B3Seminar: What Google wants & how to future-proof SEO - Patrick Altoft

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SEO can no longer be treated as a stand-alone activity, with Google enforcing rules and changing its algorithm 300 times a year, the time has come for brands to stop thinking about short-term activities and start building a natural strategy that Google will love for years to come.

Transcript of B3Seminar: What Google wants & how to future-proof SEO - Patrick Altoft

  • What Google wants & how to future-proof SEO Patrick Altoft Director of Search #B3Seminar
  • Whats happening in SEO? #B3Seminar
  • You cant rank unless you deserve to rank #B3Seminar
  • What Google wants The goal of many of our ranking changes is to help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfil their information needs. Matt Cutts Our strategy therefore is to make our clients a better search result than their competitors. This can be split into two simple to understand factors: Creating more authority & being a better/more reputable company Making better landing pages, specifically your primary pages #B3Seminar
  • The current Sentiment Engagement NEWS DESIGN BUILD Quality Structure CITATIONS is listening to CONTENT CONVERSATIONS Authority BLOG Satisfaction SOCIAL Relevance Freshness #B3Seminar
  • The future (& present) of SEO #B3Seminar
  • Focus on Users #B3Seminar
  • Return to Search You have a few seconds to get the visitors attention and persuade them that they have arrived at a site that will answer their query If they go back to Google thats a negative signal #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar
  • Hummingbird #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar
  • Hummingbird [Hummingbird] Gave us an opportunity [...] to take synonyms and knowledge graph and other things Google has been doing to understand meaning to rethink how we can use the power of all these things to combine meaning and predict how to match your query to the document in terms of what the query is really wanting and are the connections available in the documents. and not just random coincidence that could be the case in early search engines. #B3Seminar
  • Understanding which words in a query matter most & giving them more weight Long tail & badly thought out queries will now get much better results Users are more satisfied #B3Seminar
  • Example Google wants to rank the best result for the query Not just the one that best matches the keywords the user searched for #B3Seminar
  • UK example Google wants to rank the best result for the query Not just the one that best matches the keywords the user searched for We are not sure why this hasnt changed #B3Seminar
  • Satisfaction Other than low quality websites, the biggest cause of searchers not being satisfied is the fact that Google showed them something they just were not looking for Even if most people are satisfied there are always certain segments of people that are totally unhappy with a search result Hummingbird will allow Google to dramatically increase satisfaction rates by gaining a better understanding of what people actually want, rather than what they type into the search box #B3Seminar
  • Segmentation & Personas #B3Seminar
  • Could Google really understand what people want? Andy Vin Tim Cars Holidays Likes Restaurants Hotels Cars Holidays Likes Restaurants Hotels Cars Holidays Likes Restaurants Hotels Ford Turkey Design Indian De Vere Mercedes Malaysia Business Indian Lastminute.com Audi Cruising SEO Indian Hilton #B3Seminar
  • Segmentation Most brands perform research & segmentation to understand their customers Until now, nobody has applied this research to content strategy with the aim of improving SEO performance Branded3 is working with Incite, part of the St Ives Group, to create accurate segmentation models and are already using this knowledge to drive our content strategy By understanding who the searcher is & what they are looking for we can satisfy a much greater percentage of searchers #B3Seminar
  • Incite.ws #B3Seminar
  • Segmentation & Content Strategy Mum with kids Cruise deals Play areas, babysitting, games, kids pools Retired couple Cruise deals Social, food, entertainment Honeymoon couple Cruise deals Privacy, romance, spa, day trips, food, fitness #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar
  • Keyword Audience Research #B3Seminar
  • Content Strategy #B3Seminar
  • Content Strategy Framework Content Audit Document Typography Readability Spelling/grammar Shareability Keyword use Copyscape report on stolen content Social media shares Shareable Content Brainstorming Competitor Analysis Examples & screenshots from competitors Informative Content User Generated Content Research Q&A on Yahoo Answers, Quora, Facebook, Twitter Search for questions in Analytics data & keyword tool data Gap Analysis of current content Examples & screenshots from competitors etc Reviews implementation, incentivisation etc Q&A section or Q&A on product pages etc Forums, blog comments, guest blog posts, in-depth content reviews Examples & screenshots from competitors etc Site Structure Where does content need to go (blog or Q&A etc) How should the sections be structured Design & UI Interlinking between sections Examples & screenshots from competitors Content Roadmap Document Monthly or weekly content plan Special events & calendar Blog calendar PR calendar #B3Seminar
  • http://b3.io/TBXFpw #B3Seminar
  • Demographics #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar
  • Not Provided #B3Seminar
  • Notprovidedcount.com #B3Seminar
  • Data Sources Not provided will be 100% soon no more keyword data, attribution modelling becomes largely useless Solutions Total organic visits to top landing pages Total search visits minus brand clicks from WMT data Estimated visits per keyword via rankings, CTR & search volumes Click share for product categories #B3Seminar
  • A Good CTR Model #B3Seminar
  • A Better CTR Model Actual CTR from WMT We will be sending details next week #B3Seminar
  • Thank You Patrick@branded3.com @PatrickAltoft #B3Seminar
  • #B3Seminar @Branded_3 #B3Seminar