Author: Robert D. Ballard Discoverer of the Titanic April 10th, 1912, the Titanic sailed from...

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Transcript of Author: Robert D. Ballard Discoverer of the Titanic April 10th, 1912, the Titanic sailed from...

  • Author: Robert D. Ballard Discoverer of the Titanic

    April 10th, 1912, the Titanic sailed from Southampton England with 2,200 passengers and crew. Four days later the Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank.

  • The Titanic departed Southampton in southern England at 12:15, April 10, 1912 and was due to arrive in New York City on April 15. Along the way, stops were made in Cherbourg, France to collect continental passengers and Queenstown, (now Cobh) Ireland to pick up mail and additional passengers, mostly immigrants to the United States.

  • Newspaper Headline on Tuesday, April 16, 1912

  • Titanics Wreckage

  • The wreck of the Titanic is twelve thousand, five hundred feet deep.

  • RMS Titanic, Inc., general counsel Allan Carlin poses with a 20-ton piece of the Titanic's hull that the company recovered from the shipwreck site.

    Various paper currencies recovered from the Titanic in an August 2008 file photo.

  • flat markers that are engraved with wordsplaques

    Before we left the Titanic we placed two metal plaques on its decks.Synonyms:signtablet

  • wrecked or ruined shipshipwreck

    I kept my eyes on the screen. But I thought about the people who survived the shipwreck. They told stories that will never be forgotten.Synonyms:remainsruins

  • people who have stayed alive


    The survivors tried to keep the boats together by calling out to one another in the dark.

  • impossible to sinkunsinkable

    It seemed like a floating palace. Some people even said the ship was unsinkable.

  • voyage

    For the first few days of the voyage the weather was clear and the ocean was calm.a long journey to a distant landSynonyms:expeditiontrip

  • the remains of something that has been destroyedwreckage

    Soon we saw pieces of railing and other wreckage. At last my dream was about to come true. The Titanic must lie nearby.


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  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!Draw! Draw! Draw!



  • Free AssociationWrite as many words as you can think of that go with each of the vocabulary words.For example: The word is school:

    learning Science pencils Reading Math teachers P.E. educationAnd on and on and on

    1. survivors2. shipwrecks3. plaques4. voyage5. unsinkable6. distress

  • ClassifyingPlace the following words in categories:

    survivors plaques unsinkable shipwreck voyage wreckage

    Decide the names of the categories. Determine how many categories. Determine which words go in which categories. After classifying the words, write a paragraph explaining each of the categories and why certain words go in a particular category.

  • Synonym SearchMatch the vocabulary words on the left to the correct synonyms on the right. Some vocabulary words have more than one synonym. Ready, set, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plaques voyage wreckage survivors unsinkableshipwreck

    a. debrisf. tripk. remainsp. b. signg. Stays afloatl. rubbleq. c. expeditionh. wreckagem. tabletr. d. ruinsi. journeyn. shardss. e. Person who is alivej. travelo. t.

  • 3. After the earthquake, rescuers worked to dig out ____________.4. At the front of the school there were _______ with the names of past students.5. The trip from England to America was the maiden ________ of the Titanic.6. The __________ from the crash was inspected by the detective.2. The ____________ was discovered off the North Carolina coast.1. shipwreck; unsinkable; voyage; survivors; plaques; wreckage Can You Find the Context Clues?Life jackets are suppose to be_______________.

  • Word Association Game Word BankUnsinkable survivors plaques shipwreck voyage wreckage

    1. Which word goes with 911? Why?2. Which word goes with a sports banquet? Why?3. Which word goes with buried treasure? Why?4. Which word goes with a Disney Cruise Ship? Why? 5. Which word goes with tragedy? Why?6. Which word goes with floating on a liquid? Why?

    Some words can be used more than once. Can you figure out which ones?

  • Explain some causes of shipwrecks.

    2. Plaques and monuments are similar because____________________ __________________________________________________________.

    3. Explain why some objects sink and some are unsinkable.

    4. Describe a perfect voyage.

    5. Describe situations where there would be survivors.