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887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the number indicates a Monday poster, a T indicates a Tuesday poster, and a W indicates a Wednesday poster. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday posters are listed first, followed by orals in numeric order.; LB = late-breaking abstract. The author index is created directly and automatically from the submitted abstracts. If an author’s name is typed differently on multiple abstracts, the entries in this index will reflect those discrepancies. Efforts have been made to make this index consistent; however, error from author entry contributes to inaccuracies. A Aamand, G. P., 753 Abbas, H. M., W138 Abbott, J. R., T235 Abdalla, A., W229 Abdalla, A. L., T514, 292 Abdalla, E. A. E., T97 Abdalla-Bozrayda, S., T97 Abdalla Filho, A. L., 292 Abdelaal, H. A., 254 Abdel-Rahman, G. A., T374 Abdullah, M., T442, 628 Abecia, J. A., M219 Abel, J. M., 131, 132, 408 Abell, C., M25 Abell, C. E., W16 Abioja, O. M., W238 Abiona, J. A., W238 Abojnah, Y., T144 Aboujaoude, C., M91, T84, T85, W66 Abra, M. B., M450 Abreu, A. R. C., W228 Abreu, A. S., 812 Abreu, D. C., 602 Abuajamieh, M., M40, W45, 246, 364, 490, 846 Acciaro, M., W491 Acedo, T. S., M331, M332, W294, 612 Acharya, I., T202, W196, 278 Acharya, S., M41, T171, T181, 172, 856 Achberger, E., W273 Achilonu, M. C., M492 Acker, D. G., 485 Acosta, D. A. V., M217, M404 Acuña, J., T402 Adams, A. E., M272, M273, M274, M275, M276, 136, 138, 139, 148 Adams, M. C., 656, 657 Adams, R., T62 Adams Progar, A., 696 Adams-Progar, A. L., M6 Adán, S., T507 Adderley, N. A., W10 Adebiyi, A. E., T515, T517 Adebiyi, O. A., W109 Adejumo, I. A., W109 Adeleke, M. A., M74 Adelusi, O. O., 271, 823 Adenaike, B. D., W238 Adeniji, O. A., W109 Adeola, L., M192 Adeola, O., M194, M516, 119 Aderinboye, R. Y., W209 Adesogan, A., 389 Adesogan, A. T., M383, T28, T470, T477, W166, W172, W190, W355, W367, 161, 216, 272, 832 Adewuyi, S. T., 271 Adjei-Fremah, S., M483 Adjou, K., M62 Afanador-Tellez, G., M197, T285 Agarussi, M. C. N., M325, W169, W170 Agarwal, S., 566 Agarwal, U., W255 Agboola, A. F., 795 Agenäs, S., 726 Agenbroad, A., W272 Aghaei, A., 861 Agrawal, A., 463, 464 Aguerre, M. J., W443, W462 Aguiar, P. R., M100 Aguilar, I., M67, T106, W80, 534, 535, 646 Aguilar-Aguilar, J. M., M437 Aguilar-Pérez, C. F., M442 Aguirre, R., W237 Agyekum, A. K., M491, W111 Ahmad, I., 840 Ahmad, M., 585 Ahmad, N., 134, 585, 628, 840 Ahmadpour, A., W469 Ahmadzadeh, A., M241, M303, 483, 841 Ahmed, B. M., W268, LB7, 808, 809 Ahola, J. K., M232, T342 Aiken, G. E., W36, 264 Ajanaku, A. O., 413 Ajao, O. A., 629, 843 Ajuwon, K., M194, W214 Ajuwon, K. M., M516 Akanwa, C. L., T330 Akbari, K., W342 Akers, K. A., 275 Akers, M. M., 452 Akers, R. M., T223, T229, T264, W218, 419 Akin, I., T54 Akins, M., T391 Akins, M. S., 281 Akinyemi, B. T., 273 Akison, L., 326 Akwetey, W. Y., 414 Al Abri, M., T236 Al Abri, M. A., T37 Al Naib, A., 452 Alabi, J., W244 Alam, M., T93, T94 Alamouti, H. R. M., M447, T494, W339, W342 Alarcon-Rojo, A. D., T107 Alarcón-Zúñiga, B., M403 Alas-Avelar, N. P., M437 Alas-García, E. A., M437 Alatengdalai, W466 Alavi, S., W99, W103, 393 Alayón-Gamboa, J. A., M442 Alazzeh, A. Y., M333 Albanell, E., T520, T521 Albarran-Portillo, B., T331 Albertini, T. Z., T433 Albino, L. F. T., M172, 306 Albrecht, E., M157, M164 Albuquerque, L. G., T83, W58, W59, W66, W72, W77, W78 Alcalde, C. R., M473, Alcantara, A. A., M512, M513 Al-Doski, S., 112 Aldrich, C. G., W97, W99, W103, W105, 122, 393 Aldrich, G., W95, LB5 Aldrich, J. M., M365, T439 Alencar, M. M., W69 Alencar, S. M., 292 Alende, M., M420, 162 Alexander, B. M., 243 Alexander, L., W145 Alfred, C. R., M453, M454, M457 Alhadas, H. M., W436 al-Haddad, A., M262 Ali, A., T104 Ali, R., 209 Ali, R. A., 752 Alias, E., W190

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Page 1: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Author IndexNumbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the number indicates a Monday poster, a T indicates a Tuesday poster, and a W indicates a Wednesday poster. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday posters are listed first, followed by orals in numeric order.; LB = late-breaking abstract.

The author index is created directly and automatically from the submitted abstracts. If an author’s name is typed differently on multiple abstracts, the entries in this index will reflect those discrepancies. Efforts have been made to make this index consistent; however, error from author entry contributes to inaccuracies.


Aamand, G. P., 753Abbas, H. M., W138Abbott, J. R., T235Abdalla, A., W229Abdalla, A. L., T514, 292Abdalla, E. A. E., T97Abdalla-Bozrayda, S., T97Abdalla Filho, A. L., 292Abdelaal, H. A., 254Abdel-Rahman, G. A., T374Abdullah, M., T442, 628Abecia, J. A., M219Abel, J. M., 131, 132, 408Abell, C., M25Abell, C. E., W16Abioja, O. M., W238Abiona, J. A., W238Abojnah, Y., T144Aboujaoude, C., M91, T84, T85, W66Abra, M. B., M450Abreu, A. R. C., W228Abreu, A. S., 812Abreu, D. C., 602Abuajamieh, M., M40, W45, 246, 364, 490,

846 Acciaro, M., W491Acedo, T. S., M331, M332, W294, 612Acharya, I., T202, W196, 278Acharya, S., M41, T171, T181, 172, 856Achberger, E., W273Achilonu, M. C., M492Acker, D. G., 485Acosta, D. A. V., M217, M404Acuña, J., T402Adams, A. E., M272, M273, M274, M275,

M276, 136, 138, 139, 148Adams, M. C., 656, 657Adams, R., T62Adams Progar, A., 696Adams-Progar, A. L., M6Adán, S., T507Adderley, N. A., W10Adebiyi, A. E., T515, T517Adebiyi, O. A., W109Adejumo, I. A., W109

Adeleke, M. A., M74Adelusi, O. O., 271, 823Adenaike, B. D., W238Adeniji, O. A., W109Adeola, L., M192Adeola, O., M194, M516, 119Aderinboye, R. Y., W209Adesogan, A., 389Adesogan, A. T., M383, T28, T470, T477,

W166, W172, W190, W355, W367, 161, 216, 272, 832

Adewuyi, S. T., 271Adjei-Fremah, S., M483Adjou, K., M62Afanador-Tellez, G., M197, T285Agarussi, M. C. N., M325, W169, W170Agarwal, S., 566Agarwal, U., W255Agboola, A. F., 795Agenäs, S., 726Agenbroad, A., W272Aghaei, A., 861Agrawal, A., 463, 464Aguerre, M. J., W443, W462Aguiar, P. R., M100Aguilar, I., M67, T106, W80, 534, 535, 646Aguilar-Aguilar, J. M., M437Aguilar-Pérez, C. F., M442Aguirre, R., W237Agyekum, A. K., M491, W111Ahmad, I., 840Ahmad, M., 585Ahmad, N., 134, 585, 628, 840Ahmadpour, A., W469Ahmadzadeh, A., M241, M303, 483, 841Ahmed, B. M., W268, LB7, 808, 809Ahola, J. K., M232, T342Aiken, G. E., W36, 264Ajanaku, A. O., 413Ajao, O. A., 629, 843Ajuwon, K., M194, W214Ajuwon, K. M., M516Akanwa, C. L., T330Akbari, K., W342Akers, K. A., 275Akers, M. M., 452Akers, R. M., T223, T229, T264, W218, 419

Akin, I., T54Akins, M., T391Akins, M. S., 281Akinyemi, B. T., 273Akison, L., 326Akwetey, W. Y., 414Al Abri, M., T236Al Abri, M. A., T37Al Naib, A., 452Alabi, J., W244Alam, M., T93, T94Alamouti, H. R. M., M447, T494, W339,

W342Alarcon-Rojo, A. D., T107Alarcón-Zúñiga, B., M403Alas-Avelar, N. P., M437Alas-García, E. A., M437Alatengdalai, W466Alavi, S., W99, W103, 393Alayón-Gamboa, J. A., M442Alazzeh, A. Y., M333Albanell, E., T520, T521Albarran-Portillo, B., T331Albertini, T. Z., T433Albino, L. F. T., M172, 306Albrecht, E., M157, M164Albuquerque, L. G., T83, W58, W59, W66,

W72, W77, W78 Alcalde, C. R., M473, Alcantara, A. A., M512, M513Al-Doski, S., 112Aldrich, C. G., W97, W99, W103, W105,

122, 393Aldrich, G., W95, LB5Aldrich, J. M., M365, T439 Alencar, M. M., W69Alencar, S. M., 292Alende, M., M420, 162Alexander, B. M., 243Alexander, L., W145Alfred, C. R., M453, M454, M457Alhadas, H. M., W436al-Haddad, A., M262Ali, A., T104Ali, R., 209Ali, R. A., 752Alias, E., W190

Page 2: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Allee, G., 310Allen, J. D., M262Allen, J. C., T261Allen, M. S., T397, T410, 171, 476, 824Allison, C., T117Allwardt, K., T67Almeida, A., W493Almeida, A. K., T497Almeida, F. N., 310Almeida, M. T. C., M463, T482, T519, T529,

W507Almeida, N. M. d. C., M465Almeida, R., M290, M350, M355, T433Almeida, T. W., M182, M183Almeida, V. V., W230, W231, W400, W404Alpízar-Naranjo, A., T255Alqarni, S., T476Altman, A. W., W17, W36, 730Altman, J. A., T75Altman, M. B., T75Alugingo, G. M., T455Alugongo, G. M., M451, T446Aluko, K. R., M510, M511Aluthge, N., W433Aluthge, N. D., T452, T453, W430Alvarado, M. S., W168Alvarado, R., T353Alvarado-Espino, A. S., T501, T505, W476,

W478Alvarado-Espinosa, J. F., T526Alvarado-Gilis, C., 806, 807Alvarado-Gilis, C. A., W458, W461, 104,

105Alvarenga, P. V. A., W230, W231, W236Alvarez, G., W281Alvarez, J., 256Alvarez-Oxiley, A., W249Alvear, C., W4Alves, A. A., M24, M466Alves, B. G., M443Alves, B. R. C., 4Alves, D. D., W496, W497, W498Alves, L. C., T367, W164Alves, M. A. P., M338Alves, M. B. R., 635Alves, N. L., T502Alves, S. P., T258Alves, T. C., 876Alves de Azevedo, R., M381, M384, M387,

W345, W346, 149Alves de Oliveira, H., T176, W165Alves Lino, F., W397, W403Alves Porto Meschiatti, M., W463Alward, K. J., 226Aly, S. S., W24, W35AlZahal, O., W328Amadori, M. S., T73Amamcharla, J., T112, 72Amamcharla, J. K., M7, W151, W152

Amanlou, H., 851, M447, T205Amanullah, S. M., T461, T470, T480, W172,

W194Amao, O. A., W241Amaral, H., M356, M359, M362Amaral, P. d. M., T366Amaral, P. M., W436Amaral-Phillips, D. M., M11, 215, 221Amaro, F., T477, W355, 161, 832Amaro, F. X., W166, W169, W190, 272Ambrose, D. J., M214, M215, M216, W258,

W259, 284, 584Amen, T. S., 646Ames, N., W117Ametaj, B., T44, T45Ametaj, B. N., T5, T6, T7, T8, T9Amills, M., T507Amin, K. N., T196Ammah, A. A., T279Amorati, B., T361Amorim, R. N. L., W505Amorin, A. B., T299Amoroso, L., W46Amstalden, M., 4, 443Amundson, L. A., T290, T291Amundson, O. L., M229, T317, 133, 369Anand, S., T141, T197, W144, W145, 405Andersen, P. H., 248Anderson, C., T453, T493Anderson, C. L., T452Anderson, D. E., M423, 331Anderson, J. L., M340, T415, T416, T418,

T426, T459, W329Anderson, L. H., M227Anderson, M., 725Anderson, M. J., M515, T241, T244, T536,

W243Anderson, R., T173Anderson, R. C., M328, T351, W266, 828,

829Anderson, R. J., W24Anderson, R. V., 444Andrade, R. R., T183, W199Andrade, T. S., M224, M310, T500Andrae, J., M420Andrae, J. G., 218André, A., W102Andreini, E. A., T67Andres-Barranco, S., 237Andretta, I., M173, M505Andries, K. M., M476Andrieu, S., W350Anele, U. Y., T349, T373, T374, T375Anelich, C., W207Angel, C. R., T465Angel, O., W477Ángeles-Hernández, J. C., 791Angel-García, O., T526, W487, W488Angulo, A. E., T528

Annibale Vendramini, T. H., W383Anthony, R. V., M51Antonio-Molina, G., T525Antunes de Lemos, M. V., T84, T85Antunes-Fernandes, E. C., 594Ao, C. J., M448, T456Ao, J., T295Ao, Z. G., 835Aparecida Izepi da Silva, M., M158Aparecido Ferro, J., M98Aperce, C. C., W311, 870Apgar, G. A., M508Apple, J. K., T527, 106Applegate, T. J., 591Appuhamy, J. A. D. R. N., M281, W281,

W354, 596, 615, 625Aragona, K. M., M130, 622Araki, H., M356Aranda-Osorio, G., T158, T332Arango, J., M70Arantes Alvarenga, P. V., W235Araújo, C. E., W321, W322Araujo, C. M., W408Araújo, D. L. d. C., M465Araujo, G., W247Araújo, J. d. S., M465Araujo, J. M., T70Araújo, L. F., T294Araujo, M. J., M458, T504Araújo, R. C., T392Araújo, S. S., M472Araujo Batalha, C. D., W304Arcari, M. A., M443, 613Arcaro, J., T160Arce, J. A., T342Arceo, D. M., 178Arceo, M., 749Archibeque, S. L., T342, 346Arcuri, P. B., M370Ardalan, M., M440Arece-García, J., M56, T255Arechiga-Flores, C., W435Arelaro, L. F., T231Arellano, G., W477, W486Arellano-Rodriguez, G., W476, W480,

W488, W487Arent, S., 113Arevalo Pinedo, L., W398Argüello, A., M471, M472, T248, T253,

T254, T256, T257, T265Arias, F., 25Arias, R. A., 806, 807Arigbede, M. O., 273Aris, A., M267, T34, T267, 22, 723Arispe, S., 28Ariza-Nieto, C., M197, T266, T285Armendariz, C. K., M440Armentano, L. E., M279, T395, W11, W379,

488, 525

Page 3: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Armstrong, S. A., M44, M428, M464, M467Arnot, C., 34Aronovich, M., T483Arosh, J. A., 325Arrellano-Rodríguez, F., T505Arriaga-Jordan, C. M., T331Arrigoni, M. D. B., W296, W308, W310Arriola, K. G., M383, W166, W190, W355Arroquy, J. I., W402Arruda, I., 163Arthington, J. D., T337, T338, 710, 711Artioli, L. F., T355Artioli, L. F. A., T337, T338Aryana, K. J., T136, T137, T138, T143Arzapalo, P. I. D., 178Arzola, C., T173, W266Arzola-Alvarez, C., W181Asar, T. O., W268, 808, 809Asem-Hiablie, S., 697Asiama, E., M483Astesiano, A. L., W449Astessiano, A. L., T356, T362, W428, 743Astiz, S., M252Atarashi, F., T389Atayde dos Santos, L., W454Atkin, M. J., M13, T66Attaie, R., M101Atzori, A. S., T509Auclair, E., M62Augusto da Cruz, E., 499Austin, K. J., 243Auty, M. A. E., 563Avedoza, C. G., W424Avelar, E., M514Avendaño, S., 262Avila, A. R. A., M412Avila, S. C., M482Avilés, C., W75Avilés Nova, F., M124, W504Awati, A., M180, 793, 794Axe, D. E., 309Axman, J. E., W458, W461, 104, 105, 866,

870Ayala-Burgos, A. J., M442Ayangbile, G. A., W481, W482, W483Aylward, B. A., 293Azad, E., M41, M333, M374Azain, M. J., 119Azarpajouh, S., M25Azenha, M. V., T180, T184Azevedo, E. T., T340Azevêdo, J. A. G., M347, M354Azevedo, P., T19, 248Aziz Abadi, H. J., W192Azizi, M., M106, W135Azzone, J., 459


Baah, J., W191, W205Baars, J. J. P., 606Baba, T., W89Babinszky, L., 761Bach, A., M31, M267, M268, T34, T267,

T370, T376, T407, W18, W247, W380, 22, 723

Bacha, C. B., T484Backes, E., M46Backes, E. A., W62, 636Badaoui, B., M156Badhan, A., M436Baer, D. J., 773Baes, C. F., 384, 545Baez, G., 324Baez, G. M., M239, M277, M363, 129, 315,

678Baez, J. P., 360Baffa, D. F., M461, M462Bagnato, A., 384Baguma, Y., 555Bahram-Parvar, M., T128Bai, C., M448Bai, W., W239Baiao, N. C., W227, W228Baião, N. C., M258Baidoo, S. K., 119Baik, M., M88, T307, T377, W292, W293Bailey, E., M85Bailey, E. A., W270, W448, 339, 815Bailey, K. L., M27Baillargeon, J.-P., 801Bailleres, M., W333Bainbridge, M., M256, 598Bainbridge, M. L., T405, 166Baird, C., W126, W127Balachandar, V., M69Balasubramanian, B., M198, M204, 838Balcells, J., M438Baldassin, S., M344, M371Baldi, F., M91, M98, T83, T84, T85, W66,

W72, W77, W78Baldi, F. S., M161, T81Baldin, M., M394, M415, W456, 286, 469Baldo, G. A. A., T73Baldone, V. N., M49Baldwin, T. J., 26Balieiro, J. C. C., M161, M179, M184 Ball, L. L., M379Ballard, C. S., M32, W351, W386, 165, 621Ballou, M. A., M37, M309, T309, W26,

W38, W330, W352, W409, 27, 153, 249, 494, 505, 518, 589, 590

Balsalobre, M. A. A., M317Balseca-Paredes, M. A., W178, 265Balthazar, C. F., T123, T124, T125, T126

Bamikole, M. A., T477, W166, W190, W355, 161, 832

Ban, J., M75Ban, Y., M139, M368, M449, T469, T478,

W414, 332Banadacki, M. D., M447Bandyk, C. A., W163Bang, H., T316Bannink, A., T404, 169, 681, 825, 857Banta, J. P., W22, 67Banu, S. K., 325Banys, V. L., T398, W158Bao, H., W437Bapst, B., 384, 545Barajas, R., M45, M47, M323, M327, M518,

W237, W271, W275, W470, W471Baravalle, C., 804Barazandeh, A., M82Barba, I., T251, T252, T253, T254, T256,

T257Barba, L., T251, T252Barbano, D. M., M32, T192, 81, 471, 656,

657, 659Barbarick, K., 642Barba-Vidal, E., W47Barbe, F., 438Barbieri, R., T171Barbosa, D. C., T475Barbosa, E. F., T414, W360Barbosa, F. A., T341, W263Barbosa, J. L., W497, W498Barbosa, M. M., T359Barbosa, M. M. C., T169Barbosa, N. A. A., M172Barbosa, N. C. G., W302Barbosa, V. M., M257, M258Barbosa Carvalho, V., M321, M322Barbosa da Silva, M. V. G., W69Barbosa de Andrade, M. E., T518Barcellos, J. O., T340Barcellos, J. O. J., M100Barcelos, B., W442, 635, 184Bargo, F., T402Barkema, H., M251, M292, T52, 497Barker, C. M., T230Barletta, R. V., M277, 129, 678Barley, J., T32Barling, K. S., 610Barmore, J. A., M349Barnard, A., 293Barnett, R. L., W465Barnhart, K., T64Baron, V. S., 417Barragan, A. A., T4, T39, 362, 500, 733Barragan, H. B., T496Barrera-Almanza, S., W29Barreras, A., T523Barreto, R. d. S. N., 124, 125Barrett-Wilt, G. A., T240

Page 4: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Barrile, L., W101, 394Barrionuevo, M. C., W402Barros, C. C., M90, M95Barros, M., M356, M359Barros, T., W388Barry, D. M., 629, 843Barry, M. C., W324Bartels, W., 418Bartimus, H. L., T190, T510, W501Barton, B. A., M352, LB4Baruselli, P. S., T306, W262Bas, S., M242, T39, 362, 500, 733Basham, M. D., 636Basinger, K. L., T510, T527, W501Basiricò, L., T314Bass, C. S., T319Bassiony, S. M., T374Bastin, C., 10, 13Basto, D. d. C., W302Bastola, K. P., T129, W139Basu, U., 284Batalha, C. D. A., M331, W302Bateman, H. G., M365, T439, 155Bates, R. O., M76, 486, 532, 767Batista, A., T122Batista, E. D., M440, T358, 333, 335Batista, E. O. S., T306, W262Batistel, F., 706, 707Battacone, G., T110Baucells, J., M252, M266Bauman, D. E., T278Baumann, E., M378Baumberger, C., M264Bäumer, S., T467Baumgard, L. H., M40, W45, W110, 246,

364, 490, 800, 846Baumont, R., 179Bawa, D., T197, W144, 405Bax, A. L., T190, T189, T510, T527, W501Baxter, K., M415, 286Bayourthe, C., T481Bazemore, K. M., T117Bazemore, R., T117Bazinet, L., W148Beatty, N. F., M392, W369Beauchemin, K. A., T357, W280, W429,

595, 822Beaudry, K. L., M131Beaulieu, D., 572Beauregard, A., M391Beck, P., M46, T379, 742Becker Birgel, D., 184Beckers, J. F., W249Beckers, Y., 694Beckman, S., W144, W145, W146Bedere, N., 277Beever, J. E., 524Beguin, J. M., T422, T473Begum, M., M200, M204, M205, 838

Behrens, J. H., W137Behrouzi, A., 584Beitz, D. C., 283, 591Bélanger, G., 417Bell, N. L., M328, T351, 828, 829Belliere, L. K., 655Bellingham, M., 9Bello, N., 525Bello, N. M., M76Beloshapka, A. N., 396Beltrame Benatti, J. M., W313Beltranena, E., W232, 574, 575, 837Belveal, J., W502Benatti, J. M. B., W312Benavides-Varela, D., T14, W23Benchaar, C., M408, M409, T279, T385,

W278Benda, E. D., M392, W369Bender, R. W., M2, M349, M351, 699Benedeti, P. D. B., T361Benez, F. M., M33Benfield, D., M337Benheim, D. A., M396Benjamin, A., W37Benjamin, A. L., 29, 512, 518Bennett, R., M104, M105Benoit, S., 660Benson, A. K., 527, 530Benson, M. E., M446Bento, C. B. P., M370Benyi, K. K., 629, 843Benz, S. A., W44Bequette, B. J., M55, W255Beranger, J., T233Berchielli, T. T., M311, M317, M320, M434,

M435, M445, M450, T378, T464, W291Berenchtein, B., W229Berends, H., 336, 830Berendss, H., M138Bergeron, R., 90, 154, 496, 501Berghorn, L. W., W386Bergsma, R., 764Berhow, M. A., T459Bermejo, L. A., T507Bernabucci, U., T314, W87Bernard, J. K., M284, W323, 217, 808Bernardes, P. A., W69, T169Bernardes, T. F., M383, T477, W190, 161,

832Bernardini, C., W212Berndt, A. 876Bernhard, B. C., 371Berry, D. P., M118, 260, 375, 679Berry, E. D., 530Berryhill, G. E., 95Berti, G. F., M338, W316, W454Bertics, S. J., M8, M352, LB4Berto, D. A., M26, T299Berto, P. N., T299

Bertocco Ezequiel, J. M., M321, M322Bertoldi, G. P., W308, W309Bertoloni, A. V., T500Berton, M. P., M91, T81, T84, T85, W66,

W72Bertoni, J. C., W318Bertram, M. G., 636Bertrand, J. K., W51, W54, 646Bespalhok Jacometo, C., 318, 319, 320Bessa, R. J. B., T258Beth de Ondarza, M., T448Bettencourt, E. M., 446Bettencourt, N. D., 814Bettero, V. P., M367, M377Bettis, S. E., T472Beverly, M., 725Beverly, M. M., M515, T241, T244, T536,

W243Bewley, J. M., M9, M10, M11, M15, M132,

M246, M291, M379, T200, T207, 80, 93, 196, 221, 229, 275, 353, 407, 813

Bezerra, A., M52Bezerra, A. B., T68Bezerra, L. R., M458, M459Bhatt, H., M104, M105Bhatti, J. A., 628Bhukya, B., T168, 513Bi, P., 669Bi, Y., T228Biagioli, B., W283Bian, Y., M151Bianchi, L. M., T118Bicalho, F. L., T341, W263Bicalho, R., T26, W88, 23, 359, 509Bicalho, R. C., M211, M305, T101Bichard, M., T88Bickhart, D. M., W84, W86, 537Biehl, M. V., M224, M225, M230, M310,

M444, T500, 613Bienzle, D., T204Biffani, S., W87Bigham, G. D., 507Bilal, G., 689Bilby, T. R., 55Binversie, E. S., W31Binyameen, M., 585Bionaz, M., M44, M376, T50, T51, T53,

W502, 91, 298, 299Bird, S., W55Birgel, D. B., 635Birgel Junior, E. H., 184, 635Bishop, B. E., 131, 132, 408Bishop, J., LB1Bishop, S. C., 768Bisinotto, R. S., T322, 328, 704Bissonnette, N., T279, W94, W112Biswas, A. A., T211, W410Biswas, A. C., W131, W146Biswas, D., 145

Page 5: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Biswas, S., M281Bitencourt, F., M255Bittar, C. M. M., M344, M369, M371Bittner, C. J., M48, M316, W433Black, R., 495Black, T. E., T148Blackburn, H., 634Blackburn, H. D., 531Blackmon, T. L., M426Blair, H. T., T345Blair, S. J., M380Blanc, C., T31, W32, W33Blanco-Ochoa, M., W459Blanton, J. R., 108Blas, V., T259Blässe, A.-K., T302, T445Blavi, L., M195, M196, M497, M499, T281,

191Blavy, P., 684Blenis, J., 386Block, E., T396, W60, W61, 603, 704, 854Bloedorn, D., M480Blom, E. J., M423, 331, 614Blount, A., W171Blount, A. R. S., W180Boada, K. M., T260Bobe, G., M44, T50, T51, T53Bobel, J. M., T235Bocer, T., T146Bochantin, K. A., M10Bocourt, R., M61Bocquier, F., W474Boczonadi, A., 698Bodine, T., M446Boe, R., W506Boeckmannn, C. L., T189Boehmer, B. H., T347Boesche, K. E., M372, 285Bogaert, H., 421, 423Bohlen, J. F., M247, 226, 232Bohnert, D., M261, 28Boisclair, Y. R., W363, 472, 473Bok, J., M54, M88Bokelman, G. E., T74Bokkers, E., 830Bokkers, E. A. M., 845Boland, M. P., 287Boland, T. M., W492, 177, 179, 182, 183,

