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Transcript of Australian Government Skilled Migration Program Changes 2012

  • Changes to Australias Skilled Migration Program

    May - June 2012


  • A long history of successful migration

    A long history of successful migration


  • Composition of the Migration ProgramSource: DIAC internal data


    Total Skill

    Total Family


  • 2012/13 Skilled Migration Program Composition

    2012/13 Budget: Highlights & Implications2011/122012/13* Includes 200 places for Distinguished Talent Visa


  • Have you got the skills?


  • SkillSelect is Australias new service for managing its skilled migration program, incorporating significant visa reform and the deployment of a new online service.

    Intending MigrantAustralianEmployersState/TerritoryGovernmentSkillSelect

    AcceleratedVisa Processing


    Visa ReformsSkillSelect


  • SkillSelect Visa Architecture

    Mandatory EOI

    Discretionary EOI


  • Key Policy Changes for all SkillSelect Visas


  • SkillSelectAccess/RegisterVisa

    eLodgement & Processing

    Australian EmployersAccess SkillSelectwith AUSkeySearch

    Employment arrangement conducted outside SkillSelect

    Intending Migrant

    Complete EOIMaintain ProfileInvited to ApplyCompleteApplication

    Nomination and ApplicationAccess SkillSelectwith AUSkey

    State & TerritoryGovernmentNominator


    Nomination Quota per month

    SkillSelect: How does it work?



  • Intending Migrants: How does it work?

    Complete EOIMaintain ProfileInvited to ApplyCompleteApplication

    Employers SearchSTOs Nominate

    Periodic invitation roundsVisaProcessing


  • EOI ElementsPersonal DetailsSkillsEducation/CredentialsExperienceVisa Choices Geographic preferencesAccess to assistance and advice

    Intending Migrants: How does it work?



  • State & Territories: How does it work?




  • State and territory governments can search in SkillSelect and select potential applicants for nomination.

    SkillSelect will then generate an invitation to be issued to the selected nominees.State and Territories: How does it work?


  • Employers: How does it work?Sponsorship arrangement conducted outside SkillSelect

    Access SkillSelectwith AUSkeySearch

    Nomination & Application

    Employers: How does it work?


  • Employers will be able to search for clients using a range of powerful search tools, to find the clients they need for the business: Qualifications Experience Occupation English language ability Business experience Business assets and investment funds

    Employers: How does it work?



  • AUSkey is a single electronic key to access government online services

    It is:Available to all Australian employers with an Australian Business NumberCurrently being used by more than 750,000 Australian employersSecure, and able to be obtained by different employees of a business for different purposes

    It will:Allow employers to access SkillSelect securely to find and contact Intending Migrants who may have the skills and experience that they requireAllow DIAC to track and record all usage of the system by Employers, to further refine the SkillSelect systemTo get and AUSkey please visit

    Changes to Independent MigrationAUSkey: How does it work?


  • DIAC Program Manager: How does it work?


  • Occupational Ceilings: How does it work?

    Limit on how many EOIs are selected for skilled migration from occupation groupsOnce this limit is reached, no further invitations for that particular occupation group will be issuedCeilings set by DIAC


  • Changes to Independent MigrationMinimum Eligibility Thresholds

    Clients that meet specified objective eligibility thresholds can submit a complete EOI

    Client selects visa typeSkillSelect asks questions relating to each subclass of interestClients are given feedback whether their claims are sufficient to meet the minimum threshold

    Points calculation is not a threshold requirementUpdating ClaimsIf no threshold is met EOI incomplete


  • EOI Minimum Claims - GSM

    Skilled Independent and Family Sponsored

    Subclass 189

    Skilled S/T Nominated

    Subclass 489Subclass 190Subclass 489Skills AssessmentIELTS 6Skilled OccupationAge < 50Family Sponsor inregional areaWillingness to residein regional areaWillingness to be nominated by S/TWillingness to residein regional area


  • EOI Minimum Claims - Employer NominatedSkills AssessmentSubclass 457IELTS 6 (waiver available ENS/RSMS)Age < 50 (potential for exemption)IELTS 5CSOL3 years experienceWillingness to residein regional areaSubclass 187(Direct Entry)Subclass 186 (Direct Entry)CSOLANZSCO Skill Level 1-3ANZSCO 3 Skill 3 Skill Assessment


