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  • How does the Baby Bottle Campaign help women?

    Baby Bottle Campaign Checklist

    In 2010 over 10,000 bottles were distributed in almost 100 churches raising over $82,000! These gifts directly support our services enabling all of our locations to provide medical services such as pregnancy testing and limited obstetrical ultra-sound to our clients at no charge. The Womens Choice Networks Urban Initiative and our Campus Project expands our effective-ness in urban neighborhoods and campus commu-nities where women are most vulnerable to abor-tion. We continue to provide the latest technol-ogy in a professional faith-based setting.

    Every filled bottle is a gift that helps to save a life. Join us as we make a difference, one life at a time.

    The Baby Bottle Campaign is so easy to implement. We can deliver your bottles with an attractive display and then pick them up at the conclusion of the campaign. It works best as a one-month campaign when you follow these important steps: _____ Choose a Point Person to head up

    the Campaign at your site _____ Determine the number of bottles

    needed. (Same as number of bulletins printed or one or two per family unit)

    _____ Choose a start date and an end date four or five weeks later.*

    _____ Order bottles from Linda Frank, our BBC coordinator (412-417-4829) at least one month prior to your start date.

    _____ Plan for pulpit announcements and promotion in weekend bulletins and newsletters two weeks in advance. Let our staff supply suggestions, speaking ideas, and resources.

    _____ Visit our website for Pastor/Leader Resources and media ideas. _____ Place the bottles in visible, convenient

    locations in your building and assign a small team to help pass them out.

    _____ Post collection reminders one week before your end date.

    _____ Make baskets available for collection. *Mothers Day (May), Celebrate Life Month (Oct.), and Sanctity of Human Life Month (Jan.) are suggested dates.

    Baby Bottle Campaign

    PO Box 15034, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 Offices: 724-935-0130

    Linda Frank, Director of Partner Resources 412-417-4829

    [email protected]

    Fill your familys bottle with a gift of cash, checks, or coins. Make a generous gift that

    will open someones eyes.

  • Why support the Womens Choice Network?

    Choosing Life What is the Baby Bottle Campaign?

    Our services are free and are entirely supported by gifts from individuals and organizations like yours.

    Our mission is to reach the woman most vulnerable to abortion and open her eyes.

    Take home a bottle today...because every baby deserves a birthday!

    Serving Christ

    Everyday, thousands of tiny babies are threatened by abortion. Their young moth-ers face overwhelming circumstances along with enormous pressures and fears. They need someone to open their eyes to lifes possibilities. And now that we offer ultra-sound right in our offices, we can help young parents see life as God sees it. Over 85% of our clients who see an ultrasound image choose to continue their pregnancy. All of our new moms receive ongoing edu-cation and practical support.

    We served over 800 women last year with pregnancy testing, ultrasound, counsel, and practical help. Hundreds of these women faced an unplanned pregnancy and were considering abortion. 241 babies were born and now re-ward their parents with the joy of knowing they made the right choice.

    Our support groups place dozens of women into accountable Christian relationships. Our Baby Steps and Dr. Dad programs care for men and women one on one. In the context of these practical experiences, the gospel can be clearly demonstrated to moms, dads, and their young children. Many have found healing, reconcilia-tion and restoration in Christ and continue to grow in their faith.

    Dozens of area churches, organizations, and schools are looking forward to the Womens Choice Network Baby Bottle Campaign. Why join this unique fundraiser? Because

    ...its informative. The Womens Choice Network helps women to see the unseen. We give hope and encourage-ment to make choices for life and for purity in relationships. The Baby Bottles remind fami-lies of our mission and of our commitment to care for the least of these.

    ...its simple. Just take a bottle home and be-gin filling it with loose change, cash, or a check. Complete the bottle insert and enclose a gift that honors a special person in your life or as a memorial to commemorate a lost loved one.

    ...its for everyone. The Baby Bottle Campaign enables everyone to participate in a small but meaningful way. Each family member from the youngest pre-schooler to the oldest grandparent can add their contribution to the bottle that saves ba-bies.

  • Womens Choice Network PO Box 15034 Pittsburgh, PA 15237 724-935-0130

    Baby Bottle Campaign FAQ Thanks for your interest in the Baby Bottle Campaign! Here are some frequently asked questions about the program. For more information, call Linda Frank at 412-417-4829.

    Q: What is the BBC?

    A: The Baby Bottle Campaign is an educational tool to raise awareness about the mission

    and services provided by the Womens Choice Network. Over the years, the campaign has grown into one of our most successful ways to reach our community. Q: How does it work? A: When families take our special baby bottle home, they are encouraged to pray for the

    Women's Choice Network Centers and consider ways to support our mission. The campaigns are usually scheduled for one month. (See the attached brochure for program details.) The bottles can be filled with loose change, checks or cash and are collected one month after distribution. Q: Who participates?

    A: Over 120 area churches, schools, and organizations have participated in the Baby Bottle Campaign over the years. These groups enable thousands of people of all ages to participate. Q: What kind of success have you seen? A: Over $90,000 is raised annually and is used for direct client services in our six area

    Center locations. Our goal each year is to gain sufficient support from our Churches and partners to support our growing ministry. Q: Who counts the money? Can we get a report of our total?

    A: We collect the filled bottles and take them directly to a local bank which counts the

    money. A report of your campaign total is sent to your organization within one month of the closing date of your campaign. The Womens Choice Network is audited each year. Our 990 is available upon request. We are a member of ECFA, a financial accountability council. Q: Who gets the money?

    A: Every penny that comes out of a bottle goes directly to our program costs. The checks, cash and coin from bottles helps support couples facing an unplanned pregnancy. Ongoing support for those young families continues for up to two years. We provide all of these services at no charge:

    Pregnancy Testing, STD testing, Medical Staff Consultation, Obstetrical Ultrasound, Pre-Natal Vitamins, Baby Steps Accountability Program, Parent Education, Dr. Dad Classes, Childbirth and breastfeeding instruction, Parent support groups, Material Assistance such as diapers, formula, baby furnishings and clothing, and more.

    Q: How can I get started?

    A: See the attached brochure and call our Baby Bottle Campaign Coordinator today!

    Where the Choice is Life!