Automatic Success: How to Create Winning Habits

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The key to being successful in life is to create winning habits. In this Book Rapper slides show we offer a toolkit for creating successful habits. It's derived from Charles Duhigg's book The Power of Habits.

Transcript of Automatic Success: How to Create Winning Habits

  • Automatic Success How to Create Winning Habits
  • TheGeo McDonald @BookRapper
  • The
  • The
  • Charles
  • Habits : I, We, UsThe BIG Idea
  • How much do you think?Speed RAP
  • 40% Unthinking HabitsSpeed RAP
  • POKE ME!Book Rapper Says...
  • Human BecomingsYour Challenge : Which Habits Will You Kick?
  • Invisible to the Naked EyeExposing your habits as habits
  • 123456789012345678901234567890 The 30 Days of HabitsWhats your Challenge?
  • I : Personal
  • We Are Our HabitsOne habit is nothing, all our habits are everything
  • We Can ChangeChange your habits, change your results
  • ShortcutsOur brains chunk our behaviour into habits
  • Cue Something Happens!ALL habits are triggered by some event
  • Routine We Respond!ALL habits are automatic behaviours
  • Reward We Get Paid!Theres a reason for ALL of our habits
  • Cue Routine Reward The Habit StepsThe general formula for habits includes these 3 steps
  • Routine Cue RewardNot Quite a Habit Loop
  • Image : WikiCommonsWhy Do You Brush Your Teeth?
  • Image : WikiCommonsWhat do you crave?
  • Routine Cue Reward CravingClosing the Habit Loop
  • Visualize to build your desire
  • We Are Our HabitsThe people we hang out with reinforce our habits
  • Routine Cue RewardThe secret to changing your habits
  • Half the Hab-battleCreate a list of triggers to identify the source of your habit
  • We : Organisational
  • KeystoneSome habits are more important than others
  • Image : WikiCommons CascadeMaster Habits trigger other responses
  • Whats the typical Keystone Habit for wellbeing?
  • What is Michael Phelps Keystone Habit?
  • What was Alcoa CEO Paul ONeills Keystone Habit?
  • Accumulate Small WinsThe best way to uncover your Master Habits
  • Whats the single most important habit you can develop?
  • Cue Routine Reward The Habit StepsHow to develop your Willpower
  • Cue Routine Reward Delay GraticationHow to develop your Willpower
  • Routine Routine Cue Reward Cue Reward Plan AheadThe secret to building your Willpower
  • Room To MoveGive me autonomy and my willpower will grow
  • Fan the FlamesUse a crisis as an opportunity to shift organisational habits
  • TruceOrganisations are like civil-war battleelds
  • Us : Society
  • Manipulating HabitsBy denition, habits are predictable
  • Image : WikiCommons PredictableSupermarkets are designed to prey on our habits
  • Image : WikiCommons Predictably UnpredictableWe change our habits when we change our lives
  • Too PredictableEverything we buy is recorded and analysed
  • The Habit SandwichHow to Introduce Innovative Ideas/Products
  • Rosa ParksWhy do some small acts cause a ripple eect?
  • Martin Luther KingMovements thrive through creating new habits
  • Strong TiesThe people we know directly
  • Weak TiesThe people you know through other people
  • Strong Weak Two StrategiesHow to Create a Movement
  • Strong Weak Weak Strong Two StrategiesHow to Create a Movement
  • Strong Weak Identity Three EssentialsHow to Create a Movement
  • Actions : Changing Your
  • No Secret FormulaNo one strategy will work for every person every time
  • Identify the RoutineStep 1 to create new habits
  • Test RewardsStep 2 to create new habits
  • Isolate the Cue 1 Location 2 Time 3 Emotion 4 People 5 ActionStep 3 to create new habits
  • Routine Routine Cue Reward Cue Reward Create a PlanStep 4 to create new habits
  • Buy the Book!
  • Peter Sim Little Bets
  • Who do you want to be?Your Challenge : Which Habits Will You Kick?
  • A PresentationRecording available for members at :