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Transcript of Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations Inc,; License Amendment · PDF file 2019-12-22 ·...

  • 2001 R1nkin Road Houston, Texas 77373 Tel (713)879-2666 Fax (713)879-2667 Cell (713)248-7708

    David E. Huber Radiatioo Safety Officer David,

    Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations, Inc.

    28 August 20!3

    Mr. Elmo E. Collins Regional Administrator US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region IV Texas Health Resources Tower 1600 E. Lamar Blvd. Arlington, Texas 76011-4511

    RE: Amendment to RAM License No. 42-02964-01

    Dear Mr. Collins,


    I (D) IE ((: IE n Wi IE fnl if] SEP J 2 2013 ~


    The purpose of this letter is to requcst an amendment to the above license for Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations, Inc.

    At this time we would like to nominate Philip G. Simpkin as the Corporate RSO for our US NRC License 42-02964-01. I have included a Delegation of Authority letter signed by an officer of the company as well as copy ofMr. Simpkin's training and experience.

    We would also like to nominate Dylan D. Dailey as the Associate Corporate RSO for License 42-02964-01 enclosed is a copy of Mr. Dailey'S training and experience.

    There are no other changes to the organization, location, facilities, equipment or operating procedures at this time.

    Should you have any questions about this request, or need additional information; please feel free to contact me.


    ~Z-- David E. Huber Radiation Safety Officer, Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations, lnc_

    fION.PU8LIC a u lInIJtM.Security R8IIIId a A.7 Sensitive 1n1em81 a OIher:, _____ _

    ~;f//5 lin: fd tj3

    III 58 1 6 85

  • Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations, Inc.

    27 August 2013

    Delegation of Authority

    Re: Amendment to NRC RAM License 42-19649-0 I

    r&it. BAKER


    You, Philip G. Simpkin have been appointed Corporate Radiation Safety Officer for Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations in the entire US NRC jurisdiction and are responsible for ensuring the safe use of radiation. You are responsible for managing the radiation protection program; identifying radiation protection problems; initiating, recommending, or providing corrective actions; verifying implementation of corrective actions; stopping unsafe activities; and ensuring compliance with regulations. You are hereby delegated the authority necessary to meet those responsibilities, including prohibiting the use of radioactive material by employees who do not meet the necessary requirements and shutting down operations where justified by radiation safety. You are required to notify management of situations where staff are not cooperating and not addressing radiation safety issues. In addition, you are free to raise issues with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission at anytime.


    Brian E. Caldwell, Sr. Director HSE

    _' _ac_c_e_p-,t~_h:::

  • NAME




    Aug. 05 to Present

    P. Simpkin CV



    BSe. Degree in Chemistry and Physics 4 "A" Levels, \0 "0" Levels TDLB D32 & D33 Competence Assurance Assessor TDLB D34 Competence Assurance Verifier TDLB 036 Advising on Prior Achievement Certificated Radiation Protection Advisor NEBOSH Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

    Member of the following Societies: The Society of Radiological Protection The American Health Physics Society


    Radiation Protection Advisor, Western Hemisphere Manager Global Radiation Support Team Responsible to the Global Radiation Protection Manager for the construction and administration of the Radiation Safety, training and competence assurance programs for, Baker Atlas, Baker Oil Tools and Baker Hughes lNTEQ. Liasing with HTC Engineering and Product development on matters concerning radioactive materials. I also co-authored a paper "Development and implementation of a formal competence assurance programme for safety critical operations" presented at SPE 8th International Conference on Health, Safety and Environment Abu Dhabi, UAE. 2-4 April 2006.

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  • Nov. 94 to Aug. 05

    P. Simpkin CY


    Radiation Protection Advisor, Eastern Hemisphere Manager Global Radiation Support Team Responsible to the Global Radiation Protection Manager for the construction and administration of the Radiation Safety, training and competence assurance programs for, Baker Atlas, Baker Oil Tools and Baker Hughes INTEQ working in some 37 Countries.

