AX 2017. 3. 28.¢  These forage wagons feature solid steel extensions for loss-free...

download AX 2017. 3. 28.¢  These forage wagons feature solid steel extensions for loss-free harvesting. The extensions

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Transcript of AX 2017. 3. 28.¢  These forage wagons feature solid steel extensions for loss-free...

  • AX Self-loading / unloading forage wagons AX

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    Camless EasyFlow pick-up

    Massive cut-and-feed rotor with wide Hardox plated tines

    Knife bed swings out to the side

    Central knife selection system activates 0, 16, 32 knives

    Sloping chain-and-slat floor

    Automatic loading system

    Discharge rollers protected through main driveshaft

    Optional tandem axle with hydraulic auto-levelling

    CCI-ISOBUS option: One for all

    KRONE AX Easy loading

    | AX 09/13

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    AX – smooth-running and high- comfort rotor wagons that boost your efficiency.

    The pick-up unit 6

    The rotor cutter 10

    The cutting system 12

    The load area 16

    The automatic loading system 18

    Forage wagons AX 250 L 20 AX 280 L

    Forage wagons AX 250 GL 22 AX 280 GL AX 310 GL

    Self-unloading model AX 250 D 24

    Self-unloading model AX 250 GD 26

    AX 280 GD AX 310 GD

    Operator interface 28

    The running gear 32

    Tractor attachment 36

    Technical Data 38

    AX 09/13 |

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    | VarioPack 10/09 4

    AX The better way of forage harvesting

    Low power input

    Continuous crop flow

    Optimum quality of cut

    Easy operation

    | AX 09/13

    AX – the powerful range of rotor wagons

    Model Function Extensions Capacity

    (DIN 11714) No. of knives

    AX 250 L AX 280 L

    Forage wagon Forage wagon

    Collapsible, slatted Collapsible, slatted

    25 m3 (883 ft3) 28 m3 (988 ft3)

    32 32

    AX 250 GL AX 280 GL AX 310 GL

    Forage wagon Forage wagon Forage wagon

    Solid steel Solid steel Solid steel

    25 m3 (883 ft3) 28 m3 (988 ft3)

    31 m3 (1,095 ft3)

    32 32 32

    AX 250 D Self-loading/unloading forage wagon

    Collapsible, slatted 25 m3 (883 ft3) 32

    AX 250 GD AX 280 GD AX 310 GD

    Self-loading/unloading forage wagon

    Solid steel Solid steel Solid steel

    25 m3 (883 ft3) 28 m3 (988 ft3)

    31 m3 (1,095 ft3)

    32 32 32

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    AX 250 L, AX 280 L These models without discharge rollers feature collapsible hay extensions that are operated hydraulically – the ideal machine to pass through low gates and enter low buildings.

    AX 250 GL, AX 280 GL, AX 310 GL These forage wagons feature solid steel extensions for loss-free harvesting. The extensions fold down into the load area for easy machine storage inside buildings.

    More output from less horsepower Buying a KRONE AX forage wagon means buying into

    experience and expertise. Innovations such as the

    camless EasyFlow pick-up, the massive cut-and-

    feed rotor, the knife bank that swings out to the

    side, and the chain-and-slat floor that slopes at the front combine to implement higher

    throughputs, lower input power, more operator comfort and less wear and maintenance.

    AX 09/13 |

    AX 250 D This is our self-loading/unloading forage wagon with two powerful discharge rollers and collapsible hay extensions that are operated hydraulically. The two rotors at the rear discharge the material in uniform mats for easier clamping.

    AX 250 GD, AX 280 GD, AX 310 GD These rotor wagon models feature solid steel extensions and up to three discharge rollers at the rear for very fast unloading cycles – the ideal machine for contracting businesses and machinery rings.

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    EasyFlow The camless pick-up

    Leaves an impeccable surface

    Increased throughput and quieter running

    Less wear and maintenance

    including wide swaths, heavy drop and high workrates. Here, EasyFlow is simply the best.

    EasyFlow – more efficient and more effective Picking up the crop at a width of 1,700 mm (DIN 11220) and operating at a higher speed, the camless EasyFlow pick-up comes into its own in demanding conditions,

    | VarioPack 10/07 | AX 09/13

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    No cam but special scrapers This pick-up stands out for the special design of its scrapers, which allow the tines to retract and provide a smooth and consistent crop fl ow into the machine.

