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  • She was born June 9, 1938 and my Mom and Dad were told that because of her physical limitations she would be a burden on the family and the medical community made a recommendation to institutionalize her.
  • But no one knew that Gods plans were and they underestimated the power of a Mother and Fathers love.
  • And then God decided to give Juanita a bunch of brothers and sisters to carry on her parents legacy of love.

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  • I remember pushing her in her wheelchair as fast as I could around the house in Kyle, and she would reach back around as best as she could and dig her nails into my hand and yell for me to stop! And she would be yelling out to Mother
  • Ama mira Ernesto!

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  • I was teasing Mom and she rapped me on the head with the broom handle and Aunt Janie tried not to laugh as Mom's nose got red.
  • Then I couldn't stop laughing because Mom looked so cute with her nose all red, finally Aunt Janie couldn't stand it anymore and started laughing, so Mom rapped her head too, surprising her, so she butted me with her wheelchair for getting her in trouble too!

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  • I remember her when she used to sew those small squares of cloth to make homemade quilts with and without Mom both singing along with the radio while sewing.

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  • I was always so amazed that Aunt Janie could listen to a song once or twice and could sing along or sing alone
  • right after.

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  • I'll always remember her little hands moving whenever she wanted to dance...
  • especially to a cumbia!
  • With her nails painted bright red!

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  • I remember that she always was ready to give me a hug and/or demanded one
  • when I forgot.

44. 45. 46. 47. 48. Juanita Garza June 9, 1938 April 3, 2009