631, 633, 853Boligon, A., 651Bollwein, H., T277, T312, 680Bolsen, K. K., M128, T149Bolsen, R. E., T149Bombardelli, G. D., M265, T1, W8, W28Bomfim, G. F., T274, T275Bonagurio, L., M169Bonato, M. A., M512, M513Bond, G. B., 497Bondurant, R. G., W297, 341, 833

Bonfante, E., 605, M259Bonfatti, V., 382Bonilha, S. F. M., W56Bonin, M. N., W314Bonnaillie, L. M., T116, W154Bono, J. L., 527, 530Bontempo, V., W112Booker, H., T478, W414Boor, K. J., 778Borchardt, M. A., 636Borchers, M. R., 353, M132Borda, E., T300, W384Borges, H. T., M146Borges, I. E., W400, W404Borges, L. A., T169Borges, L. L., W46Borghi, T. H., M468Bormann, J. M., 523Borowicz, P. P., 338Bórquez-Gastelum, J. L., T530Borquis, R., 651Boselli Bussioli, H., M321Bosworth, S. C., 263Bothe, H., T4, 733Bouland, J., T69Bouma, A., W125Boutinaud, M., T268, 98, 99Bova, T., T532Bova, T. L., T238, T246, T247, 673Bovenhuis, H., 12, 751Bowdridge, E. C., T311Bowdridge, S. A., T311Bowen, D. A., W337Bowen, L., M420, 162, 624Bowyer, A., 624Bradford, B. J., M149, M419, W370, 460,

492Bradford, H. L., 523Bradley, C. A., W357Bradley, C. M., W387Bradley, J. S., T224, T229, W218Braga, J. F. V., W228Braga, J. S., M33Bragagnolo, N., W136Braghini, R., T160Brainard, A. M., M375Brake, D. W., M423, T59, 331, 614Braman, W. L., W320Brameld, J., 109, 112Brameld, J. M., 50Branco, A. F., 597, 850Branco, G. C. L., T68Branco, R. H., W56Brand, T. S., M168, M488Brandão, M. I. B., W269Brandão, V. L. N., W187Brandi, R. A., W503Branham, K., T67Branham, K. A., 524

Branine, M. E., T371, 867Brannick, E., 293Brassard, M. E., M484, M485Brauer, C. L., 506Brauner, C. C., T2, M218, 817Bravo, D. M., T431, 49Braz, W. D., T1Brem, G., T99Bremel, R. D., W34Brennan, K. M., M313, M326, W220, W350Breves, G., T420Brick, T. A., 362Bridges, G. A., M232, W55Bridges, P. J., M227, T310Bridges, W. C., LB2Brink, G. E., M121Brister, J. L., T246, T247Brito, A. F., M120, M386, M406, T393,

T424, T444, 622, 732Brito, C. B. M., 394Brito, E., W229Brito, L. F., T180, T184Brito, L. F. C., 3Britten, M., W149, 79Broadbent, J., T134, T139, 561, 562Broadway, P. R., M37, M59, T25, T309,

W26, W42, 27, 505, 589, 590Brochado, T., W503Broderick, G. A., M437, M441, T199, T212,

T429, T435Broocks, A., T67Brooks, S., T236Brostaux, Y., 658Brouk, M., T41Brown, A. J., 231Brown, A. N., T381Brown, B. M., 452Brown, D., W341, 109, 112Brown, D. J., 716Brown, D. S., 408Brown, L., M314Brown, T. F., M3Brown-Brandl, T., 806, 807Bruckmaier, R. M., M87, M209, M212, T13,

T276, T277, T312, W469, 101, 281, 432, 433, 680

Bruneau, C., T363Bruno, K. A., W17, 730Bryan, K. A., W320Bryan, L. K., W42Bu, D. P., M152, M153, W411, W413,

W415, W416, W417, W419, W420, W421, W422, W423, 435

Buckley, F., M118Budiño, F. E. L., M182, M183Buel, G., 386Buenabad, L., W110Buerk, M., 777Buff, P. R., 390

Page 6: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Buitenhuis, B., 751Buitrago, J. A. G., M210Bull, T., 258Burakowska, K., W464Burciaga-Robles, L. O., 516Burdick Sanchez, N. C., M37, T309, W36,

W42, 27, 505, 589, 590Burdikova, Z., 563Burfeind, O., W15Burg, P., 655Burger, C. A., M155Burgos, F. C., T528Burhans, W. S., M366Burken, D. B., M316Burkey, T. E., W106, W107, W108, 790Burnett, D. D., 104, 105Burnett, T. A., M245, 842Burnley, C., M288Burns, G. W., W90Burns, P., W242Burris, W. R., M227Burrola-Barraza, M. E., T513Busalacki, A. K., T190Busato, K. C., M318, M324, W290Bussioli, H. B., M322, W507Butler, J., M375Butler, S., 316, 317Butler, S. T., 329, 679Butler, W. R., M90, M95Buzanskas, M. E., W69Buzinaro, S. F. B., T482Byck, P., 593Byrd, E., M63, M64, 35, 36


Cabezas-Garcia, E. H., W450Cabo, A., T258Cabral, A. R., M158, M163Cabral, A. R. R., T70Cabral, G. F., W405, W406Cabral da Silva, M., M429Cabrera, R., 114Cabrera, R. A., 118Cabrera, V. E., M279, 350, 406Cacite, F., W396, W439, W440Cadesky, L., 70Cady, R. A., W284, W285, W287, 211Caetano, A., 634Caetano, M., M350Cai, D., 195Caires, K. C., M80, T239Caixeta, L., 755Caixeta, L. S., W363, 472, 473Caja, G., M156, T520, T521Caldari, C., W96Caldas, E. O. L., M258Caldeira, M. O., M213, LB2

Calderón-Leyva, M. G., T505, T526, W487, W488

Caldwell, J. D., T189, T190, T510, T527, W501, 636

Calkins, C., 372Callanan, J., M6Callaway, T., W301Callaway, T. R., M328, M334, T351, 828,

829Calomeni, G. D., M367, M377, W318,

W321, W322Calsamiglia, S., M252, M266, M278, T409,

T457, T468, W384Calus, M., 380Calus, M. P. L., 260Calviello, R. F., M23, W2Calvo-Lorenzo, M. S., M27, T67, 371Camacho, A., M323, M327, W275Camacho, C., M43Camacho, L. M., T234Camargo, G. M., 651Camargo Junior, A. G., M321, M322Camera, M., M145, M146, M147, M148Camilo, F. R., W294, W452, W453, W455,

W457Campanili, P. R. B., 607Campbell, B. T., W210Campbell, J., 461Campbell, M. A., M32, 165Campion, F. P., W492, 177, 182, 183, 631,

633Campos, A., W166Campos, A. F., T364, T365Campos, C. C., M231Campos, G. A., T294Campos, M. M., M345, M347, M354, M370,

M384, M387, W378Campos Carneiro, J., W381Campos Martins, P., W345, W346, W381,

149Campos-Granados, C. M., W23Cañas-Álvarez, J. J., W75Canellas, L. C., T340Canesin, R. C., M445Canestrari, G., 605, M259Cannas, A., T502, T509, W491, W506Cano, O., T34Canovas, A., T409, T507Cant, J. P., M364, 354, 430Cantalapiedra-Hijar, G., 617Cantarelli, V. d. S., M505Canterberry, S. C., M60Canterbury, L. G., W270Canul-Solis, J. R., M442Cao, S. Y., W412Cao, Z., M19, M123, M125, M451, T228,

T450, T455, W326, 152Cao, Z. J., T446, W327Capel, M. B., 847

Capelari, M., 820Capelesso, A. S., T466Capote, J., M471, M472, T265, T507Cappellozza, B., M261, 28Cappellozza, B. I., M133Caprio, A., 626Capuco, A. V., T264, 419Caputo, J., 707Carabaño, M. J., W75Caramalac, L. S., T337, 711Carbonari, V., T508, 181Carciofi, A. C., W100Cardoso, B. O., 678Cardoso, F., M217, T320Cardoso, F. C., M358, M360, M404, T154,

T156, T217, T476, W7, W357, W362, W364, W368, 456, 457, 702, 858

Cardoso, F. F., T414, T447, W182Cardoso, G. J., M148Cardoso, R. C., T176, W165, 4Cardoso, V., T98Cardoso Alves, L., W426Cardoso da Conceição, E., W403Cardoso dos Reis, A., W498Cardoso Sanchês, S. S., W161Carey, B., 853Carlisle, A. E., 416Carmago Verdurico, L., W383Carmichael, D., 61Carmo, A. S., M370, W79, W92Carmona, L., W4Carnahan, K. G., M241Carneiro, B. C., 446Carneiro, J. H., M350Carneiro, J. C., M345Carnier, P., 382Carney, J. P., LB8Carpenter, A. J., M149, M419, W370, 460Carr, A., M104, M105Carr, C., 197Carrara, T. V. B., W310Carrascal, E. L. T., M243Carreño, L. O. D., T78, T79Carrillo, E., W477, W478, W480Carrillo-Castellanos, E., T501Carriquiry, M., T356, T362, W52, W428,

W449, 502, 685, 743Carro, M. D., M43, M61, T485, T486, T487,

W175, W431Carroll, J. A., M37, M59, T25, T309, W26,

W36, W38, W42, W330, W352, W409, 27, 153, 505, 589, 590

Carson, D., T52Carson, M., M364, 158, 430Carstens, G. E., 610, 736Carstens, P. D., M168Carter, B., M446Carter, S. D., M27, 119Cartwright, S. L., 511

Page 7: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Carulla, J. E., M430Carvalheiro, R., T83Carvalho, A. L. E. G. F., M311, M450, W291Carvalho, B. C., W221Carvalho, B. H. R., T176, W165Carvalho, E. B., T519, T529Carvalho, F. F. R., T68, T504Carvalho, G. B., M258Carvalho, G. G. P., W399, W401Carvalho, I. P. C., T464Carvalho, I. Q., M350Carvalho, J. R. R., M324, W290Carvalho, M. G., T170Carvalho, P., 351Carvalho, P. D., M236, M263, M277, T306,

T324, W262, 329, 446, 675, 676Carvalho, V. B., T519, T529Carvalho Filho, I., 110Carvalho Marcolino, C., W317Casal, A., T362, W52, W449, 743Casares, L., W299, W333Casellas, J., M93, T507Casey, K. D., 339Casey, T., 295, 296Cash, K. A., W501Casper, D., T202, W196, W385, 278Casper, D. P., M286, M340, M361, T157,

W332, W358, 89, 156, 160, 172, 600, 856Casperson, B. A., M373, T218Casperson, J. L., T418Cassady, J. P., 648Cassani, Y., 110Cassell, H. S., 747Cassiano, E. C. O., T471Cassida, K. A., 61Castagna, A., T483Castagnino, D. S., T410Castagnino, P., M434, M435Castagnino, P. S., M445, T464Castañeda, J. S. M., T234Casteel, T., T344Castelán Ortega, O. A., M124, W504Castelini, F. R., W230, W231, W234Castilha, L. D., M169, M170Castilho, R. A., W225Castilhos, A. M., M36, W56Castillejos, L., M252, M278, M500, W6,

W47, 120Castillo, G., W110Castillo, M., M93Castillo, M. S., W178, 265Castillo, S., 776Castillo, Y., T173Castillo-Caballero, C., M400Castillo-Gallegos, E., W459Castillo-Lopez, E., T452Castillo-Mata, D. A., 791Castrejón, F. A., W188Castro, F. F., W107, W108, W236

Castro, F. G. F., W306, W452, W455, W457Castro, G. D., W187Castro, J. J., 48Castro, L. M., W70Castro, M. M. D., W269Castro, N., M45, M47, M471, M472, T248,

T253, T254, T256, T257, T265Castro, P., W110Castro Filho, E. S., T519, T529, W507Castro Salas, J. M., M124, W504Castro-Ramos, A. M., T304, T305Caton, J. S., 338Catterton, T. L., 289Cavadini, J., M122Cavadini, J. S., M121Cavalcanti, L. F. L., M381, M384, M387,

T289Cavali, J., T378Cavani, L., T78, T79Cayetano, J., W418Cayford, E. L., 227Cecon, P. R., T462Celeghini, E. C. C., 635Celi, P., 321Cellesi, M., 650Center, K. A., 636Cerny, K. L., M227, T310Cerri, R. L. A., M133, M245, M248, M293,

M300, T201, W27, 839, 842Cerrillo-Soto, M. A., T514, W168Cersosimo, L. M., M256, T405, 166, 598Cervantes, A. A. P., M383Cervantes, B. J., M45, M47, M323, M327,

W271, W275Cervantes, M., M176, M514, W110Cesar, A. S. M., M91Chae, B. J., W114Chae, K., T303Chagas, J., M283Chagas, L. J., M331, W302, W304Chahine, M., T155, W272Chai, H.-H., W67Chai, J.-M., M470, M487, 111Chaix, G., W102Chamberlain, A. J., 679Chamberland, J., W150Chamberlin, D. P., M3Chamon de Castro Menezes, G., T366Chamorro, M. F., 141, 142Chandler, T. L., M8, M137, M352, LB4, 357Chang, J. S., M446Chang, L. Y., 544Chang, S. S., W222, W223Chapinal, N., 759Chaplin, R., M162Chapman, B. R., M13, T66Chapman, C. E., M130, T203Chapman, J. D., M428, T25, T394, W323Chapman, K. J., 231

Chapoutot, P., 616Charaien, B., M425Charbonneau, E., M412, W15, W361Chardulo, L. A. L., T82, W50, W58, W59Charif, A., 278Chase, C. C., T317, W475Chase, L. E., W393, 81Chaucheyras-Durand, F., 489Chaves, A. V., M347, M354Chaves, R. F., M506Chay-Canul, A., T525Che, L., W40Chebel, R., 359, T20Chebel, R. C., M265, M305, M306, T1, T49,

T101, W8, W28, W257, 252, 503Checura, C. M., T240Chelikani, P., 782, 784Chen, B., 74Chen, C., M174, 543Chen, C.-Y., M72Chen, D., 577Chen, D.-D., 831Chen, D. W., W113, W115, 796, 835, 836Chen, H., 115, 114, 117Chen, J., 127Chen, L., T155, T469, W215, 436Chen, L. Y., T239Chen, M., T163Chen, Y., W124, W429, 415, 459Cheng, J., T38Cheng, N., T191, W129Cheong, J. Y., M206Cheschin Ernandes, M., W282Chesnais, J. P., 19Chester-Jones, H., M268, M285, M398,

M399, T449, T451, W395, 64, 693, 696Chestnut, A. B., M365Chevaux, E., T292, W191, W205, W298,

610, 613Chi, F., M489, T389Chiaia, H. L. J., M91, T81, T85, W66, W72Chiarle, A., T408Chiavegato, M. B., 593Chilibroste, P., W52, W428Chilson, J. M., 69Ching, S., M489, T389Chiquini, J. P. M., W46Chirgwin, D. L., M386, T424Chitakasempornkul, K., T282Chizonda, S., T261Chizzotti, F. H. M., W187Chizzotti, M., 110Chizzotti, M. L., M318, M324, M381, W290Cho, C., M54Cho, C. I., T93, T94Cho, J. H., M198, M199, M207, 194Cho, J.-H., M494Cho, K. H., T93, T94Cho, S. J., 303

Page 8: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Cho, Y.-M., W67Choi, B.-H., W76Choi, E. J., W41Choi, I. H., T480, W172Choi, J., T303Choi, J.-W., W67, W76Choi, T. J., T93, T94Choi, Y., M54, M88, T316Choi, Y. H., T94Choi, Y. J., M504Choi, Y. K., W41Choi, Y. S., W467Choo, A., 386Chou, M., 784Choudhary, R. K., M142, 297Choudhary, S., M142, 297Chouinard, P. Y., M378, M391, M405,

M407, M412, T393, T410, W361, 700Chouinard, Y., M411Choy, Y. H., T93Christensen, C., M449Christensen, D., M135Christensen, D. A., M139, M368, W176, 332Christian, S., 545Christine, F., 545Chud, T. C. S., W69, W79, W92Chung, H., M97, W68Chung, K. Y., W74, W222, W223Chung, R., T412, T413, T446, T455Chung, W.-H., W76Cifuentes-Lopez, O., W418Ciobanu, D. C., W106, 649Cipriano, R. S., M226Ciriaco, F. M., T148, W60, W61, 425, 604,

826Claeys, M. C., 228Clapper, J. A., M220, 873Claramunt, M., T356, T362, 685Clark, C. A., 453Clark, J. D., M15, M379, T200, 229Clark, J. K., T510, W501, 636Clark, M., 293Clark, S., 283Clarke, J., 527, 530Clatamunt, M., 743Clavero, T., W206Clay, J., 225Clay, J. S., 687Claypool, C., M241Claypool, C. K., M303, 841Clayton, H., 429Clemency, L. E. G., 225Cleveland, M. A., 18Clevenger, D., 637Clifford-Rathert, C. A., T190Climaco, W. L. S., W227Cline, G. F., M250, 447Clutts, P., 735Coblentz, W. K., M121, M122, T391, 636

Cobos-Peralta, M. A., T530Cochrane, F., M239Cochrane, R. A., T172, 787Cockrum, R. R., T223Coelho, S. G., M345, M381, M384, M387,

T273Coetzee, J. F., M27, M140, W13, 727Coffey, E. L., 375Coffey, K. P., 636Coffey, M., 14, 260, 522, 525Cohick, W. S., 802Cokeley, R. E., W366Coker, C., M104, M105Colazo, M. G., M214, M215, M216, W258,

W259, 284, 584Cole, J., 749Cole, J. B., T102, W85, W86, 538, 647, 687Cole, K., T64Cole, N. A., W430, W448, 339, 815, 863,

864, 865Coleman, D. N., M5, T219Coleson, M. P. T., M221Colette, S., W373, 467Colinet, F., 10Collao-Saenz, E. A., T398, W158Collar, C., T306, W262Collazos Paucar, L. L., W398Collier, J. L., M155, T25Collier, R., M262, 130Collier, R. J., M155, T25Coloma, W., T300Colombarolli Bonfá, H., T462Colombini, S., M441Colpoys, J., M25Colpoys, J. D., W16, 185, 241Columbus, D. A., 302Combs, D., T262, W159, W184, W208Combs, D. K., M2, M349, M351, M417,

W173, W177, 699Conceição, E. C., M424Conceição dos Santos, E., W496, W497,

W498Condas, L. A. Z., T52Cone, J. W., 606Conley, M. M., 416Connor, E. E., T10, W349, 525Consentini, C. E. C., T489, W405, W406,

W318Consolo, N. R. B., T372, W300Constant, É., W94Conte, S., 90Conte-Junior, C., T130Conti, T. L., 184Contreras, G. A., W253Contreras, V., W486Contreras-Govea, F. E., W198, W379Contu, M., 650Conway, A. C., M446Cook, D., M399, T451, W32, W33

Cook, D. E., M349, M351, M417, W173, 699

Cook, E. B., 186, 187Cook, N., 848Cooke, A. L., 416Cooke, J., 631Cooke, R., M261, T231, T355, 28Cooke, R. F., M133, T338Coon, C., 659Cooney, M., M389Cooper, T. A., T88, 537Copetti, L. C., M355Coradini, G. P., T467Corah, L., 56Corbett, B. P., 106Corea-Guillén, E. E., M437Corl, B., 436Corl, B. A., 94, 199, 700Corley, J., M59Cormican, P., 679Cornett, M. C., T226, W31, W39Corona, L., W188, W459Corona, M. B., M45, M47, W271Corral, A., T173, W266Corrales, J., T173Corral-Flores, G., W181Correa, L. B., W442Corrêa, A. M., W169, W170Corrêa, M., M217, T320Corrêa, M. N., M90, M95, M218, M404, T2Correa Castiblanco, D. M., W46Correddu, F., T110Corredig, M., T104, 752Corro, M. D., T259Cortinhas, C. S., M331, M332, W294, 612Corva, S., T408Costa, A. G. B. V. B., T489, W405, W406Costa, B., M21Costa, H. F., M226Costa, I. C., M345Costa, J. B., W399, W401Costa, J. H. C., W10Costa, J. M. S., M302, T327Costa, R. G., T502, T504, T509Costa, S., M441Costa Almeida, M. T., M321, M322Costa da Silva, L. R., W425Costa e Silva, L. F., W377, W378Costa Mota, V. A., W454Costagli, C., 777Cota, M., M514Cotanch, K. W., M32, W375, W386, 81, 165,

621Cotinot, C., 9Cottingim, K. M., 789Cottrell, J. J., 49, 321, 810Courty, P., T422Couse, A. M., M32Cousillas, G., T20, W37

Page 9: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Coutinho, M. A. S., T313Couto, V. R. M., M424, W451, W452, W453,

W455, W457Coverdale, J. A., 674Cox, J. L., 872Coy, B., W190Craft, M., 256Cramer, C. C., W31Cramer, M. C., 493Cravey, M., M46, W301, 742Cravo Pereira, A. S., M163, M158, W282Cree, P., 471Creighton, P., 182, 183, 633Crenshaw, M. A., M167, M509, 108Crenshaw, T. D., M188, T290, T291, 119Crespo, F. J., 191Creus, E., 237Cristina, M., T121, W133, W134Croat, J. R., T418Crodian, J., 295, 296Crompton, L. A., 681Cromwell, G. L., 591Croney, C., M65, M295, 37Crookenden, M. A., 247Crooker, B., T49, W257Crooker, B. A., T20, T102, W37Crossland, W., W301Crossland, W. L., M334Crossley, R. E., M18Crow, K., 295Crowe, M., 316, 317Crowther, A. C., T424Crozara, A. S., T518Crozier, J. B., 232Crum, A. D., T243Crump, P., T435, T531Cruppe, L. H., M230, 445Cruywagen, C. W., W382Cruz, A., T120, T121, T122, T130, W133,

W134Cruz, A. G., T125, T126Cruz, A. O., T474, T475Cruz, A. P. d. S., T270Cruz, G. D., W310Cruz, G. R. B., T509Cruz, T. M. P., T315Cruzen, S. M., 668Cruz-Hernandez, A., T525Csibi, A., 386Cuatucuamba, G., 448Cucheval, A., M104, M105Cuellar Orlandi Cassiano, E., W398Cuenca, J. K., W460Cui, S., W48Cui, X., T438Cui, Y., M151Culumber, M., T134, T139Cummings, B. P., 280Cummins, A., M65, M295, 37

Cummins, C., 150Cunha, C. S., W221, W269Cunha, F., T21Cupp, A. S., T317Cupples, A. G., 610Curbelo-Rodríguez, J. E., M400, T304, T305Curi, R. A., W50, W58Curilla, W., 90Curler, M. D., 448Curran, F., 316, 317, 329Currin, J. F., M232Curtiss, C. N., M3, M13, T66Cushman, R. A., M229, T317, 133, 369Cussen, R., T402Cutrim, A. A., M466Cyrillo, J. N. S. G., T82, T83, W77Cyrino, J. E. P., T315Cytryn, E., 415Czeglédi, L., 761


Da, Y., 540, M78, M84, T102da Costa, D. R., M325da Luz Silva, S., M158, M159, M163da Rosa, F., 651da Rosa, F. T., 91da Silva, F. M., W190da Silva, F. G., W408da Silva, L. D., M325da Silva, M. V. G. B., W79, W92da Silva, T. B. R., W75da Silva, T. C., M325, W169, W204da Silva Cabral, L., W396, W407, W438,

W439, W440da Silva dos Santos, C., M260da Silva Guillen, Y. V., W234da Silva Junior, J. M., W426da Silva Martins, T., W426Dadalt, J. C., M179, M181, M182, M183,

M184Daetz, R., T21, 23Dagorne, R. P., T422, T473Dahiya, H., M107, T197, 405, 654Dahl, G. E., M284, W268, LB7, 251, 808,

809Dahlen, C. R., M232Dai, W.-T., 465Dailey, R. A., T311Dal Jang, Y., T298Dalcq, A.-C., 694Daley, M., 777Dall’Acqua, P. C., T318, T325, T326Dallaire, M.-P., M391Dallantonia, E. E., M311, M434, M435,

M317, M320, M450, W291Dal-Pai-Silva, M., W59Dalton, J., W90Dalton, J. C., M241, M303, 841

Dan, N., T456Danashekaran, D., W229Danes, M. A. C., T212, T429Dang, C. G., W74Dänicke, S., T55, T420, W254, 30, 477Daniel, E., W107, W234Daniel, J. A., T535Daniel, J.-B., 616Daniel, Z., 112Daniels, J., T62Daniels, K. M., M4, T206Dann, H. M., M32, W347, W386, 81, 165,

343, 471, 621Dannenberger, D., M164Danscher, A. M., 248Daramola, A., M58Darby, H. M., 263Darchuk, E., W157Dardenne, P., 10, 658Darien, B. J., T240, W34Das, G., W255Das Gupta, M., M53, 245Dash, S. K., M53, 245Daugherty, R. E., T189D’Aurea, A. P., M463D’Aurea, E. M. O., T529Davenport, K. M., M12Davidson, J. A., W387Davidson, S., 225Davies, P., T360Davila, F. S., T496Davila-Ramos, H., T516Davis, A. N., M385Davis, B. I., T129, W139Davis, D., M361Davis, G. H., M486Davis, J. H., T230Davis, R., M284Davis, S., 15Davis, T., 302Davis, T. Z., T179Davoodi, S., M133Dawson, J. A., 790Dawson, K. A., W160Dawson, L. J., T511, T512Day, M. L., M224, M225, M230, 205, 445Dayton, W. R., W224Daza, A., M498de Albuquerque, L. G., M91de Almeida, A. M., M471, M472, T258de Almeida Rufino, S. R., W345, W346de Andrade Ferreira, M., W425de Andrade Rocha Garcia, G. M., W46de Assis Lage, C. F., 149de Barros Melo, T. T., W425De Boer, I. J. M., 845de Brun, V., M219De Buck, J., T52de Campos Valadares Filho, S., W426

Page 10: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


de Carvalho, N. D., W158de Carvalho Basto, D., W304de Conti Fiorese, B., M158de Diego-Cabero, N., W119de Dios Garza Flores, J., T352de Freitas, J. E., W383De Garnica, M. G., T485de Godoy, M. R. C., 390, 396, 397de Haas, Y., 260de Haro-Marti, M. E., T155, W272de Jesus-de Jesus, A., T304de Jong, G., 381, 529de la Fuente, G., M438De la Torre-López, G., M403de Lange, C. F. M., 790De Leon, C., M52, T170de Lima Júnior, V., W425de los Angeles de Santiago-Miramontes, M.,

T505de Matos, L. F., 167de Melo Amaral, P., T367, T369de Mercado, E., M502de Moraes Tosta, X., W161de Oca-Jiménez, R. M., 630de Oliveira Maia Parente, M., W161, W425de Passillé, A. M., 496, 501, 696de Paula, R. A., W204de Paula Freitas, A. V., T164De Prado Taranilla, A. I., T268de Resende, F. D., M312, W305de Resende, L. C., M114, W202de Resende Fernandes, J. J., W397, W403de Sales Silva, F. A., T367De Santiago, M. d. l. A., W486De Souza, J., W302, W304, W340, 466, 824de Souza, R., M473de Souza, V., T169de Souza Costa, F., M158, M163de Toledo Piza Roth, A. P., M312De Vries, A., M298, T24, T95, T105, 811De Vuyst, L., 661De Wolfe, T. J., T240, W34Dean, D., T449Deaver, S. E., 452Dechow, C. D., M141, 230, 349, 377Decker, J. E., 408, 524Deflandre, A., T267, T268DeFrain, J., W370Degano, L., 382Deglaire, A., 438Dehareng, F., 11, 10, 658Dehghan-Banadaky, M., M414, 470, 852Deibert, M. R., 572Deighton, M. H., 597, 850DeJarnette, J. M., 586DeJarnette, M., 445Dekkers, J., M25Dekkers, J. C. M., M70, 668, 765, 766, 768,


