AZLA 2014 Blitz: "Flipping the Classroom"

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Information Literacy presentation use of Research Ready in a flipped classroom concept. Challenges, assessment and results of using off-the-shelf software instruction alongside active learning for information literacy and library instruction classes.

Transcript of AZLA 2014 Blitz: "Flipping the Classroom"

  • 1. Suzie Roth, MLSPatricia Watkins, MLISERAU Hazy Library & Learning Center

2. Quick Background. . . Instruction PPT heavy until 2012-13 Pre 2012-13 all COM122 classes required 3 sessions Began seeing concept of flipped and active learningin professional literature circa 2011 Process we used:1. Created tutorials, embedded into Bb2. Obtained faculty buy- in, attended HUCOM departmentmeetings3. Embedded Research Rescue into COM122 facultyBlackBoard pages4. Began exploring other Web tutorials, off-the-shelfsoftware available for customized instruction. 3. Old Method: Powerpoint 4. New Method: 7 Bb modules 5. Student viewed videos 6. Research Ready Lessons Learned:2013 Flipped: NEW information literacyinstruction method for faculty & students Some students: DID NOT complete pre-testrequested by faculty Some students: DID NOT watch videos;spent more in-class time reviewing videos Some students: DID NOT completeKeyword, Website search strategyworksheets; Active team learning DID occurin class using these tools. 7. Research Findings: Sample: 3 COM 122 classes using ResearchRescue reported they found it beneficial tounderstanding research process & Hazy LibraryResources (85%) Students GOT: Characteristics oftrade/scholarly publications, importance ofusing databases and evaluating Websites Students NEEDED: More time practicing Booleansearch strategies, citing sources Requirements: TIME to plan, prep, promote Bbmodules, get students to go through forward 2014-15. . . 8. Trial March 2014 Purchased June 2014 for $1,011 (up to500 users) Summer 2014 - customize tutorialmodules August faculty meetings introduce andbuy-in (16 COM122 classes) Time intensive: Librarian added to eachclass in Bb, then extract students e-mailaddresses, send invitation to each student 9. Assessment, Modules Pre and Post-test (10 questions in each) Source identification Primary and secondary sources Scholarly and popular sources Conquering research Scholarly vs web Source bias Identifying sources Peer reviewed Databases Using library discovery tool (EAGLEsearch) Ethical research Plagiarism 10. Initial Findings 438 students were registered 204 (46%) completed pre/post-test AE/ME/EE (44%), AS (35%), GSIS (13%),ABA (4%), Biology/Physics (2%) Primarily freshman class Average: 38% showed improved correctresponses pre to post test. 11. More Findings Engaging activity: LOTS of upfront workfor librarians in creation of customizedmodules to included short videos Create active class assignment in tandemwith class to reflect topics and overallstudent learning objectives AND includestudent research project topics 12. Student Feedback (Comments) Developed the argument that the openweb is not the best form of researching atopic These skills will be helpful to me helpingme write better and more credible researchpapers when I enter the workforce. I now know the difference betweenplagiarism and paraphrasing, which willdrastically help my writing. 13. Student Feedback Taught me the importance in enhancingmy research skills in order to prepare myselffor the real world when I have a profession.It also showed me how to measure theaccuracy of a source and if it is credibleenough to use in a research paper. Mostimportantly, I was shown the repercussionsof copying the works and ideas of others inmy own works and how they can affectother people in the future. 14. Future Plans Continue using ResearchReady Analyze questions and data within eachresearch module: what worked, whatdidnt? Determine where challenges lie: Revisefor 2015 Embed more videos for visual leaners Transfer online learning to the activeportion of the class where needed. 15. To Learn More What you should know about Flipped Classrooms, EDUCAUSE, 2011. How 'Flipping' the Classroom Can Improve the Traditional Lecture,Dan Berrett. Chronicle of Higher Education. Feb 19, 2012. My Experiment with the Flipped Classroom Model, Nancy WoottonColborn, LOEX Quarterly, vol. 39., 2012. Flipping the Classroom- Simply Speaking. Penn State University.YouTube video, February 2012. 6 Expert Tips for Flipping the Classroom, Jennifer Demski. CampusTechnology, January 23, 2013. The Flipped Classroom: Inverting Info Lit Instruction, KimberlyMiller, Sara Arnold-Garza. LOEX 2014 Conference. May 2013, GrandRapids, MI Not Enough Time? Flip your Classroom, Dr. Rob Hallis. AMIGOSConference, May, 2014. Flipping the LIS Classroom, Michael Stephens. Library Journal, July11, 2014 16. Contact Us Suzie Roth, Patricia Watkins, 777-3920 Look for us on Facebook: Hazy Libraryand Learning Center