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  • Engineered Sealing Solutions

  • Serving the worlds process andindustrial markets

    John Crane is the worlds largest designer and manufacturer of engineered sealingsolutions and associated products. As the acknowledged leader in this field we are able toprovide the most complete selection of mechanical seals, mechanical packings and sealingsupport systems, complemented by our Metastream range of power transmissioncouplings.At John Crane we combine our unparalleled understanding of rotating equipment with the very latestadvances in sealing technology to provide solutions that not only meet, but often exceed the needs of ourcustomers. Our sealing systems are designed to satisfy the requirements of different industrial sectors and by working in partnership with our customers we are able to provide genuinely bespoke solutions that arecreated to solve individual sealing problems.

    John Cranes expertise also extends into associated product areas such as power transmission couplings.Proven in use on countless applications over the last 50 years our Metastream couplings help rotatingequipment operate at optimum levels and provide maximum availability. This has made them the automaticfirst choice of many leading international companies.

  • The John Crane family includes elastomer and PTFEbellows seals, elastomer o-ring and PTFE wedgeseals, dry-running and wet gas seals for pumps andturbocompressors and split seals for largerequipment. The most complete selection ofperformance-proven mechanical seals in the world.

    The Sealol brand is acknowledged to be the premiername in edge welded metal bellows seals,particularly suited to oil refining, chemical processindustries and refrigeration systems.

    An unrivalled range of high pressure, highperformance mechanical seals ideal for applicationsin oil and gas exploration worldwide.

    A world-class portfolio of sealing solutions for theglobal pulp & paper market, including mechanicalseals, and seal water filtration monitoring systemsthat contribute to increased reliability.

    Metastream flexible all steel couplings set theindustry standard for non lubricated couplings indemanding API 610 and API 671 applications. Theunique design of the M series spoke formmembrane along with the T series scallopedmembrane provides solutions for all powertransmission applications.

    Lemco seal support systems enhance the operatingenvironment for dual mechanical seals, controlatmospheric emissions, and provide long life andsafety. Lemco gas panels, heat exchangers,separators, and other speciality products are usedto enhance mechanical seal performance.

    To be the industry leader in deliveringworld-class products, services and support,achieving the highest level of customersatisfaction and value.

    03E n g i n e e r e d s e a l i n g s o l u t i o n s

    All John Crane products benefit from our policy ofconstant innovation and product development. Thisallows them to satisfy the ever-changing demandsof the market while still complying with all relevantindustry standards and specifications.

    Combining this extensive selection of products withthe type of customer-specific service programs youwould expect only from the genuine market leaderenables us to provide the right solution for any typeof sealing or associated requirement

  • A complete portfolio of productsfor rotating equipment

    Mechanical SealsWe offer a wider range of mechanical seal productsthan any other manufacturer, all characterised byhigh-quality, innovative design concepts that helpreduce both installation and maintenance costs.

    Dry Gas SealsJohn Crane has over 40 years of gas seal experienceon which to draw. Along with our intimateunderstanding of the sectors and applications inwhich these seals operate this has ensured that ourdry gas seals have become the accepted solution inmany different industries. They offer outstanding

    John Crane is widely recognised as having the worlds most comprehensive product andtechnology portfolios for rotating equipment applications. With over 50 active patents onvarious product designs and systems, plus the ability to draw from a global sealing databaseof over a half-million successful applications, John Crane is clearly a world leader.

    By combining advanced and thoroughly proventechnologies with industry expertise John Crane isable to offer the optimum mechanical sealingsolution for virtually any application.

    versatility and are compatible with virtually any typeof gas. Pressures in excess of 200 bar, temperaturesup to 400oC and speeds up to 180 m/s can all beaccommodated, widening the range of applicationson which these seals can be used.

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    Power Transmission CouplingsMetastream couplings have now become the firstchoice of many of the world's leading companies.Today, John Cranes policy of constant innovationand product development serves to ensure thatMetastream couplings continue to satisfy thechanging demands of the market while complyingfully with the relevant industry specifications.

