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    Illustration page 2 Ω Portrait of Eero Saarinen

    with a model of the Jefferson National Expansion


    Illustration page 4 Ω Preliminary sketch of the

    TWA Terminal by Eero Saarinen

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    Music Shed and Theater

    Organically Shaped Furniture Case Study House #9 Womb Chair Jefferson National Expansion Memorial General Motors Technical Center Kresge Auditorium and Chapel Irwin Miller House Milwaukee County War Memorial Center Kramer Chapel David S. Ingalls Hockey Rink Stephens College Chapel Tulip Chair Trans World Airlines Terminal Thomas J. Watson Research Center Bell Laboratories Deere & Company Administration Center Ezra Stiles and S.F.B. Morse Colleges Dulles International Airport North Christian Church CBS Building

    Life and Work Map Bibliography/The Author/Credits


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