Del Bianco Benedeti, P., T199, T369Del Collo, L. P., 145del Mar Serra, M., 191del P. Sanchez, M., T30Del Pino, F. A., 817Del Pino, F. A. B., M218Del Vale, T. A., M277Del Valle, T. A., T270, T489, W405, W406Delaby, L., W373, 277, 467, 684Delamagna, G. M., M317Delattre, L., 683Delevatti, L. M., M434Delfino Calomeni, G., W371, W383Delgado, E. F., T313Delgado, J. V., T507Delgado-Peraza, R. R., T206Deliephan, A., T172Dell, C. J., M120Dell Vale, T., M367, M377Dell’Agnolo, C., M479Dellamagna, G., W291Dellaqua, J. V. T., W308Dellevatti, L. M., M317DeLonge, M. S., 593Delouard, J.-M., 683Delveaux Batalha, C., W463Demarco, C. F., M218Dematawewa, C. M. B., 766Demeterco, D. D., W60, W61, 425den Hartog, L. A., 552Deng, K.-D., 111, 175, 831Deng, P., W98, W100Deng, Q., T5, T6, T9Denicol, A. C., W85Deniskova, T. E., T99Denis-Robichaud, J., T201, 21, 839Dennis, T. S., W30, 159, 170Deornellis, C. A., T189, T510Derakhshani, H., M333, M374, T17Deresz, F., T177, T187, W203Derksen, T., 578Derksen, T. J., 581Dersjant-Li, Y., M180Dervishi, E., T5, T6, T9Desantadina, R., T458, W333Deshpande, P. D., 378Detmann, E., T358, T359, T462, W426, 335,

454Detweiler, K. B., 396Devant, M., M31, T370, T376, T407, W18,

723Devi, S. M., M69, 797Devine, T. L., T350DeVries, T. J., M17, M18, M20, M251,

M292, T390, W5, W307, 90, 154, 352, 355, 501, 510

Dhillo, W. S., M220Diamantino dos Santos, F., W305, W316,

W317, W454

Diao, Q.-Y., M470, M487, T354, T438, W174, W195, 111, 175, 831

Dias, E. A., T340Dias, J. D. L., T414Dias, M., W158Dias Barbosa da Silveira, I., 499Dias de Freitas Neto, M., M165Dias e Silva, N. C., T518Dias Junior, G. S., M114, T447, W182,

W202Díaz, A., M43, M61, T485, T486, T487,

W175, W431Díaz, C., W75Diaz, R. K., T213Diaz-Huepa, L. M., M169Diaz-Plascencia, D., W167Díaz-Royón, F., W359Dieho, K., T404Dietrich, A. M., M296, 86DiGiacomo, K., 810Dijkstra, J., T404, 169, 594, 681, 825, 857Dikmen, S., W81, 809Dikun, Y., M143Di-Lernia, M. R., T235Dilger, R. N., 51Dillon, J. A., 697DiLorenzo, N., M431, M432, T148, T360,

T477, W60, W61, W171, W402, W460, 161, 368, 425, 604, 736, 826, 832

Dimauro, C., T92Dineshkumar, D., 292Dinh, T., 790Diniz Valadares, R. F., W426Diniz-Magalhães, J., W400, W404Dipasquale, D., T314Dirandeh, E., M414Disenhaus, C., 277Diskin, M. G., M244do Amaral, B., 360do Amaral, L. A., T169Dobenecker, B., 547Doelman, J., M364, 430Doelman, J. H., 158Doepel, L., T399, T400, 497Doherty, E. L., T59Dohlman, T. M., 451, 453Dohme-Meier, F., M212Dolatkhahnejad, M., M106, W135Dolecheck, K. A., T207, 353Dolejsiova, A. H., M380Dolesji, A., T185Dolezal, M. A., 384Domingos, L. D., W136Domingues, L. P., 391Domingues Moreira, A., W313Dominguez, I. A., M176Dominguez, L., 256Dominguez, T. G., W168Domínguez-Vara, I. A., T530, W470, W471

Page 11: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Domínguez-Viveros, J., T513Donaldson, J. R., M59, 644Dong, S., M123, M125 Dong, S. Z., T446Donkin, S. S., M372, M373, T218, W256,

285Donnelly, D. M., M2, W173Donnelly, M. R., T23Donogh, J., T17Donovan, A., T24Doolan, P., M244Döpfer, D., T26, 848Dórea, J. R. R., M331, M332, W294, 612d’Orey Branco, R. A., T329Dorian, G., 545Dorin, C. L., W13Dorsam, S. T., 338Dorton, K., W29Dorton, K. L., M375dos Santos, A., 502dos Santos Araújo, J., W161dos Santos Costa, C., W161Dos Santos Gonçalves Cyrillo, J. N., M34dos Santos Ruiz, U., W234Dou, Z., T168Doumit, M. E., 483, M392Douphrate, D. I., M66Dourado, S. B., M257Dourte, D., 418Downing, T. W., 62Doyen, A., 660, W148, W149Drackley, J. K., T3, T433, W325, W372,

W437, 48, 455, 458, 706, 707Drake, M. A., T191, T192, W129, 73, 779Drane, T. N., T189, T510, W501Drapala, K. P., 76Drewnoski, M. E., W55, 157, 872Driver, J., W71Drouillard, J. S., M326, W311, W458, W461,

104, 105, 866, 870Drum, J. N., M240Du, H., 192, 242Du, Y., M123, M125Duan, X. D., 835Duarte, C. R. A., W122Duarte, D. A. S., M77Duarte, M., 110Duarte, M. S., W221, 454Duarte de Souza, W., W164Dubeux, J. C. B., M110, W171, W180Dubrovsky, S. A., W24Dubuc, J., 21Duchens, M., 244Duckett, S. K., LB3, 102, 103Ducrocq, V., 277Duersteler, M., T41, W368, 702Duesterdieck-Zellmer, K. F., 428Duferene, A., T143Duff, G. C., 517

Duffield, T., 363Duffield, T. F., M20, T204, 290, 355, 847Duggin, J., W51, W54Dukkipati, V. S. R., 247Duncan, S., 780Duncan, S. E., T118, T196Dungan, R., M281, W354, 615, 625Dunière, L., W191, W205Dunkelberger, J. R., 765Dunn, S. M., T5, T6, T7, T8, T9Dunshea, F. R., 49, 321, 810Duplessis, M., M269, M270Dupont, D., 438Duque, M., M154, 434Duque-Madrid, P. C., T31Duran-Melendez, L. A., W167Durham, C., W125Durocher, J., M270Dusel, G., M171, T445, 304Dutra, P. A., M215, M216, W258Dutra de Resende, F., W312, W313, W316,

W317, W454Duval, B. D., W443Duval, S., W429, 167, 597, 850Duval, S. M., T357Dyer, R., 293


Eaglen, S. A. E., T88Ealy, A. D., T223, T224, T229, W218, 311,

420, 450Earleywine, T. J., M380, W387Eastridge, M. L., M5, T219, 231Eastwood, L., 572Ebarb, S. M., 105Ebel, K. K., T319Eberhart, N. L., T152Ebert, P. J., W448, 339, 815Eberth, J. E., M85Eborn, B. M., T151Echeverri, J., M96, 383Eckel, B., T302, T445Eckel, E. F., T7, T8Eckelkamp, E. A., 275Eder, K., T445, W250Eding, H., 381, 529Edvan, R. L., M459Edwards, D. B., W44Edwards, E. M., 241Edwards, M. S., 772Edwards, S., T69Egan, T., T156, T320Egert, A. M., 264Ekwemalour, K., M483El Faro, L., T98, T150Elghandour, M. M. Y., T234, 151, 611, 630Elhanafy, M. M., T3, 707El-Husseiny, O., M193

Elizondo-Salazar, J. A., T14, W23El-Kadi, S. W., 667, 746, 747Ellersieck, M. R., 131, 132Elliott, N., 83Ellis, E. R., 354Ellis, J. L., 169, 681Ellis, S., 206Ellis, S. E., M131Ellison, B., W434Elsasser, T., 29Elsasser, T. H., M55, T10, T20, T311, W20,

W37, W349Ely, L., 514, 627Ely, L. O., M428, M464, M467, T394Elzo, M. A., M68, M71, M73, M253, T86,

T87, T91, T97, T105, T249, W71, W73, W91, W93, 541

Emanuele, S., M284Emanuele, S. M., T448Emerick, L. L., T341, W263Emes, R., 109Endo, H., T389Endres, E. L., 281Endres, M., M299, W392, W434, 252, 503,

693, 695, 696, 701Engle, T. E., W377, W378Enns, E. A., 256Enríquez, I., W271Enteshari, M., M106, W135Erasmus, L., W446Erasmus, L. J., T406, W207, 212Erdman, R. A., T417, 289Erickson, E., 295, 296Erickson, G., T368, T493Erickson, G. E., M48, M316, W433, W436,

821, 862, 869Erickson, P. S., M130, M286, T203Ermilov, A. N., W83Ernandes, M. C., T471Ernst, C. W., M76, 486, 532, 767Ervin, D., W341Escalera-Valente, F., T523Escobar, E. N., T153Escobar, J., 310Escobar-Bahamondes, P., W280, 595Escribano, A. J., T440Espadamala, A., T43, T46, T47Espasandin, A. C., T77, W449Esperance, M., T255Espigolan, R., M98, T83, T84, T85, W72,

W77Espino-Mercado, K., M400Espinosa, D. A., T352Espinoza, I., W186Espinoza, J., T257Espinoza, O. S., 705Espinoza, S., M514, T454Esser, N., T391Esser, N. M., M121

Page 12: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Estell, R. E., W185Estevam, D. D., W296, W309Esteves, L. A. C., M169, M170Estienne, M. J., M508, 5Estill, C. T., 91Estrada-Angulo, A., T514Estrada-Flores, J. G., T331Eubanks, B. M., T242Eun, J.-S., T382, T383, T384, T388, W479,

87Evans, A. C., M226Evans, E., T352Evans, J. R., T328Evans, M. E., M476Evans, N. P., 9Evans, R. D., 375Ezequiel, J. M. B., M463, T482, T519, T522,

T524, T529, W315, W507, W508Ezzati, P., 248


Fabregas, F., M267, T34, 22, 723Fabris, T. F., 287Faccio Demarco, C., 817Fachinello, M. R., M170Faciola, A., T199, T212, T361, T366, T367,

T369Facteau, M.-E., 513Fadel, J. G., W358Fadul-Pacheco, L., W361Fahey, A. G., 183, 633Fahey, A. W., W374Fahey, G. C., 396Fahim, A., 782Fahrenholz, C. H., T282Fair, T., 679Fairbrother, J. M., T169Fakolade, P. O., T250Falana-Williams, M. B., W109Falcão, Y. S., W314Falconi, P. X., T260Faleiros Castro, F., W235Falk, J. M., 483Famula, T. R., W53Fan, Y., T450Fang, L., M510Fang, Z., W40Farah, M. M., T79Faria, B. K. A., M345Faria, K., W187Faria, P. B., M506Farmer, C., 96Farsuni, N. E., T205Faugeron, J., W9Faulkner, D. B., 524Faulkner, M. J., 282Faulkner, S. L., W219Favaretto, J. A., M146, M147

Faverdin, P., 683Faveri, J. C., M257Fayer, R., 143Fayyaz, M. H., 585Fazzio, L., T458Fecteau, M., 293Fedorka-Cray, P. J., M271Fehrmann-Cartes, K., 559Feijó, G. L. D., W314Feitosa, F. L. B., M91, T81, T84, T85, W66,

W72Felicio, T., W133Félix, A. P., W101, 391, 394Felix, T. L., 738Fellows, G. M., W357, W362Feng, L., 227Feng, X., 708, 709Fensterseifer, S. R., 243Fenu, A., W506Ferguson, C. E., W63Ferigato, R. S., T188Fermin, L. M., T345Fernandes, A. M., M429, M461, M462,

M429, T177, T187, W203Fernandes, A. C. C., M133, W27Fernandes, D. B., W306Fernandes, H. J., W314, 711Fernandes, J. J. R., M424, W294, W306,

W451, W452, W453, W455, W457Fernandes, L. M. B., M257Fernandes, M., M52, W493Fernandes, M. H. M. R., M468, M469, W283Fernandes, R. M., M312, M338, W312,

W316, W317Fernandes, S. R., M474, M475, M479,

M480, M481, W500Fernandes de Sousa, L., T518Fernandes dos Santos, V. L., M466, W425Fernández, A., W6Fernandez, F., 256Fernandez, K., W435Fernando, R. L., M70, T80Fernando, S., T493Fernando, S. C., M348, M382, T452, T453,

W297, W430, W433, 821Ferraretto, L., M306Ferraretto, L. F., M112, M114, W202Ferrari, V. B., T372, W336Ferraz, J. B. S., W79Ferraz, P., M288Ferraz Branco, R. B., T164Ferraz Junior, M. V. C., M224, M225, M230,

M310, M444Ferré, A., M267Ferreira, A. L., M347, M354Ferreira, D. S., W315Ferreira, E. M., T495Ferreira, F., M298Ferreira, G., T381, W211, 219, 227

Ferreira, J., 324Ferreira, J. P., 129, 678Ferreira, R., M148Ferreira, R. A., M505Ferreira, V. C., M81, 92Ferreira Araujo, B. H., M322Ferreira Baffa, D., W201Ferreira Carvalho, R., M159Ferreira de Almeida, G., T489Ferreira de Jesus, E., M395, T489, W383Ferreira Júnior, H. C., 306Ferret, A., W14, W289Ferring, C. L., 763Ferrinho, A. M., M161, T81, T471, W66,

W72, W282Ferris, C. P., T32, 618Fessenden, S. W., M418, M422, 854Fetrow, J., M305, T101, 359Feugang, J. M., M509, 108Fidler, A., 478Fieguth, L., 30, T55Field, M., M51Fievez, V., T380Figueiredo, A. M., T90Figueiredo, D. M., T474, T475, W496,

W497, W498Figueiredo, F. O. M., M469, T498Figueiredo, G. d. P., 124Figueroa, C. B., T183, W199Figueroa, C. Y., T132Filardi, R. S., W107, W108Filgueiras, E., M283Filho, A. A., W229Filho, A. E. V., M280Filho, A. V., T98Filho, C. A. A. O., M347, M354Filho, E. L. D., M248, M293, M300, 842Filho, E. S. C., T482Filho, I. C., M77Filho, J. M. P., M243, T509Filho, J. T. A., T502Filho, M. A. M., M24, M465, M466Filho, S. C. V., M319, T364, T365Filho, W. I. S., W308, W309Fiol, C., 502Fiorentini, G., M445, T464Firkins, J. L., M353, M410, T221, 827, 855Fischer, A., 683Fischer, M. C., M232Fischer, V., M260, 499, 812Fischer da Silva, A. V., 391Fisher, T. M., M313Fissolo, H., W402Fleming, A., T104, 752, 759Fletcher, R., T233Fleury de Melo, A. H., W302, W304Flores, L. R., W275Flores-Mariñelarena, A., W181Flores-Salas, J. M., T263, T501

Page 13: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Flores-Tensos, J. M., M437Floury, J., 438Flowers, W. L., 186, 187Fluharty, F., 637, 690Fluharty, F. L., T353Flury, C., 384Foegeding, E. A., T193, T194Fokkink, W. B., M365Fonseca, D. M., W165Fonseca, L. F. S., M91Fonseca, L. d. S., M505, M506Fonseca, M. A., M334, T463Fonseca, R., T78, T79Fonseca e Silva, F., M433Fonseca Paulino, M., W426Fontes, P. L. P., T148, W60, W61, 368, 425Foote, A. P., 46Forcada, F., M219Ford, S. P., 422, M223Forero, L. C., 691Forgiarini Vizzotto, E., 499Formiga, M. A., W408Formigoni, A., 605, M259Forni, M., W212Forotto, M. L., 302Forster, R., M41Foskolos, A., T398, W334, W338, 854Fossler, C. P., M271, M272, M273, M274,

M275, 136, 138, 139, 145, 146, 147, 148Foster, J. L., 67Foth, A., M401, W389Foulquié, D., W474Fourdraine, R. H., 357Fowler, A. L., T243Fowler, P. A., 9Fowler, S. Q., M136, 508Foxworth, W. B., 632Fraga e Silva Raimondo, R., 817Fragomeni, B., 535Fragomeni, B. D., 534, 770Fragomeni, B. O., M67, T83, W77, 646Fraisse, C., 418Franca, T. N., M257França, I. G., M24França, V. R., T159France, J., 681Frances, O., M39Francisco, C. L., M36, W56Franco, M. O., M328, T351, T358, T359,

828, 829Franco-Gendron, N., 90François, D., W474Franks, M. K., 411Frasseto, M. O., W300Frederick, T., 597Fredin, S. M., W386, 621Fredrickson, E. L., W185Freetly, H. C., M229, 523, 524, 527, 872Freire, A. P. A., T495

Freire, M. M., T498Freitas, B. V., T294Freitas, J. E., M367, M377, W318Freitas, M., T130Freitas, S., 23Freitas, V. O., M218Freitas Junior, J. E., W321, W322, W371Freking, B. A., M507Freua, M. C., W503Frey, J., 433Fricke, P. M., M236, M263, M277, T324,

329, 351, 446, 675, 676Friend, T., 498Friggens, N. C., 684, 274, 616Frigoni, N. A. S. R., T318Frioni, N., T106Fritts, A., W242Froehlich, K., 701Froehlich, K. A., 160Fryxell, R. T., 495Fu, W., W239Fuenzalida, M. J., T324, 676Fugate, R. T., M137Fujieda, T., T386, T387Fukushima, R. S., T484, T492, 268Fulgoni, V., LB6Fulton, J., 37, M65, M295Fulton, J. E., M70Funston, R. N., W65, 2, 366, 367, 442, 444,

737, 833Furini, P. M., W345, W346Furlan, A. C., M170Furlan, J. J. M., M161, T85, W66, W72Furlan, J. M., T81Furness, J. B., 49Furuichi, T., M489Fustini, M., M259, 605Fuzeto, A. P., T484Fynn, M., LB8


Gabbi, A. M., M260Gabel, A. N., 230Gabler, N., M25Gabler, N. K., W16, 185, 668, 790Gabriel, A., T508, 181Gadberry, S., M46, 742Gaddis, K. L. P., 538Gaillard, C., T198, 274Galati, R. L., W315Galbraith, E., T41, W368, W392, 701, 702Galicia, L., W21Galina, C. S., T259Gallagher, G. R., T535Gallard, Y., W373, 467Gallardo, C., M179, M182, M183, M184Gallardo, D., T409Galle, S., 837

Galli, J. R., 63Gallo, S. B., W503Galloway, D., 742Galoro, N., M169Galoro da Silva, L., T199, T361, T369Galton, D. M., T11Galvão, G., M183Galvao, K., 359Galvão, K. N., M288, M305, T21, T22, T28,

T48, T101, 23, 358, 360Galvão, M. C., M318, M324, W290Galvao, V. C., T489, W321, W322, W405,

W406Galvão Albuquerque, L., M98, T84, T85Galyean, M., 551, 591, 607Galyen, W., M46, 742Galyen, W. L., W62Gama, M. P. M., M280Gan, Z., 242Gander, A., W434Gandhi, A., 403, 556Gandra, J., M356, M359, M362, T508, 181Gandra, J. R., W318Gandy, J. C., T29Ganister Fields, J., 783Ganjkhanlou, M., M447Gänzle, M., 567Gänzle, M. G., 837Gao, H., M150, 753Gao, P., M448Gao, X., T214, T411, 85Gao, Y., T166Garad, P. S., 378Garbe, J. R., M84Garber, L. P., 136Garbossa, C. A. P., M505, M506Garcia, A. D., W359Garcia, D. A., T78Garcia, E. A., T73Garcia, J., T485, T487, W435Garcia, M., M55, M144, M94, T237, W73Garcia, R., M38, M57, M129, M490, T27,

W19, W240Garcia, S., 197Garcia, W. C., 635Garcia Buitrago, J. A., M66García Martínez, A., W504Garcia-Fernandez, N., 78, T141Garcia-Flor, V. L., 151Garcia-Fruitos, E., T34Garcia-Guerra, A., M363, 315, 678Garcia-Martinez, J. E., W25Garcia-Sandoval, S., T516Gardenalli, R., T471, W282Gardina, R., W321Gardinal, R., M367, M377, W318, W322,

W371, 389Garnsworthy, P. C., T432, 559Garossino, K., M337

Page 14: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Garrett, E. F., T3, 707Garrett, J. E., M388, M390, T424Garrick, D., 384, 545Garrick, D. J., M70, T80, 524Garrido, P. B., M317Garrow, T. A., 457Garry, B., 179Gart, E. V., W42Garver, J. L., W340, 466Garza, B., 632Gasa, J., M195, M497, M499, 120Gaspa, G., T92, T110, T502Gately, R. E., 291Gatlin, D. M., 776Gatrell, S., 579Gauvin, M.-P., 79Gaxiola, S. M., M45Gaytan, R. Z., T352Gaze, L., T130Gazi, I., 570Gebremedhin, K. G., W267Gehman, A. M., M353, M379Geiger, A. J., M131, T223, T229, T264,

W218, 419Genest, S., 201Gengler, N., 10, 13, 658Genís, S., T34, 22Genther-Schroeder, O. N., 867Gentil, R. S., T495Gentry, W. W., 506Geppel, A., W179Geppert, T. C., M228, W303, 313, 314Geraldo, A. C. A. P. M., M86Gerard, P. D., W129Germano de Resende, R., T471, W282Gerrard, D. E., 667Gerrits, W., 830Gervais, R., M378, M391, M405, M407,

M411, M412, T385, T410, 700Gessner, D. K., T445Gesteira Coelho, S., W345, W346, W381,

149Ghaderi-Zefrehei, M., M82Ghadimi, D., M309Ghaffarzadeh, M., M414Ghassemi Nejad, J., W468Ghedini, C. P., 602Ghilardi, B., W446Ghimire, S., M410Ghnenis, A. B., 422Ghorbani, G. R., T380Giallongo, F., W9, 167, 597, 620, 850Gibbons, W. R., T418Gibson, K. D., M141, 377Gibson, M. W., W105Gil, A., 256Gilbert, M., 830Gilbert, R., M305, T101, 359Giles, T., 109

Gilfeather, C. L., M221, W260, 449Gilis, C. A., W311Gillen-Muñoz, J., W476Gillespie, J. M., T334Gilliam, J. N., M27Gillian-Daniel, D. L., 639Gimenez, D. F. J., M98Gimenez, D. F. R. J., M91Gimeno, D., M66, T77Gionbelli, M. P., W221, 454Gionbelli, T. R. S., W221, W377, W378, 454Giordano, J. O., M211, M249, T37, W277,

128, 279, 356, 448Giovanini, L., 63Gipson, M. L., 816Gipson, R. G., 816Gipson, T. A., M476, M477, M478, M485,

T499, T511, T512Giraldo-Arana, D., M226Girard, C. L., T410Gittens, C., 293Giuliodori, M., T408Gladyr, E. A., T35, T99, W83Glória, L. S., M433Glosson, K. M., 48Gnan, S., T144Gobi, J. P., M173Gobikrushanth, M., M215, M216, W258, 23Godbee, R. G., T240Goddard, M. E., 522Godden, S., 696Godden, S. A., 86Goddik, L., W125, W126, W127, W128,

W157Godfrey, R. W., 744, W49Godinez-Cruz, J., W418Godinho, E. C., W269Godkin, M. A., 290Goes, R., M356, M359, M362Goeser, J., M112, M416, M417, T491, W184Goetsch, A. L., M477, M478, M484, M485,

T499, T511, T512Goff, B., 68Gohary, K., 363Gohel, M., 53Gokhale, S. B., M53Gold, R. M., W42Goldansaz, S. A., T5, T6, T9Goldhawk, C., 728Golombeski, G. L., W375Goltz, L., M474, M475, M479, M480,

M481, W500Gomes, G. C., 360Gomes, L. M., M26, T299Gomes, L. C., M473Gomes, P. M., T70Gomes, R. A., M318, M324, W290Gomes, R. M. S., M24, M465, M466Gomes, V. C., T178

Gomes da Silva, A., W65Gomes de Paiva, P., T489Gomes dos Santos, C., T474, T475, W496Gomes Moreira, K. K., W397, W403Gomez, A., 848Gomez, G. G., M401, W389Gomez, K., W502Gomez, N. A., 624, 626Gomez-Danes, A. A., T523Gómez-Fernández, J., M502Gómez-Izquierdo, E., M502Gomez-Vazquez, A., T525Gonçalves, F. M., M218, T2, 817Gonçalves, J. R. S., M224, M225, M230Gonçalves, J. S., T174, T175, T522, T524,

W505Gonçalves, J. L., M443Gonçalves, P. H., M338, W305, W316,

W317Gonçalves Barbosa, N. C., W304Gonçalves Cirqueira, P., M165Gonçalves Leite, R., M321, M322Gonda, M. G., 484, 873Gondim, C. W. R., W227Gondro, C., W74Gong, J., W112Gong, Y., T115, 785, 786Gonyou, H., M30Gonzalez, A., W178Gonzalez, J. M., T229, W458, 104, 105, 441,

866Gonzalez, L., W14Gonzalez, L. A., W289Gonzalez, M. A. L., T496Gonzalez-Alvarez, V., W476Gonzalez-Alvarez, V. H., T501, T505, W478Gonzalez-Duran, E. E., T137, T138González-García, E., T255, W197, W474González-Muñoz, S. S., T530, W162González-Peña, D., 738Gonzalez-Pena, D., M38, M57, M129,

M490, T27, T101, W19, W240Gonzalez-Recio, O., 522Gonzalez-Rivas, P. A., 810González-Rodríguez, A., W75González-Ronquillo, M., W459Gonzalez-Tavizón, A., T505, T526Gonzalo, E., M188Goonewardene, L., W124Goossen, C. P., 263Gorden, P. J., 246, 364Gordiano, L. A., W408Gordienko, J. C., M136, 508Gordo, D. G. M., W72Gordon, J. L., 847Gordon, L. J., W307Gorgulu, M., W376Górka, P., W464Gorocica, M., W299, W333

Page 15: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Gorocica-Buenfil, M. A., T353Görs, S., W255Gotoh, T., 588Gotoh, Y., W89Gott, P. N., T222Gouda, G. A., 173, 174Gourley, G., 118Gouvea, V. N., M224, M225, M230, M310,

M444, T500Govindasamy-Lucey, S., 560Govoni, K. E., T61, T65, W216, W217, 291,

294Goyal, S. M., 789Gozho, G. N., M357Gracia, M. I., M493, M496Gracia de Garnica, M., T487Graff, H. B., W261Graham, J. K., M302, T327Graham, M. R., T311Grandin, T., 411, M35Granja-Salcedo, Y. T., M434, M435Grant, R. J., M32, W386, 81, 165, 343, 471,

