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Audience Research Quantitative Data

Audience Research Quantitative Data

We conducted a questionnaire online via the website: Survey Monkey, which consisted of 10 questions solely based around our target audiences likes and dislikes in accordance to the genre: Slasher. Our target market were individuals whom are 15-21 years of age.

This multiple choice questionnaire was then spread onto social networking sites such as: Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, in order to obtain a larger market and therefore more accurate results. 53, 15-21 year olds completed our questionnaire.

Question 1:

As we broadcasted our questionnaire onto several social networking sites, those who were in the age range of 11-14 year olds, answered this questionnaire too. However, as we received a low percentage of these individuals, my group and myself were still able to use these results. We found the majority of individuals who answered this questionnaire were females ranging from 15-17 (39.62%, 21 females) therefore our trailer invoked many of their likes and dislikes in a horror trailer. Our target demographic would therefore be focused mainly at females due to the higher percentage, however we will still aim to target for both genders. In addition to this, our film rating would be a 15 as most individuals who answered this questionnaire ranged around that age.

Question 2:As 19/53 people we asked preferred a Slasher sub-genre, we made sure our trailer involved a great deal of slasher conventions. We learn that the majority of individuals we asked preferred this sub-genre. In addition to this, as 10/53 individuals preferred Psychological Horror my group and myself ensured our plot line/synopsis is psychologically warped.

Question 3:We found that 19/50 (3 skipped the question) individuals accessed horror slasher films via TV and 12/50 actively went to the cinema to watch these films. Surprisingly not many individuals stream movies illegally, although several pay an online subscription on sites such as Netflix for 5.00 a month, a large choice and variety of slasher films (along with other genres and TV programmes) can be found on sites such as Netflix.

Question 4:As the majority of our participants chose Blood as an expectation of a slasher film, my group and myself ensured we included a great deal of fake blood in our trailer.

In addition to this, several chose Night, Shadows and Gore, therefore, our trailer will predominantly be shot in the evening, the use of lights when filming will create Shadows, and the use of fake blood will add to the Gore.

Question 5:As we found the majority of our target market preferred films such as Saw, Friday the 13th, Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street we will ensure our trailer takes elements from these films in order to attract our target audience. Knowing our audiences favourite slasher film will help us to obtain a better understanding of we will include in our trailer.

Question 6:

By understanding who our audiences scariest villain is will help my group and myself to implement ideas and characteristics from these villains into our own. Therefore, this will attract more of our target audience. Having this inspiration of the Scariest Villain will help us to incorporate our villain.

From the results, our villain would mirror antagonists like: Chucky, Pennywise the Clown and Freddy Kruegar.

By identifying which location our audience finds scariest we can implement this idea into our trailer. From the results, we see the majority of our target market found Cabin in the Woods the scariest, shortly followed by Mental Asylum, therefore we will include the two of these locations in our synopsis and trailer. In addition to this, as we will include two locations our audience finds the most scariest we could obtain a larger audience.

Question 7:

Question 8:

Question 8:

Question 8:

Question 8:

This question was an open as the participants would be able to put down their biggest fear which we may not know about. By being aware of my target audiences biggest fear we can use these ideas/fears in our synopsis and/or slasher trailer in order to attract more people. As there is a large variety of fears, several people stated they have a fear of insects/snakes, however slasher films do not usually utilise these fears. Therefore, we will stick to the fear of darkness, death and shadows as it fits with our genre.

Question 9:

As 13/53 individuals stated a Machete, 12/53 selected an Axe, 10/53 chose a Chainsaw and 10/53 selected a Knife. Unfortunately as we are creating a low budget film, it will be more expensive for us to obtain any other weapon but a knife. However, as a large amount of our audience selected Knife anyway, it would ne fitting for us to use the prop Knife in our trailer.

Question 10:

Question 10:

Question 10:

Question 10:

As the majority of individuals responded with Cliff-hanger in this open question, my group and myself decided to end our trailer on a cliff-hanger to entice our target audience.