Culinary Arts. She has experience

    working in both restaurants and bakeries and has participated and placed in several gingerbread competitions.

    Pastry Chef Meg SchallerInstructor, Kenton Career Center

    Chef Schaller, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, has a degree in Baking and Pastry Management.

    She recently wrote and published, Become a Candy Maker at Home, a book aimed at teaching home candy makers how to create professional looking treats.

    BAKINg AND PASTRy ARTS I Cookies QuickBreads CreamPuffPasteProducts IntroductiontoPiesandTarts HolidayBaking GingerbreadProject YeastDough IntroductiontoChocolate BreakfastPastries CakesandIcings Bistro-StyleCooking ProfessionalPortfolio RetailBakeShop

    BAKINg AND PASTRy ARTS II AdvancedCookies CupcakeWars AdvancedPiesandTarts PateChoux ServSafeCertification GingerbreadCompetition Internship AdvancedCakesandFrostings SugarandConfectioneryTechniques LaminatedDough ArtisanBreads FrozenDesserts PlatedDesserts

    Baking & Pastry Arts