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Audience Research

Audience Research Zainab KhalilQuestionnaire

Audience research method For our audience research, we decided to create a questionnaire.A questionnaire is a series of questions about a certain topic. Our questionnaire is about how often people use social media and the effects it has.Questionnaires are often useful when collecting primary evidence.

Our QuestionnaireThe main question we are focusing our documentary on is How does social media affect our everyday lives?We decided to create a questionnaire to get an idea of our answer for our documentary.Our aim with this research was to find out peoples opinions and views on our issue. As well as this, we also wanted information we could include on our documentary.We asked 12 people in total.

Question 1Our first question was asking about age. It was a closed question with the following categories: 15-18, 19-24, 25-30, 31-35 and 36+. 83% of the people we asked were aged between 15-18 and 36+. The remaining 17% were 19-24 and 25-30. No-one was aged 31-35.We decided to ask a range of people, not just our target audience (16-24) because we are representing many people in our documentary. For example, teachers and parents as well as students. We did however asked people aged between 15-18 and 36+ the most as the first category is our target audience and most parents of students (who we aim to represent) are aged 36+.

Question 2Our second question was regarding gender. Out of the 12 people we asked, 4 of them were male and the remaining 8 were female. Although our documentary will be aimed to both genders, when conducting our questionnaire, more than half of our answers came from females. This means that our research could be considered biased.However, over 30% of our answers did come from males so males are also being represented.

Question 3Our third question was about ethnicity. Out of the 12 people asked, 7 described themselves as White-British, 3 as Asian and 2 as Afro-Caribbean. This is a good result as there is a mixture of ethnicities. This means that we will be able to represent a large amount of people. This is also good result as our target audience has been represented. We decided to break away from codes and conventions and have more than one ethnicity. This is because we know that people of all ethnicities use social media, it isnt subject to one race.

Question 4Our fourth question was Do you use social network sites?Out of the 12 asked, an outstanding 11, around 90%, said they did. 1 person said no so many of the following question only have answers from 11 peopleFrom this research, we can see that social media is extremely popular and that our topic will also prove popular. This is because if over 90% of the people asked said they used social media, we can assume that many more people also do.From this assumption, we can predict that our documentary, questioning how social media affects our everyday lives, will be relevant and interesting to people. This means that is could be very successful.

Question 5Our fifth question was Which sites do you use ?(Tick ALL that apply) Since we asked people to chose all the sites that apply, many people ticked more than one option.From the research I found that the two most popular sites were Facebook and Whatspp. We also found out that everyone site was chosen by at least on person. As well as this, 3 people wrote down sites that had not been included in the questionnaire, under Other.This once again demonstrates how popular social media and that according to the research we have, how relevant our documentary will be.

Question 6Our sixth question was How frequently do you use them? (Tick ONE).This question asked how often people used social media. 8 people said they used social media more than once a day, whilst the remaining 3 said they used it at least once a day.This shows that social media is a massive part of peoples lives as 100% of those who answered use social media sites at least once a day, with just over 70% using them more than once a day.This once again shows how our documentary will be current.

*For this question, there are only 11 answers as 1 person does not use social media.

Question 7Our seventh question was Is social media helpful to you?Over 80% of the people asked said yes social media was helpful to them. This once again shows us that social media plays a big role in the lives of many people and that it affects people a lot in their everyday lives, in this case positively.

*For this question, there are only 11 answers as 1 person does not use social media.

Question 8Our eighth question asked How do you use social network sites?Since we asked people to chose all the reasons they use social media that apply, many people ticked more than one option.50% said that they use the sites to contact friends. From personal experience, we know that many people only contact friends via social media. This figure has help to confirm this slightly more. This question demonstrates massively how social media affects our lives.One person filled out Other and put down entertainment. This shows how diversely social media sites are used.

*For this question, there are only 11 answers as 1 person does not use social media.

Question 9Our ninth question was Do you think social networking could negatively affect people?Out of the 12 people asked over 90% of them said yes. This figure denotes a massive majority of people think social media can affect your everyday life, including in a negative light.

Question 10Our tenth question was questioning why people thought social media could have a negative effect on people.We left this as an open question so people could give their own ideas and opinions on the issue. Over 45% of the people asked said that social media could negatively affect people as they could be bullied. Over 25% said it is distracting.This shows that people are aware of how social media can affect people, however, this time in a negative way.

*For this question, there are only 11 answers as 1 person does not use social media.

Question 11Our final question was What do you use to visit social networking sites/apps?Over 40% of people asked said they used social media on their smartphones. This shows that people can use social media sites on the go. Over 30% said they use social media sites on their laptops whilst 25% said they use their tablets/iPads.