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1. Roger Bertran 2. Maximum number of galleriesMaximum capacity (MB)illimited Illimited but in some versions are a variable maximum capacityillimitedillimitedillimite dI dont knowI dont knowPhotobucketMinusImageShackFlickrsmugmugCharacteristics illimited1TB/200MB img 1 GB video3Gb Video2GB img 8GB videoAllows Customizing?YesNoNoNoNoTitles at the pictures?YesYesYesYesYesLabelsYesYesYesYesYesPrivate GalleriesYesYesYesYesYesDownload allowedYesYesNot allYesYesSpanishNoYesNoNoNoCatalanNoNoNoNoNo 3. smugmugFlickrImageShackMinusPhotobucketPersonal ratingUser-Friendly98757Speed78877Design96758Global87767 4. We have a customized first page with different galleries that we can edit and make it as our way. 5. Its an Spanish page where you can upload your images into different Galleries. You must have a Yahoo acount or a gmail to enter. 6. Its an English page where you can upload some different photos in your private or public galleries, but you cant customize your site. However, you can download the photos that you want. 7. Its a web page (allowed in smartphones) that is similar than all the social sides, you can upload your photos, send messages to your friends and follow his publications. 8. Its similar than photobucket, you can upload your photos as all of this pages but, here, when you upload a photo, this photo will have his own link.