621Gratton, G., M329Gratz, K. G., M3Graugnard, D. E., M313, M326, W220,

W350, 464Graves, W. M., M247Gray, K., 770Gray, K. A., M501, 17, 762, 769Gray, M. N., W105Grazul-Bilska, A. T., T319Greco, L. F., T322, 328, 360, 704Gredler, B., 384Green, H. B., 211, 246, 846Green, J. A., T323Green, M. H., 468Greenleaf, E. N., T515, T517Greenwood, S., 783Greenwood, S. L., M341, M346Greiner, S. P., 746, 747Gressley, T., 293Grieger, D. M., M232Grieger, L., LB8Griffin, J. E., 873Grilli, E., W212Grimes, A., T67Grings, E. E., 2, 367, 614Grizotto, R. K., W453Grooms, D. L., M13, T66Gross, J. J., M87, M209, M212, 101, 680Grossbier, D., W146Groto, M. E., M163Grott, M. W., 159Grubbs, J. K., 668Gruen, D., 167Gruninger, R., M436Gruse, J., T227Grusenmeyer, D. J., 719

Grutsch, A., T133Gu, M. J., W292Gu, X., 278Guan, D., M99Guan, L., W437, 489Guan, L. L., T357, T430, W124, W429, 322Guan, Y., T460Guard, C., T26, 509Guay, F., W112Güémez, H. R., M518, W237Guenther, J. N., M363, 129, 315, 678Guerero-Cervantes, M., W168Guerra, A. F. Q. M., W122Guerra, J. E., W21Guerrero, M. d. J., W29Guerrero-Cervantes, M., T514Guevara, J. L., T173Guevara-Valdez, J. L., W167Guevera, J. M., M315, 712, 713Guillamón, E., M502Guillen, J., W392Guillen-Muñoz, J. M., T501, W478, W480Guillou, D., T292Guimarães, S. E. F., M77Guljukin, M. I., T35Gulley, J. W., W44Gunasegaram, S., T104, 752Günes, N., T503Gunn, P. J., M228, M229, W303, 313, 314,

451, 453Gunter, P. A., W447Guo, B., 240Guo, G., W327Guo, J. R., M152Guo, J. Y., 307, 309Guo, M., T111Gupta, B. P., W139Gurung, N., W479Gurung, N. K., 180Gusev, I. V., T35Gusmao de Quadros, D., 609Gutiérrez, G. F., T132Gutierrez, N. P., T30Gutierrez-Mendez, N., T107Guzmán, R. K., M329, M330, M421


Ha, H.-K., W153Ha, J., M88Ha, N.-T., M87Haas, Y., 525Haberman, J., 498Habing, G. G., T219Hackbart, K., 351Hackmann, T., 342Hackmann, T. J., T213Hadley, M. A., T196Hadlich, F., 533

Hadrich, J., 137Haerr, K. J., T154, T156, W357, W362Hafla, A. N., M120Haga, S., 588Hagevoort, G. R., M66Hahm, S.-W., M51Haile, A. B., M143Hailemariam, D. W., T5, T6, T7, T8, T9Haile-Mariam, M., 750Haines, D. M., 141, 142Hairgrove, T., 498Haisan, J., W429Hajilo, M., T494Hajilou, M., M447Hales, K. E., 872Haley, D., 501Haley, D. B., 154, 290, 496Hall, C., 514Hall, J. O., T179Hall, L. W., M262Hall, M. B., W348, 168, 591Halpin, K., T449Hamlin, D. L., 340, 739Hammami, H., 10Hammock, I., W211Hammock, M., W211Hammock, N., W211Hammock, P., W211Hammon, H. M., T227, T403Hammond, A. J., M396Hamzaoui, S., M156Han, H., M51Han, O. K., W194Hanada, M., T40Hancock, D. W., W163Hancock, J. D., M203, 122Hanigan, M., T465, 681, 819Hanigan, M. D., M342, M410, W274, W276,

W353, W356, 591, 708, 709, 746, 747Hannas, M. I., M172, 306Hänninen, L., 726Hansen, K., 477Hansen, L. B., T23, 373, 374, 376Hansen, P. J., T321, W81, W85, 220, 809Hansen, S. L., M427, 334, 347, 348, 524,

867Hansen, T. L., T242Hansen, T. R., LB1Haque, Z. Z., 557, 558Hardie, L. C., 526Hardin, D. K., 94Harding, J., W297Harding, J. C. S., 768Harding, J. L., M316Hardy, M. C., 229, 353Harland, R., M341, M346Harlow, B. E., T243Harmon, D. D., 746, 747Harmon, D. L., M482, 264, 270

Page 16: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Harmon, R. J., 275Harper, M., 620Harper, M. T., W9, 167, 597, 850Harrington, J. A., W279Harris, D., 109, 112Harris, T. L., W330, W409, 153Harrison, J., T396, 459, 603Harrison, R., M341, M346Harry, H. R., M39, M49Harstine, B. R., 445Hart, C. G., W260Hart, S. P., T511, T512Harte, F. M., M103Härter, C. J., T497, T498, T506, W283Hartzell, M. C., M14Haruno, A., T386Harvatine, K. J., M145, M148, M394, M415,

T278, W456, 286, 345, 468, 469Hashmi, A. S., 628Haslag, W. M., T527Hassan, A., T141, T195, 78, 404Hassan, M., 134Hassanat, F., T385, W278Hassani, M. W., W376Hassen, A. T., W183Hastings, H. M., T441Hatamoto-Zervoudakis, L. K., W407, W438,

W439, W440Hatanaka, H., 588Hatew, B., 857Hauschild, L., M173Hauser, M., T112, 72Haussler, K. K., T75Häussler, S., W251, W252, 670Havartine, K. J., M374Haviland, C. L., T67, 371Havill, K. M., 712Havlin, J. M., M388, M390Hawken, R. J., M67, 16, 760Hayen, J., W268Hayen, M. J., 808Hayes, B. J., 522, 679, 750Hayes, J., M478Hayes, S. H., T243Hazard, D., W474Hazel, A. R., T23, 373, 374, 376He, B., W123He, J., W113, W115, 577, 835, 836He, Y., W142He, Z., T374Heaton, M., W475Heersche, G., M246, 80Heguy, J., M127Heguy, J. M., M117Heibeck, S. M., T75Heidi, S.-H., 545Heinrichs, J., 330Heins, B. J., M119, M285, T23, 64, 373, 374,

376, 695

Heiser, A., 247Heitman, A. J., 265Heller, M., LB6Hemmer, J., T69Hemmings, K., 112Hemsworth, P. H., 32Henderson, A., 592Henderson, H. J., 652Henderson, S. L., M1Hendrick, S., 461Hendricks, J., T134Hendriks, W. H., 606Henning, P. H., 212Henrique, F. L., M23, W2Henrique da Silva, T., M395Henry, D. D., T148, T477, W60, W61,

W460, 161, 368, 425, 604, 826, 832Henry, W., T296Hentges, D., 763Hentz, F., T466Herickhoff, L., W242Herlihy, M. M., 329Herling, V. R., T188, T484Hernández, C., T251, T252, T253, T254,

T256, T257Hernández, H., T132Hernandez, J. A., 360Hernández, L., W110Hernandez, L. L., T209, T269, 97, 281, 704Hernandez, P., W473Hernandez, P. C., T183, W199Hernández-Bustamante, J. D., T526Hernández-Castellano, L. E., M471, M472,

432Hernández-García, A., 302Hernández-Mendo, O., W162Herrera, C. A. M., W488Herrero-Medrano, J., 261Herring, A. D., 42Herring, W. O., M72Hersom, M. J., M315, W55, 712, 713Hervé, L., 99Herzog, E., T445Hess, T., M46, T379, 742Hess, T. M., 311Hetta, M., T479, W394Hettinga, K. A., 594Heuwieser, W., W15, 20Hickey, C. D., 563Hicks, R. B., 871Hicks, V., 14Higgins, H., 509Higgs, R. J., T398, W393Hill, G. M., 119Hill, K. L., W64Hill, M., W250Hill, S. L., M232Hill, T. M., T203, T439, W343, 155Hilscher, F. H., W433, 833

Hilsenbeck, H. L., W501Hindrichsen, I. K., W179, 169, 267Hinds, M., W183Hines, E. A., 241Hoar, B. R., W3Hodge, L. B., T238, T246, T247, 673Hodgman, C., 109, 112Hoene, L. H., M16Hoffman, L. C., M168, M488Hoffman, M. L., T65, W216, W217, 294Hoffman, P., T391Hoffman, P. C., M114, M121Hoffmann, K., 798Hofstetter, U., T245, T343, 239Hogan, J., 718Hogan, J. S., T222Hogan, S., 440Höjer, A., W394Holásková, I., M301, T311Holden, L. A., T533Hölker, M., W251, W252Holland, A. E., T394Holland, C. M., 66, 266Holland, J., 137Holloway, B., M361Holloway, C. T. L., T223Holscher, H. D., W100Holst, J. J., 48Holt, M. D., 162Holthaus, A. G., 766Holz, P., 431Homan, J., W34Homem Junior, A. C., M321, T519, T524,

T529Honda, P. M., 287Hong, J.-Y., W153Hong, J.-K., M29Hong, S. H., W41, W43Hong, Y. H., M75Honrubia, P., M493, M496Hooper, H. B., M23, W2Horan, B., 375Horn, G. W., W447Horn, N. L., M516Hornick, J. L., W249Horst, J. A., M290, T90Horst, J. G., W482Horváth, M., 761Hoshide, A. K., 602Hosotani, G., T287Hossain, M. M., M200, 838Hosseindoust, A., M202Hosseini, A., W437Hostetler, D., M348, T452, T453Houin, B., M16Houssard, C., 660Hovey, R. C., 95Howard, J. T., 750

Page 17: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Hristov, A. N., W9, W365, 167, 597, 620, 850

Htoo, J. K., M171, M172, W121, 52, 304, 305

Hu, F. L., 300Hu, H., M150Hu, L., W40, W215Hu, M., W466Hu, T., T171, T181Hu, W., M365Hu, X., M78, M84Hu, Y., 195Huang, L., W239, 653Huang, Q., T171, T181Huang, X., M449, W48Huang, X. B., T421Huang, Y., M501, 769, 770Huang, Z., M78, 188, 577Huang, Z. Q., W113, W115, 835, 836Hubbell, D., M46, T379, 742Hubbell, D. S., T350, W62Huber, K., 30, 477Huenchullán, P. R., 722Huerta-Bravo, M., M403Huffman, T., W1Hughes, C. H. K., 420Hughes, H. D., M37, T309, 505, 507, 589,

590Hughes, J. M., W140, W141, 565Huhtanen, P., T479, W394, W450Hui, W., T401Huisma, C., M337Huisman, D., T441Hulbert, L. E., M136, W35, W38, 250, 494,

508Hullinger, G., 26Hulsegge, I., 380Hultquist, K. M., 89Hume, M., T173, W266Hung, I.-F., T297, 798Hunger, C., 190Hunter, A., 733Huntington, G. B., 346Huo, Y., W295Huppertz, T., M107, 440, 570, 654Hurley, D., 514Hurley, D. J., W323Hurt, E. E., 656, 657Hurtaud, C., W373, 467Husnain, A., 134Huson, H., W88Huson, H. J., T88, 755Huss, A. R., T172, W95, LB5, 787Huss-Danell, K., T479Hussein, A. H., 333, 335Hutchens, T., M476Hutcheson, J. P., 107, 521, 863, 864, 865Hutchison, J. L., W84, W86Huzzey, J. M., M21, M22, T36

Hwang, H.-S., M29Hwang, J.-Y., W153Hygino, B., M473Hymes-Fecht, U. C., W198


Iandola, S. K., T117Ibáñez, R. A., 560Ibba, I., 650Ibeagha-Awemu, E. M., T279, W94Idowu, O. J., 823Idrobo, A. E., T260Ige, M., 273Iglesias, E., W269Ignacchiti, B. P., W187Ignacio, F.-F., 189Iiams, C., W183Iida, R., T57, W286Ikegami, E., T386, T387Ikhatua, U. J., T477, 161, 832Imboden, M., W34Imumorin, I. G., M82, T80Indugu, N., T168, T488, 164, 513Infante, P., M86Ingale, S. L., W114Ingawa, K., 225Ingham, C., W502Ingham, E. R., T109Ingold, B. C., 243Íñiguez-González, G., T432, 559Ipek, A., T336Ipharraguerre, I., W119, W247Ipharraguerre, I. R., T402, 45, 48Iposu, S. O., 273Iqbal, S., 585Iqbal, Z. M., T442Ireland, F. A., 738Irsik, M., M315, 712, 713Isabela da Silva, C., M473Isaka, N., T267, T268Isaza, J. V., M96Isenberg, B. J., T444Ishaq, S. L., M460, W328Isiderio, K. C. P., M512Iske, C. J., 399Ismaiel, A. K., M50Ismail, H., M483Iukalo, A., M102Ivanov, L., W155Ivanova, L. A., T35Ivey, B. L., W63Ivey, S. L., T76Iwaasa, A., T181, W200Iwaniuk, M. E., W387Iyasere, O. S., T58Iyayi, E. A., 795


Jabbar, M. A., T442Jacobs, R. D., 311Jacometo, C. B., T2Jacques, K. A., M326, W458, 104, 105Jacquez, S., T140Jaeger, J. R., M232Jaeggi, J. J., 560Jaganathan, D., T61Jahnke, M. M., 451Jaichansukkit, T., M73Jalukar, S., 817, M218James, D. K., W185James, R., 709James, R. E., M296, T264, 57, 86, 224, 419Jamrozik, J., 754Jang, K., T293, T301Jang, Y., T293, T301Janini, A. P. R., W305Janni, K., 693Janss, L. L., 41Jantz, J. A. B., M419, 460Janusckiewicz, E. R., T180, T184Janzen, E. D., M28, W13, 288Jao, M., M361Jarillo, J., W188Jarrett, J., 709Jaton, C., 757Jattawa, D., W91Javed, K., T442Jawor, P., T403Jaworski, N. W., 793, 794Jayaraman, B., 52Jayasinghe, N. K., M340Jeffrey, A. M., W95, LB5Jelinski, M. J., W13Jendza, J. A., M137Jenkins, C. J. R., M348, M382, T452, T453Jenkins, T., T396, 162Jenko, J., T88Jenks, M. L., 610Jennings, H. A., 485, 487Jennings, J. S., W430, W448, 339, 506, 815,

863, 864, 865Jenny, B. F., M380Jensen, J., 753Jeon, S. J., T22, 23Jeong, A., T131Jeong, C. D., W424Jeong, J. S., M200, M202Jeong, K. C., T21, T28, 23Jeong, W., T316Jesus, E. F., M367, M377, W405, W406Jewell, D., 550Jha, R., 571, 576Ji, D. H., W468Ji, J., 706Ji, S., M451

Page 18: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Ji, Y., 424Jia, G. Q., 338Jia, Y., 270, 195Jiang, C. G., T354, 175Jiang, S. Z., T284Jiang, X.-R., W112Jiang, Y., M383, T477, W190, W355, W367,

161, 832Jiao, S., M501, 769Jiménez, L. M., T440Jimenez-Flores, R., T140, W156Jin, D., W411, W422Jin, L., T171, T181, W191, W200, W205Jin, S., W239, 653Jin, X. L., 300, 301Jirsaraei, B., W135Jo, C., T377, W293Jo, Y., T191Jodarski, G., 735Johansen, M., 623Johansson, B., 65Johnson, A., M25, M140, 600Johnson, A. K., W16, 185, 241Johnson, B., 607Johnson, D., W71Johnson, J. S., 238, 846Johnson, K. A., M446, 524Johnson, L. M., M255Johnson, M. E., 560Johnson, R. W., 774Johnson, S. E., T224, T229, W218, 420, 746,

747Johnson, T. M., 106Johnston, C., T390Johnston, L., M489, T389Johnstone, P. D., M486Jois, M., M393, M396Jokela, W., M122Jokela, W. E., 636Jolaosho, A. O., 271, 273Jolitz, E. S., M220Jolliet, O., LB6, 592Jolly-Breithaupt, M., W297Jones, A. K., W216, 291, 294Jones, A. L., W323Jones, C. K., T74, T172, T282, W95, W97,

W103, W105, LB5, 123, 787Jones, J. J., 34Jones, J. O., T129, W139, W489Jones, K., T244Jones, S. A., W475Jones-Bitton, A., T201, 839Joo, Y., W178, 265Joo, Y. H., T461, T470, T480, W172, W194Jordan, E. R., M210Jordana, J., T507Jorge, A. M., M36, W56Jorgensen, M., 693, 696Jorquera, A. P., T528

Jose, R. M., 189Joseph, R. T., M239Joshi, C., 53Joy, F., M329Juárez Sequeira, A. V., W402Juárez-Reyes, A. S., W168Judd, L. M., T490Judy, J. V., M382Juengel, J. L., M486Juengst, L., M55Julliand, V., 672Jun, L., M143, T401Jung, Y., 632Junior, A. C. H. T522, W315,Júnior, B. R. d. O., M381Júnior, C. A. S., T70Junior, C. G. S., T68Junior, G. A. O., W79, W92Junior, G. d. L. M., T518Junior, G. S. D., M112Júnior, V. L., M24Junqueira, O. M., W46Junqueira Rodrigues, D., W234, W235Juntwait, K. A., 622


Kabirizi, J. M., 555Kachman, S. D., 527, 530Kadam, H. D., M53, 245, 378Kafilzadeh, F., M309, M425, W192, W193Kahindi, R., M185, W121Kahl, S., T10, T20, W20, W37Kalaitzakis, E., T277, 680Kalantari, A. S., M279Kalebich, C. C., 858Kalivoda, J. R., 123Kallenbach, R. L., T492, 340Kalscheuer, R., 74Kalscheur, K. F., M340, W332, W359Kam, D. K., M335Kamal, M. M., 421, 423Kamanga-Sollo, E., W224Kamat, M. M., M14Kametani, M., M367, M377Kaminski, S. L., T319Kammes, K. L., T410Kamollirt, C., 312Kang, H., M29Kang, H. C., W74Kang, H. J., T307, W292Kang, H. S., W222, W223Kang, K. I., 303Kang, S., M54, M88Kaniyamattam, K., T95, T105Kannan, G., M452, M455, M456, M457,

W489, W490Kappen, K., 399Karanja, J., M288

Karcher, E. L., M3Kareem-Ibrahim, K., W238Kargar, S., T380, W379Karimi, A. H., W469Karle, B. M., W24Karns, J. S., 145, 147Karreman, H. J., T109Karren, B. J., T75Karwe, M. V., 70Kaske, M., 431Kassem, J. M., W138Kassube, K. R., 803, 804Kathannan, S., M198Kato, D., 588Katto, S., T159Kaufman, E. I., M20, 355Kaufman, J. D., 803, 804Kaur, H., M142, 297Kautz, F., 514, 627Kawahara, T., W89Kawas, J. R., T353Kawashima, C., M212, T40Kawonga, B. S., 813Kay, J. K., 247Kazemi-Joujili, M., 851Kazmer, G. W., T61Keating, A. F., W16Kebreab, E., M281, T465, W281, W354,

W358, 596, 600, 615, 625Keefe, G. P., M292Keele, J., W475Keele, J. W., 504Kegley, B., 742Kegley, E., M46Kehler, C. E. J., 728Keim, J. P., W444Keisler, D. H., W261, W329Keith, E., T292Keller, A. K., 569Keller, L., T483Keller, M., W502Kelley, A. W., T388Kelley, S., 725Kelley, S. F., M515, T241, T244, T536,

W243Kelly, D. J., 442Kelly, E. J., 26Kelly, F. W., 321Kelly, K. M., 221Kelton, D. F., M292, 82, 754, 759Kemp, B., 127, 276Kemp, R. A., 768Kemper, K. E., 679Kempker, A. J., T189, T190, T510Kenez, A., 30, T55Kennedy, E., M118, 150Kenny, A., M337Kenny, A. L., W264Kenny, D. A., M244

Page 19: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Kent, D. J., 778Kent-Dennis, C., T225Kenyon, P., T345Keoleian, G., LB6Kerby, J. L., 67, T186Kerley, M., T492Kerley, M. S., T287, W465, 334, 524Kerr, B., T465Kerr, D., T20, W37Kerr, D. E., 29, 100, 512, 518Kerr, K., 549Kerr, K. R., 389Kerrigan, M. A., 765Kersbergen, R. J., 602Kerth, C. R., T72Kesser, J., W250Kessler, E. C., 101Keuler, N. S., W34Khademi, T., T494Khadse, J. R., M53, 378Khafipour, E., M41, M333, M374, M408,

M409, T17, T18, T19, W118, W120, LB8, 248

Khalilvandi-Behroozyar, H., M414Khamisabadi, H., M425Khamooshi, S., W192Khan, M., 689Khan, M. A., M245, T36Khan, M. J., 464Khan, N. A., T478, W414Khan, O. A., W427Khanal, S., T115Khanal, S. N., M108Khanthusaeng, V., 312Khare, K., 541Kharitonov, S. N., W83Kharsinova, V. R., T99Khas-Erdene, M448, T456Khatabi, N., T144Khatib, H., 351, 767Khemsawat, J., T249Kholif, A. E., T234, 151, 173, 174, 611, 630Kholif, A. M., 173Kholif, S. M., 173, 174Kiarie, E., M491, W111, W117, W120, 113,

116, 573Kienitz, M.-A. J., M285Kienzle, E., 547Kil, D. Y., M189, M190, W226Kim, B., T293, T301Kim, B. G., M175, M186, M187, M191,

W233, W424Kim, B. W., W468Kim, C. J., M460Kim, D., T28Kim, D. H., T461, T470, T480, W172, W194Kim, E. T., T461, T470Kim, G.-B., T131Kim, H. B., W41, W43

Kim, H. C., W67, W74Kim, H. J., T307, T377, W222, W223,

W292, W293, 106Kim, H. S., W222, W223Kim, I. H., M69, M198, M199, M200,

M201, M202, M203, M204, M205, M206, M207, M208, 194, 303, 797, 838

Kim, J., T293, T301, T303, T316, 580Kim, J. H., M189, M190Kim, J. J. M., 430Kim, J. K., M201, M207, W223Kim, K., T293, T301Kim, K. H., M494Kim, K.-S., M494, W226Kim, M. C., M189, M190Kim, M. S., 527, 530Kim, S., T293, T301, W74Kim, S. C., T461, T470, T480, W172, W194Kim, S. G., 386Kim, S. H., M504Kim, S. U., W467Kim, S. W., T286, 44, 114, 115, 117, 119,

307, 309, 788Kim, T. H., T480Kim, W., T293, T301Kim, W. K., 52Kim, Y., T293, T301Kim, Y. H., M494, T293, T301, W114Kimball, B. A., 416Kimball, S. R., 387Kindermann, M., T357, W429, 167, 597, 850Kindstedt, P. S., W140, W141, 565King, M. E., W64King, M. T. M., M18, W5, 510Kinley, R. D., 169Kinoshita, A., T55, 30, 477Kirch, B., M35Kirk, D., M339, W391Kirk, M., T202, 156Kirven, J., M101Kiser, J. N., M89, W90Kistemaker, G. J., 754Kizilkaya, K., M80, T80Klefot, J. M., 353Klein, D., 607, 790Kleinjan, J., T157Kleithermes, S. N., T527Kliemann, R. D., M474, M475, M479,

M480, M481, W500Klop, G., 857Klopfenstein, T. J., 341, 821, 862, 869Klopp, R. N., 222Klotz, J. L., 68, 264, 270Knap, P. W., 262Knapp, J. R., T434, T443, W284, W285,

W287, 202Knauer, M. T., 186, 187, 762, 763Knauer, W. A., 86Knights, M., T515, T517

Knijn, H., 381Knoell, A. L., 821Knol, E. F., 261, 764Knorr, A., T280Knowles, D. P., M83Knowlton, K., T344Knowlton, K. F., M282, 708, 709Knox, P., 418Knox, R. V., M490, W240Knueven, C., W95, LB5Knupp, L. S., T502, T509, W491Knupp, S. N. R., W491Knutson, K., T33Koba, Y., W347Koch, B. M., W270, LB3, 102, 103Koch, C., T445, W250Kocic, H., T108Koeck, A., T104, 752, 754, 757, 759Koelling, B. E., T510Koenig, K., 482Koeppel, P., 798Koetz, C., M100Kohake, K. L., 122Köhler, J., M439Kohmann, M. M., M110Kohn, R. A., M410, T490Koketsu, Y., T57, W286, W288Kokkinidou, S., 781Kokkonen, T., M343Koknaroglu, H., W279Kolling, G. J., M260Kommineni, A., T113, T114, W131, W146,

71Kondo, M., 588Konkruea, T., T86Kononoff, P. J., M348, M382, M401, T452,

T453, W389Koolhaas, J. M., 235Koonawootrittriron, S., M68, M71, M73,

M253, T86, T87, T91, T249, W91, W93Kopral, C. A., M271, M272, M273, M274,

M275, 136, 138, 139, 148Korkmaz, F. T., 29, 512Kormondi, M., M495Koser, S. L., 285, M372, W256Kouakou, B., M452, M453, M454, M455,

M456, M457, W489, W490, W499Koudele, K., W1Kovacs, A., 193Kovalsky, P., T245, T343Kozloski, G. V., M482, T466, T467Kradolfer, D., T312Kraft, J., M256, M341, M346, T405, 166,

263, 598Kraisoon, A., 312Kramarenko, A. S., T35Krause, A. R. T., T2Krauss, R., 25Kraut-Cohen, J., 415

Page 20: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Krawczel, P., 495Krawczel, P. D., T152, 233Krehbiel, C. R., T67, 371Krempel, G. M., T274, T275Kristensen, R. C., M271, 145, 146, 147Krizsan, S. J., W450Kromik, A., 533Kronberg, S. L., W445Ku, M. J., W467Kuang, S., 669Kuber, C., M128Kuber, R., M128Küçüksen, D. U., T503Kudupoje, M., W17, 730Kudupoje, M. B., W160Kuehn, C., M164Kuehn, L. A., 504, 523, 527, 530Kuester, O., W385Kühn, C., M157, 533Kuhn-Sherlock, B., 365Kulatilleke, I., M393Kulkarni, A. A., 245Kumar, S., T168, T488, T119, 164, 513Kung, L., 603Kungu, J., 555Kunz, H.-J., 431Kuo, L., T61Kurman, C., 495Kurtz, J. E., W320Kutschenko, M., M506Ku-Vera, J., T525Ku-Vera, J. C., M442Kuwahara, F. A., T178Kwawukume, A. A., W118Kweh, M., 83Kweh, M. F., T220Kwon, W. B., M186, M187, M191, W233Kyle, C. R., W152Kyuuno, W., T40


Labrie, S., W150Lacasse, P., 98, T271Lacava, A., 502Lacerda, T., 634Lacetera, N., W87Lacroix, R., M269Ladeira, M., 110Ladeira, M. M., M318, M324, W290Ladokun, A. O., W238Lage, C. F. d. A., M384, M387Lage, J. F., M317Lager, K. J., M210Lago, A., M289, M294, M304, M307, M308,

T31, T43, T46, T47, W32, W33Lagreca, G. V., 103Lahr, F. C., T274, T275Lainé, A., 13

Lais Galati, R., W407, W438, W439Lake, R. P., 871Lam, T. H., T5, T6Lamb, C., W71Lamb, G. C., T148, W60, W61, 59, 327, 368,

