Autoethnography of an International Student

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Transcript of Autoethnography of an International Student


A Journey through Dissonance; An Autoethnography of an International Exchange Student in Educational Leadership

Iqtidar ul HassanM.S Leadership & Policy StudiesUniversity of Memphis

IntroductionCurriculum and students needs (Academic/professional and cognitive)Determinants of needsProfessionCumulative learning experiencesContext International students needs are different

PurposeExploring the nature of relationship between the Educational Leadership curriculum and the academic needs of the international students.

QuestionsTo what extent the curriculum of Educational Leadership program is aligned with the needs of international students?To what extent the content of the curriculum is aligned with the academic/professional and cognitive needs of the students?To what extent the pedagogy/classroom experience fulfill the needs of the students?

MethodologyAutoethnography (qualitative)Subject and source of dataPersonal narrative (reflective journal)Documents Students personal statements and study objectivesSyllabi Supplemental Interviews of two international students


Parameters of internationalized curriculum as suggested by Bank (1999), Morey & Kitana (1997) and Vertesi (1999).

Needs/Content Comparison#1

Needs/Pedagogy Comparison#1

Needs/Content Comparison#2

Needs/Pedagogy Comparison#2

Needs/Content Comparison#3

Needs/Pedagogy Comparison#3

Students satisfaction with the academic experience

Summary/ConclusionCurricular Atonality Internationalized Content/Pedagogy.A localized orientation in content and pedagogyStudents need assessment mechanismUnfulfilling academic experience

Limitations of the study and further researchA personal narrative/preconceived notions.A broader qualitative/quantitative researchStudents need assessment

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