    Seal Support SystemsMaintaining the correct operating environment iscritical if any seal is to operate at its optimum level.With this in mind we offer a comprehensive selectionof engineered pressure reservoirs, gas seal controlpanels, heat exchangers and abrasive separators.

    Metastream flexible power transmission couplingsare designed for applications where the shaft endsare nominally 'in line'. High-speed applications arewell served by the couplings high torsional rigidityand natural balance features. Each Metastreamcoupling incorporates spacer retention anti-flyfeatures, plus an all-metal construction thateliminates the need for lubrication and maintenanceand ensures minimal downtime.

    Mechanical PackingsMechanical packings have been an important part ofour product portfolio ever since the creation of JohnCrane in 1917. We have since pioneered the use ofnew manufacturing processes, different materialsand innovative braiding styles to produce superiorpackings for all types of challenging applications.

    E n g i n e e r e d s e a l i n g s o l u t i o n s

  • Key markets


    PharmaceuticalJohn Crane pump and speciality mixer seals providepharmaceutical manufacturers with highperformance, clean-in-place solutions for theircritical applications.

    ExtractionOil and gas extraction operations placespecific and rigorous demands on every itemof equipment involved. Aided by its detailedknowledge of this type of operation, plus awealth of experience gained in fields all overthe globe, John Crane is able to ensure thatthe sealing solutions it provides are more thanequal to any extraction operation.

    Oil & GasOil refineries, pipelines, and gas plants choose JohnCrane for their most arduous applications.Equipment reliability is a key driver of financialperformance, and John Crane product innovationsprovide the foundation for significant improvement inMean Time Between Repair (MTBR).

    ChemicalThe chemical processing industrys focus onemissions reduction and reliability are well servedby our market leading portfolio of high performance,low emission sealing products, which providesignificant improvement in equipment life andenvironmental control.

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    Mining & MineralsOur family of slurry seals are designed to providemaximum reliability even in the harshest, abrasiveslurry environments.

    Food & BeverageJohn Crane's proprietary clean-in-place designs useFDA approved materials and are in use throughoutthe food processing, bottling, brewing and distillingindustries.

    Power GenerationWhether its a nuclear, fossil fuel or hydro plant,John Cranes sealing products ensure uninterrupted,reliable performance on boiler feed water, slurry,and flue gas desulphurisation services.

    Pulp & PaperJohn Crane addresses papermaking problems withproven solutions that service the industrys uniquevariety of equipment. Our designs are ideally suitedto reduce water consumption and environmentalpollution.

    E n g i n e e r e d s e a l i n g s o l u t i o n s

  • Key markets


    Water SystemsSince the early introduction of elastomer bellowsmechanical seals, John Crane has been the leadingsupplier to manufacturers building pumps forresidential, commercial, industrial, and agriculturalwater systems. As these applications become moredemanding, we continue to innovate with morerobust designs and improved materials to meet theneed for higher pressures, corrosion, and abrasion.

    Commercial and IndustrialRangeFollowing the integration of two re-engineeredproduct ranges, John Crane introduces a new rangeof mechanical seals aimed at the high volumemachinery market.

    We have taken proven designs updated themanufacturing techniques and also expanded therange of standard dimensions.

    Materials used throughout are either of our ownmanufacture or sourced from companies known fortheir quality and proven over a number of years.

    We have selected a standard range of materials thatmeet a very wide range of duties. Suitable forindustrial, commercial and residential watersystems, heating and cooling systems and pool &spa applications.

    The new seals fit into a range of standard cavitieswhich cover the majority of the market requirements.

    Refrigeration CompressorsJohn Crane pioneered the development of metalbellows seals for refrigeration compressors to meetthe demands imposed by new refrigerants and strictleakage controls on ozone-depleting gases. Today,our seals are fitted on the majority of newmanufactured compressors.

  • Superior customer support

    Global Company, Local ServiceAs an ever growing company with facilitiesworldwide, John Crane is clearly a global companywith local service capabilities.

    Local CapabilitiesJohn C