Aviation Education Programs Brought to you by AOPA Teachers’ Day: April 28, 2009 EAA...

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Transcript of Aviation Education Programs Brought to you by AOPA Teachers’ Day: April 28, 2009 EAA...

  • Aviation Education ProgramsBrought to you by AOPATeachers Day: April 28, 2009EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, WI

  • IntroductionJennifer Storm Director or Public RelationsAircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) 70-year history of education, advocacy, resources and community Largest aviation association in the world 414,000 members

    General Aviation (GA) Drives $150 billion in economic activity in the U.S. 500,000+ of more than 600,000 U.S. pilots More than 90% of registered U.S. aircraft

  • Benefits of General Aviation (GA)Everyday General Aviation (GA) Medevac; transport of time-sensitive medical materials Aerial traffic reports in metropolitan areas Law enforcement: Federal, state and local Search and rescue operations Surveying, parkland protection, environmental protection Large-scale firefighting Agricultural growth and crop protection Overnight cargo deliveries Reaches more than 19,000 airports (commercial: only 650) A GREAT way to teach many different subjects!

  • Aviation Touches Many Disciplines

  • Aviation Touches Many Disciplines

  • How Aviation Benefits Students Personal Benefits of Flight: Builds responsibility, character Improves confidence, self-reliance Drives personal discipline Sharpens organizational skills Pride of belonging to a unique group of talented individuals Provides a unique point of view (city layout) Encourages maintenance of good health (medical certificate) Positive environment; encouraging and supportive community

  • Young People Are Flying!


    Age GroupStudent MedicalLightSportRec.PrivateComm.TOTALCFI


  • PATH Handbook Pilot and Teacher Handbook Focused on middle school 11 modules for teachers Activities, worksheets, exercises and quizzes FREE PowerPoint presentations online:www.aopa.org/path/path.html

  • PATH ProgramExamples Phonetic alphabet Gravity and lift Weather History/heroes

    Supplements: Connect-the-dots puzzles (K-3) Airplanes (3-5) Aviation Careers brochure (9-12)

  • AOPA Helps Student Pilots Get Started www.letsgoflying.com

  • AOPA Flight Training Magazine FREE for six months: Toll-free direct to CFIs Six issues of Flight Training eFlight Training newsletter Online airport directory World-class safety courses Safety quizzes Weather resources

  • AOPA Supports Student Pilots AOPA Flight Path: 24 emails match training Chance to win $1,000 x 5 Sportys partnership: Logbook and gift certificates Shirt-tail Tradition T-shirt Access to AOPA Pilot Information Center Anyone can sign up!

  • More InformationVisit the Training and Safety tab at www.aopa.org

    Email the AOPA PATH program at path@aopa.org Call the AOPA Pilot Information Center at (800) 872-2672

    Feel free to contact me:Jennifer StormDirector of Public RelationsAircraft Owners and Pilots Associationjennifer.storm@aopa.org

    Thank BuildAPlane, EAA, GAMA for having meMore about all AOPA student pilot programs*