    Cost effective and powerful EasyFlow is our camless pick-up that gives you obvious benefi ts. Using fewer moving

    parts than a controlled cam track, this system is simpler by design and provides

    exceptionally quiet running, which results in

    reduced wear and maintenance as well as

    reduced service costs. Operating at a

    30 % higher speed, EasyFlow is now

    even more effective and powerful.

    AX 09/13 |

    Low-maintenance driveline The chain is tensioned automatically and overload protected by a shear bolt.

    Closely spaced tines Boasting fi ve rows of tines spaced 55 mm (2.2") apart, EasyFlow picks up even the short stems.

    Roller crop guard This crop guard eliminates the risk of pushing up crop in uneven swaths. The machine operates permanently at maximum pick-up and output levels and yet maintains a smooth and consistent crop fl ow.

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    Excellent tracking The pneumatic guide wheels on either side of the pick-up offer height control and adap- tation to all conditions. Tracking excellently behind the tractor during the headland turns, they eliminate the risk of scuffing and provide excellent turf protection.

    | AX 09/13

    Fully adaptable The pick-up pivots in both its mountings and is pushed over the ground, providing full ground contour following in and across the direction of travel for clean rakes and an impeccable surface.

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    Guide wheels at the rear Optional guide wheels at the rear of the unit enhance the overall running and ensure all material is picked up also from soft and wet ground. Not running in the tractor wheelings, these height-adjustable wheels ensure pick-up depth is maintained at all times.

    Plenty of ground clearance The articulated drawbar with double-acting ram is standard specification and provides for a generous ground clearance of up to 75 cm (2'5.5") – enough to roll on clamps with out pushing up material.

    AX 09/13 |

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    | VarioPack 10/09 10

    Cut-and-feed rotor Go with the flow

    High-capacity 760 mm (2'6") feed rotor

    Extra wide tine plates for less input power

    High-tensile Hardox steel plates for ultra-long service life

    provide gentle crop treatment, an enhanced quality of cuts and reduced power input.

    The better way of forage harvesting The 760 mm (2'6") diameter and 1,557 mm (5'1") wide AX helix rotor provides extremely powerful cuts and feeds. The tines feature extra wide feed plates that

    | AX 09/13

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    Extra strong driveline The automatically lubricated and 1.5" chain copes with the highest loads and guarantees dependable operation in the heat of harvest.

    Faster loading, easier feeding, better cutting The AX cut-and-feed rotor combines the benefits of

    a traditional rotor feeder with those of a swing

    arm feeder. Powerful yet soft on the crop, this

    low-maintenance rotor has only a modest power

    require ment. Depending on model and conditions, the

    AX self-loading/unloading models can be powered by 80hp+


    Hardox for longevity The cut-and-feed unit is exposed to the highest strains; so we made its tine plates and scrapers from Hardox steel to reduce wear and increase the overall service life.

    Auto lubrication The pick-up and the rotor drive chain are lubricated automatically for reduced maintenance and added longevity.

    AX 09/13 |

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    The cutting system Cutting edge

    Top-quality and scissor-like cuts

    Down to 45 mm (1.8") chops by up to 32 knives

    Automatic system selects 0, 16, 32 knives

    Individual and infinitely variable knife protection

    Scissor-like cuts This technique prevents the stem slipping through the narrow clearance between the wide tine plates and the knives, which eliminates the risk of squeezing and guarantees perfect cuts.

    The crop is pulled over the blades The knives cut the crop down their full lengths, so the rotor runs easier and quieter. The wavy blades maintain their sharpness over extended periods of time.

    | VarioPack 10/07 | AX 09/13

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    Automatic knife selection system The central knife selection system makes it easy for the operator to set the desired chop length. AX operators can select sets of 16 or 32 knives and set the nominal chop lengths to 90 mm (3.5") or 45 mm (1.8"). 0 means the system will not chop.

    Individual knife protection Each knife has its own spring-loaded protection, retracting and then returning automatically to its working position after the object has passed. The knife-locking system’s trigger point varies to suit individual conditions. It is set infi nitely variably on a central control.

    Finest quality cuts! Cutting like scissors... The secret behind this system is its extremely

    narrow gaps between the wide tine plates and the knives. Up

    to 32 spring-loaded knives are available and selected by

    the central knife selection system for quick chop length


    Cab based control The knife bank lowers hydraulica