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  • 1. AUDIENCE RESEARCH Results and Conclusions

2. TARGET AUDIENCE My target audience was males and females aged 16-25. I used a questionnaire about existing music magazines to ask what their opinions of them were. I asked mainly females as I wanted to makemy magazine more female friendly as most magazines of this genre are mainly aimed at males. By asking what their opinions were I could gather ideas on what I should include in my magazine. 3. HOW OLD ARE YOU? I asked this question to see how the opinions differed of the people in my target audience of different ages. I found that the majority of people who answered my questionnaire were in the 16-25 age group which was useful as this is my target audience and this means that the answers they put will really influence my planning in ways such as which bands/artists to include according to what this age group likes. 4. WHAT GENDER ARE YOU? I asked this question again to see how the opinions differed in the two different genders of my target audience.I think that it was good that I got a majority of female participants as I want to increase the female readership of indie/alternative music magazines. These opinions will influence my planning in ways such as again, which bands/artists to include in the magazine and whether to use a male/female cover star. 5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR? I asked this question so I know which colours to include in the house style of my magazine to make it appealing to the reader. This question was interesting as it showed a variety of different answers. The most popular answers were red and blue. The answers also included black, which is common in indie music magazines, and colours that are more unique to this style of magazine such as yellow and purple. These are useful because they give me ideas of colours to use in my house style. 6. HOW OFTEN DO YOU BUY MUSIC MAGAZINES? I asked this question to get an idea of how frequently my magazine should be published.This question gave some interesting results as I thought more people purchased music magazines but the most popular answers were never or other. Answers in the other category included rarely and whenever one looks interesting. The 3rd most popular category was monthly, so I will probably make my magazine a monthly magazine. 7. H OW M U C H A R E YO U W I L L I N G T O PAY F O R A M U S I C M AG A Z I N E ? I asked this question so I could get an idea of how much my magazine should cost. The most popular category in this question was 1-1.50 and this is what I expected as my target audience is mainly students who need to save money, so this is useful as it means I now know how much my magazine should cost to appeal to my target audience. 8. W H I C H O F T H E F O L L OW I N G A RT I C L E S D O YOU PRE FE R T O B E FE AT URE D ON A D O U B L E PA G E S P R E A D ? I asked this question so I could get ideas of which type of article I should feature on my double page spread.Most people said that they like to see interviews featured on a double page spread, this is useful as I was originally going to do a biography, so this means I can change my plans to suit my target audience. 9. WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE BAND/ARTIST