425, 604, 736, 826Lamberton, P., T268Lampert, V. N., T340Lamprecht, E. D., T241Lana, Â. M. Q., T273Lana, R. P., 602Lancaster, P., T338Lancaster, P. A., T178, W447, 736, 834Landblom, D. G., 692Landero, J. L., 837Landi, V., T507Lane, R. L., 583Lanferdini, E., M505, M506Lange, M., T142Langer, C. N., W225Lanna, D. P. D., M350, T433Laodim, T., W93Lapierre, H., T399, T400, T423, 619, 620LaPierre, P. A., W325Laporta, J., T269Lara, L. J. C., M258, W227, W228Lardner, H. A., M329Lardy, G. P., 58Larimore, E. L., T317, 586Larios-Cueto, S., T332Laroche, B., 438Larrabee, K. E., T67Larraín, R. E., 722Larsen, L. B., 751Larson, C. K., T371Larson, H. E., M422Larson, J. A., M232Larson, J. E., M250, 447Larson, J. M., 740, 741Larson-Meyer, D. E., 243Lascano, G., M420, 162, 624Lascano, G. J., 198, 626Latorre, M. A., M498, M502Laubenthal, L., W251, W252Laurentiz, A. C., W107LaVigne, E. K., T63Lawhon, S. D., W22, W42Lawlor, T. J., 534, 535Lawrence, A., M59Lawrence, L. M., T243Lawrence, R. D., T416, T426Lawrence, T. E., 107, 521, 863, 864, 865Lawton, A. B., M366Lay, D. C., 238Le, M. H. A., 837Le Feunteun, S., 438Le Gouar, Y., 438Leal, I. C., T427Leal, I. G., T428

Leal, L., M138, 158Leal, M. L. R., T467Leal Matarim, D., M158Leal Perez, H., M321, M322Leal Yepes, F. A., 280, 755Lean, I. J., 704Leane, S., 316, 317Leão, A. E., W345, W346Leão, A. G., W399, W401Leão, B. C. S., T318, T325, T326Leão, J. M., M345, T273, T341, W263Leatherman, K. H., 224Leatherwood, J., 725Leatherwood, J. L., M515, T241, T244,

T536, W243Lebeuf, Y., M378, M405, M407, M411LeBlanc, B. D., W273LeBlanc, S. J., M20, M134, T201, T204, W5,

82, 290, 355, 363, 510, 839, 847Lechuga, R., T173Leclerc, H., T352Lecrubier, R., T473Ledda, M., W491Ledoux, D. R., T346, T348Leduc, M., M405, M407Lee, A., T192Lee, B. B., M189, M190Lee, B. H., W468Lee, E. M., W222, W223Lee, G., 386Lee, G. I., W226Lee, H. J., T377, T461, T470, T480, W172,

W194Lee, I. K., W292Lee, J., M64, M335, 325, 36Lee, J. G., T94Lee, J.-H., M335Lee, J. H., M452, M453, M454, M455,

M456, M457, W489, W490, W499Lee, J.-J., M335Lee, K. Y., M201, M205Lee, M., W424Lee, M.-R., W153Lee, S. H., W74, W114Lee, S. K., W467Lee, S. S., M504, T211, W410, W424, T470,

W194Lee, S.-S., W76Lee, W.-J., W153Lee, Y., M54, M88Lee-Rangel, H., W418Lefebvre, D. M., 754, M269, M270Lefevre, V., 655Legarra, A., M67, 534, 535, 646Lehenbauer, T. W., W24, W35Lehloenya, K. C., W494Lei, S. M., 846Lei, X. G., 578, 579, 580, 581Lei, Y., M208

Page 21: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Leistner, J. E., M15Leitch, K. A., T118Leite, R. F., M469, T519, T529, T498Leite Barbosa, J., W496Leite de Oliveira, F. C., T188Leite Vieira, G., M321, M322Lekatz, L. A., 338LeMaster, C. T., M222Lemcke, R. A., T239Leme, P. R., M159, W400, W404, W503,

163Leme, T. M. C., M86Leme-dos Santos, T. M. C., M23, W2Lemes, A. P., 876Lemley, C. O., M221, M250, T238, W260,

447, 449Lemma, B. B., M452, M453, M454, M455,

M456, M457, W490Lemos, B. J. M., M424, W306, W451, 607Lemos, M. V. A., W72, M91, T81, W66Lemos, T., 181Lemosquet, S., W373Lemus, A. T., 220Lengi, A., 436, 700Lengi, A. J., 94Lents, C. A., M507Leonardi, C., W32, W33Leonardi, S., 688Leon-Lucio, K., T158Lérias, J. R., M472Leriche, I., W102LeRoy, C., M134Leroy, F., 661Lessard, M., W112Lessard, M.-H., W150Letourneau-Montminy, M.-P., M188Leurent-Colette, S., 277Leury, B. J., 321, 810Levicnik, E., 182Lewin, H. A., W84Lewis, E., 179Lewis, R. M., 269, 717Lewis, S. K., 632Leymaster, K., W475Leymaster, K. A., 717Leytem, A., M281, W354, 615, 625Leyton, L., W190Leyva-Medina, K. H., T516Leyva-Orasma, C., W480Leziér, D., M332Li, A., M511Li, B., 835Li, C., W69, W239, W466, 427, 707Li, F., T162, T165, T297Li, H. L., M199, M202, M203, M208Li, J., M166, 386Li, J. N., W419Li, L.-L., 337Li, Q., M151

Li, R., T279, W120, W154Li, S., M19, M123, M125, M162, M451,

T18, T161, T163, T165, T166, T228, T455, W326, 662

Li, S. C., T19, 248Li, S. L., T446Li, T. S., M206Li, X. M449, T210, W390, 859,Li, X. Y., T284Li, X. Z., W327Li, Y., M30, W48, W200Li, Z., W159, W177, W208Li, Z. Y., T283Lian, S., M152, 435Liang, D., 406Liang, G., W124Liang, X., 337Liang, X.-W., 337Liang, Y., T472, W330, W352, W409, 153Liang, Y. L., 27, W26Liao, S. F., M167, 108Liao, S. S., M509Libardoni, R. N., T467Liboreiro, D. N., M306, T1, W8Lidauer, M., M343, 39Liddane, M., M118Liebig, B. E., LB1Lila, M. A., T193Lim, D., W67, W76Lim, J., W126, W127, W128Lima, A. L., W508Lima, A. R. C., M468, M469Lima, C. G., T188Lima, D. C., 394Lima, F., T26, T320Lima, F. S., M237, T322, 328Lima, J. A. M., M345, M381, T273Lima, J. M., M474Lima, L. d. A., W158Lima, M. M., W106, W107, W108, W236Lima, P., W229Lima, R. F., W182Lima, S., T26, 23, 509Lima Cavalcanti, L. F., 149Lima Ferreira, A., W381Lima Vellini, B., W313Limesand, S., 130Lin, B., 337Lin, J., M375Lin, R. S., M503Lin, Y., W40Linander, C. L., 292Lindemann, M. D., T297, T298, 798Linden, S., 515Lindsey, A., W242Linn, J., W395Lino, F. A., W294, W451Linscott, T., W128Liou, S.-C., W154

Lira, R. J., T232Lira de Sousa, J. T., T518Lisembee, A. M., M379Lissemore, K. D., 290Litherland, N. B., W392, W434, 701Littier, H., T344Little, C. R., M516Little, M. W., T32, 618Littlejohn, B. P., W22Littlejohn, M. D., 15Liu, D., 242Liu, E., W335Liu, F., 321Liu, G. E., W84Liu, H., W132, W417Liu, H. Y., 300, 301Liu, J., M284, W132Liu, J.-D., W268, 808Liu, J. X., T412, T413, T421, T430, W123,

300, 301, 322, 860Liu, L., W154Liu, M., T421Liu, R.-Y., 176, 682Liu, W., W239, 653Liu, X., W200Liu, X. M., T283Liu, Y., M157, W40, 792Liu, Y. H., M201Lizarraga, R., W299Lluch-García, N., T304Lo, L. L., M160, M503Lobão da Silva, D. N., W392, W434, 701Lobeck-Luchterhand, K. M., 503Lobo, M. G., M359Lobos, N., T435Lobos, N. E., M363, T212, 315Locatelli-Dittrich, R., M355Locher, L., T55, 477Lock, A. L., T397, W253, W331, W335,

W340, 95, 171, 466, 824Lockhart, J., T532Loest, C. L., T76Loether, T. M., 587Loftus, A. S., T286Lohakare, J., M376Lollivier, V., T268, 98, 99Lomb, J. C., M21, M22Lombard, J., 137, 142Lombard, J. E., M271, M272, M273, M274,

M275, M276, 136, 138, 139, 140, 141, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148

Lomeli, J. J., W275Londoño, A. S., T63Lonergan, E. H., 668Lonergan, P., M244, 679Lonergan, S. M., 668Long, G., T295Long, M. T., T235Long, N. M., M222

Page 22: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Longo, A. L. S., M23, W2Longuski, R., 476Looper, M. L., T350Loor, J. J., M52, M154, T3, T215, T432,

T442, T476, T520, W57, W215, W220, W372, W437, 247, 318, 319, 320, 434, 455, 456, 457, 458, 463, 464, 706, 707

Lopes, A. R., T358Lopes, A. C. O., W436Lopes, F., M351, W184Lopes, F. B., W70Lopes, F. G., M100Lopes, F. R., M238, T323Lopes, J., 167, 620Lopes, J. C., W9Lopes, L. T., 306Lopes, L. B., T341, W263Lopes, N. M., M358, M360, W357, W362Lopes, P. S., M77Lopes de Oliveira, R., M165López, A., W402, 383Lopez, H., M255, 25Lopez, M., 721López, P., M502Lopez, S., 611López, Y., T255Lopez de Toro, C., M252Lopez-Bote, C. J., M498López-Colom, P., M500Lopez-Herrera, A., M96López-Vergé, S., M195, M196, M499Lorena, S., T120Lorentsen, R., 113Lott, S., 177Loucks, W. I., M392Lourenco, D. A. L., M67, T83, W77, W80,

534, 535, 539, 646, 760, 770Lourenço, J. C. S., M474, M475, M479,

M480, M481, W500Lourenço, J. M., W163Louvandini, H., W229, 292Lovatti, J. V. R., W221Love, W. J., W24, W35Lowe, G., 637Loy, D. D., M427, 347, 348, 524Loya-Olguin, J. L., T523Lu, C., 109, 112Lu, J., M509Lu, Y., T114, T115, T229, W147, W218, 71,

525Luan, S., T476, W368, 702Lucas, R. C., T514Lucena, L. R., 287Lucey, J., W147Lucey, J. A., M108, T115, 74, 560, 785, 786Luchini, D., M217, M363, M404, T215,

T435, 315, 318, 319, 320, 351, 455, 456, 457, 458

Luchini, N. D., W337

Luchterhand, K., 252Luco, A., 25Lucrecia, G.-V., 189Lucy, M. C., M213, LB2, 316, 317, 329Luff, W. G., T88Luginbühl, T., 683Lugo, A., 382Luna-Orozco, J. R., W487, W488Lundberg, A. L., M229Lunesu, M. F., W491Lunney, J. K., 765Luo, J., T60, W484, W485, 577Luo, W., 324Lust, D. G., W270Lüttgenau, J., T312Luz, L. A., W164Luz, P. H. C., T188Luz, R.-C. M., 189Luzbel de la Sota, R., T408Lv, Z. W., W417Lyle, P., M262Lyles, J. L., M27, T67Lynch, J. P., W191, W205


Ma, G., 603Ma, J. Y., W327Ma, L., M84, T102, W415, W419, W420,

W421Ma, T., M470, M487, T438, W174, 175, 831Ma, X., 653Ma, Y. L., 310Ma, Z., T28, 272Ma, Z. X., W190Maak, S., M157, M164Mabelebele, M., W244Mac Tilson, W., W210MacAdam, J. W., 68Macciotta, N. P. P., T92, W87, 650MacDonald, J. C., M316, W297, 341, 821,

833, 862Macedo de Almeida Martins, P. G., W496MacGhee, M. E., T224, 420Machado, A., M362Machado, F. S., M345, M347, M354, M370,

M381, M384, M387, W377Machado, T. J., 67Machado, V., 509, T26Machado-Neto, R., T315Macías, D. S., T251, T252, T253, T254,

T256, T257Maciel Fernandes, R., W313, W454Macko, A., 130Mackowiak, C., W171, W180Macmillan, K., T454, 85MacNeil, M. D., 523, 648MacPherson, J. A. R., M138Maddock, R. J., 692

Mader, T. L., W279, 806, 807Madrid, S., 383Madrona, G. S., T142Madruga, A., W14, W289Madsen, P., 753Madson, D. M., 453Madureira, A. M. L., M248, M293, M300,

842Madureira, E. R., M277Madureira, M., M277Maeda, Y., T21Mafi, G. G., 371Magalhães, A., W143Magalhães, A. F. B., W72Magalhães Campos, M., W345, W346,

W381, 149Mage, C., M62Magnabosco, C. U., W70Magno Fernandes, A., W201Magowan, E., T296Mahanna, W. C., T437Maia, C., 446Maia, G. G., 287Maier, C. S., T50, T51, T53Mainar-Jaime, R. C., 237Mainau, E., W6, W14, W289Maioli, M. A., M226Maiorano, A. M., W50Maiorka, A., W101, 394Majbeesh, S., 295, 296Malaspina, M., 486Malchiodi, F., T98, T104, 759Maldague, X., W15Malekjahani, F., T369Malheiros, B. A., M183Malheiros, J. M., W58, W59Malkus, J., T223Mallard, B., T104, 511, 752Mallett, C., 207Mallikarjunan, K., T196Mallo, J., M500Mallo, J. J., M493, M496, T440, 237Mallory, E. B., 602Malmuthuge, N., W124Maltecca, C., M501, 687, 749, 750, 769Maluta, R. P., T169Mamedova, L. K., M149Mammi, L. M. E., M259Mamuad, L. L., M504, T211, W410, W424Manbeck, A. E., W99, 393Manca, C., W491Manca, M. G., 650Mançanares, A. C. F., 124Mancillas-Flores, P. F., W181Mangrum, K. S., M222Manjarín, R., 302Mann, S., M366, W245, 280, 755Manor, M., 578, 579Manor, M. L., 581

Page 23: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Manteca, X., W6, W14, W289Manthey, A. K., T415, W329Mantilla, L. R. R., M161Mantovani, H. C., M370, W204Mäntysaari, E. A., M343, 39Mäntysaari, P., M343Manuel, L., 189Manuelian, C. L., T520, T521Manunza, A., T507Manzke, N. E., T286Mao, H. L., T354Mao, X., 577Mao, X. B., W113, W115, 835, 836Mao, Y., M92Maquivar, M., T69, 480, 481, 482Maquivar, M. G., T4, 733Marchant, K. B., 66Marcondes, M., T361Marcondes, M. I., M283, M370, W187,

W221, W269, W377, W378Marden, J. P., T481Marden, J.-P., M62Marella, C., T113Margni, M., 660Mari, L. J., W298, 613Maria, A. P. J., W100Maria dos Santos, R., M231Marie-Magdeleine, C., M56Mariezcurrena-Berasain, M. A., W471Marin, E., W190Marin, M. P., 244, 462Mariniello Silva, T., M165Mariorano, A. M., T82Mariutti, L. R. B., W136Mariz, L., T366, T367, T369Mariz, L. D. S., W436Mark, T. B., 407Marostegan de Paula, E., T199, T361, T369Marostegan de Paula, R., W426Marques, C. A. T., M458, T504Marques, J. A., W298Marques, R., 28, M261, T231Marques, R. S., T355Marquez, J. J. C., M342, W353, W356Marquezini, G. H. L., T148Marquez-Melendez, R., W167Marsan, P. A., T92, W87Marti, S., M28, W13, 288, 728Martin, N. H., 778Martin, O., 684Martin, R. M., 61Martinez, C., W71Martinez, C. A., 541Martinez, J., W473Martinez, N., 83, 253, 328, 704Martinez, N. P., T322Martínez, A., T507Martínez, P. A., W188Martinez Baraldi Artoni, S., W46

Martínez-Alfaro, J. C., T182Martínez-Camblor, P., W75Martini, A. P., 677Martín-Martín, G., W197Martín-Orúe, S., M500, W47Martins, A. S., T90Martins, C. L., W296Martins, C. M. d. M. R., M443Martins, D. d. S., 124Martins, E. C., W378Martins, J. P. N., 677Martins, L. K. S. A., M257Martins, M., W184Martins, M. F., 163Martins, P. C., M345, M384, M387Martins, P. G. M. d. A., W497, W498Martins, R. M., M325, W169, W355, W166,

W190Martins, R. A. C., 445Martins, S. M. M. K., T294Martins, T., 110Martins, V. R., 677Martins da Silva, R. W. S., M260Martins de Souza, F., W397, W403Martins Lemos, B. J., W397, W403Martins Storillo, V., 184Martin-Tereso, J., M138, 336Marujo, M. V., W107, W108, W236Masching, S., 239Masello, M., M211, 128, 356Masiello, S. N., 778Masiero, M. M., W465Mason, B., M421Mason, F., T382Massarioli, A. P., 292Masser, D. T., 483Massie, C. M., M353Mastellar, S. L., 484Masuda, Y., 534, 535, 646Mateos, I., M43, T485, T486, T487, W175,

W431Mathai, J. K., 305Mathews, A. T., M385, M413, 474, 475Mathur, P. K., 261Mathys, D., T62Matos dos Santos, R., T474, T475Matos Junior, J. B., W46Matte, J. J., W112Matthews, J. C., M227Mattiauda, D. A., W428Matzapetakis, M., M471Mauch, E. D., 771Maunsell, F., T24Maurício, R. M., M347, M354Maus, D., W143Mavangira, V., T29Maverino, A., 502Maxime, D., 660Maxin, G., T423

Maxwell, C. L., 371Maxwell, C. V., M508, 106May, K., 50May, N. D., M37, T309, 505, 506, 521, 589,

590May, S., 112Mayasari, N., 276Mayeres, P., 694Maynou, G., M267, M268Mayo, L. M., M246, M291, T200, 80, 353Mayorga, E. J., 364Mays, A. R., T246, T247, 409Mazalli, M. R., T81, W72Mazza, A., W506Mazza Rodrigues, P. H., W282, W398McAllister, T., M41, M436, T171, T181,

T373, W200McAllister, T. A., M333, T349, T375, W176,

W191, W205McArt, J. A. A., T42, T216, W245, 361, 755McAtee, J. D., 122McBirney, A. P., M1McBride, B. W., M20, W328, 355McBride, M. L., T25McCabe, M., 679McCain, A. R., W297McCammon, T., W272McCann, J. C., T476, W57McCann, M. A., 746, 747McCarron, A., 182McCarthy, M. M., W245, W246McCoard, S. A., T232McCormick, R. J., 422McCoski, S. R., T224, T229, W218, 420, 450McCourt, C. L., M352, LB4McCoy, D. R., 208, 564McCracken, J. A., 325McCracken, V. L., 452McCuistion, K. C., 67McCulley, R. L., 416McCutcheon, J., 637, 690McDaneld, T. G., 504McDonalds, K., M30McElhenney, W. H., W479, 180McEvers, T. J., 521McFadden, J. W., M301, M385, M413,

W363, W366, 472, 473, 474, 475McFadden, K. K., T65, W216, 291, 294McFadden, T., T225McFadden, T. B., W264McGeough, E., 703McGhee, C. E., T129McGlone, J. J., 392, 395, 398, 724McGovern, F. M., W492, 177, 182, 183, 631,

633McGreevey, N., T240McGuire, M. A., M392, W369McGuirk, S. M., W34McKillip, J. L., T133, T537

Page 24: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


McKinney, S. R., 468McKinnon, J. J., M139, M368, W176, 332McKnelly, A. T., W501McLean, D., T25McLean, D. J., M44, M428, M464, W323McLeod, K. R., W17, W36, W160, 730McMahon, D., T114, T134, T139, 71, 561,

562McMahon, D. J., W130, 663McManus, C., 634McMartin, L., T157McMillin, K. W., T334McMullen, P., T296McNamara, J. P., T441, T465, W369, 480,

481, 482McNeel, A. K., T317, 133McParland, S., 11, 14McSweeney, K. D., LB1McSweeney, P. L. H., 560Meade, S. B., 196Meda-Alducin, P., M403Medeiros, A. N., T68, T502, T504, T509,

W495Medina, B., M495, W446Medina, J. V. C., 178Medina, L., T256Medrado, B. D., M257, M258Medrano, J. F., M93Medrano, M. M., T37, 356Meese, E. R., M4Mehta, D., T119, T195, 404Meier, S., 247, 365Meikle, A., M219, T345, W428Meirelles, F. V., 124, 125Meiring, P., W446Mele, M., T314Melendez, D., M28Meléndez, D. M., 288Melendez, P., 25, 462Melendez, P. G., 244Meletharayil, G. H., T113, T127, 75Melgar, F. R., T76Melilli, C., 81Mellado, M., T182, T263, T526, W486Mellado-Bosque, M. A., W25Mello Lima, J. A., W381Melnichenko, S., 858, W364Melo, A. C. C., M110Melo, C. M., M355Melo, G. F., W296Melo, G. M. P., T378Melo, L. F., M240Melo, L. E. H., W27Melo, M. I. V., M42, T427, T428Melo de Sousa, N., W249Menard, O., 438Mendes, A., M286Mendes, J. Z. B., W137Mendez, C. R. R., T528

Mendonça, B. P. C., W306, W452, W455, W457

Mendonça, F. B., T471, W282Mendonça, G. G., M280Mendonça, L. G. D., M136, M233, M234,

M235, 508Mendonça Vieira, R. A., W201, W203Mendoza, C. C., M513Mendoza, G., W418, W473Menegassi, S. R. O., M100, T340Meneghel de Moraes, J., W302, W304Menegucci, P. F., M350Menezes, A. C. B., T367Menezes, B. B., W314Menezes, D. R., W408Meng, Q., W295Menghe, J., M396Menoyo, D., W119Mercadante, M. E. Z., T82, T83, W56, W77Mercadante, V. R. G., T148, W60, W61, 368,

425, 604, 826Mercado, F. T., W400, W404Mercer, S., T237Mereu, A., W119, W247Mergh Leão, J., W381Merino de Medeiros, M. I., T169Merrill, C., 603Merriman, K., 83Merriman, K. E., T220, 157Mertz, N. E., 739Meschiatti, M. A. P., M332, W302, 612Mesonero-Morales, A., T304, T305Mesquita, L. G., W300, W400, W404Messana, J. D., M311, M445, M450, T464,

W291Metcalf, J. A., M364, 158, 430Metges, C. C., T12, W255Methot-Hains, S., W148Metzger, L., 71, T114, W145Metzger, L. E., T113, W131, W146Metzger, S. A., T209Meyer, A. M., M228, W303, 338, 740, 741Meyer, B. E., 863, 864, 865Meyer, D., M127, M254, M416, T208,

W184, 601Meyer, L., T491, W184Meyer, L. R., T350, W62Meyer, T. L., 737Meyer, U., T55, T420, 30, 477Meyer, Z., W184Meyers, L., M46Meza, C., W477, W486Meza-Herrera, C. A., T501, T505, W476,

W478, W480, W487Mezzomo, M. P., M482, T466Mi, F. Y., M448Miassi, G. d. M., M26, T299Miceli, N., M178Michael, M. A., M193

Michael, N., W60, W61Michal, J. J., M446Middelbos, I. S., 396Mielenz, M., T12, T227Miesner, M., 335Miesner, M. D., 333Miglino, M. A., 125Miglior, F., T98, T104, W94, 19, 511, 752,

754, 757, 759Miguel, M. C. V., M226Mijic, P., T152Miles, J. L., T317Milián, G., M43, M61Millen, D. D., M266, M330, T457, W296,

W308, W309, W310Miller, B., 698Miller, B. G., 814Miller, C., M254, T208, 601Miller, E. F., T76Miller, G., M516Miller, K. A., W311, 870Miller, L. M., T290Miller, M., W301Miller, P. S., T368, W106, 119, 591Miller, R., 748Miller, R. A., 778Miller, R. K., M426Miller, S., M94Miller-Cushon, E. K., M17Miller-Gaudette, C., 587Millman, S. T., M140, W13, W16, 727Milone, D., 63Milora, N., W179, 267Milora, N.-L., 169Miltenburg, C. L., T204Min, B., M58Min, B. J., M453, M454Min, B. R., M455, M456, M457, T384,

W479, W489, 180Minami, N. S., T270Mingoti, G. Z., T318, T325, T326Mingoti, R., 23Mingoti, R. D., W383Miqueo, E., M344, M371Miramontes, M. d. S., T526Miranda, A. O., M39, M49Miranda, M., T160Miranda da Fonseca, D., T176, W164Mirando, M. A., 209Mirzaei Alamouti, H. R., W344, 851, 861Misztal, I., M67, M72, T83, W80, 534, 535,

536, 539, 646, 770Miszura, A. A., M230, M310, M444, W455Mitchell, M., 247, 365Mitloehner, F. M., 818Miura, M., M422, T386, T387, W351Miyada, V. S., T313Miyamoto, A., M212Miyazawa, Y., T386, T387

Page 25: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Mjoun, K., W359, 87Moaeen-ud-Din, M., 689Moallem, U., 126Moate, P. J., 597, 850Moats, J., M135Mobiglia, A. M., W294, W452, W453,

W455, W457Mochal-King, C., 673Modesto, V. C., T378Moeller, S., 690Mohallem, R. d. F. F., M231Mohamed, A. G., W138Mohammadabadi, M., M82Mohammadi, M., M200, M204, M205, 797Mohammadi-Amiri, Z., 84Mohan, M. S., M103Mohtashami, B., W339Moisá, S. J., M136, W35, W220, 250, 508Mojapelo, M. M., W494Molina, B. S. d. L., M473Molina, M., T255Molina-Coto, R., LB2Molino, A. B., T73Molitor, M., W147, 74Mollenkopf, D., T62Molloy, B. P., W374Moloney, J., M118Momcilovic, D., W44Moncada, M., T144Monção, F., T508, 181Monegue, H. J., T298Monegue, J. S., T298Monsignati, I., M321, M322, T482, W507Monson, R. L., 587Montagner, P., T2Monteiro, A., 251Monteiro, A. N. T. R., M169Monteiro, A. P. A., M284, W268, 808Monteiro, C. C. F., M369Monteiro, H., T199, T361, T369Monteiro, P. L., M240Monteiro Lima, M., W235Montenegro, L., W186Montes de Oca, R., T234Montesinos, V., M514Montierth, L., T139Montminy, M.-P. L., M173Monzon-Armenta, J. M., T332Moojen, F. G., M100, T340Moon, R. D., 695Mooney, A. K., W103Moore, R. K., 754Moore, S., 316, 317Moore, S. G., 679Moraes, E. A., M302, T327Moraes, J., T125Moraes, J. G. N., W90Moraes, L. E., W358, 600

Moraes de Oliveira, I., W305, W312, W313, W316, W317

Mora-Gutierrez, A., M101Morais, J. S., M459Morais, J. P. G., T270Morais, M. G., W314Morais Júnior, N. N., W182Morales, A., M514, W110Morales, E., M176Morales, M. S., W4Morales de la Nuez, A., T253, T254, T256,

T257Morales Gomez, J. F., M159Morales-Almaráz, E., W470Morales-delaNuez, A., T248Moraru, C. I., 70Moreira, A. D., W305, W312Moreira, C., 651Moreira, E. d. A., M370Moreira, E. M., M225, M444Moreira, H., 651Moreira, K. F., T474, T475Moreira, R. H. R., M505, M506Moreira, S. A. T., M370Moreira, V. R., W273Moreira da Silva, F. J., M86Moreno, A., T266Moreno, J., W47Moreno, M. R., W171Morera, P., T314Moretti, D. B., T315Moretti, M. H., M312, M338, W312, W313Moretti, R. E., W425Morgan, T. D., T76Moriel, P., T231, T337, T338, T355Moriyama, E., 527, 530Morota, G., 649Morrice, D. M., T88Morris, C., 549Morris, C. A., 33Morris, C. L., 399, 485, 487Morrison, M. D. A., 762Morrison, S. Y., T154, T156, W325, 48Morrow, A., M341, M346Morrow, V., T69Morsy, T. A., T234, 151, 173, 174, 611, 630Mortati, M., 651Morts, M. E., 122Moser, D. W., 523, 646Mosiman, A. M., W30, 170Most, E., T445Mostert, B. E., T100Mostert, P. F., 845Mote, B. E., 768Motta de Souza, S., M370Moura, A. S. A. M. T., T346, T348Moura, L., 181, T508Mourão, G. B., T433Mouresan, E., W75

