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  • 1. Audience Research

2. Question 1.What magazine would you prefer to read?NMEROLLINGSTONEMOJOKERRANGMETAL HAMMER NME are the most popular magazine that people would prefer to read and Mojo is the least. I feel this is because Nme is mainstream and well known also it his highly advertised and distributed due to its multi platform. In contrast Mojo is a more niche market magazine representing the niche mod/indie style of music with older and less well known artists such as the clash representing them. 3. Question 2. What part of a magazine do you find mostinteresting InterviewsCoverage ofgigs/festivalsNew releases/reviewsExculsive newsPostersCoverage of gigs/festivals is the most popular aspect of this question where asExclusive news I feel this is because the group of people (young people 16-18) preferto know about events as this is an interest the hold and something they can relate toomore, this adds to the fact that the media affects us a large way and intertwines withour curiosity and interpersonal features in which we would like to relate to famouspeople. 4. Question 3.What do you expect/prefer on a double page spread Interview Coverage on gig/festival New band/artist Other The most popular answer for what do you expect/prefer on a double page spread was interview and the lest was other. This shows that most of my target audience prefer an interview on a double page spread, This is because of the need for people to constantly be up to date on a artists/bands life so they can identify with them. I will use this aspect to my advantage and look back on these results when creating my own dps 5. Question 3.How much would you spend of a music magazine1.992.202.503.004.00The Most popular option for how much someone would spend on amusic magazine is .1.99 where as the least is 4.00. This explains thatstudents (my target audience) prefer to spend a litte amount of moneyon a music magazine, this could be due to the fact that they are not in agreat financial state due to their student lifestyle and the recentcircumstances with cuts on ema 6. Question 5. What is your favourtie rock genreClassic RockIndie RockMetal/hardcore rockpop/punk rockAs I want to work with the rock genre I researched which would be morepopular amongst students of today, this questionnaire shows that todaysyoung people are more into indie rock and closely begin metal, with classicrock being least popular. I will make my magazines genre indie rock as I feelthis will be more suitable for my audience. 7. Question 6.What would encourage you to buy a musicmagazineFreebies/competitionsPriceEntertainmentPopularityThese results show that the price of a magazine is theaspect that would most encourage someone to buy amagazine, closely followed by freebies/competitions andentertainment I will take this aspect on when creatingmy front cover and include these features. 8. Research into Audience 9. Find your tribe result My result came up as emo, I feel this is not a style i would like to work with for my magazine as i want totarget a more popular and mainstream market of which is shown from my questionaire results to be indie. I would like to create a magazine based into the indie/hipster style with the magazine mojo,spin and nmeas inspiration, as nme was the most popular magazine in my survey id like to take high inspiration fromthis but also from spin magazine as like its simplistic and fresh layout. Overall my magazine will aim totarget the hipster/indie scene. 10. Male 66% Average Amount spent aFemale 34% monthAverage age 17-21 Clothes 60-120Working full time- 19% Socialising 70-200Working part time-11% Eating-40-60In Education- 70% Favourite clothes storesLive local/in a city:65% Topshop/Topman, AmericanLive in a town: 25%apparel and Rokit.Circulation:900,000Most popular band amongstReadership:3,003,670 readers: White lies On average readers spend 40- 60 on a night out. 2/3 of readers have been to a music festival 75% of readers smoke 11. Indie mood board 12. Evaluation on research Overall my research into current magazines in the indie rock sector has helped me to pick up on what Iwould like for my magazine, as the majority of magazines use alot of blacks and whites with splashes ofcolour, I have learnt that layout and display of a magazine is vital on creating a successful and appealingmagazine. In my design I will stick to this criteria to make the magazine simplistic yet fashionable. Inparticular I have taken the most inspiration from spin, Q and NME as I admire theyre layouts and the waythey portray different artists/bands through the use of colours and spacing. From my audience research I have evaluated the results and my findings and through the questionnaireamongst college students (my target audience) . I have discovered that amongst our young people todaytheyre is a higher interest of indie music therefore indie magazines. I have also discovered that the mostpopular component that people would like to see on a double page spread is an interview I have took thisinformation to my advantage and am going to proceed to settle on having an interview on my own doublepage spread. I have also found out that my target audience would most likely buy a magazine that have alow price, has entertaining features and freebies, I will take this into consideration when making my frontcover. Overall I am going to create a magazine that will interest the indie/indie-rock market as I feel this isthe most popular to the younger 16-24 market I would like to target.