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Axial Skeleton. Skull 8 cranial bones 14 facial bones Middle Ear Bones: 6 Hyoid: 1 Vertebral Column: 26 Thoracic Cage: 25. Appendicular Skeleton. Pectoral Girdle: 4 Upper Limbs: 60 Pelvic Girdle (coxal bone): 2 Lower Limbs: 60 Total: 206. Bones of the Cranium. Occipital - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Axial Skeleton

  • Axial SkeletonSkull8 cranial bones14 facial bonesMiddle Ear Bones: 6Hyoid: 1Vertebral Column: 26Thoracic Cage: 25

  • Appendicular SkeletonPectoral Girdle: 4Upper Limbs: 60Pelvic Girdle (coxal bone): 2Lower Limbs: 60Total: 206

  • Bones of the CraniumOccipital Parietal (2)FrontalTemporal (2)SphenoidEthmoid

  • Occipital BoneForms the wall and base of the posterior portion of the skull

  • Occipital BoneLambdoidal suture: joins to parietal boneForamen Magnum: hole for spinal cord, nerves, arteriesOccipital Condyles: bumps that articulate with 1st vertebrae

  • Parietal BonesForm sides and roof of cranium

  • Parietal BonesSagittal Suture: joins with other parietal boneTemporal lines: attachment site for mastication musclesCoronal suture: joins with frontal bone

  • Frontal BoneForms the anterior portion of the cranium

  • Frontal BoneSupraorbital notch: hole for nerves and blood vesselsFrontal Sinuses: enclosed air spaces that lighten bone, lined with mucous membranes

  • Temporal BonesForm sides and base of skull

    Squamosal Suture: joins parietal bone

  • Temporal BonesExternal acoustic meatus: leads to middle earMastoid process: attachment site for muscles that will move the neck, will conduct vibrationsStyloid Process: attachment site for muscles of tongue and throat

  • Sphenoid BoneDirectly in middle of skullWedged between several other bones

  • Sphenoid BoneSella Turcica: deep saddle-shaped depression that houses the pituitary gland

    Sphenoid Sinuses

  • Ethmoid BoneMake up nasal cavity and parts of the eye socket

    Ethmoid Sinuses

  • Ethmoid BoneCrista Galli: meninges that cover brain attach here

    Superior and Middle Nasal Conchae: projection of lateral wall of nasal cavity that increase surface area of each cavity