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download Automotive Storage Equipment Rousseau offers a complete ... company. That¢â‚¬â„¢s why those who try Rousseau,

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    Rousseau is continuously improving its products and reserves the right to make any modifications judged necessary.

    For more information, please contact your local distributor:

    Rousseau offers a complete solution for your car dealership. Here is an overview of storage solutions and workspace organizations available from our network of specialists.

    Colors may vary slightly from those shown.

    Avalanche Blue 055

    Everest Blue 051

    Classic Blue 052

    Midnight Blue 057

    Glossy Sapphire Blue 560

    Boreal Green 102

    Glossy EverGreen 1025

    Black 091

    Glossy Black 902

    Frost White 061

    Light Gray 071

    Charcoal Gray 072

    Modern Gray 745

    Glossy Yellow 208

    Sienna Orange 085

    Flame Red 081

    Glossy Cranberry Red 815

    Glossy Carmine Red 806

    White 616

    Beige 041

    Standard Colors

    RO US

    SE AU

    M ET

    AL IN


    Your Complete Solution

    Automotive Storage Equipment

    for Your Car dealership



    Rousseau Metal Inc. 105 Avenue de Gaspé Ouest Saint-Jean-Port-Joli Quebec G0R 3G0 Canada

    Telephone : 418.598.3381 Fax : 418.598.6776

    Distributors: Toll free : 1.800.463.4271

    End users: Toll free: 1.866.463.4270

    Rousseau, distinctive by nature   For more than 65 years, Rousseau’s well-earned reputation has been built on a philosophy of superior quality, relia- bility and service.

    It is not surprising that customers who share similar values turn to Rousseau solutions. With our dynamic team, high-tech engineering and versatility of dimensions and accessories, Rousseau has the ability to respond to the unique needs of every customer.

    The Rousseau approach is a complete, distinctive and personalized solution. We are not a one-size fits all company. That’s why those who try Rousseau, stay with Rousseau.

    Product numbers presented above: RS-C008X, SRP0442, GT-C2047S, R5GHE-3025, R5SEE-874818

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  • | 1 800 463-4271 | 1 800 463-4271

    Standard ColorS Having the ability to customize your Rousseau product with any of our 20 standard colors is also distinctively Rousseau!

    Handle End Caps:

    *Colors may differ slightly from those shown.

    Can’t find the color you want? Contact our customer service.

    Orange 021

    Black 031

    Ocean Blue 011

    For products that really pop, you can even combine colors. Here are some examples:

    Frost White 061

    Black 091

    White 616

    Classic Blue 052

    Modern Gray 745

    Charcoal Gray 072

    Glossy EverGreen 1025

    Glossy Cranberry Red


    Everest Blue 051

    Light Gray 071

    Boreal Green 102

    Glossy Carmine Red


    Avalanche Blue 055

    Flame Red 081

    Glossy Yellow 208

    Glossy Black 902

    Midnight Blue 057

    Sienna Orange 085

    Glossy Sapphire Blue 560

    Classic Blue / Frost White


    Glossy Yellow / Glossy Black


    Avalanche Blue / Charcoal Gray


    Glossy Carmine Red / Charcoal Gray


    Glossy EverGreen / Charcoal Gray


    Glossy Cranberry Red /

    Frost White 815/061

    2017 nEW ProdUCtS

    Our TekZone workstation hutch, which can be found on page 36, is a unique product on the mar- ket. With a spacious 40" high workspace and many accessories available, it provides technicians with a highly customizable and ergonomic workstation. The full- width handle and ingenious sliding door system ensures that opening and closing the hutch is smooth and easy with any hand position.

    Our service advisor desks, found on page 75, are ideal for greeting visitors thanks to their combina- tion of aesthetics, ergonomics and efficiency. With a spacious work surface and additional options such as monitor supports, power feed panels, and waste and recy- cling containers, these desks are highly practical while also welco- ming for your customers.

    Rousseau now offers a full range of corner workstations, which are presented on page 30. With four different configurations and the option to customize the product, a corner workstation makes maxi- mum use of the available space in your dealership. The workstations are 30" deep and are anchored between two cabinets to create an invaluable extra work surface at an ergonomic height (36" and 40").

    Corner service counters are ideal for welcoming customers and help staff to offer fast and efficient ser- vice. The front of the counter can also display your brand colors with our personalized panels service. See page 97 for more information and to see all the configurations and combinations available.

    Rousseau offers a personalized engraving service for stainless steel panels on GT workstations, service advisor desks and cor- ner service counters. The three engraving options available are explained on page 77.

    TekZone workstation hutch

    Service advisor desk

    Corner workstation

    Corner service counter

    Personalized panels

    Innovation is one of Rousseau’s core values, which means we are always improving and expanding our range of products to exceed customer expectations. It is therefore with great pride that we present our latest innovations for 2017.

    Beige 041

    2016110155 Rousseau_Couvint.indd 1 17-01-05 15:13


    Service Department 2-3

    Create Your Layout 4-15

    Double Stations 16-23

    Single Stations 24-29

    Corner Workstations   30-35

    TekZone Hutch 36-39

    Tool Boxes 40-53

    Reel Cabinets 54-57

    Storage Units 58-61

    Storage Units or Lockers 62-63

    Tech Caddies 64-65

    Specialized Units 66-67

    "L" Compact Cabinets 68-69

    Basic Workbenches 70-74

    Service Advisor Desks 75-76

    Personalized Panels 77


    Parts Department 78-79

    Small and Medium Parts Storage 80-83

    Specialized Storage 84-86

    Medium Parts Storage 87-91

    Large Parts Storage 92-93

    Multi-Level Shelving System 94-95

    Workstations 96

    Service Counters 97-99

    Cabinets for Specialized Tools 100

    "5S" Storage for Lean Manufacturing 101

    ROUSSEAU EXPERTISE Designed, developed and manufactured in North America We invest heavily in product development, modernization of our facilities, new technologies and our employees to offer premium- quality products, from design to manufacturing to end product.

    Our goal is to understand your requirements so we can create tailored solutions that meet your expectations and needs in terms of your environment (new construction or existing construction) and priorities.

    Case Studies 102-104

    Some Accomplishments 105-112

    Colors 113 | 1 800 463-4271 | 1 800 463-4271

  • Mercedes-Benz Winnipeg (BC)

    A service department in your own image Rousseau's technicians' workcenters are the most complete and versatile solutions on the market. Our specialists will help you find a custom configuration that meets your unique requirements and reflects the professional image of your company.


    A complete solution We have the solution whether you are looking for basic works- tations with a little or a lot of storage, or a more comprehensive workstation with integrated lift motor control, computer systems, reels and much more.

    We have a wide range of additional options, including tech cad- dies, waste containers, hanging panels and power feed panels, so you can add everything you need to your workstation.

    A personalized solution Rousseau designs and manufactures its workstations with a height of 36" to ensure they are as ergonomic as possible. This is the perfect height to work standing up in a service department for the vast majority of people. However, if your team members need extra height, 40" work surfaces are also available.

    2 | 1 800 463-4271

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    Try out our Bay Design tool! Do you have an idea what kind of workstation you need? If you do and would like a quick preview of what your ideal workstation would look like, be sure to try out our Bay Design tool on In just a few easy steps, you can configure your very own workcenter. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for with our Bay Design tool, not to worry: the tool only shows the most popular dimensions, options and accessories, but others are available. For a personalized solu- tion, our team of specialists will suggest options and help you find a configuration that meets your requirements.

    The Bay Design tool offers a way for you to create and preview a custom layout in just a few easy steps. When you're happy with your design, you can save it or request