    The program includes Radiation Protection Supervisors, Classified workers and associated ancillary staff. computer based training modules, classroom presentations and practical exercises, as well as the accompanying manuals, procedures, schedules, Assessments and Verifications.

    I have produced and conduct an Assessor training course to SQA 0321033 level, to supplement this program.

    I have written and presented several papers on Radiation, Training and Competence to the British Nuclear Engineering Society, The Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) and more recently Institue National des Sciences et Techniques Nucleaires" (INSTN) and "Commissariat A L' energie Atomique" (CEA) in Paris, plus and a joint papers presented at the 13th International Symposium on Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material, and two joint papers for the IRPA 2002 European Congress.

    Another aspect of my responsibilities is the provision of advice and assistance with, radiation licence applications for the various facilities throughout the Business Unit, transportation of radioactive materials, record keeping and radiation monitoring, source leak testing, calibration fucility commissioning and equipment design.

    Interpretation of Regulations and Standards from U.K . and overseas Government Agencies and then writing and implementing Radiation Safety Procedures to ensure that the


  • Oct. 93 to Oct. 94

    May 92 - Oct. 93

    P. Simpkin CY

    program complies with the standards is also part of my responsibilities.

    On the Professional Levell was until moving to the US.A. an assessor for RP A2000 which is the CertifYing body for all Professional Radiation Protection Advisors in the UK. as well as Being the Chairperson of the Scottish Section for the Society for Radiological Protection.


    Radiation Protection Officer

    Reporting to the Corporate Radiation Protection Officer in Houston and the Senior Manager at facilities where Radioactive materials were used.

    I was responsible for the implementation, maintenance and support of the Company's Radiation Protection Programme throughout the AsialPacific and Middle East regions.

    In addition I had the responsibility for introducing the Companies' Health and Safety programme within the region.


    Radiation Protection Officer

    Responsible to the Radiation Protection Manager (RPM), overview and administration of the training programme on Radiological Protection and General Safety for the UK. and overseas facilities, including the preparation of the accompanying training manuals.

    Provision of assistance to the RPM on licence applications for the UK. and overseas facilities, transportation of radioactive materials both in the UK. and overseas, record keeping and monitoring, perfonning Radiological safety evaluations on calibration facilities and transport containers.

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  • Feb. 90 - May 92

    Dec. 84 - Feb. 90

    Dec. 83 - Dec. 84

    Jul. 81 - Dec. 83

    P. Simpkin CV


    Training Supervisor

    Responsible to the Training Manager for the preparation and presentation of both technical and non-technical training courses to all levels of the Workforce from the shop floor to Senior Management, and offshore personnel.


    Senior Field Engineer

    On 24 hour call working in the U.K. and overseas, carrying out various operations including installation, maintenance and utilisation of the company's products and services up to and including the Nuclear logging tools.


    Sales Manager

    Reporting to the Managing Director, responsible for the design, manufacture and sale of a range of analytical instrumentation, including infra redlultraviolet analysers am mass spectrometers. Supervising a Staff of 4 Sales Engineers and 21 Workshop Technicians.

    Performing application assessment, and product training seminars.

    Preparation of manuals for the instrumentation.


    Senior Logging Engineer

    Reporting to the Operations Supervisor, working both in the U.K. and overseas. Responsible for monitoring, recording and intetpretation of drilling functions, lithology and hydrocarbon analysis as well as equipment repair and maintenance.


  • - _.-- -- .- ~. ---- .


    This is to certify that


    has completed

    A 40-HOUR RADIATION SAFETY OFFICER TRAINING COURSE conducted by Professional Training Programs

    of Oak Ridge Associated Universities

    This 13TH day of JANUARY, 2006

  • THE VICTOR/'-\

    UNIVERSITY OF lvlANCHESTER Board ror ,-\\\",mJs in Affiliated Colleges

    Jt is hcrcb-e ccttificil