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  • 1. By Sanjidah, Ngoc andShaban

2. From this research, we can see that it is female dominated as thereare only 30% males in our survey. Looking at question 2, it is goingfor our audience profile as we were targeting our film at studentsaged 16-18. From this we can plan our film around the answersdepending on that age group. 3. Looking at the answers from this question we can In this question the audience was asked what theirsee that majority of the audience preferredfavorite kind of drama was and 80% preferredcomedy films. The least popular genre is comedy drama.The least popular kind of dramaFantasy/Sci-Fi.was melodrama. We decided to go against that in order to shock them and present a new genre and storyline allowing them to experience a wider range of genres. most of the people who answered these questions were female, however our film is aimed at both genders and so we decided to do something different that the audience are not familiar with in order to shock and present a new genre and story line allowing them to experience a wider range of genres and drama films. 4. This question was asked in order to help us come up with a strong opening for our film, we received many interesting comments for example: A question to the audience this shows the audience want the film to start with a mystery making it more exciting. The music the sound can determine what kind of genre the film is, however it can also break some conventions and make the film more exciting. E.g. slow music on a fast scene. if its an interesting opening line dialogue is very important in a film, by having an interesting opening line it can draw the audiences attention and keep them engaged for the rest of the filmThese answers can help us to create the beginning of the film around the audiences opinion and ideas in order for them to stay engaged. 5. melodrama drama thriller docudrama tragedy psychological Looking at this question we can see that the audience think itsimportant for them to see real life situations, family relationshipsand relationships between characters, where they can relate tothe characters. These answers show that these audience arepreferred readers, who like to connect to the text and characters 6. Looking at this question and the answers we received we notice majorityof the audience would prefer if the film ended with a cliff-hanger, leavingthem on edge and wonder what happened next.This information can help us to make our film original and leaving theaudience satisfied.