August 2017 Sheddies¢â‚¬â„¢ Chatter - Mens Shed North Sho...

August 2017 Sheddies¢â‚¬â„¢ Chatter - Mens Shed North Sho Rocking Horse repairs 50 Rangitoto models
August 2017 Sheddies¢â‚¬â„¢ Chatter - Mens Shed North Sho Rocking Horse repairs 50 Rangitoto models
August 2017 Sheddies¢â‚¬â„¢ Chatter - Mens Shed North Sho Rocking Horse repairs 50 Rangitoto models
August 2017 Sheddies¢â‚¬â„¢ Chatter - Mens Shed North Sho Rocking Horse repairs 50 Rangitoto models
August 2017 Sheddies¢â‚¬â„¢ Chatter - Mens Shed North Sho Rocking Horse repairs 50 Rangitoto models
download August 2017 Sheddies¢â‚¬â„¢ Chatter - Mens Shed North Sho Rocking Horse repairs 50 Rangitoto models

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Transcript of August 2017 Sheddies¢â‚¬â„¢ Chatter - Mens Shed North Sho...

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    The Men’s Shed (North Shore) Trust

    August 2017

    Sheddies’ Chatter

    Welcome to the August 2017 Edition

    of Sheddies’ Chatter. I know we’ve asked before, but do any Members have anything of interest you would like included in the Sheddies’ Chatter?

    Maybe you have a topic you would like covered or perhaps you have a hobby or interest you would like to share with other Members. Perhaps you’ve had an interesting career or adventure you would like to tell us about. If so, send me an email or get in touch by phone. Your input can range from a full article to just a simple discussion so we can cobble an article together.

    Also, if you see anything interesting, take a photo and email it with a brief explanation (Don’t attach it to a text message please.)

    Don’t be shy!

    Happy shedding. Roger Curl, Editor Ph: 027 264 1932

    Community Projects - Can You Help? The projects are continuing to come in on a regular basis and are starting to create a bit of a backlog. More help is needed and if you have a few spare hours to help it would be much appreciated. The money earned from these projects provide a large amount of The Shed’s income and helps subsidise Membership fees.

    Projects on order or in progress include:

     Shelf unit and map shelves

     Croquet hoops for Greenwich Village

     Large ‘Connect Four’

     Portable stage units for Greenwich Village

     Pram alterations

     Rocking Horse repairs

     50 Rangitoto models

     Library Box

    If you would like to work on any of these or other projects, please contact Dave Wardlaw at the Shed, or contact Larry Klassen by email:

    Recently Completed Projects:

     Repair seesaw pivot for Jumping Beans

     Goal Posts and Ramp for Best Start Kindergarten

     4 Crates for Rangitoto Kindergarten

     Replace Letterbox Lid for Lady

     Frames and Hot Glue Gun Holder for Best Start Childcare

    Many thanks to all of you who have put in so much work so far.

    Shed Maintenance The Shed entrance way has now been repainted.

    Many thanks to Kerry, Russell, Ian and Athen who have done a fantastic job. The place now looks a lot newer and cleaner

    Above: Master Painters Russell, Ian and Athen hard at work.

    Photo: Kerry Stenhouse

    Shed Timber Please Note:

    There is a large amount of timber stored in the shelves in The Shed:

    Timber for sale:

    Some Timber is available for Members to take for a donation. Please see the workshop supervisor

    Free Timber:

    There is a small amount of timber available for free.

    Only timber in the shelves marked “Free Timber” may be taken

    Members’ Timber:

    Some Timber belongs to Members to use in their projects. This is usually, but not always stored on the shelves adjacent to the work benches.

    If you have timber set aside for a project., please label all of it clearly, or people will assume it is available for them to take.

    Please check carefully that the timber you are taking is not labelled.

    If in doubt: ASK!

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    Surplus Machinery For Sale The Men’s Shed North Shore has some machinery that is surplus to requirements and is being offered for sale.

    Some has already been sold, but there are a few items remaining.

    If you are interested, see Dave Wardlaw or Larry Klassen at The Shed and make an offer.

    Wood Lathe 2 Myford Lathes

    Below Left:

    Barry, Chris and Clive at work on the kindergarten pencil boxes.

    Below Right:

    Adrien presses a new bush into his car’s suspension arm

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    No Problem!

    New Wood Lathe We now have a brand new Wood Lathe.

    Eddie, Dave, Bernard and Winston have been busy preparing the area and building a new cabinet for it to sit on.

    Everyone wants the box opened so we can have a look at it, but we’ll have to wait for the big unveiling. Shouldn’t be long now!

