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2. CONTENT Rituals Autumn Evenings Traditions Equinox All Saints Day 3. RITUALS Calendar festivals and rituals is agreatopportunity for the folk man to break fromeveryday life and to think about the future.Great wisdom every time to change dailyroutines clothes. 4. In the late evening, after all thefield work, ahousehold work started in a farmhouse. A get-together evenings used to start in October andNovember months. This custom was alive ineastern and south-eastern Highlands till theend of XIX century. In autumn and in somecases in winter evenings, youth used to gatherin one of the farmhouses and bring some workfor themselves. Woman used to spin, weavebelts, embroider or knit fabric. Guys used tomake ropes, carved spoons, flails, spindles,children - pick wool, tor feathers. 5. In order not to get bored they sang songs,were telling tales, riddles. Also used to make breaks during wich they were dancing andplaying. Circles and dance themes included homework, love, matchmaking and so on. 6. Fant liberation games such as Ring Deal,Oats Buying, Corns... were particularypopular during these evenings. Youth used todance at that time fashionable dances.1.Tomcat;2.Sparrow;3.Want to sleep;4.Katins black (Black Tomcat). 7. TRADITIONSThere is no doubt that over the time new ways of celebration and traditions appeared. It isobvious that autumns harvest showed how willit go in winter and it also was a reason tocelebrate. Celebration of harvest meant that there will be lots of food and ability to pun tonsome fat weight. Next celebration meant the end of this period and began fasting.. 8. A time when day is equal to night. It is an autumn equinox and astronomical begining of the autumn. From this day nights are becoming longer and longer. This day is the opposite to the spring equinox (March 21st) after which nights are getting shorter and showthe begining of the spring. During the autumn equinox,old pagan traditions are refreshed a straw goatsacrifice is prepared. 9. As well as any natural change, this day forlithuanians is also sacred. People celebrate fortheir yield, thank god Zemininkas and sacrificeanimals. Usually couple of animals: calf andheifer, a ram and a sheep, couple of goats, pigand boar, a rooster and a hen, goose and gander.They were all sacrificed to the god Zemininkaswith such prayers words: Our God, Zemininkas,we casrifice and thank you for the health, cornsand wealth this year; you protected from the fire,iron and all our enemies locked down. 10. At his period the main event is All Saints day. Funeral rites are based on the faith, that souls of relativescontinue to live next to the living and may help or hurt. From that a lot of traditions, magic acts andprecautions appeared. People also used to leave some food for the coming souls mostly cheese and mead.And when they buried they used to throw stones or three handfuls of earth into the grave and put on topsome rocks. Now various monuments are built. Duringthis celebration people used to dress up differently inorder souls not to recognize them, feast and break dishes after all. 11. Based on: