Axedale Axedale Antics Our ommunity Voice First Published September 1987 ANTIS POLIY The Axedale...

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Transcript of Axedale Axedale Antics Our ommunity Voice First Published September 1987 ANTIS POLIY The Axedale...

  • Axedale Antics

    Our Community Voice

    March 2020 Issue No. 268 A DONATION



    What’s on around Axedale

    CWA- International Women’s Day Morning Tea

    March 3rd; 10-12 @ the Axedale Tavern.

    AOTOF Bi-Monthly - 7pm CFA Shed

    (Next meeting APRIL 9h )

    CWA 3rd Monday of the month

    at the Uniting Church Hall at 7pm.

    Quilters Fridays —St Paul’s, Drake St.

    Library Fridays 2.00pm —3.30pm at the hall

    Library Hub Friday, from 2.00pm -3.30pm at the Axedale


    Longlea & District Landcare Meeting

    First Monday of the Month, 7:30,

    Longlea Reserve Club Rooms;

    Mugi Rahayu Gamelan ensemble

    Saturdays 2:00pm,

    101 Carneys Rd 54392678

    Harmony Singers Every other Tuesday during school term -

    7pm Axedale Primary School

    Stay Connected Thursdays 9.30am Tavern

    Axedale Book Club 4th Wednesday each month 6.30pm Tavern

    Writer’s Club (in Hiatus )

    The Axedale Antics can be downloaded from

    the Axedale Our Town-Our Future website

    A huge


    To everyone who attended,

    supported, and took part

    in the Axedale Quick Shear.

    And help to make it

    a tremendous success.

  • Axedale Antics

    Our Community Voice First Published September 1987


    The Axedale Antics is a voluntarily run, free monthly paper for the community of Axedale, surrounding towns and districts and the rural

    area of Eppalock Ward. The volunteers are a sub-committee of AXEDALE—OUR TOWN OUR FUTURE Inc., and the aim is to provide

    information and light entertainment for all ages, to present unbiased and fair information, and to assist with community services. The

    Antics also offers an advertising vehicle for local and district businesses and enterprises.

    This communication offers everyone the opportunity to express their views. The editors retain the right to refuse to publish any article

    that is racially prejudiced, slanderous, libellous, uncouth, unsuitable for family reading, or is harmful to any individual, business or

    association. Furthermore, no abuse (verbal or otherwise) towards the volunteers who create or contribute to ‘the Antics ‘will be


    All items submitted must have the writer’s name, address & phone contact included, & all political content, if published, with the

    author’s name & address. Letters to the Editor MUST include sender’s name & address (not necessarily for publication - “a nom-de-

    plume” may be used). There are no charges associated with news items, personal articles, community notices, etc.

    As the Antics is produced & distributed free to readers, any donations towards publication & distribution costs will be gratefully

    accepted & receipted. If you wish donations to be acknowledged in the Antics, please let us know.

    The Antics is your paper………...we like to fill it with contributions from our readers—so please send in your news—weddings, births, club

    news, amusing events, stories, poems, jokes (clean please), pictures etc., and of course your business advertisements by the

    deadline of the 23rd of the month.LOCAL COMMUNITY GROUPS—PLEASE REMEMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLES BY THIS DATE—otherwise you miss out again, & nobody knows that you exist, or what you are doing. Use the Antics to keep the community

    aware of your existence & up to date on your activities.

    Do you wish to advertise in the Antics?

    Simply send through your advertising

    material (in PDF format).

    Any enquiries...

    Phone: 0408 537 911 | email:

    Advertising Rates (per month)

    Business Card $10.00

    Quarter Page $20.00

    Half Page $30.00

    Full Page $60.00


    Axedale Primary School Corina Hartland 5439 7232

    Axedale Pre-School Kate 5439 7549

    Axedale Our Town Our Future Chris Hobson

    St Andrews Uniting Church Glenis Dyason 5439 7251

    St Mary’s Catholic Church St Therese’s 5443 3337

    Axedale in Harmony Sue McGrath 5439 7179

    Axedale Hall Ann Mason 5439 1210

    Axedale CWA Lyn Turner 5439 7646



    The City of Greater Bendigo is developing Township Plans for Elmore and Goornong and residents from both communities are invited to get involved.

    The Elmore Township Plan and the Goornong Township Plan will provide a framework for the growth and development of the two towns.

    They will build upon the existing strengths of each community by extending the work of the 2015-2020 Elmore Community Plan and the 2012 Goornong Community Plan.

    City Director Strategy and Growth Bernie O’Sullivan said the Townships Plans were two separate documents being prepared at the same time with clear goals.

    “These plans will help make Elmore and Goornong more cohesive, connected and liveable places,” Mr O’Sullivan said.

    “Elmore has an excellent range of services, recreational facilities and cultural experiences for residents and visitors and this plan will help guide its future growth and opportunities.

    “As the first rural township to the north of urban Bendigo, Goornong has great potential, particularly with the proposed Goornong Train Station. The supportive and friendly community will need assistance as it continues to attract more residents.

    “We are seeking feedback from both communities, so we are inviting Elmore and Goornong residents to complete an initial community survey for the respective areas.

    “We want to know how you feel about your town and what you think can help to improve the town and your community.”

    Two community reference groups, one for each town, will also be established and any individual or representative from a community group, club or organisation will be able to join. The groups will meet regularly to provide local knowledge, information and feedback as they monitor the progress of the Township Plans.

    If you are interested in being part of the Community Reference Group, you can either

    phone 5434 6000 or email

    Please note that two separate community surveys are available for Elmore and Goornong:

  • Friends of Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail: Heritage Railway Wagon Returns

    A former Victorian Railway’s wagon can now be admired on the O'Keefe Rail Trail well into the future, due to the efforts of a local community group. This new point of interest, located beside the recon- structed platform at the former Axedale Railway Station, has been a Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail project that has taken over 2 years to be realised.

    The wagon has a special significance to the Bendigo area, as it was originally manufactured at the Victo- rian Railway’s Bendigo North Railway Workshops in the 1950’s as a HY class wagon (number HY16625). In 1963 it was converted to GY class as GY16625R. After many years of service carrying materials such as bagged and bulk grain, fertiliser, timber and general products, it was taken out of service yet survived being scrapped like most.

    “Looking in very poor condition from being stored for decades at the Korumburra Railway Station yards, our group successfully submitted an expression of interest to PTV for this wagon” said Garry Long President of Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail. “With the assistance of a Kirkland Gold community grant, the wagon was retrieved and transported to Axedale in early 2018” said Mr Long.

    Being initially placed on a short section of railway line built by the Friends group, the next stage was to have the wagon restored as near as possible to its original specifications. When Friends member Rob Jarvis approached BRW (Bendigo Railway Workshops, a now private company) with what was proposed, “We were blown away by BRW’s Allan Nicolson and Mark Birchmore enthusiasm and willingness to assist” said Rob, “They even provided some of this wagon’s original manufacturing history!”.

    “Work such as repairing severe metal rust, sandblasting, and a full repaint from its graffiti covered aging Hansa Yellow colour to the original Wagon Red was planned” said Mr Jarvis. “BRW staff were more than helpful to obtain the best possible outcome, with the Friends funding achieving far more than was originally anticipated.”

    With restoration now completed as HY16625, the wagon is being shifted by A2B Move It heavy transport to its display location on the O’Keefe Rail Trail at Axedale. This wagon is now the on