Mousel, M. R., M83Moya, D., M28, W13, 288, 728Moyes, K. M., M55, M144, T10, W349, 247,

515Mu, N., 677Muck, R. E., 636, W198Mudadu, M. A., W69Mudassir, M., 628Mueller, L. F., M161, T81, W66, W72Muhammad, S., W427Muir, J. P., 645Mukherjee, D., 558Mulcahy, E. M., 77Mulder, H. A., 261Mullenix, M. K., 266Müller, U., W250Mulligan, F. J., W374Mulvihill, D. M., 76, 77Mumbach, T., M218, 817Munari, D. P., W69, W75, W92Munhoz, A. K., M238Muniz, C. F., M170Muñiz-Colón, G. C., T304, T305Muñoz, J. M. G., T505Muns, R., 120Muntifering, R. B., 66, 266, 643Murakami, A. E., W122Murakami, F. Y., W101Murata, L. S., T70Murcia, C., T259Murdoch, B. M., M12Murdoch, G. M., W219Murillo, E. X., M45, M47, W271Murphy, M., 65Murphy, M. R., M286, W357Murray, A., 247Mushtaque, M., M53Musiy, L., T147Mustafé de Almeida, C., W454Muth-Spurlock, A. M., M250, 447Mutsvangwa, T., M135, M421, M439Mutvei, A., 386Myers, K. C., 243Myers, M. A., M9


Nadalin, A., W27Nadeau, E., 65Nagaraja, T. G., 520Nagengast, L., M416, M417Naile, T. L., 410Nair, J., W176Nair, M. N., M162Najeeb, S., W432Nak, D., 840Nak, Y., 840Nan, X. M., M152, W411, W416, W422, 435Narciso, C. D., 287

Page 26: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Nardone, A., W87Narvaez, N., M333Nascimento, A. B., M230Nascimento, E. M., M475, W500Nascimento, V. A., W158Nasr, E. A., 254Natel, A. S., 292Nathanielsz, P. W., M223Naumann, H. D., T463, W501Navajas Rennó, L., W426Navanukraw, C., 312Navarro, R. B., M350Naveed, M. I., 134Ndegwa, P., 459Ndou, S. P., W117, 573Neal, K., 87, T382, T383, T384, T388Neave, H. W., M21, M22Neeteson-Van Nieuwenhoven, A.-M., 262Neff, P. J., 228Negrao, J. A., T274, T275, T333Negri, N., 605Neibergs, H. L., M89, W90, 255, 524Neibling, H. W., T155Neil, X., T401Nejati-Javaremi, A., 470, 852Nelson, B., T195, 404Nelson, C., 83Nelson, C. D., T28, T220, 157, 704Nelson, D. C., 515Nelson, E. A., 614Nelson, J. A., 416Nelson da Costa, A., 23Nelthropp, H. C., W49, 744Nennich, T., M16Nennich, T. D., W30, 159, 170, 228Nepomuceno, D. D., M224, M225Neto, A. F. G., M474, M475, M479, M480,

M481, W500Neto, A. J., M48, M311, M320, M450,

W291, W407, W438, W439, W440Neto, A. T., 812Neto, H. R. L., T399, T400Neto, J. A. A., W312Neto, J. A. F., M225, M444Neto, J. M. S., M468, M469, T68Neto, J. T. N., W294Neto, M. A. T., M179, M183Neto, O. B., W506Neto, O. J. d. A. G., M24Neto, P. G. R., T89Neto, S. G., W495Neto Balieiro, G., T164Neto Leal, L., 336Netto, A. S., M277, W442, 163, 184Neuendorff, D., T329Neufer, D., 665Neumann, M., T145Neupane, M., W90Neves, M. D., W457

Neves, R. C., T216, 361Neves Ribas, M., 149Neville, E. W., W374Newbold, J. R., W349Newhouse, S. A., 281Newton, G. R., 632Nezamabadi-Pour, H., M82Ng’ambi, J., W244Nguyen, H. V., 302Nguyen, P., W102Nichols, K., 430Nichols, W. T., 107Nickerson, S., 514, 627Nicodemus, M., T233, T532, 673Nicolazzi, E. L., T92Niederecker, K. N., 740, 741Nielsen, K., T262Nielsen, P. P., 726Nielsen, U. S., 753Nielson, H. R., 442, 444, 737Nieuwhof, G., 522Nightingale, C. R., W409Nikaido, I., 649Nilsson, E., 726Ningrat, R. W. S., T384Nisa, M., W432Nisa, M. U., W427Niu, J. L., W419, W420, W421Niu, M., M281, W354, 615, 625Nobrega, D. B., T52Noce, A., T507Nofrarias, M., W384Nogueira, E. T., M506Nogueira, G. P., M226Nogueira, L., T121, T122, W133, W134Nogueira, R. G. S., T471Nogueira Filho, J. C. M., W400, W404Nolan, D. T., 93Nolan, E. A., M40, W45, 246, 364, 846Noppibool, U., M68Nordi, W. M., T315Norell, R. J., T151Norman, K. D., T186Norris, D., W244Northrop, E. J., 133Notter, D., 714Novais, M. A. S., W221Noziere, P., 617Nubiato, K., M159Nudda, A., T110Nuernberg, G., M164Null, D. J., W85, 647Nunes, A. S., W399, W401Nunes, R. V., W225Nunes Corrêa, M., 318, 319, 320, 817Nunes de Oliveira, H., W58, W59Nunes Parente, H., W161Nuñez, A. J. C., W230, W231, W400, W404Nuñez-Gonzalez, L. E., T523

Nutcher, K., M128Nuti, L. C., 632Nuttelman, B. L., M48Nuzback, L., W183Nuzback, L. J., T437Nyachoti, C. M., M181, M206, M208,

M491, M510, M511, W111, W117, 52, 573

Nyachoti, M., M185, W120, W121Nyachoti, M. C., W118Nyaupane, N. P., T334Nydam, D. V., M366, W245, 280, 755Nyisalovits, A., 761


Oba, M., M214, T214, T411, T454, W259, W280, W429, 85, 595, 705

Oberg, C., T134, T139, 561, 562Oberg, T., T134Ochoa, J., 324Ochoa, P. A., W266O’Connell, A., T296O’Connell, N., T32, 618O’Connor, K. S., T444Odde, A., M262Odde, K. G., W64, 203, 640Odhiambo, J. F., M223, 422Odle, J., 591O’Doherty, J. V., W116O’Donovan, M., 179Oetzel, G. R., T42, 357Oguey, C., T363Ogunade, I. M., M383, T477, W190, W355,

W367, 161, 832Oguntunde, M. M., W241Oh, D., M88Oh, J., W9, 620, 167, 597, 850Oh, S., T131Oh, S.-H., M517Oh, S.-Y., 194Ohtani, M., T40Oi, M., M489Ojo, R. O., M74Ojo, V. O., 271, 823Ojo, V. O. A., W209Okedi, L., 555Okere, C., 652Okine, E. K., T357Old, C. A., W53Oldenbroek, K., 380Olivares, A., M498Oliveira, A. A., T180, T184Oliveira, A. S., T419, 602Oliveira, C., M52, T170Oliveira, C. A., W298, W300Oliveira, C. A. L., M170Oliveira, C. T., M243Oliveira, D. E., M145, M146, M147, M148

Page 27: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Oliveira, E., M356, M359, M362, T508Oliveira, E. A., T519, T529, 102Oliveira, E. R., 181Oliveira, F. A., M243Oliveira, G. B., T500Oliveira, G. C. B., W187Oliveira, G. S., M466Oliveira, H., 651Oliveira, J. P., M172Oliveira, L. J., 124, 125Oliveira, L. F. R., W308Oliveira, M., M231Oliveira, M. C., T169Oliveira, M. D. S., W336Oliveira, M. H., M318, M324, W290Oliveira, M. S. F., W107, W108, W236Oliveira, N. T. E., W225Oliveira, P. P. A., 876Oliveira, P. S. N., W315Oliveira, R. C., M8Oliveira, R. B. A., T126Oliveira, R. L., M458, M459, W399, W401,

W495Oliveira, S. A., T274, T275Oliveira, S. G., W101, 394Oliveira, V. T., T341, W263Oliveira Freitas, V., 817Olivieri, B. F., M91, T84, T85Ollier, S., T271, 98Olmedo-Juárez, A., M56Olson, D., T143Olson, J., M399Olson, K. C., M232Oltjen, J. W., 691Olusola, O. O., 414, 413Oluwole, J. O., 414Olveira Quadros, T. C., W46Olver, D. R., 200, 222Olynk Widmar, N., 849O’Mahony, J. A., 76, 77Omidiwura, B. R., 795Ominski, K., 703Ominski, K. H., 728Omojola, A. B., 412, 413, 414Omotoso, A. B., 412O’Neil, E., 579O’Neil, M. M., M315, 713O’Neill, B., 799O’Neill, H. V. M., 50Oni, A. O., 271, 823Ono, R. K., T78, T79Onwuka, C. F., 823Onwuka, C. F. I., W209Oporto, C. I. S., M468, M469Opsomer, G., 421, 423Ordoñez-Gomez, C. A., M197Orlandi, T., M482, T466Orlandi Cassiano, E. C., W282Orndorff, C. L., M385

Orsel, K., 497, W13Orsi, A. M., M443Ortakci, F., T139, 561, 562Ortega, M. S., W85Ortiz, B. V., 418Ortiz, R. E., T285Ortiz, X. A., M262, T25Ortiz-Colón, G., M400Orunmuyi, M., T330Osborne, V. R., 354O’Shea, C. J., W116Oshibanjo, O. D., W109Oshiro, K., 400, 401, 402Osman, M., W432Osorio, I., T136Osorio, J., 91, M376, T215Osorio, J. S., T3, W372, 298, 299, 458, 463,

706, 707Ospina-Rojas, I. C., W122Oss, D. B., M370O’Sullivan, N. P., M70O’Sullivan, S. E., 50Osuna, M. A., M323Otani, L., 306Ott, T. L., M14Ou, Z., M76Ouellet, D. R., T423, 619Ouellet, V., W15Overton, T. R., M339, M366, W245, W246,

W391, 280, 471, 755Overvest, M. A., 154Ovinge, L. A., 607, 869Owens, B., 632Owens, C. E., T436Owens, F., W183, W355, W367Owens, F. N., M314, T436, T437, 871Owens, M., M49Owusu-Asiedu, A., 793, 794Ozoje, M. O., M74, M80


Pabón, M. L., M430Pacheco, E., 721Pacheco, J. A. S., T474, T475Pacheco, M. V. C., W377Pagán-Morales, M., T304, T305Page, T., M94Paibomesai, M., 511Pain, S., T345Paisley, S. I., 692Paiva, J. N., T70Paiva, P. G., M367, M377, W405, W406Paiva, S., 531, 634Paixão, M. L., W496, W497, W498Pajor, E., M28, M251, W13, 288Pajor, E. A., W5, 497, 510Pala, J., 563Palacín, I., M219

Palacio, S., 501Palacios, C., W175Palin, M.-F., 96Paling, J., 61Pallares, P., T43, T46, T47Pallotto, M. R., 390Palma, M., M471, M472Palma Renno, F., W371, W383Palmay, J., T251, T252, T253, T254, T256,

T257Palmonari, A., 605, M259Pan, L., W419, W420, W421Panahiha, P., W344Panazzolo, D. M., M260Pandalaneni, K., W151Pande, A. B., 378Pandey, P. K., M281Pandya, H., 53Panek, J., 563Pang, X., 424Panter, K. E., T179Pappan, K. L., 390Parada, R. D., 302Parales, J. E., M430, 700Parangaba, L., M362Paranhos da Costa, M. J. R., M33, W78, 729Paratte, R., 621Parente, H. N., M24, M465Parente, M. d. O. M., M24, M465, M466Parés, S., T34Parish, S., T69Pariz, C. M., W56Parize, A. C., 23, 358Park, B., M75Park, C. W., 73, 204Park, D., T143Park, D. H., W467Park, D.-J., T131Park, H.-S., M517Park, I., T286, T293, T301, 115, 117, 307Park, J., M335, W178, 265Park, J. C., T293, T301, W226Park, J. H., M198, M199Park, J. Y., T480Park, S., T293, T301Park, S. G., W467Park, S. J., T307Park, S. K., M186, M191Park, Y. W., T129, W139Parker Gaddis, K. L., 687Parmentier, H., 276Parnsen, W., 44, 788Parr, M., M244Parr, R. D., M60Parr, T., W325, 50, 109, 112Parreira, J., M472Parreira da Costa, L. K., T176, W165Parrish, J. J., 587Parrott, T., W392, 701

Page 28: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Parsons, C., W98Parsons, C. L., M131, T264, 419Parsons, C. L. M., 452Parsons, C. M., 308Partridge, J., T167Parys, C., 620Paschoaloto, J. R., M321, M322, T482,

T519, T529, W507Pasquetti, T. J., M169, 307Pastal, D., M474, M475, M479, M480,

M481, W500Patel, H., M104, M105, T119, T195, T197,

53, 404, 405, 570Patel, H. A., M107, T127, 75, 654Patel, R., 53Paterson, J., M35Pathak, D., 297Patterson, D. J., 131, 132, 408Patton, R. A., 620Paucar, L. C., T471, W282Paudyal, S., T24, 25Paul, C. D., T515, T517Paula, E. M., T212Paula, M. R., M369, M371Paulsen, D., 495Paulson, J. C., M119, 64Payandeh, S., W193Payne, C. E., M136, 508Paz, C. C. P., M280Paz, H., 821Paz, I. C. d. L. A., T73Peak, J. J., M12Peck, K. N., T65, W217Pederzolli, R.-L. A., W472, 461Pedro da Silva, S., T176, T518, W164, W165Pedrosa, V. B., T89, T90Pedroso, A. F., 876Peek, S. F., T240Peel, R. K., T342Pellarin, L. A., 612Pellechia, A. J. R., M33Pellerin, D., 501, W361Pellikaan, W., 830Pellikaan, W. F., 169Pempek, J. A., M5, T219Pena Carvalho de Carvalho, I., 336Penagaricano, F., T269, 351, 649, 767Peng, J., M174, T288, T295Peng, J. L., W468Peng, X., W40Penner, G., 723Penner, G. B., M329, M330, M421, W464,

W472, 461, 489Pennington, P. M., 311Penrice, D. C., 638Penry, J. F., 688Perales, M., W477Perales-Garcia, M. V., W478Perali, C., T483

Perano, K. M., W267Perdigão, A., W296Perecin, F., 125Pereira, A. B. D., M42, M130, T424, T425,

T427, T428, T444, 622Pereira, A. M. F., M23, M86, W2Pereira, A. S., T447Pereira, A. S. C., M91, M161, T81, T85,

T471, W66, W72Pereira, E. S., T68Pereira, F. T. V., 125Pereira, G. R., M100, T340Pereira, I. d. C., W296Pereira, J. C., M461, W201Pereira, K. S., M100Pereira, L. E. T., T188Pereira, L. F. P., W227, W228Pereira, L. G., T366Pereira, L. G. R., M347, M354, M370,

M384, M387Pereira, M. C. S., W308, W309, W310Pereira, M. H., T323Pereira, M. H. C., M238Pereira, M. N., M358, M360, T392, T398,

T414, T447, W182, W357, W360, W362Pereira, O. G., M319, M325, T364, T365,

W169, W170, W204Pereira, P. H. S., 425Pereira, R. A., T2Pereira, R. A. N., T392, T414, T447, W182,

W360Pereira, T., M283, T508Pereira Andrade, A., 609Pereira da Silva-Marques, R., W407, W438,

W439, W440Pereira de Carvalho, M., 214Pereira de Figueiredo, M., 609Pereira dos Santos, R., T518Pereira Filho, J. M., T506Peres, R. F. G., W261Perestrelo, A. A., W314Pereyra, F., T77Perez, A., 256Pérez, A., W18Perez, B. I. C., T528Perez, G. C., T528Perez, H. L., M463, T519, T529, W507Pérez, J. F., M195, M196, T300, 191Pérez, M., W110Perez, V. G., T280Pérez-Camacho, C. P., T513Periasamy, A., 563Perini, J. E. G. N., T70Peripolli, V., M100Perkins, D., W479Perna, F., T471, W282, W398Pernell, C. W., T194Perondi, D., M173

Perry, G. A., M228, M229, M232, T59, T317, T415, W329, 133, 313, 314, 369, 586, 614

Perry, K. R., 486Perryman, K., W325Perryman, K. R., T434, T443Peruzzo, E., M431, M432Pessoa, D. D., T176, W165Pessoa, G. A., 677Pesta, A. C., 821Peters, L. D., 445Peters, S. O., M74, M80, M82, T80Petersen, J. L., 649Petersen, M. K., 2Peterson, D., 781Petersson-Wolfe, C. S., 86Pezeshki, A., 782, 784Pezzopane, J. R. M., 876Pfrimer, K., W319Phadke, N. L., M53, 245Phatak, A., 53Phatak, A. P., M53, 245Phelps, K. J., W458, 104, 105Phillip, D., 636Philipp, D., T350Phillips, P. E., 451, 453Phuong, H. N., 684Pi, Y., W415Piao, M., T377, W293Piao, M. Y., T307, W292Piao, X., M166Picasso, C., 256Picharillo, M. E., W463Picinin, G., 724Piechotta, M., W250, 30Pierce, K. M., 375, 853Pierre, L., T272Pillai, S. M., W216, 294Pillen, J. L., 507Pilo, P., 433Pinatti, E., T160Pinchak, W. E., 610Pineda, A., T217Pineda, M., T54Pinedo, P., T24, 25, 359, 462, 811Pinedo, P. J., M210, M305, T101, 244Piñeiro, J. M., T4, 362, 500, 733Piñeiro-Vázquez, A. T., M442Pinese, F., W400, W404Pinheiro, D. M., M226Pinheiro, M. G., 163Pinho, M., W184Pino, F., 330Pinto, A. C. J., M330, W308, W309Pinto, F. d. R., T169Pinto, L. F. B., T89Pires, A. V., M224, M225, M230, M310,

M444, T474, T475, T500, W497, W498, 613

Page 29: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Pirner, G. M., 395Pithua, P., 244, 462Pitta, D., T168, T488, 164, 513Piva, A., W212Place, S. E., T67, 371Plaizier, J., M357, T18, T19, 248, 703Plascencia, A., T523Plascencia-Jorquera, A., M323Plastow, G. S., 768Plata, F., W473Plaut, K., 295, 296Pliego, A. B., 630Plugge, C. M., 825Plumblee, J. R., M271Plummer, P. J., M140, 727Plummer, R. R., 392, 398Plumstead, P., M180Pohl, A., 20Pohler, K. G., T323, W261Polato, H. Z., T274, T275Polizel, D. M., M310, M444, T495, T500Polsky, L. B., M248, M293, M300, 842Polycarpo, G. V., M182, M183Pomar, C., M173, M188Pompeu, M. A., M258, T289, W227, W228Ponce, C. H., T260, W460Ponce de Leon, F. A., T102Poncheki, J. K., M290Pons, A., T507Pontes, G., 351Poock, S. E., M213, LB2, 131, 132, 408Poore, M., T231Pope, S., M110Popp, J., 819Poppy, G., T441Pordesimo, L., T280Pordomingo, A., 103Pordomingo, A. J., M39Porras, J. J. P., W119Port, A. C. R., T484Portela Santos, F. A., W463Portela Santos, J. E., W371Porter, J. H., T492Portilla, Y., M43, M61Porto Meschiatti, M. A., W304Posada, I. J., T30Posadas, G., M59Possamai, A. P. S., M473Posta, J., 761Potocnik, K., 384Potts, D., 781Potts, H. L., T118Potts, S. B., T417Pouliot, Y., W148, W149, W150, 79, 660Poulsen, N., 751Pourakbari, A., T205Povaluk, A. P., M145, M146, M147, M148Powell, J., M46, 83Powell, J. G., W62

Powell, J. L., W55, 157Powell, K. J., T517Powell, M., W443Powel-Smith, B., T437Power, M. L., M144Powers, K. E., 410Powers, W., 820Powlowski, J., M436Pozza, M., T145Pozza, M. S. S., T142Pozza, P., T145Pozza, P. C., M169, M170, W225, 307Pozzi, C., T160Prado Alves, M. A., W305, W316, W317Prados, L. F., W433, W436, T366, T367Prajapati, J., 53Prakapenka, D., M84Pralle, R. S., 357, M8Prata, M., T98Pratt, S., M49Pratt, S. L., M222Preseault, C. L., W253, W335, W340, 824Preston, N. G., W176Pretz, J. P., M361, 172, 856Price, C. A., 757Price, D. M., M315, W55, 712, 713Price, W. J., M303, 597, 841Prichard, A. P., 281Pringle, T. D., W51, W54, T535Prinsloo, E., W207Pritchard, R. H., 873Progar, A. A., 693Proudfoot, K. L., M5, T39, T219, 731Pruden, A., T344Pryce, J. E., 19, 522, 679, 750Puchala, R., M477, M478, M484, M485,

T499, T511, T512Pukazhenthi, B., 311Puledda, A., T92Pulido, R., T402Pulina, G., T110Purdy, P. H., 531Pursley, J. R., 677Puspitasari, E., T135Putarov, T. C., W100Puyalto, M., M493, M496, M500, 237Pyles, M. B., T243


Qi, M.-l., M470, 111Qi, S., W355, W367Qin, T., M153Qiu, X., W239Qu, X., T161, T162Qu, Y., M55, T10, W349Quaassdorff, M. A., M297Queiroga, R. C. R. E., W495Queiroga Ferreira, J., 609

Quenoizoré Soares, J., W407, W438, W439, W440

Quesnel, H., 99Quigley, J. D., T439, W343, 155Quintana, B., 723Quintana, B. A., M113Quintão Lana, Â. M., W345, W346Quinteros, C. E., 356Quntana, S., T458


Rabassa, V. R., M218Rabelo, A., M280Rademaker, J., 381Radke, T., T280Rae, O., M315, W71, 712, 713Raedts, P. J., M393Raedts, P. J. M., M396Raeth, M., T451Raffrenato, E., M488, W207Ragland, D., M192, M194Rahmani, M., T17Raices, R., T120, T121, T122, T130, W133,

W134Raices, R. S. L., T125Raimondo, R. F. S., M218Raja, J. S., W216, 294Rajala-Schultz, P. J., T222, 362Rajauria, G., 853Rakhshandeh, A., M25, 790Ralles, J., M126Ramin, M., W394Ramírez, M. A., W188Ramirez, M. C., T496Ramírez, R. G., W168Ramírez-Godínez, J. A., W181Ramirez-Lee, Y., LB7Ramírez-Pérez, A. H., 791Ramirez-Valverde, R., T332Ramos, M., T486Ramos, M. H., T492, W184Ramos, P. M., T313Ramos, T., 391Ramos dos Santos, F. C., T489Ramsey, K. C., 69Ranasinghe, P., M420Ranasinghe, P. G., 626Ranathunga, S. D., T531Ranches, J., 710Randel, L., 486Randel, R. D., T329, W22, 135Randi, F., M244Raney, N. E., 532Rangel-Santos, R., M403Ranilla, M. J., M43, M61, T485, T486, T487,

W431, W175Raposo, E., T180, T184Rasby, R. J., 366, 872

Page 30: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Raschka, C., 30Rathi, G., M53Rathi, P. C., W114Raundrup, K., T258Ray, D. L., T200, 229Ray, P., T344Ray, P. P., M282Razavi, S., T128Realino de Paula, J., W397Rearte, R., T408Recavarren, M., T458Reddish, J. M., T64Redhead, A. K., T515, T517Redmer, D. A., T319Reeb, P., 532Reecy, J., 689Reed, A., 777Reed, D. D., 863, 864, 865Reed, J., T67Reed, J. A., 521Reed, K. F., 600Reed, S. A., T63, T65, W216, W217, 291,

294, 479Reeg, A. M., T224Refat, B., T373, T374Regadas Filho, J. G. L., T462Regassa, A., 52, W121Regatieri, I. C., M85Regina da Silva, J., 391Regitano, L. C. A., W69Regmi, N., M167, 108Rehage, J., T55, W250, W254, 30, 477Reid, E. M., M109Reilingh, G. d. V., 276Reimann, F., 47Reinemann, D. J., 688Reis, R. A., M317, T180, T184, T378Reis, R. B., T273Reis, S. F., T393, 622Reisinger, N., 31, T245Rekaya, R., W51, W54, W82, 544Relling, A., M402, T408, T458, W299,

W333Relling, A. E., M431, M432, T360Remache, R., T253Remmelink, G., 276Remmelink, G. J., 127Remmik, A., M287Remond, D., 438Remus, A., M173Remus, J. C., M180Ren, D., W132Ren, D. X., T354Ren, J., M78Ren, L., W239Ren, X. X., W327Renneberg, C., M147

Renno, F. P., M367, M377, M395, T489, W318, W321, W322, W336, W405, W406

Rentfrow, G., M162Resende, F. D., M338, W453Resende, K. T., T497, T498, T506, W283Resende, L. C., T414Reshalaitihan, M., T40Retallick, K. J., 523Rey, F. S. B., W79, W92Reynolds, C. K., 681Reynolds, L. P., 1, 338Rezamand, P., 69, 84Rezayazdi, K., M414, 470, 852Rezende Mazon, M., M159Rezende Moreira Couto, V., W397, W403Rezende Siqueira, G., W305, W313, W316,

W317, W454Rhein, R. T., 636Rhim, S.-J., M29Rhind, S. M., 9Rhoads, M., M227Rhoads, M. L., 452Rhoads, R. P., 490, 800Rhoden, E. G., 180Riaz, U., 134Ribas, M. N., M381, M384, M387Ribeiro, A. B. C., T159Ribeiro, A. F., M311, M450, W291Ribeiro, E. S., T322, 253, 328, 704Ribeiro, F. R. B., 184, 632Ribeiro, K. G., M319, M325, T364, T365,

W169, W170, W204Ribeiro, L. F., T169Ribeiro, L. P. S., T68Ribeiro, M. W., 70Ribeiro, P. A. P., M183Ribeiro, R. D. X., W399, W401, W495Ribeiro, S. M., W399, W401Ribeiro, S. V. G., M42Ribeiro Araújo, I. G., W161Ribeiro de Jesus, A. P., W161Ribeiro Junior, A. H., M318Ribeiro Pereira, L. G., W381, 149Ribeiro Soares, D., M34Ribeiro Tomich, T., W381, 149Ribó, J., T370Ricardo, V. P., M169Ricci, A., 676, 678Richard, B., T272Richard, M., 223Richards, C. J., T67, 371Richardson, B. N., T317, 133, 586Richardt, W., 65Richelieu, M., W179Richeson, J., T24Richeson, J. T., M37, T309, 505, 506, 507,

