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  • Axial Skeleton

  • Axial SkeletonThree major regions:

    1) Skull2) Vertebral Column3) Bony ThoraxFunction: Supports the head, neck, and trunk, and it protects the brain, spinal cord, and the organs in the thorax

  • The SkullCranial Bones Enclose and protect the brainSites of attachment for head & neck musclesFacial BonesForm framework of the faceContain cavities for sense organs of sight, taste, and smellProvide openings for air & food passageSecure the teethAnchor muscles of facial expression

  • CraniumConsists of 8 bones:Frontal boneOccipital boneSphenoid bone (keystone of the cranium)Ethmoid boneParietal bones (paired)Temporal bones (paired)

  • Parietal Bones and the Major SuturesSutures immovable fibrous joints which unite the bones of the skullThe four largest sutures occur where the parietal bones articulate (form a joint) with other cranial bones:

    1) coronal suture at articulation with frontal bone 2) sagittal suture where parietal bones meet superiorly at the cranial midline

  • Sutures cont. 3) lambdoid suture at articulation with occipital bone 4) squamous sutures where parietal bones and temporal bones meet on the lateral aspect of skull

  • Facial Bones (14)VomerPaired maxillae or maxillary bonesPaired zygomatic bonesPaired palatine bonesPaired lacrimal bonesPaired nasal bonesPaired inferior nasal conchaeMandible

  • Vertebral ColumnCervical Vertebrae 7Thoracic Vertebrae 12Lumbar Vertebrae 5Sacral Vertebrae 5 (fused to form single sacrum)Coccyx single bone formed from fusion of 4 vertebrae