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Revised: May 20, 2016Automated Performance Testing

The ChallengeFast pace environment producing frequent application changesApplication changes requires new scriptsManual effort is inefficient (takes 2-5 hours to create test scripts manually)Human error leads to inconsistent test resultsSpending multiple hours everyday creating test scripts is BORINGComplex systems being developed requiring performance engineers expertise


Manual Workflow

Manually record new perf scriptsImport scripts into TankMassage scripts manuallyKickoff performance testCreate test events in snoopCollect performance dataCreate test reportsEmail reports for analysisManualTANKSNOOPDeploy App

Manual Co-ordination~ 5 hours to completeEffort spent during the dayRequired multiple resources


Heres how we automated our testing

Automated the test scriptingQEs developed Page Objects framework for functional automation based on Selenium web driver.We reused QEs automation framework (test cases)Created Jenkins plugin to record perf scripts when automation runsAutomated the load test setupWe use Intuit Tank as our performance testing tool which is open source Added the ability to automatically massage scriptsAutomated the load test executionCreated REST APIs in Tank to consume project information and execute a load testAutomated report generationUsing our in-house report generation tool we enhanced it to automatically pull all key metrics from the system under test and dynamically create reports to help the performance engineers quickly analyze and compare the results to prior tests


Automated Workflow

Deploy AppKickoff Jenkins job to record scriptStart proxy & run Selenium ScriptSend recorded script to TANKMassage scriptsRun performance testTest information sent to SnoopCollect performance dataCreate test reportsEmail reports for analysisAutomationWorkflowsTANKSNOOPManual

Automated~ 2.5 hours to completeRuns at nightly


What we learnedThis will take an investment in toolingMust partner with Quality counterparts to be successfulGreat forcing mechanism to help drive performance testing earlier into the SDLCLab environment stability is key; treat preprod like prod

FromToManually recording scriptsAutomated recording of scriptsFrequently finding functional issues that block perf testingIdentifying blocking issues prior to promoting to perf environmentLengthy testing cycleComprehensive automated process for running perf testLimited time allocated to driving performance improvementsPartnering with development teams to tune and optimize applications



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