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pt3 seminar

Transcript of Bahasa Inggeris Pt3 Seminar


SAMPLE MODEL PAPERSection A[ 20 marks ][Time suggested : 15 minutes]Questions 1 10 are based on the text. The first and last lines are correct. For the remaining lines, there is one grammatical error in each line.The text below is about Shahrir who becomes incapable because of an accident.Underline the error and write the correct word in the space provided. An example has been given. The correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence. There are no spelling errors in this text.Shahrir is a fourteen-year-old teenager. He used to be the school track king. His nickname was Kilat because he can really run like the wind. No other athlete in the district could match her speed. He was so popular that a group of boys will copy the way he walked or talked. Everybody knew his superb potential in running and many of them was his fans.All that changed, however. He is incapable of run now. Shahrir alias Kilat sit in a wheelchair, thanks to a drunk driver. The car knocked him down as he is about to cross the street after practice one afternoon.Many student who showered him with praises now make unkind remarks about him. Suddenly, he is impopular. Nevertheless, he puts up a brave front and ignores the impolite stares he receiving as he struggles to led a normal school life. Only his close friends stand by him. Truly friends in need are friends indeed.

0 could1 __________2 __________3 __________4 __________5 __________6 __________7 __________8 __________9 __________10 __________

[20 marks]Section B[ 20 marks ][Time suggested : 25 minutes]Questions 11 24 are based on the flyer below. [8 marks]15 (i)141121131111

Questions 16 20Based on the flyer, state whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

16The Star Health Fair will be held for 4 days.____________[1 mark]17Partner Great Eastern is a member of HSBC Group.____________[1 mark]18Like The Star Facebook for updates.____________[1 mark]19The admission is free.____________[1 mark]20The extension call numbers are 1243/1629____________[1 mark]Questions 21 24Read the flyer carefully and answer all the questions below.21State an activity that you can get if you go to The Star Health Fair.____________________________________________________________________________________[1 mark]22If Sharif wants to get information about health, which activity is suitable for him?____________________________________________________________________________________[1 mark]23What should Sofia do if she wants to get more details about the event?____________________________________________________________________________________[1 mark]24You are very interested with The Star Health Fair. You want to invite your friend to go with you to the event. Write a message to your friend about the event and invite him/her to go there with you. You may use the information given in the flyer in your writing. Dear __________________________,___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________From,_____________________

[5 marks]

Section C[ 15 marks ][Time suggested : 25 minutes]Questions 25 29 are based on a letter from the talk given below.A very good morning to the Chairman of the Residents Club, ladies and gentlemen.First and foremost, thank you very much for inviting me to give a talk relating to stress. Let me introduce myself, I am Dr Tunasya, a psychiatrist from the Pahang General Hospital.In todays modern and fast-moving society, practically everyone is very stressed and tensed up. The question here is what do we do when we feel stressed?Go for a walk, a jog or even a swim if you feel stressed out. You will find that it makes difference and it costs you nothing. Go shopping or at least window-shopping. It helps you to release whatever stress you have. Go from one shop to another, maybe you will come across to something that you like, lets say a dress or a handbag or a wallet.A person who is very stress needs someone to talk to. You will feel good that someone is willing to lend you an ear. If you do not have anyone, try calling the Befrienders. They are there for anyone around-the-clock.Music, especially classical music, helps to sooth the nerves. So when you are stressed, do listen to this type of music. It relieves you of your pain and stress. You can try this, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a place where there is a brook nearby. You can hear the soft waves beating against the bank. You can also imagine that you are walking on the white soft sandy beach. Dream your stress away.I guess thats about all I have to say today. Thank you for your attention.

Questions 25 29Based on the talk given, answer the following questions.

25Who is the speaker?_______________________________________________________________________________________[1 mark]

26What is the name of club which invites the speaker to deliver the talk?_______________________________________________________________________________________[1 mark]

27How does the classical music help to de-stress?_______________________________________________________________________________________[1 mark]

Questions 28Fill in the table with appropriate word/phrases from the talk.




dLet go

e24 hours





[8 marks]

29Complete the following table by giving the supporting details for the given main idea.Main IdeaSupporting Details

Ways to overcome stressa)




[4 marks]

Section D[ 45 marks ][Time suggested : 55 minutes]Question 30Part I Shorter writing task.You should spend 20 minutes on this question.Dear students,15 May 2014Please be informed that an extra class for English will be held on next Saturday, 24 May 2014 from 8.00 10.00 a.m.Thank you.

Pn Zarina

You are unable to attend the extra class. In about 100 words, write a message to your teacher. Use the notes below to help you. Apologise you cant go Give reasons Tell your teacher what you will do about the lesson you missed.

Dear .,.




[15 marks]Part II Longer writing task.You should spend 35 minutes on this question.Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about your holiday at a beach resort/ tourist spot in the space provided on page 7 and 8. Write in 120 words.You may use these adjectives/adverbs below to help you to write your description.PopuralPristine Fresh Peacefully

EnchantingScenery Tranquil Carefully


Clean UnspoiltJoyfullyBeautifully

Question 29 : Part II Longer writing task.

Based on the pictures given, write a recount about recycling activities in your school.

In your recount : give details of the activities give reasons and benefits of recycling make sure your recount is between 150 to 200 words.

Based on the novel that you have learnt, write about a character that interest you the mostProvide evidence from the novel to support your answer.

NOVELHow I met myself

AUTHORDavid A Hill

BRIEF SYNOPSISThis story is about John Taylor, an Englishman who worked in Budapest. One day as he was walking home from work, he met a man who looked exactly like him. He felt that the man was connected to him. In the end, he found out that the man was his doppelganger; a ghost from the past who came to help him save his family.

QUESTION( character, incident, place, moral value, theme, lesson)

The character that interest me the most in the story is John Taylor.

Evidence 1First, I like John Taylor because he is a very determined person.

Justify (E.1)After he accidentally met his doppelganger, he set his mind to find the truth. He returned to the place he found the man and waited almost every day in the hope that he would meet him. He asked people and searched through newspaper article about a man named Janos Szabo, who had lived at the place in 1945. His determination paid off and he understood why the doppelganger came to find him.

Evidence 2Besides, he is also a brave person.

Elaboration (E.2)He thought he had found a ghost; nevertheless, he goes all out to find out the truth. Not many people are brave enough to face such encounter. He was also brave enough to go into the burning caf to save his wife.

ConclusionAll in all, not only John Taylor a determined person, he is also brave .These characteristics make him a very admirable person and that is why I admire him.

WORKSHEET 2 (A)LITERATUREBased on the novel that you have learnt, ________________________________________________Provide evidence from the novel to support your answer.NOVEL



STATEMENT( character, incident, place, moral value, theme, lesson)The character/place/incident that I think important is.The moral value/ theme/ lesson/ message that I le