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Born in 1915, Natmauk townshipRangoon University – politics interest & student organizationsBecame Secretary of the Communist Party of Burma in 1939Helped obtain independence from Britain on January 4, 1948Assassinated, leaving behind two year old daughter, Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San

Aung San Suu Kyi

Known as a national hero to the people of Burma

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-Took power by military

-Isolated country and suspended


-Ruled by fear; The Burmese Way to


-Stepped down in 1988

-Followers of Ne Win countered his choice and sent troops

-Rules by fear; The Burmese Way to Socialism

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Early LifeBorn to Aung San

Left Burma at age fifteen to live with her mother in New DelhiStudied at Oxford in England

Met & married Dr. Michael Aris in 1972

Had two kids, Kim and Alexander


Suu Kyi’s

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-August 26. 1988: 500,000 people gathered at the Shwedagon Platform-1st time the daughter of national hero spoke

- Suu Kyi emerges as leader of the people

“I could not, as my father’s daughter, remain indifferent to all that was going on.”-Aung San Suu Kyi

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☹ Ne Win’s supposed “resignation” was false☹ Ruled the new military government behind the scenes☹ Government became group of 21 commanders☹ Known as the “State Law and Order Restoration Council”☹ Instates:

✓Mandatory curfew✓Military run courts ✓Banning of four or more people meetings

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People constantly fought for basic human rights and democratic governmentPeople constantly fought for basic human rights and democratic government

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International pressure eventually led to the agreement of holding an election

Citizens highly doubted the SLORC would keep their word

Suu Kyi herself did not run for a seat because SLORC forbade her from entering

Of the 200 enrolled parties, the National League for Democracy founded by Suu Kyi was most popular

Elections were scheduled to be held on May 27, 1990

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-Telephones were tapped, listening devices, and she was under watch by the government constantly.

- July 20, 1989: Suu Kyi placed under house arrest at her home- Threat to government -Captive for six years

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