589, 590Rico, D. E., M374, M411, M415, 286, 700

Rico, J. E., M385, M413, W363, W366, 472, 473, 474, 475, 824

Ridha, I., T468Riewer, R., W434Righetto, P., W229Rigueiro, A. L. N., W308, W309Rijks, W., 276Riley, D., W73Rimbey, N. R., M303, 841Rincon, F. G. R., T528Riordan, A., W341Riordan, T., W341Ríos García, L. M., M124, W504Rios-Rincón, F. G., T514Rippeto, J. D., T510Risco, C., T24Risco, C. A., T21, 358, 360Ríspoli, V. F. P., 635Ríus, A. G., 803, 804Riva Donida, E., W438, W439, W440Rivas-Muñoz, R., W478, W487, W488Rivaz, R., W486Rivelli, I. M., M217Rivelli, M. I., M404, T154, T156Rivera, F. E., T394Rivera, F. Y., 91Rivera, H., W32, W33Rivera, J. D., 816Rivero, M., T248, W47Rivero, M. A., T265Rizzieri, R. A., W296Rizzo, E. K., T242Roberts, A. J., 2, 367Roberts, S. L., M37, T309, 505, 506, 507,

589, 590Robinson, A. L., 241, 485, 487Robinson, C. L., 88Robinson, F. E., 638Robinson, G. D., 241Robinson, M., 135Robinson, P. H., M126, M127, T406Robitaille, G., W94Robker, R., 326Robles, I., M292Robles-Estrada, J. C., T516Robles-Trillo, P., W435, W476, W480Robsinson, P. H., M388, M390Rocha, C. O., T188Rocha, D. C., T474Rocha, G. C., T359Rocha, J. S. R., M258Rocha, L., M233, M234Rocha, L. D. S., M136, 508Rocha, L. S., M235Rocha, M. K., T340Rocha, N. B., M344, M369, M371Rocha-Frigoni, N. A. S., T325, T326Roche, J. R., T402, 247, 365, 599Rodenburg, T. B., 236

Page 31: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Rodney, R., 83, 704Rodrigez-Zas, S., 359Rodrigueiro, R. J. B., M172Rodrigues, A. C., M318, M324, W290Rodrigues, A. D., T333Rodrigues, A. D. P., W261, 445Rodrigues, A. N., W170Rodrigues, D. J., W107, W108, W236Rodrigues, E., T483Rodrigues, J. F. H., T378Rodrigues, M., M261, 28Rodrigues, M. P., W436Rodrigues, M. T., M462Rodrigues, P. H. M., T471, W164Rodrigues, R. C., M465, W161Rodrigues, R. O., M213, W264Rodrigues Araújo, I., W161Rodrigues Gandra, J., W383Rodrigues Paranhos da Costa, M. J., M34Rodrigues Paulino, P. V., W407, W440Rodríguez, A. A., M111, M113, M116Rodriguez, F. D., T372Rodriguez, H., W168Rodriguez, J. J., T153Rodriguez, L. F. P., M23, W2Rodriguez, L. A., M1Rodríguez, M., M61, M278, W14, W289Rodríguez, M. A., W470, W471Rodríguez, N., T251, T252Rodriguez, P., M244Rodriguez, R., W486Rodriguez, S., M289, M294, M304Rodríguez-Almeida, F. A., T513Rodriguez-Figueroa, J. C., T107Rodriguez-Hernandez, K., T459Rodriguez-Martinez, R., T501, W435, W476,

W477, W480, W487, W488Rodriguez-Muela, C., T173, W167, W181Rodriguez-Prado, M., W384Rodriguez-Zas, S. L., M38, M57, M129,

M305, M490, T27, T101, W19, W240, 464, 738

Roger, N., T440Rogers, G. M., W64Rogge, H. I., W21Rogge, I., M47, M323Roh, S., 588Rohrig Rabassa, V., 817Rojas, O. J., 121Rojo-Rubio, R., M56Rolf, M. M., T67, 524Roma, L. C., T150Roma Junior, L. C., W319Roman, L. A. R., T528Roman-Muniz, I. N., M273, M274, M276,

138, 139Romano, G. S., T89Romberg, F.-J., T445Romero, C., 244

Romero, J. J., W178, 265, 272Romero, L. F., 113Romero, P., M497Romero-Perez, A., T357, W429Romero-Zúñiga, J. J., T15Romo, J. A., M45, M327, M518, W237,

W271, W275Romo, J. M., M518, W237Roncato Duarte, K. M., T164Rondena Pesqueira Silva, L. C., W407,

W438Rondina, D., W491Rondón, A. J., M61Roneker, C. A., 581Roque, A., W418Rorie, R. W., T350Rortvedt, J. A., W375Rosa, A., T160Rosa, C., T483Rosa, E. P., W314Rosa, G., M362, 359Rosa, G. J. M., M81, M305, T101, W70, 38,

92, 767Rosa, L. O., T364, T365Rosa, M., W187Rose, J. S., 564Rosenkrans, C. F., T350Roso, V. M., M100Ross, D., W334Ross, D. A., W338Ross, S., T393Rosser, C. L., M421Rossi, G. F., 677Rossi, L. G., M311, M450, W291, M320Rossiter-Burhans, C. A., M366Rossow, H., M397Rossow, H. A., T230, W53, W341Rostagno, H. S., M172, 306Roth, G., W456Roth, M. d. T. P., M312Rotta, P. P., W221, W377, W378Rottinghaus, G. E., T346, T348Rotz, C. A., 697Rouquette, F. M., T186, 67Rovai, M., T520, T521Rovere, G., T106Rowbotham, R. F., 686Rowe, J., T64Rowland, K., 626Rowland, R. R. R., 765Rowntree, J. E., 61, 593Rowson, A. D., M464, M467Roy, J.-P., M292Royer, A., W73Rozell, T. G., T308Ruas, J. R. M., T273Rubano, M. D., M120Rubattu, R., W506Rubio, I., T259

Rubio, Y. B., 532Ruch, F., M516Ruda, L., 30Rude, B. J., M167, T238, T246, T247, 673Rueel, B., 190Ruegg, P. L., M264, T209, T262, T324, 686,

734Ruegger, R., 876Rufiner, H. L., 63Rufino, L. D. A., W169, W170Rufino, L. M. d. A., T358Ruggieri, A. C., T180, T184Ruh, K. E., M119Ruiz, M., T402Ruiz, O., T173, W266Ruiz de la Torre, J. L., W14, W289Ruiz-Flores, A., T158Ruiz-Holguin, N. E., W181Ruiz-Leon, M., T158Ruiz-Moreno, M., W180, 604, 826Ruiz-Sanchez, A., W258, 284, 584Rushen, J., 496, 501, 696Russ, I., 384Russell, D., 326Russell, J. R., 334Russell, R. A., 353Russi, J. P., M431, M432, T360, W299Rust, S. R., M13, T66Rutherford, T. F., 406Rutherford, W., W355, W367Rutz, F., 554Ryals, R., 593Ryan, C. M., M339, W391Ryan, K., 109Ryan, M. T., W492, 177Ryan, P. L., M509Rykov, R. V., T35Ryu, J. H., 303


Saathoff, K. G., M348Sabchuk, T. T., W101, 391, 394Sabikhi, L., T119Saborío-Montero, A., T15, T16Sadri, H., W250, W254Saensukjaroenphon, M., T282Sae-Tiao, T., M253Sahan, Ü., T336Sahar, M. W., W30Sahlu, T., M477, M478, M484, M485, T499,

T511, T512Sainz, R. D., M283, W70, 868Sakamoto, L. S., 876Sala, R., T281Salak-Johnson, J., 721Salama, A. A. K., M154, M156, T520, T521,

434Salas-Reyes, I. G., T331

Page 32: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Salazar, L. F. L., W269Salcedo, Y. G., M311Saleh, M. D., T299Salehi, F., T128Salehi, R., M214, W259, M215, M216,

W258, 284Salem, A. Z. M., T234, W431, 151, 173, 174,

611, 630Sales, F. A., T232Salfer, I. J., M418, M422Salfer, J., 693Salfer, J. A., M299Salga Vegas, U., 160Salgado, R. L., T174, T175, T522, T524,

W505Salles, F. A., T150, W319Salles, M. S. V., T150, W319Saltijeral Oaxaca, J. A., W21Salvador-Loreto, I., T331Salvati, G. G. S., M114Salvia, D., M356Samarini Machado, F., W345, W346, W381,

149Sambataro, M., M402Samii, S. S., M385, M413, 474Sampaio, C. B., T359Sampedro, F., 789San Vito, E., M317, M434, M435Sánchez, A., W186, T507Sanchez, C., W384Sanchez, D., W186Sanchez, J. M. D., T178, T188Sánchez, J. M. l., T15, T16Sanchez, J. E., M176Sanchez, N., W473Sanchez, N. C. B., T25, W26Sanchez, W., W29Sanchez-Durte, J. I., W332Sánchez-Macías, D., T248Sánchez-Rodríguez, H. L., T304, T305Sánchez-Torres, J. E., W471Sanders, W. S., M509Sandoval Nogueira, R. G., W282, W398Sandri, E. C., M145, M147Sangali, C. P., M170, W225Sanglard, L., 110Santana, A. P., T70Santana, E. H. W., T159Santana, M. C. A., T378Santana, M. O., M311, M320, M450, W291Sant’Anna, A. C., 729, M33, W78Santellano-Estrada, E., W167Santi, P. F., W308Santin-Duran, M., 143Santos, A., M362Santos, A. A., W308, W309Santos, C. A., T81Santos, D. J. A., W69Santos, E. T., W46

Santos, E. S., W399, W401Santos, E. R. S., M110, W171, W180Santos, F. C. R., W405, W406Santos, F. A. P., M331, M332, W302, W304,

612Santos, I. C. B., M257Santos, J., 83, 351, 359Santos, J. E., T322Santos, J. E. P., M237, M288, M305, T21,

T48, T101, T21, 253, 287, 328, 358, 360, 704

Santos, J. F., M350Santos, L. S., M26, T299Santos, M., T508Santos, M. E. R., T176, W164, W165Santos, M. H., M224, M225, M230, M310,

M444, T500Santos, P. A. C., M24Santos, P. C. d. S., W308Santos, P. P., 292Santos, R. M., 704Santos, R. O., M42Santos, S. A., T364, T365, T366, T367Santos, T. M., M474, M475, M479, M480,

M481, W500Santos, V. C., W315Santos, V. G., 446, 676Santos, W. V. S., W452Santos Luz, Y., 609Santschi, D. E., M269, M270Sanz Fernandez, M. V., M40, W45, 246, 364,

846,Sapkota, A., 238Sapp, R. L., 760Saraiva, A., M505, M506Saran Netto, A., W319Sargent, R., 142Sargolzaei, M., T104, 19, 752, 757, 759Saro, C., M43, T485, T486, T487, W175,

W431Sarsour, A. H., W46Sartori, R., M240, 324, 351Sartorio, S. D., T270Sarturi, J. O., 607, 869Sarver, F., M85Sarwar, M., W432Sathler, D. F. T., W436Sato, F., M170Sato, H., T386Sato, T., T40, 400, 401, 402Sattar, A., 840Sattar, M. A., 134Saturnino, H. M., T273Sauerwein, H., W250, W251, W252, W254Sauvant, D., 616, 617Sawall, Z., W392, 701Sawyer, D., M416Sawyer, J. E., M426, 610Sayre, B. L., 715

Sbardella, M., T313Scaglia, G., T185Scarpino-van Cleef, F. O., M463, W444Schacht, A., T55, 30Schaefer, D. A., W34Schäff, C. T., T403Schären, M., T420Schatz, T. J., 745Schatzmayr, G., 31Schauff, D. J., W481, W482, W483Schaumberger, S., T245, T343, 31, 239Schedle, K., 190Scheffler, T. L., 667Schell, T. H., M44Schell, T. J., M428Schellenberg, M., T181, W200Schenkel, F. S., T104, W69, 752, 754, 757,

759Scheraiber, M., 391Schering, L., M157, M164Schieder, C., 190, 698Schimek, D., M398, T451Schingoethe, D. J., T380Schlather, M., M87Schlotterbeck, R. L., T439, W343, 155Schmidely, P., 684Schmidt, F. A., 812Schmidt, S. E., W253, W331Schmidt, T. B., W36Schmitz, A. N., 107, 863, 864, 865Schmitz, H. F. P., W30, 170Schnabel, R. D., 524Schneider, A., M90, M95, T320Schneider, J. E., 6Schneider, M., T193Schnell, B. P., M467Schoenberg, K. M., 246, 846Schoenfuss, T. C., M109, 568Scholljegerdes, E. J., W445Scholte, C. M., 84Scholtz, E., T204Schonewille, T. J., T404Schorer, M., T474, T475, W496, W497,

W498Schramm, H. H., 94Schreiber, N. B., T328Schuenemann, G. M., M242, M305, T4, T39,

T101, T222, 359, 362, 500, 733, 735Schuling, S., M398Schuling, S. E., W375Schulmeister, T. M., 604, 826Schultz, É. B., T518Schutz, L. F., 88Schütz, K., W12Schwab, C., T457, 763Schwab, C. G., M386, M406, T424, W393Schwartz, G. J., 388Schwartz, K., 790Schwartz, R. L., 581

Page 33: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Schwartzkopf, K. S., 288Schwartzkopf-Genswein, K. S., M28, M34,

W13, 728Schwarz, C., 190Schwebel, L., M411Schwegler, E., T2Scortegagna, F., M233, M234Scott, B. D., W277Scott, C., 486Scott, J. G., 180Scott, M., T18, T19, W29, 856Scott, M. F., W409, 172, 153Scott, T., M449Scott, T. A., M329Scuderi, R., 69Seabury, C., M305, 359Seabury, C. M., T101, 524Sechler, S. R., 66, 266Seck, M., T410Secundino, B., M356See, M. T., 762Seefried, F. R., 384, 545Segelke, D., 533Segers, J. R., W51, W54Sehested, J., T198, 274, 751Seibert, J., 246, 364Seibert, J. T., 846Seidel, G. E., T342Seidl, J. R., T246, T247Seifi, H. A., T36Seigler, L. A., T239Sela, S., 415Sellers, M. D., W409, 153Sell-Kubiak, E., 261Senan, S., 53Sentelle, J. M., 199Senturklu, S., 692Seo, J., M335, T293, T301Seo, S., M335, T293, T301Seok, S. A., W43Sepehri, S., T17Sequeira, M., T345Seradj, A. R., M438Serão, N., 110Serão, N. V. L., 765, 768, 771Seras-Franzoso, J., T34Serdino, J., 650Sermyagin, A. A., T99, W83Serra, A., T314Serra, O. R., W508Serrano, T., T120Sespere Oliveira, M., W234, W235Settar, P., M70Settles, M. L., W369Séverine, O., T272Severino, K., 462Sexten, W. J., 334, 340, 739Sgavioli, S., W46, W234Shackelford, S. D., 872

Shafii, B., M241, M303, 84, 841Shah, N., 662Shah, N. P., 403, 556, 664Shahir, M. H., T494Shahzad, A. H., 840Shahzad, K., T215, W437, 434Shakhin, A. V., T99Shamay, A., 295, 296Shan, T., 669Shang, C., M282Shange, R., W479Shankar, U., 53Shanks, B. C., T189, T190, T510, T527,

W501, 636Shanks, R. D., 748Shanmugam, S., 797, M207Shannon, M. C., 119, T287Shao, D., M19Share, E., T64Sharif, M., W427Sharma, P., 515Sharon, K. P., M37, T309, W26, W38,

W409, 27, 494, 505, 518, 589, 590Sharpe, R., 9Shaughness, M., T417Shaver, R., M306, 351Shaver, R. D., M112, M114, M279, M363,

W202, 315Shawl, C., 564Shearer, J., W13Sheehan, J. J., 563Shelton, B. W., 159Shende, V. H., M53Shenkoru, T., T199, T361, T369Shephard, T. A., 727Shepherd, T. A., M140Sherlock, R. G., 15Shetty, N., 381Shi, H., M451, W484Shi, H. T., W327Shi, W., 152Shigemori, S., 400, 401, 402Shike, D. W., W57, 524, 738Shim, M. K., W41, W43Shimosato, T., 400, 401, 402Shin, H. Y., M200, M206, 797Shingfield, K. J., W450Shinners, K. J., 699Shinzato, I., M389, M422, T386, T387,

W351, 620Shirazi-Beechey, S. P., 43Shivers, C., W73Shivley, C. B., M272, M275, 136, 140, 141,

143, 144, 148Shivley, C. S., M273Shoup, L. M., 738Showunmi, O. O., W209Shreck, A. L., W430, W448, 339, 815Shritz, V., W155

Shuck, K. K., W475Shurson, G., 188Shurson, G. C., 789Si, B.-W., 831, T438, W174, W195,

831Sica, A. F., M293, M300, 842Siegford, J. M., W16Sifuentes dos Santos, J., T159Signer-Hasler, H., 384Silper, B. F., M248, M293, 842Silva, A., T121Silva, A. C. O., T123, T124Silva, A. F., W228Silva, A. M. A., M459Silva, B., W436Silva, B. C., W377Silva, C. F. P. G., M347, M354Silva, D. C. M., M36Silva, F. A. S., W378Silva, F. F., M77Silva, F. L., T70Silva, F. L. M., M344, M369Silva, F. M., M36Silva, G. B., T509Silva, G. G., W318Silva, H. L. A., T125Silva, H. M. S., M110, W171, W180Silva, J., W310Silva, J. A. I. V., W50Silva, J. A. V., T82, W58Silva, J. S., W442Silva, J. T., M344, M369, M371Silva, K. M., T70Silva, L., T508, 181Silva, L. D., M319, W452Silva, L. F. P., T372, W298, W300, W400,

W404, 613Silva, L. H., T508Silva, L. H. P., 454Silva, L. H. R., W378Silva, M., T122Silva, M. B., M338, W56Silva, N., M359Silva, N. C. D., T497, T498, T499Silva, P. R. B., T1, T49, W8, W28, W257,

252, 503Silva, P. S., 635Silva, P. S. D., M345Silva, R., W134Silva, R. A., M350Silva, R. B., T392Silva, R. G., M224, M225, M310, M444,

T500Silva, R. M. O., T79, T83, W77Silva, S. P., T497Silva, T. B. R., W69, W92Silva, T. C., M319, W170Silva, T. E., W269Silva, T. H., W318, W405, W406

Page 34: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Silva, T. M., W399, W401, W495Silva, T. P. B., M257Silva, T. V., M237Silva, V. P., W169, W170Silva, W., 110Silva Antonelo, D., M159Silva de Oliveira, T., M429, M461, M462,

T177, T187, W201, W203Silva del Rio, N., T205Silva Sobrinho, A. G., T506Silva-Del-Rio, N., M117, M289, M294,

M304, M307, M308, T43, T46, T47, T54, T306, W262

Silva-Guillen, Y. V., W230, W231Silveira, M. L., 711Silveira, P. A. S., M90, M95Silveira Pereira, J., W463Silvia, W. J., M246, 80Simianer, H., M87, 766Simielli Fonseca, L. F., M98Simões, G., T142, T145Simon, G. E., W3Simplício, M. G., T176, W165Sims, M., 742Sims, R. C., T383Sinedino, L. D. P., 287, 328Singh, A., 784Singh, H., 437Sinha, R., 527, 530Siqueira, G. R., M312, M338, W312, W453Siqueira, I., T170Siqueira, L. G. B., T321Siqueira, O. H. G. B. D., W269Sires, R., T33Siurana, A., M278, T409Sjostrom, L. S., 695Skenandore, C., M217, T320Skenandore, C. S., M404, T154, T156, W7Skinner, M. K., 7Skinner, R. H., 417Sloan, B. K., M386, M406, W393Slusher, P. J., 816Slyvka, I., T146Smidt, H., 825Smiley, B., W355, W367Smillie, J., M329Smith, A. C., M313, M326, W220, W350Smith, B., W301Smith, D. S., M13, T66Smith, G., T167Smith, G. R., T186Smith, J. F., M262Smith, J. K., 746, 747Smith, J. M., 257Smith, K. E., 74Smith, M. F., 131, 132, 408, T323, W261Smith, S., 14Smith, S. B., M426Smith, T., 648

Smith, W. B., 67Snell, A. M., W22Snelling, W. M., 523, 527, 530Snider, M. A., T71Sniffen, C. J., T448Soalheiro de Souza, R., M345, W381Soares, A. V., T467Soares, D. C., T497Soares, F. H., T70Soares, H. F., M265, T1, W8, W28Soares, I. A. d. C., M243Soares, K. R., W227, W228Soares, T. M., M42Sobelman, C. S., W96Soca, P., W449, 685, 743Soca, P. M., T356, T362Socha, M. T., T3, W32, W33, W372, 706,

707, 848Soder, K. J., M120, T393Soderholm, C., 160Soderlund, S., M314Sodipo, T. O., T58Sodré, W. J. d. S., M465, M466Soede, N. M., 127Sohi, R. S., M393Sol, C., 120, W6, W47Solà-Oriol, D., M195, M196, M497, M499,

T281, T300, 191Sole, E. M., 198Solé, A., T370Sölkner, J., 384Sollenberger, L. E., M110, W180Solorio-Sánchez, F. J., M442Solórzano, L. C., M111, M113, M116Solórzano, L. L., M111, M113, M116Somers, R., 632Son, A. R., M175, W233Son, S.-H., M29Song, M., T293, T301Song, S., T131Song, X. H., W113, W115Sonnenberg, A. S. M., 606Sonstegard, T. S., T102, 537Sontag, S., T157Sontakke, S. H., M53Sood, P., 126Sopelsa, A., M260, 499Sordillo, L. M., T29, 491Sorge, U. S., 695Soriano, S., M293, M300, 842Sosa, C., M219Sotak-Peper, K. M., 308Soto, A. C., T528Soto, J., 190Soto, J. A., 193Soto, L. E., M47Soto-Urano, Á. H., W162Souder, A., M375Sousa, B. M., T425

Sousa, D. G., W294Sousa, D. O., M443, W298, W300, 613Sousa, R., T508Sousa, R. T., T372Southey, B. R., M129Souza, A., 351, W493Souza, A. H., M236, T306, W262Souza, A. P., T68Souza, F., 651Souza, F. M., M424, W451Souza, J. C. S. M., M182Souza, J. M., W298, W300Souza, J. R. S. T., W508Souza, J. S., M226, W27Souza, O. A., W309Souza, R., 181Souza, R. A., T495, W455Souza, R. C., M42, T425, T427, T428Souza, T. H. R., T414Souza, V. L., T433Souza, W. L., M302, T327Souza Junior, J. H. C. M., T427, T428Soyeurt, H., 10, 658, 694Sözcü, A., T336Spackman, C., 68Spanghero, M., T382Spangler, D. A., W483Spangler, L. F., M313Spangler, M. L., 524Spanu, G., W491Sparks, C., 118Spelman, R. J., 15Spencer, J. A., M241, M303, 841Spencer, T. E., W90, 323Spicer, L. J., T328, 88Spiller, S., 531Spitsberg, V. L., W155Splan, R. K., 311Sprenkle, N. T., 475Spricigo, D., T170Spurlock, D., 488, 525, 526Squizatti, M., W309Stackhouse, J. W., W24, 691Stackhouse-Lawson, K. R., 697Stahl, C. H., W212Stalder, K. J., 241, 485Stanford, K., T171, W200Stangaferro, M. L., M211, M249, T37, 128,

279, 356, 448Stanko, R. L., 443Stanley, J. A., 325Stanton, A. L., T226, W11, W31, W39, 234,

493Staples, C., W355, W367, 360, 389, 525Staples, C. R., M284, M383, 287Stark, C. R., T172, T282, 122, 123Starke, A., T12Starkl, V., T245Staudinger, E. J., W375

Page 35: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Steckelberg, J. R., 771Steckler, T. L., M232Steele, M. A., M138, 158, 489Steelman, A. J., M57Stefanello, S., T466, T467Stefaniak, T., T403Stegelmeier, B. L., T179Steibel, J. P., M76, 532, 543, 767Stein, H. H., 119, 113, 121, 305, 308, 792,

793, 794Steinkamp, K. M., M392Step, D. L., 371, T67Stephan, R., 432Sterle, J. A., 485, 487Stern, M. D., M418, M422Stevens, J. S., T50, T51, T53Stevenson, J. S., M232, M233, M234, M235,

327Stewart, B., T379Stewart, C. R., W243Stewart, R. L., 59, W163Stinn, J., 727Stiverson, J. A., 855Stoakes, S. K., M40, W45, 246, 364, 490,

846Stock, R. A., 869Stockhofe, N., 830Stoffel, C. M., W379Stokes, R. S., M427, 347, 348Stokol, T., M339, T216, 361Stoldt, A.-K., T12Stone, A. E., M9, M10, M246, M291, T200,

80, 353, 407Stone, J. A., T56Stoop, W. M., 529Storer, W. A., W63Storillo, V. M., 635Stout, M. A., 73Stout, R. C., 697St-Pierre, B., W328St-Pierre, N., W283, W493Stradiotto, M. d. M., T333Stratman, T. J., LB2Strauss, M., W382Streacker, C. A., 582Strekozov, N. I., W83Stricker, C., 384Strider, D., M260Stuani, O. F., M355Stuart, W. D., 790Studstill, M. W., W163Stumpf, M. T., 499, 812Stutts, K., 725Stutts, K. J., M515, T241, T244, T536, W243Stylianou, K., LB6Suagee, J. K., W96Suarez-Belloch, J., M498Suarez-Dominguez, H., T332Suarez-Mena, F. X., W343, 155

Suarez-Trujillo, A., T265, 295Subulokun, A. V., T58Such, X., T520Suchodolski, J. S., 671Sucu, E., T503Sucupira, M. C. A., T495Südekum, K.-H., W251, W252Sulabo, R. C., 308Sulyok, M., T245, T343Sulzberger, S., T320Sulzberger, S. A., T154, T156, W364, 858Suman, S. P., M162Sun, C., 647Sun, F., W462Sun, H., T295Sun, H. Z., 322, T430Sun, P., W413, W417, W423Sun, Q.-Z., W195Sun, Y., 171, T397Sung, K. I., W468Sung, Y., T316Surita, L. M., W314Surjus, R. S., M240Suryawan, A., 302Susin, I., T495Sutton, W. A., W55Suwanasopee, T., M68, M71, M73, M253,

T86, T87, T91, T249, W91, W93Suzuki, R., W347Suzuki, Y., 588Svindrych, Z., 563Swain, A. F., M315, 712, 713Swaminathan, M., 378Swanepoel, N., M126, M127, T406Swanson, K., W98, W100, W248, 390, 396,

397, 546Swanson, T. J., 338Swartz, J. E., 614Sweeney, B. M., M339, W391Sweeney, R., 513Sweeney, T., W116, W492, 177Swift, M., T349Swift, M. L., T373, T375, W232Sypherd, D. D., T317Szeto, H. H., 666


Taasoli, G., M309, M425, W192, W193Tacoma, R., 783Tactacan, G. B., 194Tadeu dos Santos, G., W425Tadich, T., W4Takada, L., T83, W77Takiya, C., M359, M362Takiya, C. S., M367, M377, M395, W321,

W322, W405, W406, W318, W371, W383

Talaat, A. M., 254

Talbot, G., W112Tamassia, L. F., M331, M332, 612Tamassia, L. F. M., W294Tamm, S. C., W219Tan, C., M78, M84, T295Tang, J. X., M7Tani, S., T57, W286, W288Tanida, M., T387Tanner, A. E., 269Tansman, G. F., W140, W141, 565Tao, J., T213Tao, L., W174Tao, S., M284, W268, LB7, 251, 360, 808Tao, X., 664Tapia-Robles, K. I., T501Taraba, J. L., 275Tarango-Hernandez, Y. S., T107Tatone, E. H., 847Taylor, H., T153Taylor, J. B., M83Taylor, J. F., 524Taylor, P. M., 385Taylor, R. K., M222Taylor, S. J., W374Teague, W. R., 593Tedeschi, L., W301Tedeschi, L. O., M334, T463, T465, 67, 645,

