Baking Finnish Pastry

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Transcript of Baking Finnish Pastry

  • 1. TheCarelian Pastry from Finland KARJALANPIIRAKAT

2. Carelian pastry is a traditionalIntroduction Finnish baking. We, the Comenius club from Kaukajrvi School, Tampere baked you some.You can try it in your country as well. You only need some rye and wheat flour, milk and rice Give it a try! It tastes delicious! 3. The recipe(makes 20) Preparation time: 1-2 hours Baking time: 5-7 minutes/batch Oven temperature: 300 degrees CPastry: 2 dl water 1 tsp salt 3 dl rye flour 2 dl wheat flourFilling: Rice pudding (cook 5dl boiling milk, 1 dl thick rice and 1 tsp salt into a porridge, cooking time 45 min.) 2 dl boiling milk + 3 tbsp melted butter for brushing the pasties after baking1. Prepare the filling . Cool it down.2. Mix together the water, salt and flour.3. Shape the dough into a long rope the thickness of your wrist and cut into 20 equal portions. Shape the pieces into flat round cakes and form into a pile at the side of the baking table. Roll out each cake into a very thin circle. Set aside, but not on top of each other or they will stick together. Cover with plastic cellophane in order to avoid drying out.4. Fill the center of each with the rice pudding, fold over the edges and pinch tightly with your fingertips.5. Bake for a short time in a hot oven. Brush or dip into milk/butter mixture. 4. STEP 1:cooking the fillingFirst you have to prepare apudding/porridge out of milk, riceand salt. Heat the milk, dont letit boil for very long. Add the riceand the salt. Reducetemperature. Stir every now andthen. It is ready in 45 minutes.Cool it down. 5. STEP 2: Preparing the doughMix water with the flourand salt. Use enoughflour, the doughshouldnt be sticky. 6. STEP 3: shaping thedoughShape the dough into a long ropethe thickness of your wrist andcut into 20 equal portions. 7. In Finland we call this rolling pin pulikka!Shape the pieces into flat roundcakes and form into a pile at the sideof the baking table. Roll out eachcake into a very thin circle. Set aside,but not on top of each other or theywill stick together. 8. STEP 4:filling and bakingDont forget to cover the pieceswith plastic cellophane. Theyeasily dry out!Fill the center ofeach with the ricepudding, fold overthe edges and pinchtightly with yourfingertips.Bake the pastry in 300degrees Celsius for about 8minutes. 9. STEP 5: dipping in milkand butter mixtureMelt the butter into thewarm milk. Dip the Carelianpastry in the mixture rightafter baking. 10. (STEP 6: Preparing the egg butter)Cook 3 eggs for 10minutes, peel themand use a fork to mixthem up with 200 gsoft butter. Addsome salt, if you like.The egg butter tastesdelicious on theCarelian pastry! 11. READY!Enjoy the warmCarelian pastrywith some eggbutter in goodcompany! 12. Greetings from Kaukajrvi! Lotta, Emma,Veera, Juuli, Henna, Melek, Ronja, Julius,Janina and Emilia.