    Eddie’s also been busy preparing a set of chisels to be used on the lathe.

    Upcoming Event Free Hearing Tests for Shed Members

    Wednesday 4th October commencing at 1:00pm.

    Margot Hagan, the Community Wellness Coordinator from Hearing Life will give free hearing tests to members of the Shed. These tests take approx 15mins and will be carried out in the Lunchroom.

    Those interested in having their Hearing checked should book a time on the Sheet on the notice board.

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    I can’t believe it’s been a month, but I guess the calendar doesn’t lie…..

    An update in no particular order:

    1. Geoffrey in Fiji has advised that the next container should be leaving Auckland in the second half of September (not this month as previously advised).

    2. More donations (including a large quantity of screws which are going to be great for repairing school furniture) received from Men’s Shed North Shore – thanks as always guys – plus some more waiting to be collected from the Vintage Club.

    3. Auckland Central have almost completed three benches. And a very generous Lions club have kindly contributed 6 woodworking vices to go on them. I just need to measure up some Disston saw handles so that Don can figure out the clippy bit to secure them in the lids. The benches will be shipped flat- pack to save space, but with a full set of assembly instructions, in Chinese of course (I’m kidding of course; just checking to make sure you’re still paying attention). Auckland Central will also be making up a few toolboxes and taking the opportunity to fill them with duplicated / surplus tools from their lovely shed. What a great idea

    4. The plans for the benches will be available to anyone else who would like to chip in with one of two for the September container. Would be great to get another 10 or so and get all four secondary schools up and running…..

    5. Meanwhile Arthur from Waiuku is currently cutting up the ply for another 20 toolboxes, which will also be shipped flat pack. Thanks for putting the ply to one side Arthur and for the design and cut service!

    6. Ron Bird is very kindly shipping some tools back from Rarotonga, which might hopefully get here in time to go in the September container. Thanks Ron; that’s got rid of a couple of your vices.

    7. Colin has put in a very convincing proposal to Briggs and Stratton – fingers crossed that they come to the party to assist with the small engine / mechanical side of things.

    8. Collected tools have now completely taken over my garage, to the point that I have had to shuffle some into the Thursday night darts room so that my son can turn his motorcycle around in less than a 12 point turn. Photo attached; see if you can count and identify the motorcycles that are boxed in (clue) behind them all. Plan to alleviate the situation is a Rotary working bee one Saturday soon when we will do our best to sort stuff into sets and piles and have a quick count up. Main thing is that most of the stuff will get transferred from my garage to someone else’s!

    9. And on the subject of motorcycles, the big news is that Tools for Schools will have a stand at the Ride Forever motorcycle show 15 – 17 Sep at ASB Showgrounds, details attached. This is a very well attended show (1200 bikes parked outside last year) and the organisers plan to blog about TFS beforehand so who knows what donations might arise or what contacts will be made. The show itself is actually organised by Rotary Papakura branch so a good fit there. Plan is to have a sample bench, a couple of toolboxes and some form or challenge, quiz or lucky draw to try to separate the punters from a gold coin or two. If anyone has any ideas about same or would like to assist by manning the stand please let me know. If you end up talking to people about tools, motorcycles or Men’s Sheds that’s fine by me….

    Tools for Schools

    The Men’s Shed North Shore is assisting the Rotary Clubs’ “Tool for Schools” Project.

    The project is repurposing second hand tools and sending them to schools on Taveuni Island, Fiji so the students there can acquire the necessary skills and experience to build cyclone-proof buildings

    Update from David Broadhead who is running the Tools for Schools Project:

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    Major Supporters

    The Men’s Shed (North Shore) Trust, PO Box 311012, Glenfield, Auckland 0747  442 2145

    The Men’ s Shed North Shore Hours:

    Mon, Wed: 9:00am - 4:00pm Fri, Sat: 9:00am - 2:00pm


    Elliot Reserve 34 Elliot Ave, (off James St) Glenfield


    09 442 2145


    Mon, Wed: 9:00am - 4:00pm Fri, Sat: 9:00am - 2:00pm


    Facebook: 214684608553333/ - feel free to add comments or interesting stuff.

    Send your ideas, photos, comments or contributions to: see me at The Shed, or phone 027 264 1932

    September BBQ Lunch -All Welcome The September Barbeque will be at 12:00pm on Wed 6th September.

    Sausages and bread will be provided. Feel free to bring your own salads, desserts etc. to share. Guests welcome!

    Don’t forget to bring your gold coin donation to cover c