736, 834Tedó, G., T402Teets, C., T381Teixeira, I., W493Teixeira, I. A. M. A., M468, M469, T497,

T498, T506, W283Teixeira, M. P. F., W227, W228Teixeira, P. D., M318, M324Teixeira, V. A., T427, T428Teixeira de Abreu, M. L., M505, M506Teixeira Passos, L., 499Tejada, L., W477Tejada, L. M., T182Tejido, M. L., W175Tekippe, J., 620Tempelman, R. J., M76, 525, 542, 543Temple, A. M., W481, W482, W483Temple, D., M497Teng, L., T28Tenley, S. C., T317Teramura, M., T40Ternman, E., 726Terré, M., 22, M267, M268, T407, W247,

W380Terrill, T., W479Tessman, R. K., W30Testroet, E. D., 283Tetens, J., M87Tetreault, M., M366Teutsch, C. D., W210Tewoldebrhan, T., W354Thacker, P., M166, M185

Page 36: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Thallman, R. M., 523Thandapilly, S. J., W117Thatcher, W. W., M237, M305, T101, T322,

287, 328, 359Thelen, K., W253Theodoridou, K., W441Théron, L., 13Therrien, D. A., M60Thierry, C., 655Thieszen, J. D., W458, W461, 104, 870Thoma, G., 819Thomas, A., 793, 794Thomas, B. N., M82Thomas, C. L., T527Thomas, D. L., M81, 92Thomas, J. M., 131, 132, 408Thomas, M., W71Thomas, M. G., LB1Thomas, M. J., M211, 128, 448Thomaz, M. C., W107, W108, W230, W231,

W234, W235, W236Thomas, M. G., T80Thompsom, A., 607Thompson, A. C., M11Thompson, B. S., 146Thompson, I., T271, 360Thompson, M. J., T510Thompson, P. D., 688Thompson-Crispi, K., 511Thomsen, S. J., 232Thomson, D., W13, 370Thomson, J., 305Thornsberry, M., W395Thornton, K. J., W219, W224Tian, G., W113, W115, 796, 835, 836Tian, H., T38Tian, Q., 424Tian, X.-Z., 176Tibbitts, B. T., 367, 833Ticiani, E., M145, M147, M148Tiezzi, F., 749Tilemahos Zervoudakis, J., W407, W438,

W439, W440Timms, L. L., T11, T33, T154, 241Titgemeyer, E. C., M440, 333, 335Titto, C. G., M23, M86, W2Titto, E. A. L., M23, M86, W2Tiwari, U. P., 571, 576Toghiani, S., W82, 544Toledo, M., 351Toledo, M. Z., M363, 315, 678Tomás, C., M502Tomás de Resende, K., M468, M469Tomasino, E., W126, W127, W128Tomasula, P. M., T109, T116, W154Tomaz, L. A., W309Tomczak, D. J., 739Tomich, T. R., M347, M354, M370, M384,


Tonhati, H., 651Tonussi, R. L. T84, T85, W72,Topliff, D. R., M210Toral, F. L. B., T289Toro-Mujica, P., 559Torreão, J. N. C., M458, T504Torrent, J., 163, M438Torres, A. V. C., T502Torres, C. A. A., M243Torres, E., W186Torres, R. A. L., T496Torres-Rodriguez, E., W25Torrezan, T. M., M344, M371Totade, S. P., 378Toth, J., T168Tóth, T., M495Totty, M. L., 88Touati, K., W249Touchette, K. J., 305Touray, L., W499Tower, J. E., W30, 170Tran, H., T368, W106Traspov, A. A., T99Trayford, C. R., M239Trcalek, C. R., M315, 712, 713Trece, A. S., W269Trejo, O. S. R., 178Tremblay, G. F., M412Tremblay-Marchand, D., W149Tresoldi, G., W12Trevisi, E., T3, W372, 91, 318, 320, 455,

456, 458, 706Trevisol, E., M363, 129, 315, 324, 678Trible, S. D., W97Tricarico, J. M., W265Trillo, Y., M289, M294, M304, M307, M308Trindade Neto, M. A., M181, M182, M184Trivedi, S., 53Troescher, A. H. A., M137Trojan, S., 607Trombetta, S. C., M136, 494, 508Troscher, A., T314Trott, J. F., 95Trottier, N., T465, 775Trout, W. E., 846, 246Trujillo, A. I., W52, W449Trujillo, A. S., 296Trujillo-Gutiérrez, D., T530Truong, A. D., M75Tsai, C. C., M160, M503Tsai, C.-Y., 69Tsai, I. C., M132, M246, M291, 80, 353Tsai, N. I., T200Tsai, T.-C., 106, M508Tsang, A., M436Tse, C., M251Tse, M. L. P., M26, T299Tsisaryk, O., M102, T147, T146Tsukahara, Y., M478, T499, T511, T512

Tsuruta, S., M67, M72, W80, 534, 535, 646, 760, 770

Tsuyuzaki, K., 649Tu, Y., M470, M487, T354, T438, W174,

111, 175, 831Tucker, C., W12Tucker, C. B., W3Tucker, H. A., T452, T453, T472, W347,

W351, W386, 469Tucker, H. L. M., M4, T206, 452Tucker, J., 742, T379Tucker, J. D., W62Tugnoli, B., W212Tun, H. M., M408, M409, T17, T18, T19,

W118, W120, LB8Tunick, M. H., T109, T117Turbes, G., W126, W127, W128Turiello, A., M402Turiello, M. P., M402Turzillo, A. M., 209Tye, B. M., 87Tyl, C. E., M109Tyler, H. D., 241, 485, 487Tyus, J., 115


Ugiagbe, F. O., T477, 161, 832Ulbrich, S. E., T312Ullah, N., 689Ulloa, J. A. R., T294Ulmer, K. M., 872Ulrich, R., 819Um, J. S., M189, M190Umesiobi, D. O., M492Underdahl, S. R., M232Undersander, D., W159, W208Undersander, D. J., W177Underwood, K. R., 873Ungerfeld, R., 502Upadhaya, S. D., 303, 838Upreti, P., W131Upton, J., 688Ureña, E., T254Urge, M., M477Urgeghe, P., 650Uriarte, E., M128Uriarte, J. M., M518Urie, N. J., M272, M273, M275, 136, 140,

141, 143, 144, 148Urio, M., M145, M146, M147, M148Urioste, J., T77Urioste, J. I., T106Uriyapongson, S., 312Urriola, P., 188Urriola, P. E., 789Urrutia, N. L., M394, M415, T278, 286, 468Urso, P., 725Ustunol, Z., T167

Page 37: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Usui, S., W288Utembergue, B. L., M91Utsumi, S. A., T444, 63Utsunomiya, A. T. H., W79Utt, M. D., 445, 586Utterback, P., W98Uwituze, S., W311Uyeno, Y., W479


V, S., 53Vadas, P., W443Vaga, M., T479Vaidya, J. D., 825Vail, A. C., W63Vailati Riboni, M., 455, 456, 457, 458Valadares, R. F. D., T364, T365Valadares Filho, S. C., M325, T366, T367,

T462, W221, W377, W378, W436, 454Valdes, E., 389Valdés, K. Y., W431Valdes-Garcia, Y. S., T523Valdivia, A., M43Valencia, A. P., 660Valente, B. D., M81, 92, 767Valente, T. S., W78, 729Valentini, A., T92Valenza, A., M244, 446Valesco, G. M., M513Valko, D. J., M40, 246, 364Vallée, I., M62Vallejo, D., M255Valles de la Mora, B., T496Vallet, J. L., T317Valley, E. V., T61Valloto, A. A., M290, T90Valoto, S. F., T89Van Amburgh, M. E., T398, W334, W338,

W393, 854van Arendonk, J., 751Van Bibber-Krueger, C. L., W311, W458,

W461, 104, 866, 870Van Campen, H., LB1van Cleef, E. H. C. B., M463, T482, T522,

T524, W311, W315, W505, W507, W508van den Bogert, B., 825van den Borne, J., 830van der Merwe, D. A., M488Van der Westhuizen, R. R., T100Van Doormaal, B., T100Van Doormaal, B. P., T88Van Eenennaam, A., W24, W35, 60Van Eetvelde, M., 421, 423Van Emon, M. L., M427, 347van Gastelen, S., 594, 825Van Hekken, D. L., T109, T117Van Kessel, J. A. S., 145, 147van Knegsel, A., 276

Van Knegsel, A. T. M., 127van Kuijk, S. J. A., 606Van Laar, H., 616van Lingen, H. J., 825Van Marle-Köster, E., T100Van Middelaar, C. E., 845van Niekerk, W. A., W207van Pelt, M. L., 756van Reenen, K., 830van Ryssen, J. B., W494van Sambeek, D. M., W106, W108Van Tassell, C. P., T102, 537van Valenberg, H., 751Vanacker, N., T272Vanbergue, E., 467, W373Van-Bibber Krueger, C. L., 105VandeHaar, M. J., T465, W335, 466, 488,

525Vander Ley, B. L., 741Vandermyde, C. R., W481, W482Vandermyde, D. R., W481, W482, W483VanderWaal, K. L., 256Vanelli, K., W101Vann, G. G., M515Vann, R. C., W22, 135VanOverbeke, D. L., 371VanRaden, P. M., T103, 40, 537, 647Vantini Marujo, M., W235VanWettere, A., 26VanWieringen, L., 459Vanzant, E. S., W17, W36, W160, 730Vara, K., T520Vardhanabhuti, B., W142, 439Varela, A., M502Varella dos Santos, P. F., M469Vargas, J., W493Vargas, J. A. C., M469Vargas, L. M. M., T219Vargas Jurado, N., 269, 717Vargas-Bello-Pérez, E., T432, 559Vargas-Leitón, B., T15Vargas-Ramírez, A., T14, W23Vargas-Rodriguez, C. F., M419, W370, 460Varona, L., W75Vasconcelos, A. C., T273Vasconcelos, J. L. M., M133, M238, M248,

M293, M300, T323, W261, 445, 842Vasconcelos, V. R., W166, 161, 832Vasconcelos de Oliveira Lima, A. G., M165Vasconcelos Gracindo, T., W425Vasquez, D. C. Z., T471Vásquez, D. R., T285Vasquez, M., W248Vasseur, E., M251, W15, 90, 496, 501Vasudevan, S., M14Vaughn, M. A., 104, 105Vaz, M., M356, M359Vazirigohar, M., 470, 851, 852Vazquez, A., W418

Vázquez, J. A., M327Vázquez Chagoyán, J. C., T234Vazquez-Anon, M., T472, 310, 469Vázquez-Armijo, J., M56Vázquez-Chagoyán, J. C., 630Vazquez-Flores, S., W29Vazquez-Mendoza, O. V., 151Vecchiarelli, B., T168, T488, 164, 513Vechetti-Junior, I. J., W59Veerkamp, R., 525Veerkamp, R. F., 260, 756Vegara, C., 25Veiga dos Santos, M., M443Veira, D., W27Vela, D. A., W460Velasco Acosta, D. A., T156, T320Velasquez, A. V., T484, W298, 268Velayudhan, D. E., M181, M510, M511Velázquez, E. A., W271Velázquez-Cantón, E., 791Velez, J. S., T4, 733, 735Velez-Irizarry, D., 486, 532Vélez-Monroy, L. I., T526Veliz, F., W476, W477Veliz, F. G., W478, W486, W480Veliz-Deras, F. G., T501, T505, T526, W25,

W435, W487, W488Veloso, C. M., W221, W269Veltmank, K., 592Vencez González, S. A., M124Vendramini, J. M., 710Vendramini, J. M. B., T178Vendramini, M., M356, M359, M362Vendramini, T. H. A., M367, M377, M395,

W321, W322, W371, W318Venkitanarayanan, K., T61Ventura, H. T., T78, T79Ventura, R. V., W69Venturini, G. C., T83, T84, T85, W77Venugopal, M., 607Verardo, L. L., M77Verdú, M., M31, T376, W18Verdugo, A. C., W50Vergara, C. F., M255Verma, H., 789Verma, R., M142Veronese, L. P., T270Veroneze, R., M77Veronezi, J. C., M23, W2Verstegen, J. P., W262Vestergaard, M., T198Vezzoni Almeida, V., W234Vianello, E., T302Vianna, F. S., T123, T124Vicario, D., 382Vicente-Mainar, F., T331Vidal, O., T507Vieira, L. L. R., W294

Page 38: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Vieira, R. A. M., M429, M433, M461, M462, T177, T187

Vieira de Rezende, E., M231Vieira Pires, A., W496Vieira-Neto, A., M288, T22, T48, 23, 358Vignola, M., 96Vigors, S., W116Vikser, M., 751Vilas Boas, D. F., 876Vilela, R. A., M86Villadiego, F. A. C., T367, W378Villalba, J. J., 68Villar, F., M262Villaverde, A., T34Villela Barletta, R., W383Villez, K., 101Vincent, D., T534Vining, T. P., 736Vinogradova, I. V., T35Vinyeta, E., 121Viotto, W. H., W136, W137, W143Virkler, P. D., 146Vissio, C., M402Vitali, A., W87Voelker Linton, J. A., T410Voelz, B. E., M233, M234, 447Volchinski, V., 415Vollmer, A., T114, 71Vollmer, A. H., W130Volpi-Lagreca, G., M420vom Saal, F., 8von Borstel, K., T236von Keyserlingk, M. A. G., M21, M22,

M245, M292, T36, W10, 352, 497Vonnahme, K. A., M221, W248, 338Vsetecka, A. B., 484Vuckovic, G., T152


Wada, K., T389Wadsworth, B. A., M132, M246, M291,

T200, 80, 353Wagner, A. L., 311Wagner, B., 146Wagner, B. K., T221, 827Wagoner, T. B., T194Wai, L. Y., 783Waite-Cusic, J., W126, W127, W128, W157Wakshlag, J. J., 280, 755Walcheck, B., T20Waldron, M. R., W264Wales, B., 522Walker, C., 365Walker, C. G., 247Walker, J. A., 586, 614, M229Walker, J. D., T190, T189Walker, N.,, T237 W434Walker, R., M94

Wall, E., 14, 259Wall, E. H., T431, 282Wall, K. R., T72Wall, S. K., 101, 432Wallis, B. D., W447Walpole, M. E., M421Walsh, G. T., W156Walsh, S. W., M226Walter, K. W., T75, T76Walter, L. J., 521Walter, L.-A. J., W270, 107, 863, 864, 865Walton, M. A., M223Wan, C., 664Wan, D., 337Wanderer, M., M260, 499Wang, B., M487, T421, 860Wang, C., M84, M151, T111, T354Wang, D., 677Wang, F., M19, M152, M166, W295, 435Wang, H., T111, T163, W215, 424Wang, H.-C., M470, M487, 111Wang, H. F., T354Wang, H.-M., W195Wang, H. Y., M153Wang, J., 213Wang, J. J., 115Wang, J. K., T412, T413, T430, W123Wang, J. P., 835Wang, J. Q., W411, W413, W415, W416,

W417, W422, W423, 435, 465Wang, J., M150, T38, T161, T162, T163,

T165, T166Wang, K., 300Wang, L., 646Wang, L. F., 548Wang, M., W215, 106, 424Wang, P., 400, 401, 402Wang, P. P., W411, W416, W422Wang, Q., W112, 577Wang, S.-S., W123Wang, T., M166, M167, 108Wang, X.-Z., W81Wang, X., W48Wang, Y., M19, M99, M123, M125, M333,

M436, M451, T171, T181, T228, T283, W412, W191, W200, W205, LB6, 192, 240, 400, 401, 402, 592

Wang, Y. B., T61Wang, Z., T511, T512, 525, 873Wang, Z.-l., W195Ward, L. S., T194Ward, R. T., T434, T443Warren, L. K., T235, T242, 311, 427Wasdin, J., W71Waseem, M., 689Washburn, S., 225Wasson, H. L., 200Watanabe, D. H. M., W308, W309Waters, K. M., T148

Watson, A. K., 341, 821, 862Wattiaux, M. A., M297, T429, T435, T531,

W361, W388, W443, W462, 641Weaber, R. L., 523, 524Weary, D. M., M21, M22, T36, W10, 352,

497Weatherly, M. E., M379, 353Weathers, J. D., T56, T71Weaver, L. D., 231Weaver, S. R., 97, 281Webb, S., T69Weber, E., 118Weber, W., T49, W257Weber, W. J., T20, W37Webster, T. K. M., M365Weed, B. C., 673Weeks, H., 597, 850Weeks, H. L., W365Weeks, S., 624Weems, J. D., W357Wegrzyn, J. L., W217Wehmeyer, M., T472Wei, H., M174, T288, 664Wei, S.-J., 337Wei, W., M143Wei, Z., M143Wei, Z. H., T413, T430Weich, W., T157Weigel, K., 525Weikard, R., 533Weimer, P. J., W198, W396Weinberg, Z., 415Weis, A. J., 744Weisbjerg, M. R., 274, 623Weiss, C. P., W458, 104, 105, 506Weiss, W. P., T368, T434, T443, 282, 591Weissend, C. J., 66, 266Welch, S., W462Welchons, C. A., 341, 833Weld, K. A., T395, W11Weldon, B., 295Wellnitz, O., T13, T276, T277, T312, 433,

680Wells, D. F., 527, 530Wells, J. B., W51, W54Wells, J. E., 527, 530Wells, K. D., T346, T348Wells, S. J., 256Welsh, M. D., T32Welsh, T. H., T329, W22, 135Welter, K. C., 163Wen, F., T163Wen, J., M448Weng, H.-Y., 849Weng, Z.-Q., M70Wenner, B. A., M353, M410, T221, 827, 855Werncke, D., 499, 812Werner, T., M375Wert-Lutz, A. E., M373, T218

Page 39: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the




Weschenfelder, M. M., T2West, J. K., 451Westphalen, M. F., M310, M444, T500Wettemann, R. P., T347Whang, K.-Y., T303Wheeler, R., M486Whelan, S. J., 853Whitaker, B. D., 582, 583White, B., M52White, H. M., M8, M137, M352, W337,

LB4, 357White, L. M., T76White, M. E., W224White, R. R., T465, W274, W276, W353,

W356, 591White, S. H., 427White, S. N., M83Whitehouse, N., T435Whitehouse, N. L., M386, M406, T424Whitley, N., M517Whittier, J. C., T342Whittier, W. D., M232Wiart, S., T268Wickersham, T. A., M328, M426, T351, 828,

829Widener, C. L., M247Widmann, P., 533Widmar, N., M63, M64, M65, M295, 35,

36, 37Wiebusch, A. T., 711Wiedemann, S., 431Wiedmann, M., 778Wiggans, G. R., T88, T102, 537Wightman, D. L., 572Wijesiriwardana, D., 321Wijma, R., M211, M249, T37, 128, 279, 356,

448Wilbers, L. S., T190, T527, W501Wilcox, M., M63Wilde, R. E., W13Wildeus, S. A., M452, W490Wilkerson, V. A., 862Wilkins, J. A., 248Wilkinson, M. G., 563Wilks, D., 459Willard, S. T., M509, 135Williams, C., T185Williams, C. A., 426Williams, C. C., M380, 201, 223Williams, D. R., W24Williams, G. L., 4, 443Williams, H., 109Williams, J. E., M392, W369Williams, S. E., W347Williams, S. R. O., 597, 850Willson, P., 768Wilson, B. K., 371Wilson, C. S., 531Wilson, D. J., 26

Wilson, J., 293, 725Wilson, M., M508Wilson, R. M., W260Wilson, T. B., W57, 738Wiltbank, M. C., M236, M239, M240,

M277, M363, T324, W262, 129, 315, 324, 351, 675, 676, 678

Wimmers, K., M157Winder, C. B., 290Windig, J., 380Windle, M., M115Windschitl, P. M., W375Winkler, A., T445Winkler, J., T308Winston, D. R., 199, 224Wiseman, J., 50Witherspoon, T., M456, M457Withrock, I. C., M140, 727Wittum, T., T62Woerner, D. R., T342Wohlgemuth, S. E., LB7, 427Woiwode, R. H., M35Wojtowicz, A., W90Wolc, A., M70, 771Woldesenbet, S., M101Wolf, C., 137Wolffram, S., T12, T227Wongpom, B., T87Wood, A. Y., 452Wood, J. D., 54Wood, J. R., T317Wood, K. M., M329, M330, M421, 461Woolliams, J. A., T88Woolpert, M. E., 81, 343Workman, J. D., T39, 500Worku, M., M483Wormsbecher, L. M., 496Woyengo, T. A., M177, M178, 116Wregor, R., T296Wright, A.-D. G., M256, M460, T405,

W328, 166, 598Wright, C., W479Wright, C. L., 484, 614Wright, J. R., T103Wright, T. C., 354Wright-Johnson, E. C., T317Wrighton, K. C., M353Wu, D., W40Wu, F., W40Wu, G., M166Wu, J., M361Wu, J. S., T421Wu, Q., 664Wu, W.-X., 176, 682Wu, Y., T228Wu, Z., W323, W326, 808Wynands, E. M., 82Wynn, S., T40Wyzen, B., 694


Xavier, E., 817Xavier, E. G., M218Xia, H., M166Xia, K., M282Xia, Y. F., T354Xia, Z.-S., 337Xiang, Q., M174Xiao, J., T455Xiao, J. X., T446Xie, X., T430Xin, H., 727, M140Xin, H.-l., 682Xin, S., M92Xiong, H., 240Xochitemol-Hernández, A., W459Xu, F., 664Xu, H., W485, 664Xu, J. C., W415, W419, W420, W421Xu, L., W84, 785, 786Xu, N. N., T413Xu, Q., W40Xu, S., W40Xu, Y., W48Xu, Z., T171, W200Xue, P., M194Xue, S., W466


Yacoubi, N., T481Yadav, S., 849Yajing, B., W441Yamagishi, M., 634Yamaguchi, S., W89Yamamoto, S. M., W408Yamamoto, Y., 400, 401, 402Yan, C., W40Yan, H., W214Yan, S., T375Yancey, J. W., 720Yanchukov, I. N., W83Yañez, J., M177Yañez, J. L., M176Yang, B., W123Yang, B.-Z., 337Yang, C., W42Yang, C. W., T283, T284, W412Yang, F., T413Yang, S., 227Yang, S. Y., 87, T382, T383, T384Yang, W., T349, T373, T374, T375Yang, Y., W254, 837, 682Yang, Z., M92Yang, Z. B., T283, T284, W412Yao, K. Y., T412Yao, W., M166Yao, Y., W113, W115, 796, 836

Page 40: Author Index · 887 Author Index Author Index Numbers following names refer to abstract numbers; a number alone indicates an oral presentation, an M preceding the


Yaqoob, M., 689Yarborough, J. K., T178Yasui, T., W246Yazman, J., 210Ye, J. A., T412, T413Yeah, Y., T361Yeh, Y., T199Yelich, J. V., M315, W55, 712, 713Yeoman, C. J., 517Yeung, C. K., T135Yeung, M., T135Yi, G., 553Yi, H., 192Yiannikouris, A., W160Yilmaz Dikmen, B., T336Yin, Y., M511Ying, J. Y., M394, 468Ying, Y., M415, W456, 286, 469Ylioja, C. M., M149Yoder, A. D., T74Yodklaew, P., T91Yohe, T. T., M4, T206Yongqing, Y., M143Yoon, H., T470, W172Yoon, I., M375, T18, T19, T412, T413,

T446, T455, W409, 153, 172, 856Yoshitoshi, F. N., W100Younas, U., W268, 628, 809Young, A. J., T383, T388, 87Young, A. N., 636Young, K., T396, 162Young, M. G., W232Younker, S., W395Youssef, N. N., W130Yu, B., W113, W115, 577, 796, 835, 836Yu, C., 192Yu, J., W113, W115, 577, 835, 836Yu, K., W484Yu, L., 424, W215Yu, P., M139, M368, M449, T210, T469,

T478, W176, W390, W414, W441, 332, 859

Yu, Q., M99Yu, Z., M353, 855Yuan, K., 621Yuan, M., 195Yukalo, V., M102Yun, C. H., W292Yun, H. M., M203, M207Yunta, C., W247, W380


Zacaroni, O. F., T414, W182Zachut, M., 126, 805Zadnkarimi, F., T51Zadra, L. E. F., M280Zaldumbide, G. A., W39

Zaleski, H. M., 571Zambom, M., T145Zambom, M. A., T142Zandkarimi, F., T50, T53Zandstra, T., 830Zanella, A. J., M23, W2Zanetti, D., T366, W269, 454Zanetti, M. A., W319, W442Zanferari, F., M367, M377, M395, W321,

W322, W371Zang, Y., M301Zanton, G. I., T212, T452, T453, T472, 344,

469Zanzalari, K., M339, W391Zanzalari, K. P., M428, W323Zapata, R., 784Zapata Vasquez, D. C., W282, W398Zarco-Quintero, L. A., 791Zarrin, M., T13, W469Zavaleta-Mancera, H. A., W162Zbinden, C., T276, T312, 433Zeferino, C. P., T346, T348Zeng, Q., 653Zeni, D., T466Zenobi, M., 389Zerby, H., 690Zeringue, L., W273Zezeski, A. L., 452Zhang, B. X., T412Zhang, F., M192Zhang, G., T5, T6, T7, T8, T9Zhang, H., M92, T456, 192Zhang, J., T165, W411, W416Zhang, L., 836Zhang, N., M151Zhang, N.-F., M470, M487, T438, W174,

111, 175, 831Zhang, Q., W256Zhang, S., T115, 117Zhang, S. H., 788Zhang, S. J., 44Zhang, T., W413Zhang, T. L., M448Zhang, X., T450, T469, 539, 557, 760Zhang, Y., M448, T38, T166, T210, W390,

859Zhang, Y. D., W413Zhang, Z., 664Zhao, D., T455Zhao, E., M99Zhao, F. Q., 300Zhao, J., 310Zhao, M., W413, W423Zhao, P. Y., M199, M201, M202, M203,

M204, M205, M208Zhao, R., 195Zhao, S. G., W416, W422Zhao, X., T271, T279

Zhao, Y., M78, M99, T373, T375, W178, 265Zheng, L., M174Zheng, N., M150, T38, T161, T162, T163,

T165, T166, 465Zheng, P., W113, W115, 577, 796, 835, 836Zheng, Y., W239, 653Zheng, Y. K., M448Zhong, J., 653Zhong, Q., T460Zhou, H., W174Zhou, L., 542Zhou, M., W429Zhou, X., T161, T162, W232, 574, 575Zhou, X. Q., W413, W423Zhou, Y., T288Zhou, Z., M404, 318, 319, 320, 455, 456,

457Zhou, Z. H., 796Zhu, D., W423Zhu, H. B., M153Zhu, J., T60Zhu, L., 577Zhu, L.-Q., 176Zhu, W., T412, T413, T430 W132Zhu, X., M92Zhu, Y. X., W415Ziegler, B., M398, T451Ziegler, D., M268, M398, M399, T449,

T451, W395Zierden, D., 418Zijlstra, R. T., M177, M178, W232, 116, 548,

574, 575, 837Zimmerman, P., 599Zimmerman, S., 599Zinicola, M., T26, 509Zinn, R., 519Zinn, R. A., T436Zinn, S. A., T65, W216, W217, 291, 294Zinovieva, N. A., T35, T99, W83Zobel, G., 148Zoca, S. M., 841, M303Zolini, A. M., M243Zontini, A. M., W334, W338Zou, C.-X., 337Zou, S., T297Zou, Y., M123, M125, T288Zuffo, B. N., M481Zuidhof, M. J., 638Zuidhof, S., 507Zumbach, B., M67Zúñiga, A., T182Zuniga, J., 389Zuniga, J. E., M383Zuñiga-Villegas, J. B., T516Zwierzchowski, G., T7, T8, T44, T45