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Presentation at the Arizona Language Association's annual conference

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  • 1. OPENING a World of Possibilities
    AZLA Conference
    Oct. 2010
    Mandarin Chinese ProjectDVUSDPhoenix, AZ

2. Mandarin Project Overview
3-year, $650,000 FLAP grant
Language instruction K-8 at 2 schools
Kindergarten 15-45min Daily
1st-6th Grade Specials 45 min/weekly
7th/8th Exploratory 45min/9wks
1st Grade Partial Immersion expansion each year through 6th
K-12 Articulation and Beyond
HS Chinese Classes fall 2011
HS AP Chinese classes fall 2018
Partnership with ASU Confucius Institute, Hanban, and ASU Chinese Flagship
Immersion Goal Intermediate High/Advanced low on ACTFL scale by HS Graduation
Exploratory Goal Novice High/Intermediate Low on ACTFL scale by HS Graduation
3. Shift Happens
Shift Happens 2010 video
4. Vision Goal
What the best and wisest of parents wants for his own child, that must be what the community wants for all its children.
John Dewey
5. Vision Goals
Our Vision Goals are to create multi-generational and multi-national global communities that foster learning and leadership for the 21st century focused on creating a better world.Our vision goals guide what we want every learner to look like when they enter the global society as adults.Students and Staff will be engaged in:
Learning for the 21st Century
Leading for Success
Creating a Better World
6. Vision Goal: Learn
Firebirds will become life long learners, fully equipped for success in the 21st Century.
Technologically Advanced and Globally Competent
Early Second Language
Brain-Friendly Acquisition
7. Vision Goal: Lead
Firebirds will become healthy, wealthy and wise transformational leaders. First of themselves then in their families and in the world.
8. Vision Goal: Create
We cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking at which we created it.
9. International Connections
TCLP Grant
Sister Schools
National and International Resources
10. TCLP Grant
11. Sister Schools
Guest teachers
Student exchange
Collaborative Projects
Pen Pals
Science experiements
Cultural comparisons
Insert Ciji Welcome clip
12. Hangzhou Foreign Language School
13. Ciji Primary School
14. National/International Resources
Provides resources and opportunities
Connection with other like-minded educators
15. Putting it all together
Mandarin Chinese Project:Opening a World of Possibilities
16. Quality
Curriculum Development
Better Chinese
The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA)
Hopkins Public Schools
Woodstock School, Portland Public Schools

  • Professional Development

17. Conferences 18. In-house PD 19. Lesson plan sharing 20. Video lessons 21. Teacher Mentoring