  • EOI Minimum Claims - Business Innovation

    Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (188)

    Business Innovation Investor$2 250 000 PBABusiness Turnover$500 000$800 000 Personal and Business AssetsAge < 55 (potential for exemption)$1 500 000 PBA$400 000 business component* Subclass 888 operates outside of SkillSelect

    Business Talent 132

    Significant Business HistoryVenture CapitalistWillingness to be nominated by S/T$1 500 000 Personal and Business Assets$400 000 business component$1 000 000 funding Australian VentureCapital FirmBusiness Turnover$3 000 000 p/a


  • Invitation Criteria

    IndependentState and Territory NominatedEmployer Sponsored

    Highest score Occupation on SOL

    Over pass mark Nominated Within State Migration Plan

    Sought after attributes Sponsored


  • Email notification and SkillSelect inbox Clients claims in SkillSelect are frozen upon invitation issue Direct to eLodgement Some information unable to be edited once invite issuedIf the client changes any information in eLodgement that formed the basis of the invitation, a processing flag will be created.SkillSelect will record and pass all relevant nomination details for State and Territory Nominated visas via eLodgement.

    Visa Application: How does it work?


  • Timeframes

    AgeTwo YearsTwo Invitations

    60 DaysSuspensionDate of Effect


  • Benefits of SkillSelectMeet Australias skill needsMinimise processing timesRespond quickly to changing economic needsAllocate independent places to the best and brightestAn additional facility for employers to search and contact prospective skilled workersStreamline and optimise State and Territory migration plans.Fair and equitable Skilled Migration program



  • Current1 July 2012Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List


  • Permanent Employer Sponsored - ReformsCollapsing existing subclasses from 6 to 2 with 3 streams eachTemporary residence transition; direct entry & agreement streamsChanges to key visa criteria including English language & skills Raising the upper age limit from 45 to 50 yearsRefocussing RCB network on untested direct entry stream - RSMS

    Streamlining pathway from 457 to PR (ENS or RSMS)


  • Permanent Employer Sponsored ProgramDirect Entry StreamTemporary Residence Transition Stream


  • Exemption categoriesObjective Exemption Categories



  • Regional Sponsorship Migration Scheme Encourage migration to areas outside of the major metropolitan centres of Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Melbourne

    From 1 July 2012 RCBs will provide advice on positions in the Direct Entry stream of RSMS providing a local perspective

    Government announced:16 000 places allocated to RSMS in 12-13Regional Engagement StrategyRegional Migration AgreementsTop priority in Ministers Priority Processing Direction

    Visa cancellation and no training requirement retained


  • Changes to Independent MigrationPoints Based Skilled Migration

    6 visas consolidated to 3Simplified visa requirementsApply through SkillSelect From I July 2012: 175, 176, 475 closed to new applications 885, 886 and 487 closed from 1 January 2013 189 Skilled independent (replaces 885 & 175) 190 Skilled nominated (replaces 886 & 176) 489 Skilled regional provisional (replaces 487 & 475)


  • Simplified requirements

    1 July 2012

    simplified eligibility

    requirements for

    points tested

    skilled visasInvitation to apply for a visaOnshore, no prerequisite visa required. Inside Australia any substantive visa or Bridging visa A, B or CWork experience and Australian Studyno longer threshold eligibility requirementCan be inside or outside AustraliaPoints Test factors set to time of invitationSkilled family sponsored - provisional only


  • Business Skills Review Comprehensive reviewResearch shows current program settings stifle innovation and risk taking Half of all provisional visa businesses are in fast food, cafes and restaurantsNeed to align program to broader strategic objectives of the skilled migration programFocus on visa simplification and deregulation



  • Selecting for and fostering innovationProgram name will be changed to

    Business Innovation and Investment ProgramTarget migrants with a history of innovationFacilitate entry of entrepreneurs who have sourced venture capital funding in AustraliaIntroduce a points test for provisional visa app