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  • 1.Axial Skeleton

2. Main Bones of the Skull: Anterior View
Frontal bone
Zygomatic bone
Nasal bone
3. What ridges of the frontal bone are located just superior to the eyes?
Superciliary arches
4. What suture connects the parietal bone to the temporal bone?
Squamous suture
5. What suture connects the frontal bone to the parietal bones?
Coronal suture
6. Base of the Skull:Superior View
Foramen ovale
Cribriform plate
Foramen spinosum
Jugular foramen
7. Through what opening in the skull does the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve pass?
Foramen ovale
8. Through what opening in the skull does the spinal cord pass?
Foramen magnum
9. Temporal Bone
Squamous part
External acoustic meatus
Styloid process
Mastoid process
10. What portion of the temporal bone connects to the zygomatic bone?
Zygomatic process
11. What hard portion of the temporal bone contains the inner ear?
Petrous part
12. Mandible
Coronoid process
Condylar process
Mental foramen
13. What process of the mandible holds the teeth?
Alveolar process
14. What is the anatomical term for soft spots on a babys skull?
Frontal fontanelle
Occipital fontanelle
15. Superior View of the Sphenoid Bone
Lesser wing
Greater wing
16. What bone is located inferior to the main portion of the skull and is not in direct contact with any other bone of the skeleton?
Hyoid bone
17. How many vertrebae make up the vertebral column?33Cervical-7Thoracic-12Lumbar-5Sacrum-5 fusedCoccyx-4 fused
18. Vertebra
19. What is the inner, circular region of an intervertebral disk?
Intervertebral Foramen
20. 21. What lateral projections occur on each vertebra?
Transverse Process
22. 23. What are the pads of fibrocartilage between vertebrae?
24. What is another anatomical term for C1?
What is another anatomical term for C2?
25. C1 lacks a body and a spinous process
26. Rib Cage
Which ones are true ribs?Ribs 1-7Which ones are false ribs? Ribs 8-12Which ones are floating ribs? Ribs 11-12
27. 28. The Thoracic Cage
Thoracic Cage
Manubrium- Is the widest & most superior portion of the sternum(the handle of the bony sword)
Body- Is the longest part of the sternum & forms its bulk (the blade of the bony sword).
Xiphoid process-represents the very tip of the sword blade.